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0 Chapter List 569 Molt
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The vast ocean, the huge waves surpass the sky.

     Two Ancient Spiritual Gods are clashing between the sky and the sea. The little golden dragon is not worth mentioning in front of the sea-eating beast with its hundred-foot-long body.

     The air was full of flying ground meat and splashing blood. The five claws of the little golden dragon could be called the sharpest Divine Weapon, and the sea-eater could not resist.

     The thousand-meter-long red intestines of the sea-eating beast are stirred in the sea. It uses the sea mountain as a fulcrum, like a curved bamboo pole, mouth opened wide Devouring Heaven and Earth.

     In the terrifying wind and waves, the figure of the little golden dragon was almost submerged. In the monstrous waves, the golden light looked like a flat boat.


     Unclear who was screaming, the two Great Desolate Giant Beasts caused waves even more terrifying than a nuclear bomb explosion.

     Ye Shu and Fairy Aster hid far away, they even withdrew ten nautical miles, not daring to approach the battlefield at all.

     In the high altitude, dense drones are also shooting battle scenes from a distance, and will be shattered if they are not careful.

     "It's too violent, the seabed will be broken, and the sea-eaters have been inspired by their ferocious nature."

     Fairy Aster said in horror, she began to worry that Shenlong could not beat her.

     "Although Shenlong has completed its evolution, it is still a child in essence, not even a normal dragon, so I guess it's suspended."

     Fairy Aster squeezed her fingers tightly, and Ye Shu flipped a supercillious look towards her: "Who said that the little golden dragon can't make dragons? It just likes to be cute."

     As soon as the words fell, there was a "baa" in the distance, just like a sheep.The fairy aster sprayed, Ye Shu's old face was dull, and he scratched his head and said, "This guy seems to be a bit silly."

     The battlefield was blurred, blood and sea water merged together, and huge waves rushed all around, blocking all vision.

     Humans around the world are stunned. They are far away from the battlefield, but they can feel the frightening atmosphere across the screen.

     Ye Shu opened his eyes, stared for a while, and then took the fairy aster dives into the sea.

     "It's up to you to work, the sea-eater's attention is on the little golden dragon, chance hard to come by."

     Ye Shu looked at Fairy Aster, nodded, and expressed his understanding.

     The two turned into torpedoes, and it was ten nautical miles in a flash.

     The deep sea hardly has any influence on the two people, because they are the peak experts among human beings. Once the golden core is running, as if treading on level ground.

     After swimming across the bottom of Waves Surging Forth, the two came to the intestines of the sea-eater.

     The sea here is not deep. The intestines of the sea-eaters thousands of meters long, very large parts, are overlapped and rolled together, like a snake lying coiled.

     "You are on the sidelines, lest I get caught in the intestines, I will build the Big Dipper sky map."

     The fairy aster transmits the sound, and when he steps on it, he draws a golden trace in the water.

     The to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) Perfection of Aster Fairy is much stronger than Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu didn't even react, Fairy Aster had reached the other end.

     And the sea area between her and Ye Shu seemed to be woven into a big net, and the poles of the seven shines like starlight on the big net flickered.

     That is Big Dipper.On the sky, Seven Stars seemed to flash, echoing the Big Dipper on the sea floor.

     "Little aster, come out!"

     Fairy Aster stretched out her jade hand, and a golden figure of fist size appeared in her hand.

     That was her golden core. Fairy Aster had already broken through the primordial infant stage.

     It was the first time Ye Shu saw Jindan, it was a little man from Living Spirit, Living Image.

     The little aster jumped up in the sea. It stepped on the seven stars, and every step it stepped on, the pole it was stepped on would flicker, and then spread out golden light like a water wave.

     When the little aster returned to the owner, the seabed had turned golden.

     All the sea water was stained with golden light, like dragon veins.

      In the big net constructed by Big Dipper, every thread is a golden artifact.

     The intestines of the sea-eaters have been surrounded by a large net.

     The large net with a diameter of more than one kilometer is like a thin blade, cutting across the intestines of the sea-eater.

     Sea Eater doesn't have any reaction, it should be aware of it, but at the moment it is too busy to spare time, because Xiao Jinlong's offensive is too fierce.

     Its head has been snatched off, if it were not for recovery, it would have become a headless pig's large intestine.


     In the sound of the dragon's roar, the fairy aster grabbed one end of the big net. The invisible net turned into silk thread in her hand.

     "You catch the other end, just like collecting a net for fish, follow me."

     Fairy Aster transmitted the sound to Ye Shu, and Ye Shuyao nodded, reaching out and grabbing this end of himself.

     Golden light spread to his arm and dyed him golden.

     "Come!"Fairy Aster concentrated and decisively, her body plummeted, pulling the net to shrink.

     Like her, Ye Shu also fell down.

     The big net exuding Heaven and Earth Grand Dao gathered up, the sea-eater finally noticed it and bowed its head angrily roared.

     The seawater was broken open by it, and its head plunged into the sea, trying to bite the big net.


     Long Yin exploded, Xiao Jinlong seized the opportunity and rushed past. The blood sprayed into the sky, staining the entire sea area red.

     The ugly pork of the sea-eating beast broke out of the large intestine and fell into the sea.


     Fairy Aster shouted, at this crucial moment, the sea-eater cannot attack, it has to wait for its head to grow back.

     Ye Shu not say a word, the speed is reaching the limit.

     The heavier and heavier of the big net seems to be tens of thousands of catties, which is basically impossible for ordinary people to pull.

     Ye Shu is also very struggling, his golden core has reached its limit, and it has begun to sting.

     Ye Shu clenched his teeth, like a rocket, and slammed to the bottom.

     On the other side, Fairy Aster also pulled down the big net.

     At the mid-section of the sea-eater, a large net was stuck to the sea-eater's body like tape.

     The intestines several hundred meters long are covered by a large net.

     The big golden net contains Heaven and Earth Grand Dao and completely wraps the middle intestines of the sea-eater.

     This is a suppression of the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom), which was decided by the aster fairy after repeated consideration.

     There are actually many methods of suppression. For example, the four mythical beasts suppressed by the real Zishan, it is the most powerful suppression. If performed by the aster fairy, it will definitely suppress the sea-eating beasts for more than ten years.But treat the symptoms but not the root cause, to cure the root cause, only seal the intestines of the sea animal, which is its esophagus.

     "Big Dipper suppresses, the seven points are connected to each other, it is difficult to destroy, and locks the esophagus of the sea-eater, it can quickly eat up, and the creatures of the sea can satisfy it.’

     This is the plan of Fairy Aster. It is not fierce, and will not even harm the sea-eaters. Of course, this is also a helpless action and can only be tried.


     Fairy Aster rushed out of the water and cheered, Ye Shu also flew out, looking through the sea water, the big net has been firmly set on the intestines of the sea-eating beast, and it is slowly closing, once the closing is completed, the lower half of the intestines of the sea-eating beast Will no longer be able to swallow food.

     This is a weird way to break the face, but it was a success.

     The two looked with a smile, but the next moment, a small-scale pig's head came out from the broken neck of the sea-eater.

     It roared soaring, Ye Shu and Fairy Aster caught off guard, they were shocked to vomit blood and flew out tens of thousands of meters.

     At high altitude, all drones broke down instantly, and humans all over the world lost their picture.

     The little Jinlong trembled too, and he didn't attack, but stared at the sea-eater with vigilance.

     I saw the sea-eater's new pig head wriggling and began to protrude from its neck.

     Just like molting, it has to abandon the outer layer of intestines!

     "No, it's going to take off its intestines, Big Dipper Seven Stars Formation hasn't closed it yet!"

     The aster fairy turn pale with fright, and the speed of the sea-eating animal peeling off is surprisingly quick. In the blink of an eye, a hundred-meter-long intestine is already out of the old intestine with the pig’s head.

     "Little Golden Dragon, don't let it shed!"Ye Shu roared, Xiao Jinlong screamed, and then he turned around and flew to Ye Shu.

     "Mama, it's not good, it's evolved, it will hurt me, I don't want to fight."

     Xiao Jinlong was acting like a baby and refused to fight.

     Ye Shu almost vomits blood, I have never seen a dragon you are so afraid of pain!
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