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0 Chapter List 555 Naihe Bridge
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Yinsi rowed away, and his figure disappeared in the thick darkness.

     Meng's mother was gossiping about her identity as the Yinsi while letting people sail, but she didn't know who was sailing, so the boat continued to sail downstream.

     "You are not dead ghosts, you can't cross Naihe Bridge, so you can't see Weiji. And Higanbana Sea boundless, the ghost knows which one Weiji is."

     Ms. Meng muttered, persuading Xiaojing and Xiaoyu to give up their plans to find Weiji. But where did the two little guys give up, they looked at Ye Shu eagerly.

     Ye Shugan smiled and said, "Miss Meng, can you give me some face, let us go through the back door, and we will see Wei Ji."

     Ma Meng glanced at Ye Shu: "I have no relatives with you, so why do I give you face?"

     This is also true, Meng Ma's willingness to carry Ye Shu has already given face.

     Ye Shu thought for a while and said: "Meng Ma, now mortals are facing extinction, if mortals are extinct, hell will be filled. Without living people, dead ghosts cannot be reborn, yin and yang will be chaotic, and hell will be the name remains, But the reality is gone, you and your mother are in a very dangerous situation."

     "Huh? That's better, don't worry about reincarnation, I will be free."

     Meng Meng was not afraid at all, but was excited. Ye Shu twitched his mouth: "What if you are free? Yin and Yang are in a mess, you can't afford to go anywhere, because then I'm afraid that only you and your mother will live."

     "Even if you say that, I also is unclear to let you cross the Naihe Bridge. What does it have to do with Yin and Yang?"

     "It's related, there must be a relationship."

     Ye Shuzheng'er analyzed it in eight classics: "That's it, let me tell you... Xiaojing Xiaoyu, stay with you."Ye Shu drove away the two young girls first, and then started talking to Meng Ma slowly and carefully count by fives and tens.

     "Xiaojing and Xiaoyu are magical soldiers and can save the world, but they are ignorant and are now controlled by a disgusting father..."

     Ye Shu spoke for a while, and Meng's mother slapped her thigh: "Oh, ghost father! It's really nasty, I will throw him into the pan and brush 9 by 9, 81 times when he is dead."

     "Yes, that's why we need to find Wei Ji, Xiao Jing Xiaoyu will listen to Wei Ji and know that their father is a bad person, so I have nothing to worry about."

     Ye Shu smiled and rubbed his hands, Meng Ma squinted at him: "I still don't understand what this has to do with yin and yang."

     "Of course there is a relationship. Only if Xiao Jing and Xiaoyu don't listen to that ghost father, my baby dragon can Save the World. You say yes or no?"

     "What baby dragon?"

     "Five-clawed Golden Dragon."

     "Huh? Where is it?"

     "I don't know, fly around."

     Ye Shu stretched his hands, Meng's mother stopped/stood all of a sudden, and looked into the distance. After looking at it for a long time, she exclaimed: "It's really a Five-clawed Golden Dragon, you are dead, you bastard, just stay on the boat for me!"

     Mom Meng flew away with a kick, leaving Ye Shu with a confused face.

     Ye Shu didn't understand Meng Ma's words, but he didn't need to continue to fool Meng Ma to relax for the time being.

     The big boat is moving slowly and speeding up.

     Ye Shu glanced at the Stygian River and found that the water was rushing and the river surface became wider.

      In general, the wider the river surface, the smoother the water flow, but this Styx is going the other way, very peculiar.Ye Shu couldn't help but look at it a few more times, and the more he looked at it, the stranger he felt, because the rush of water seemed to be caused not by the terrain, but by things in the Styx.

     What thing is there in Styx? Ye Shu is unable to find out, in short, the more he watched, the more frightened he became.

     There are too many weird places in hell, and the living should maintain respect no matter how strong they are.

     Ye Shu put the palms together before one, and bowed to the river twice, it was deemed as a toll.

     Xiaojing and Xiaoyu also learned the same way, and two jade carved little girls also worshipped the river.

     Not long after, the current can no longer be described as rush, but should be described as surging.

     Ye Shu hugged Xiaojing Xiaoyu tightly, frowning and staring at the river ahead.

     The river began to turn, and the stern swung abruptly, as if it had swung 180?

     Ye Shu felt the body shake/sway, and almost never got off the boat.

     After standing still, the river changed its course and the water flow was gentle.

     But the edge of the river is no longer visible, and the big ship seems to have come to another space, the space without margin.

     "The sea of suffering is boundless?"

     Ye Shu thought of a word inexplicably, he read it all over, but he couldn't see the shore.

     Instead, light appeared on the river in front.

     Like a single spark, cluster after cluster, lit on the dark river.

     Ye Shu opened his eyes and saw that densely packed wooden boats were floating on the surface of the river. Oil lamps were hung on the boats. It was the light from these oil lamps.

     Like countless fireflies flying on the surface of the river, the vast and boundless river is covered with lanterns.The river doesn't have any sound, the current seems to be silent, but the wooden boat with oil lamps is still moving slowly.

     Ye Shu couldn't help holding his breath. It was too quiet here. He was afraid that the sound of breathing would disturb the souls.

     On the boat, those wailing ghosts seemed to be shocked by the silence, and they didn't even dare to speak out.

     Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu were also dumbfounded. What a shocking picture this was. Numerous wooden boats with oil lamps drove quietly carrying dead souls.

     It's like death.

     Ye Shu was vigilant. He felt that something was going wrong. It was like a deadly cage, no one could escape.

     "We have to go. The front is definitely not a place for the living."

     Ye Shu whispered, picked up Xiaojing and Xiaoyu, and fly up.

     He could not discern the direction, but was sure he could not stay on board.

     With the use of Imperial Swordsmanship, Ye Shu leaped in the sea of lights, leaping extremely hard.

     Normally in the sun, Ye Shu was short of thousands of miles, but on the Styx, he seemed to be grabbed by countless evil spirits by his ankle, and he couldn't use any strength to come.

     Ye Shu turn pale with fright, feeling that his body is sinking.

     There was a wooden boat below him, and the dead souls on the wooden boat looked at him with their heads up.

     Ye Shu broke out in a cold sweat, he did not dare to sink or touch the wooden boat.

     Xiaojing and Xiaoyu also noticed something was wrong, and said anxiously: "Big brother, run away."

     "Can't run, you can run first."

     Ye Shu threw the two little guys out, the strength of the two little guys was against the sky, much stronger than Ye Shu.

     But it was difficult to escape at this time, as if he had fallen into mud.But for a moment, the three of them plummeted in a straight line, and the dead souls huddled together on the wooden boat below turned back one after another, giving way to a few positions.

     That position is reserved for Ye Shu and Xiaojing Xiaoyu.

     Ye Shu was anxious, seeing that the three of them were about to land on the wooden boat, and suddenly a curse came.

     "You are looking for death."

     Then two hands stretched out from the darkness, pulling Ye Shu out.

     "And the two of them."

     "I know."

     The master of the voice was Meng Ma, and he swiftly pulled the three Ye Shu out.

     Ye Shu gasped and saw that he was actually standing on the shore, and the countless wooden boats were gone, and the lights disappeared.

     There is a pitch black river in front of me. Bubbles continue to pop up in the river, and there are horrible howls, which are very ear-piercing.

     And just down the river, driving an ancient arch bridge impressively.

     The arch bridge is very inconspicuous, with stone monuments erected at both ends, which are common in mortal arch bridges.

     "Nai He Bridge?"

     Ye Shu said in surprise, Meng's mother waved her hand and said, "Yeah, disappointed?"

     Ma Meng disliked Ye Shu very much, and foul-mouthed: "Let you stay on the boat and be disobedient. What are you running around? You almost went to the Nine Hells. Do you like to get into the pan?"

     Did the river channel lead to the Nine Hells?

     Ye Shu have lingering fears and said: "I feel wrong, I can only run away by myself."

     "The boat will protect you, really think for oneself and act accordingly. Also, your dragon is being watched by the Yinsi, I see how you die."
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