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0 Chapter List 556 Brave Troops
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"What? My dragon was caught by the Yinsi?"

     Ye Shu had a surprise, and a few drops of urine appeared.

     "Of course, the dead will be punished for disturbing the sun, and the living will be punished for disturbing the underworld. Your dragon makes hell chickens flying and dogs jumping. After eating so many ghosts, you think you can run away?"

     Mother Meng held her hand and scolded, Ye Shu was anxious, Five-clawed Golden Dragon is a totem of China, and it is of great significance. If she is caught by the Yinsi, she will be sorry for the ancestors of China.

     "Where is the dragon? Take me there."

     Ye Shu said anxiously, Meng's mother was not very happy, saying that she could not interfere with the Yinsi.

     "Help, it's just a child."

     Ye Shu earnest and well-meaning advice, Meng's mother tweeted in disgust, and led him into the darkness.

     Ye Shu thanked him and picked up Xiao Jing Xiaoyu to follow. Unexpectedly, the two little guys jumped off the ground and ran to the Naihe Bridge.

     "Mother Wei Ji is on the other side of the river!"

     Xiaojing and Xiaoyu seemed to have discovered something, they rushed towards Naihe Bridge, Ye Shu couldn't help but scream.

     Mom Meng had a headache and sighed saying: "You three are really troublesome, forget it, let them go."

     Ma Meng did not stop Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu from running on Naihe Bridge, but Ye Shu was worried: "They will be fine, will they?"

     "A mirror, a jade pendant, what's the matter? It's fine if I drink my mother's soup."

     Meng Meng pouted her lips and watched Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu step onto the Naihe Bridge.

     Ye Shu relaxed and thanked again. Meng's mother cut to the chase and walked away.

     Ye Shu immediately followed her and quickly left Naihe Bridge.The hell is boundless, everywhere is deathly weird, and there is no clear direction.

     Ye Shu alone will definitely get lost, but fortunately, Meng's mother is leading the way.

     After a quarter of an hour, Ye Shu immediately heard a familiar voice, it was Long Yin.

     The majestic and vast dragon's chant seemed to resound through the entire hell, scaring the nearby evil spirits to tremble.

     But Ye Shu heard a trace of fear in Long Yin.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon must be in danger at this moment, and is threatening the opponent, but he has already counseled.

     Meng Ma pointed to the distance and said: "It's there, the Yin Division has already started, do you know why?"


     "Your baby dragon reckless, eat the ghast on the Yinsi boat, otherwise it can stay away for a long time."


     Ye Shu was really shocked. He had seen the horrible ghasts escorted by the Yinsi on Meng Ma's boat, but he didn't expect Xiao Jinlong to eat the ghasts abruptly.

     It's strange if the Niman Yin Division doesn't clean it up!

     "How to do?"

     Ye Shu frowned and asked, "How can I start off leniently"?

     "Don't know, I won't go there anyway, you can go by yourself if you are not afraid of death."

     Meng's mother refused to move forward, holding her hands and shaking her legs while watching the show.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment or put a bold face on it stepped forward, after walking through a few dark places, he finally saw the "battlefield" clearly.

     Here twilight sky and dark earth, there is not even a evil spirit, it is simply a graveyard.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon huge body hovered in the sky, roaring from time to time.The reason why it is huge is because it has grown to 20 meters.

     It was only five meters before, but now it's 20 meters. It is really "empty hell".

     And it also ate the prisoner of the Yin Division, perhaps the more terrifying the ghast can make the little golden dragon grow faster.

     Looking at the huge and majestic golden dragon, Ye Shu was reverent and fearful. This is the totem of China.

     But immediately he felt pain, because in front of Xiao Jinlong, a hunched over humanoid monster was holding a sickle and staring at Xiao Jinlong.

     The distance between the two sides is less than ten meters, and the Yinsi is like a fly in front of the golden dragon.

     But the deterrent power of this fly is comparable to that of God, and the little golden dragon has no other way but to roar.

     It didn't even dare to escape.

     One is the Huaxia Totem and the other is the Hell Yinsi. Both are gods. Ye Shu stood below and received the most coercion. He was almost unsteady.

     Ye Shu takes a deep breath, runs the golden core, and resists the pressure of the gods, otherwise he can't even get close.

     Ye Shu tried his best to stabilize his mind, approaching step by step, thinking about the way quickly in his mind.

     How can I let the Yin Division let go of Little Golden Dragon?

     While thinking about it, a vast and boundless coercion suddenly came from the sky.

     Ye Shu stared in horror, but saw the Yinsi wave a sickle.

     As if Pangu split heaven and earth apart, with a sickle down, the little golden dragon uttered a world-shaking dragon chant.

     That was the roar of Longwei being offended, and there was also a deep jealousy.

     "Little Golden Dragon, run!"

     Ye Shu yelled. He knew that Shenlong could not be offended, and he would definitely resist if he was slashed by the Yinsi.But Shenlong was only born not long ago. He was only a half-hearted god. It was impossible to beat the Yinsi. In the end, he could only be arrested and sent to hell.


     Ye Shu roared, Xiao Jinlong and Yin Si looked down at the same time, and the next moment, Xiao Jinlong wailed and turned into golden light and rushed down.

     It was so aggrieved, it seemed to be crying, seeing Ma Ma, it didn't fight with Yin Si at all.

     "Ma Ma... there are bad people..."

     The voice of Jiao Didi, where is the majesty of Shenlong.

     Moreover, the little golden dragon was so clever that he rushed down and got into the jade pendant.

     The golden light dissipated, and the little golden dragon was gone.

     There were only Yinsi holding a sickle and Ye Shu, who was sweating coldly.

     Ye Shu retreated slowly. As Ma Ma, he had to protect Xiao Jinlong.

     The Yin Division did not move in the air, but after Ye Shu blinked, the Yin Division was gone.

     Ye Shu was startled, and looked down, the short cunt was already standing in front of him.

     The distance between the two was less than half a meter, and the Yinsi was still holding a rusty sickle.

     Ye Shu shook with fright. He was very courageous, but facing the Yinsi guide, his courage was already broken.

     The extreme fear caused Ye Shu to be unable to move, he could only stare at the Yin Division.

     Yinsi didn't seem to have pupils, and the black holes looked up at Ye Shu.

     The two looked at each other for several minutes, and Yinsi seemed to be considering whether to let Ye Shu go.

     It must know Ye Shu, at least Ye Shu's ghost soul.

     But this little affection didn't seem to weigh enough, and in the end, Yinsi raised his hand.

     Fortunately, it was not to clean up Ye Shu, but to take away Ye Shu's jade pendant.Pixiu jade has black light like ink, and it contains a magical space.

     Ye Shuxin's hair is tight, the Yinsi wants to take the jade pendant?

     What about Xiao Leng? Yupei can be given to Yinsi, but Xiao Leng can't.

     Ye Shu wanted to resist, but the coercion of the Yin Si was too terrifying, he could not move his body and could not speak, so he could only watch the Yin Si take away the jade pendant.

     The Yinsi held the jade pendant and looked down for a quarter of an hour. Then it knocked the jade pendant with a sickle curiously, like a naughty child.

     Ye Shu was surprised and nervous, his back was soaked.

     And just after the Yinsi's sickle was knocked a few times, Yu Pei trembled in vain, and a black shadow popped up.

     Ye Shu was sure that he had never seen this shadow, neither Xiao Leng nor Golden Dragon.

     The black shadow appeared for the first time, but it was taller than the height, but after coming out, it seemed to grow up in the wind, and gradually rose up, reaching a height of tens of meters in the end, and the color became golden and jade.

     It landed not far away, twisting its neck, and looking at the penis with a low growl.

     Ye Shu opened his mouth wide, what thing is this?

     Its body is like a tiger and leopard, its head and tail resemble a dragon, its color is one gold and one jade, its shoulders have wings without stretching, and its head has a horn and leans back.

     Dragon head, horse body, lin feet...this is...

     There was a flash of light in Ye Shu's mind, Pai Yao!

     It's Paixiu!

     The beast of ancient China is rumored to be one of Dragon's Nine Sons!

     Ye Shu opened his mouth wide in surprise, and the Yinsi put away the sickle, seeming to stop.

     Pai Yao's high-hanging dragon head hung down and bowed his head to the Yinsi, as if greeting.The Yinsi hunched back, and there's nothing about it. He put the jade pendant in Ye Shu's hand and then left silently.

     Pi Xiu watched it away, then looked at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was finally able to move, gasping for breath. In front of these gods, Ye Shu can truly feel his weakness, no matter how strong he is in the outside world, he is still unable to withstand a single blow in front of the gods.

     "Ye Shu, the heir of the Dao Fa, has met seniors."

     Ye Shu bowed respectfully to salute. He didn't know how to call Pai Yao, he could only call Senior.

     Without saying anything, Paixiu turned into light and disappeared in the jade pendant.

     Ye Shu looked at Yu Pei blankly, and quickly hung it around his neck again.

     "Hey, are you dead?"

     Not far away came Meng Ma's voice, she found that the Yin Division had gone, and came to Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu wiped his sweat and ran over: "I'm not dead, I'm a good person."

     Ma Meng looked at Ye Shu up and down: "Where is your dragon?"

     "Take it away. I won't let it eat the Yin ghost. I will bring it back to the Yang Realm as soon as possible."

     The idea of eating empty hell is obviously unrealistic and will anger the Yinsi, so Ye Shu can only give up.

     Unexpectedly, Meng's mother smiled in fascination, and took Ye Shu's hand: "Don't worry, don't worry, I suddenly thought of a way to let your dragon let go and eat."

     What?"Our nearby hell has a yin, and the yin is an old-fashioned person who will not allow the living to disturb hell. But there is another side to hell, and there is hell in the west, do you know? Lucifer, have you heard of it? From the west, we can throw the dragon to Lucifer's side, hehe, okay?"


     "What's your expression? You think I'm a bad person? I'm telling you, I'm not a bad person. I just want to relieve the burden of Western hell, definitely not because of being scolded by demons as old witches and wanting to avenge them, you know what I mean Right?"
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