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0 Chapter List 564 Cow Or Master Cow
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Tonight’s East Ocean is destined to be unstable. After Ye Shu appeared to "take away" Yasakani and Yasakani-no-Magatama-Eight Shaku Curved Jewel, the royal family and the government had lost all their confidence.

     Whether it is reality or the Internet, the whole of the East is boiling, and a grandiose anti-government movement is completely unfolded.

     Ye Shu didn't really care about Dongyang's fate. After killing the emperor, he gave up. After all, the U.S. sea-eating beasts are more worthy of attention than the Dongyang rebellion.

     Two days later, Ye Shu left Dongyang and returned to China.

     The situation in China is also very bad, because the society has stopped functioning, everyone is in danger, and it is hard to come by without major disturbances.

     This is attributed to the victory of the World Rivalry. There are almost no domestic voices against the government. Therefore, when the doomsday comes, it can follow the government's arrangements and operate efficiently.

     In the imperial capital, Ye Shu walked on the deserted long street, feeling full of emotion in his heart.

     Not long ago, this was the busiest and most crowded metropolis in the world, but now there are only pedestrians in a hurry, and there are not many people with supernatural powers.

      World Transformation is too fast, a sea-eating beast completely destroys the trajectory of the international community, and no one knows when it will be peaceful.

     In the center of the Monster Alliance, Ye Shu saw the exhausted Bai Bo. There are only him and a dozen staff members here, and the other monsters have already hid in the secret realm.The arrival of Ye Shu still made Bai Bo very happy. He pulled Ye Shu and drank a few glasses of wine before deeply worried and sick at heart and said: "The sea-eater will arrive on the east coast of the U.S. in a while, and its speed will not stop. A hundred times, and it’s still accelerating. We already can’t predict its speed. The so-called two or three years of respite is purely pipe dream."

     Ye Shu un'ed asked: "Are our country's arrangements in place?"

     "Those who have contributed to the country can basically enter the secret realm. The Kingdom of Butterfly is also open and willing to accept Chinese people. As for the rest, they can only hide in the air-raid shelters. Now the country’s full strength is invested in the construction of air-raid shelters. Hope Air-raid shelters can avoid disasters."

     This is already the limit, there is no other way.

     Ye Shu silent for a moment said: "There is still a way to intercept the sea-eaters in America."

     "You can intercept!"

     Bai Bo was so excited that he stopped/stood and looked at Ye Shu inconceivable.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly: "Don't get excited, I'm just nothing serious, I'm currently studying it."

     Bai Bo sat down again, disappointed.

     Ye Shu didn't say much, he was currently a little hesitant, and his inner thoughts could not be displayed because he had to rely on the Shenlong, but the Shenlong fell asleep.

     Not long after, Ye Shu left the Alliance Center and went to the Lark Secret Realm.

     Once inside, a boiling cauldron of voices, there are mortals in almost all safe places.

     Even on the edge of Mist Forest, there are countless tents, and millions of talents from China hide in.

     "I hope the Secret Realm is useful."

     Ye Shu secretly sighed, and went to the crowded college to find Director Li.Director Li is so busy that he is badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), now he is the head of logistics and has to toss about food distribution every day.

     Ye Shu waited until he was free with great difficulty before passing.

     "Director Li, has my lady moved?"

     "It's you again, your lady had crossed the robbery the day before yesterday and failed."


     Ye Shu turn pale with fright, he had come over and asked casually, but Liu Youyou had failed to overcome the catastrophe?

     "Don't panic, Eight tailed Monster Fox has eight lives. One failure so what? Phoenix Nirvana is about to die. She is about to evolve into Nine Tails."

     Director Li comforted Ye Shu, and Ye Shuchang sighed in relief. Director Li said again: "Don’t go, do something for us, go to the east to kill the monsters. The monsters over there are too strong and occupy a lot of canyons and plains. We can’t accommodate more people. After those places are cleared, hundreds of thousands of people can be resettled."

     The lark’s secret realm is vast, and many dangerous places are beyond the reach of monsters.

     But Ye Shu is different, he is invincible in China.

     "Okay, send someone to take me."

     Ye Shu unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others, roll up his sleeves to open up the territory.

     So for half a month, Ye Shu cleaned up the eastern plains and canyons and mountains, and it was the rivers of blood.

     Although the monster is very hard, Ye Shu has no choice but to apologize.

     After killing another extremely powerful monster, Ye Shu also suffered a little injury.

     He consumed too much energy and was scratched by the monster beast if he didn't pay attention.

     Ye Shu tied the wound, cut a large piece of meat on the monster beast with a ghost, and roasted it on the spot.Next to it is a lake, where it is desolate and uninhabited, and Ye Shu is walking around here by himself, boldness of execution stems from superb skill.

     After the meat was roasted, the aroma overflowed, and Ye Shu was about to dry it in one bite. Unexpectedly, when the jade pendant moved, the huge brave came out and swallowed the barbecue.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, already grabbing Guiqie.

     After seeing that it was Pai Yao, Ye Shu hurriedly saluted and paid respects to senior.

     It seemed that Paixiu hadn't eaten such delicious meat for a long time, and looked at Ye Shu after eating.

     Ye Shu immediately cut the meat from the huge monster beast beside it and roasted it.

     Pai Yao was nodded with satisfaction, and looked at the four-legged monster on the side.

     It was a beast in the shape of a tortoise. The shell of the tortoise couldn't even be pierced. Ye Shu had to overturn it and cut it with a knife on its stomach.

     "You killed a Xuanwu."

     Paixiu suddenly spoke, Ye Shu shook his hand and almost lost the meat: "Xuanwu?"

     What a god Xuanwu was, it was one of the gods of ancient China.

     "Just kidding, this is just a tortoise with supernatural power. The prototype of Xuanwu is a tortoise."

     The ten-meter-high Pai Yao walked around the tortoise and was quite emotional, "If this tortoise had a chance to become a basalt thousands of years ago, it is a pity that today the Dao has changed, and it can only be a tortoise for a lifetime."

     Pai Yao didn't say a word when he was in hell, but now he talks a lot, probably because he eats barbecue.

     Ye Shu was overjoyed, handing over the barbecue and asking: "Senior, what about the Five-clawed Golden Dragon?""The Five-clawed Golden Dragon is the head of the sacred beasts. Naturally, nothing will happen, but it overeats and consumes too much energy. I am afraid it will sleep for decades.


     Ye Shu screamed, sleeping for decades? Then my plan is over!

     Ye Shu looked bitter, he wanted to rely on the dragon to destroy the sea-eating beasts. Now the dragon is going to sleep for decades, time waits for no one.

     "If you want it to wake up quickly, just throw it into the eyes of Kunlun Mountain's dragon veins. Shenlong and dragon veins are one, like a fish without water in the jade pendant."

     "Yes! Senior, please take me to the Dragon Vein Eye in Kunlun Mountain."

     Ye Shu overjoyed at unexpected good news, there is hope.

     However, Paixiu shook his head. After eating several pieces of meat, he said helplessly: "I am too weak. This time I came out just to eat meat and I can't hold it anymore."

     After he finished speaking, he returned to Yu Pei, where would he take Ye Shu to the Eye of Kunlun.

     "Senior, senior, hold on for a while!"

     Ye Shu shook the jade pendant vigorously, but Pai Yao never came out again.

     Ye Shu said a word in his heart, but he also knew that Pai Yao was indeed weak, and he knew it by looking at his breath.

     "I have to go to Kunlun Mountain by myself."

     Ye Shu stayed here for three more days, and immediately set off to Kunlun Mountain after completely driving away the monster beasts in the plain.

     His speed was so swift that he arrived at Kunlun Mountain that day.

     There are many schools of Kunlun Mountain, but now the people are gone and the place is empty, and the monks have also hid in the kingdom of butterflies.

     Ye Shu flew along the undulating mountains from south to north, carefully feeling the dragon veins."The eye of the dragon vein should be the strongest place of the dragon vein."

     Ye Shu thought secretly, but he didn't understand dragon veins at all, and the breath of dragon veins could not be captured by him.

     He clearly felt that the underground was full of dragon veins, but he was at a loss to distinguish between the strong and the weak.

     So Ye Shu ran back and forth for several days, stupefied that there was no gain at all.

     By this time, the sea-eating beasts had eaten a full meal on the east coast of the United States, and then headed north, targeting Canada.

     Human beings around the world are in panic, turmoil everywhere, and despair spreading in the air.

     "I obviously have a way to clean up the sea beasts, but I don't have time. God is joking?"

     On the top of Kunlun Mountain, Ye Shu gasping for air angered the sky. In the brilliant white snow cover, Ye Shu was full of snowflakes, eating dried beef with no alternative.

     Just when he was about to fly again, a black spot appeared in the snow-covered mountains.

     It was a person walking in the snow-capped mountains.

     Ye Shu couldn't help being stunned. Is anyone still visiting Kunlun Mountain now? And it's the extremely cold Snow Mountain Summit.

     Ye Shu flew over immediately, but was stunned when he came closer, that was the real Zishan!


     Ye Shu can't be said to be unhappy, the real Zishan has never appeared after traveling around the world, but now he has appeared in the snow mountain.

     Zhenren Zishan was not at all surprised when he met Ye Shusi, or that he came to see Ye Shu.

     "You idiot, flying back and forth, how many times have I called you? I called you in Tibetan areas!"

     Zishan really scolded Ye Shu with a whisk.Ye Shu cover one's head and sneak away like a rat: "Master, I haven't seen you."

     "Oh, you're awesome? Xianshu is in your body, and you can't see me anymore."

     Master Zishan discovered Ye Shu a few days ago, but Ye Shushi was too fast, and Master Zishan could not stop Ye Shu at all.

     "Master, forgive me, the disciple is too anxious."

     Ye Shu admitted that he was wrong, and the real Zishan took a few breaths and pointed to the guide: "Where is the dragon? Your kid took the dragon away, right?"

     Zhenren Zishan is the last a Venerable of Taoism. He has been to the birthplace of Shenlong and knows what Ye Shu did.

     "Yeah, Master, you really prophesy with supernatural accuracy. I'm looking for the Eye of Dragon Vein now, can Master have a way?"

     Ye Shu is now far stronger than the real person Zishan, but he still relies on the real person Zishan, always feel that the real person Zishan is omnipotent.

     "If you had learned Yangshu from me, and divided the golden pulse Seeking Dragon Hitting Pressure Point stretch a hand and grab it, you would run everywhere wherever it was needed."

     "Master, tap the acupuncture point for me!"
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