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0 Chapter List 553 Empty Hell
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu had a bold idea.

     That is to raise the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, and then go to eat sea animals.

     In fact, Ye Shu had this idea when he first met the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, but it was not realistic, so he didn't consider it deeply.

      Five-clawed Golden Dragon is still a child. Although Ye Shu can already be beaten, he is still a salted fish in front of a sea-eater.

     "Toyo's ghost gate is closed, why did I forget this? Little Golden Dragon likes to eat yin ghosts, and after eating it, he will evolve and grow up. If I bring it into the ghost gate, wouldn't it be..."

     Ye Shu's heart is agitated, this idea is very bold and avant-garde, and it is very likely to succeed.

     Ye Shu himself summoned a limited number of ghosts, it is impossible to raise the Five-clawed Golden Dragon in a short time, but the ghosts of hell are vast and limitless.

     "It will take at least two or three years for sea-eaters to eat all of the country. The time is still very rich. The idea of raising dragons in hell is worth a try!"

     Ye Shu made up his mind and quickly left Tsuchimikado Family.

     It was already night, and it was dark everywhere. The streets of the East are full of supernatural abilities, and the natives of the East are almost invisible.

     Many square screens are showing images of sea-eaters raging in the U.S., spectacle too horrible to endure.

     The Americans in the East yelled or wept bitterly or prayed, and some radical abilities even broke the screen, be impervious to reason.

     Ye Shu flew across the long street and flew around the ancient city of Kyoto.

     Soon, he found unusual fluctuations in a secluded field in the western suburbs of Kyoto.The yin and cold wind whistled here, very frightening. Ye Shu opened his eyes and clearly saw a black hole in the sky, and ghosts came out from time to time.

     This is a ghost door!

      After the Great Power of the World changed, Toyo's Ghost Gate was opened. Ghost Gate was not only one level, but many hell gaps.

     The Yinsi guide cleared away the evil ghosts that had escaped, but the ghost gate was not closed. There were still weak ghosts escaping, but it was difficult to harm humans. In addition, the appearance of sea-eaters attracted attention, and almost no one paid any attention to the ghost gate. Up.

     Ye Shu remembered the position, and walked to the royal secret outside.

     The royal secret realm is actually very lively, and people often enter and exit at the entrance. Ye Shu went in easily and took a look. It was a big palace, can be seen everywhere.

     Those with supernatural powers are all supernatural powers in the country, and they have all entered the royal secret realm at this time.

     In addition, there are many American politicians, scientists and rich people.

     They fled to the East, received courtesy, and stayed in the royal secret.

     None of the natives of Toyo are treated like this, which shows how lowly the Toyo government is.

     Ye Shu didn't want to take another look, he went straight to the backyard of the palace.

     With the familiar terrifying pressure assaults the senses, Ye Shu's body was slightly stagnant, and he was shocked.

      Yasakani-no-Magatama-Eight Shaku Curved Jewel and Yasakani are really strong, even if Ye Shu is now twice as powerful, it is still not the opponent of the two artifacts.

     Ye Shu sighed and turned into streamer into the backyard.

     As soon as he entered, he heard the dirty old man's voice."Xiaojing Xiaoyu, use a little force, Dad is very comfortable."

     It's the emperor's voice!

     Ye Shu looked cold, gently opened a door and looked in.

     Inside the house, the emperor had a big belly, lying on the tatami with only pants.

     Xiaojing and Xiaoyu were sitting on his legs separately, rubbing his hands with small hands.

     "Go up a little bit, don't be shy, I'm a father."

     The emperor swallowed his saliva, breathing very quickly. Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu were obviously ignorant, but vaguely felt that they were not quite right, but still obediently moved their little hands up.

     Ye Shu coldly snorted, kicking the door open and striding in.

     The room was dim and the oil lamps were not lit. Ye Shu walked in like a ghost, the emperor frightened scream, and quickly asked Xiaojing and Xiaoyu to protect him.

     However, Xiaojing and Xiaoyu both knew Ye Shu, and they were pleasantly surprised to see Ye Shu coming.

     "Follow me and find Wei Ji in the underworld."

     Ye Shu spoke, and the two young girls ran over immediately, but stopped after running two steps and looked at the emperor inquiringly.

     The emperor pulled his clothes to cover his stomach, surprised and uncertain staring at Ye Shu: "Who you are?"

     "I am your father."

     Ye Shu to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), arrived in a flash, and gave the Emperor a sword before Xiaojing and Xiaoyu stopped.

     The Emperor directly lose consciousness.

     And Xiaojing and Xiaoyu turned pale with fright, and immediately reacted. The roof of the backyard was about to be overturned, and Ye Shu was moved by the huge evil spirit.

     "He's just dizzy, time is urgent, let your father sleep first."Ye Shu spoke quickly, and the two little girls gradually reduced their anger and looked at each other in dismay in confusion.

     They are really children, awakened by the emperor, treating the emperor as a father, and knowing nothing else.

     Ye Shu fainted their father, which could easily cause misunderstanding.

     "Let's go, he's all right."

     Ye Shu hugged one in one hand, and the two young girls glanced at the emperor, making sure that he was okay, so he didn't resist.

     "Big brother, go to Weiji's mother now?"

     Xiao Jing asked in surprise that she could speak human language. It seems that these days have learned a lot.

     "Yes, Big Brother now has the strength to go to hell, take you to find Wei Ji."

     Ye Shu smiled and said, in fact, his strength still cannot go into hell freely, after all, Yin Shu has no success.

     But it is still possible to walk in through the ghost gate.

     The two little guys were extremely excited, completely ignoring the emperor who fainted.

     Ye Shu took them out of the royal secret realm and came to the ghost gate he had written down.

     "We'll go in later, but you remember, hell boundless, none of us know the way, you all have to listen to me, don't be willful."

     Ye Shu solemnly warned, Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu both nodded sensibly.

     Ye Shu lightly let out a breath and summoned Xiao Leng again.

     Xiao Leng came out immediately, and he cursed: "Damn dragon, I'm so annoying, all day long!"

     "Little Leng, now my husband, I have to do big things, which are related to humanity's future, please do me a favor."Ye Shu pointed to the ghost gate, "As a ghost, go to hell like a fish back in water, be a tour guide."

     Xiao Leng discovered the ghost gate behind him and was shocked: "What like a fish back in water, I have never been to hell, I dare not."

     Sister, you are a ghost!

     "Hell will tolerate you, and I go in there is still one purpose, is to feed the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, it will not bother you when it is full, and it will not occupy your hometown in the future."

     Ye Shu bewildered, Xiao Leng thought twice, and finally agreed. But she immediately stared at Xiaojing and Xiaoyu: "Where did you kidnap two young girls? It's a pervert, and sooner or later betray you to death."

     "Okay, okay, stop bb, go in."

     Ye Shu pushed Xiao Leng directly. He also got in with the two little guys, and all four of them stepped into hell.

     The gloomy breath assaults the senses, here is the vast and boundless corner of the underworld, all around is full of darkness, doesn't have any superfluous things.

     In the sky and on the ground, countless solitary souls and unbound ghosts are roaring and dancing. Of course, all of them overwhelming majority are unable to withstand a single blow, and they dare not even leave the underworld, otherwise they will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

     Ye Shu thought to himself that this place is not a good place for birds to shit.

     Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu didn't have any fear, they just looked at the dark hell with dislike.

     Xiao Leng shrank his neck and hid behind Ye Shu: "Where are you going, hurry up, it's too scary."

     "Xiao Leng, you are invincible here, you are the king of ghosts, evil spirits, quick sense of direction, we are going to Huangquan."Ye Shu smiled bitterly, Xiao Leng was about to refute, the jade pendant on Ye Shu's chest moved, and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon ran out by itself.

     It grew up again, a full five meters long, flew out and roared happily, then rushed into the darkness and disappeared.

     Ye Shu said in surprise: "Little Dragon, come back!"

     "Ma... hungry..."

     There was a mutter from Yuankong, and then the Five-clawed Golden Dragon disappeared completely.
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