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0 Chapter List 567 Shenlong Was Born
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The sea surface of Bering Strait dropped tens of meters, and the squeezed and pumped seawater formed a tsunami, and the coastal land in the eastern part of Russia was submerged.

     The turbulent sea was still engulfing the body of the middle-aged Taoist and disappeared after shaking it.

     Billions of humans around the world see dumbstruck and shouted after the reaction.

     "Did he kill the sea-eaters? Where did the sea-eaters go?"

     "He died? The waves are too big, what happened?"

      Bering Strait's helicopter hovered in the air, and the reporter above was eagerly and excitedly reporting the incident.

     "That Chinese man is a Taoist priest. He must have used some magical technique to defeat the sea-eater!"

     "The sea-eater has disappeared. I personally see that it was shot into the bottom of the sea. It has no power to resist!"

     The world is boiling at the same time, because Bering Strait's sea-eaters have indeed disappeared.

     On the bottom of the ocean where no one can see, the sea-eater curled up and wailed low. Its intestines are wriggling, brewing the power to resist Heaven and Earth Grand Dao.

     "God bless, the sea-eater is dead."

     The reporters did not hesitate to speak, staring at the sea where the sea-eaters disappeared.

     But a few hours later, nothing at all happened.

     Until the next day, the sea was calm again, and the edible sea beast still did not appear.

     The world gradually cheered. Humans that's it are easy to take the fantasy things in their minds as real. They all think that sea-eaters are already dead.

     No one saw that on the dark seabed, the scary red intestines of the sea-eaters were already gently swinging.In Kunlun Mountain, Ye Shu sat down on the top of the mountain, gnawing on dry food in silence.

      he has a premonition, the master has an accident.

     In the distance, a streamer came galloping in, a cultivator.

     "Finally found you, Mr. Ye, good news, sea-eaters have been suppressed!"

     Ye Shu one shivers stopped/stood, a few cultivators fell beside him, trying to explain, but they were immediately attracted by the dragon veins, all staring panic-stricken and desperate at the dragon veins under the mountain.

     "Where is the real Zishan?"

     Ye Shu asked anxiously. Several monks withdrew their gazes and said: "That mighty power is indeed your master Zishan. We have researched with the Monster Alliance. Your master is very likely to suppress the sea-eating beasts with the formation method. World, it is beyond imagination, It should be noted, Zishan is not a cultivator yet, it is simply inconceivable."

     "Don't talk nonsense, how is it going, my master?"

     Ye Shu was irritable, and several monks hesitated and said, "He fell into the water and disappeared."

     Ye Shu pursed his mouth and said nothing.

     "What are you looking for me for?"

     "Mr. Ye, what should I do next?"

     "Keep it as it is, the sea-eater will soon reappear, hiding as far as it can hide."

     Ye Shu calmly said, several monks were startled: "But it was suppressed. Didn't you see the situation at that time? Great Power of the World crushed the strait. All the beasts from all directions came out, and any creature would be suppressed. of."

     "Don't get lucky, just listen to me."

     Ye Shu waved his hand and didn't want to say more. Several monks glanced at each other and left helplessly.Huaxia Land remains as it is, and no one who hides can show up, just as sea-eaters are still crawling towards Huaxia.

     The rest of the countries are also watching. They don't understand the laws or suppression at all, and even think that the sea-eater must be dead.

     When half a month passed, Bering Strait was still dead, and the ships cruising in that area were also very safe.

     Since then, some countries have begun to relax, celebrate their victory, and prostrate oneself in worship towards the real Zishan.

     As if the end had passed, everyone began to praise the power of Chinese Taoist priests.

     Refugees in the Americas have also begun to return. As long as technology is not destroyed, it is not difficult to rebuild their homes.

     The rebellion on Dongyang Island is also coming to an end. Many Americans left Dongyang in embarrassment and are going back to rebuild their homes.

      The US President was also scolded away, but before he left, he put down his cruel words coldly: Remember today!

     The United States still masters the cream of the crop's technology and abilities. It is not difficult to restore the country, but they have lost too much population, the whole society has changed, and the future development process will inevitably have many more variables.

     In addition, other countries glare like a tiger watching his prey on the science and technology of the United States, which relieved the threat of sea-eating beasts, and all countries began to operate, focusing on the United States which suffered heavy losses.

     Of course, Huaxia is an exception. Huaxia is still an ostrich, remain in seclusion, and immediately bury his head in the sand when there is wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble).

     Some countries see China as such, and some are ostriches, but there are also some powerful countries that have impatiently started to re-plan international rules.

     One month later, Bering Strait remained silent.Russia even used thousands of missiles to bomb Bering Strait, but the edible sea beasts did not show up.

     The radar could not detect the sea-eating beasts at all, and the place where the sea-eating beasts disappeared became a dead zone.

     More and more countries are beginning to relax vigilance, and United Nations meetings are also quarreling all day long. It is the countries fighting for the right to speak.

     In the Kunlun Mountains, Ye Shu was lying on a branch, looking bored at the night sky.

     He has been waiting here for a long time, but the Eye of Dragon Veins still doesn't move at all.

     It's just that the boiling dragon veins became quieter, and seemed to have lost a lot of energy.

     The red light of the dragon vein and the yellow light of the moon are intertwined, making people drowsy.

     Ye Shu rolled over and closes the eyes sideways.

     Unexpectedly, a second later, he was hit hard on the waist, and he spouted a mouthful of water.

     The branch shook and almost broke. Ye Shu turned his head and saw that there was a person standing on his waist, who stepped on Ye Shushen's position like a prank.

     "You have a little kidney deficiency, and your saliva spurts out after a gentle step."

     The surprise spread on Ye Shu's face, he sat up all of a sudden and hugged the thigh of the visitor.

     "Master, you can be considered showing up!"

     Ye Shu has two masters, one is the real Zishan, the other is naturally the aster fairy from Penglai Immortal Island.

     "Hey, what are you doing? Don't take the opportunity to eat tofu."

     Fairy Aster kicked Ye Shu away and slapped her beautiful legs in disgust.

     Under the ray of dragon veins, Ye Shu clearly saw the face of Fairy Aster.It was the familiar fairy who liked to be funny. Although Ye Shu spent a short time with her, she was the benefactor who led Ye Shu into the Big Dipper sky, which was of great significance.

     "I used to fish at sea, but there is always the big eagle Mobiliarbus, which upsets me, so I showed up and asked, only to know that you mortals are going to die."

     Fairy Aster sat on the branch domineeringly, scratching his knees, staring at the dragon veins.

     "It's incredible that the Shenlong was born. In fact, I also can't do anything about it against sea-eating beasts, but it can be dealt with with the Shenlong."

     The aster fairy put the palms together before one, and worshipped the dragon veins religiously: "The ancestor spirit is on top, please be worshipped by the offspring."

     The ancestral spirit is the dragon vein of Kunlun Mountain and the mother who raised the land of China.

     "The ancestor spirit is here, please be respected by the unscrupulous descendants."

     Ye Shu also learned everything, bowing to the eyes of dragon veins.

     Fairy Aster poked him playfully, and whispered: "Discuss something with you, after suppressing the sea-eater, hide me, don't let the seniors catch me back, just say I was eaten by the sea-eater."

     "Master, isn't that good?"

     "Very well, you also know that Tiangong is boring. The fairy is not going out from hidden world. This time I was able to come out because of End of the World. As long as I am eaten by a sea-eater, I will be free from now on hahaha."

     Fairy Aster is full of aura, just like a lively rabbit, he begins to plan his little abacus.

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes, thinking that he must send the fairy aster back immediately after the matter is over.

     When the two talked on the tree, Dongfang had already revealed a white belly.The dazzling rays of light shone on the Kunlun Mountains, and the eyes of the dragon veins boiled suddenly, like a volcanic eruption, with a violent flame rushing to a height of 100 meters.

     Ye Shu and Fairy Aster went away instantly, out of the range of Flame Assault.

     Not much time to look at it, in the bursting flames, a hundred-meter-long golden dragon roared rush out.

     At this moment, all the dragon veins of China Earth made a wonderful tremor, and thousands of creatures seemed to have wisdom, looking at the direction of Kunlun Mountain.

     In the distant Bering Strait, the sea also boiled, and the warship patrolling nearby was immediately overturned, and the faces of hundreds of soldiers changed drastically.

     "Yes... it's a sea-eater!"

     One Behemoth(s) rushed out of the sea, the blood red intestines supported the huge head, and then the head dropped down and swallowed a naval fleet into the abdomen.
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