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0 Chapter List 571 Who Is The Lord Of The Harem
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The eastern end of Bering Strait, a dilapidated port in Russia.

     Ye Shu stepped on a wooden board in the sea, drenched with sweat.

     It has been three days since the sea-eating beasts were driven away. In these three days, Ye Shu has been in Bering Strait for no less than a hundred times.

     But despite this, he still failed to find the real Zishan. The real Zishan might have been swallowed by the sea-eater.

     Ye Shu was depressed and stood on the wooden board for a while before going ashore.

     Once ashore, a hand-sized golden dragon flew over and rubbed Ye Shu's face affectionately.

     "Ma Ma, hungry."

     "Don't overeating, you can't eat more than three meals a day."

     Ye Shu touched Xiaojin's dragon’s head, and Xiaojinlong was un'ed and went into the jade pendant.

     On a collapsed tall building in the distance, Fairy Aster was grilling, drooling.

     Ye Shufei went over and said, "Master, is my lady awake?"

     "Woke up, said it was dirty, and ran to take a shower."

     Ye Shuyixi, Liu Youyou has been in a coma for three days, and finally woke up today.

     He didn't care about Fairy Aster, and flew towards one direction. As soon as he perceived it, Ye Shu immediately locked Liu Youyou's position.

     Liu Youyou is in a city swimming pool, this swimming pool is naturally scrapped, but still can take a bath.

     Ye Shu saw a beautiful shadow washing her body in the swimming pool from a distance, and the air was full of intoxicating fragrance.

      Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, the charm has reached its peak, and all wise creatures around here will be fascinated by her.Ye Shu's heart palpitated, but he was already tempted so far away.


     Ye Shufei went over and plunged into the pool like a pig.

     Liu Youyou called out in alarm, and quickly covered his chest: "Pervert, you die!"

     Liu Youyou still has that coquettish character, but the joy in her eyes cannot be concealed.

     Ye Shu chuckled and forcibly hugged her. As soon as he touched the skin, Ye Shu's breathing was short, and in his crotch to support the sky as a single pillar.

     This is not Ye Shu's anxious look, but the charm of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox is too terrifying.

     Liu Youyou's strength may not be as good as Ye Shu, but her talents have all been unlocked, and Ye Shu can't stand it at all.


     Ye Shu's eyes turned green, just like the hungry wolf saw the meat. Liu Youyou pushed him in embarrassment and pinched his waist fiercely.

     "Calm down for me, I ask you, how many women have you hooked up these years?"

     No one knows Ye Shu better than Liu Youyou.

     Ye Shu shook his head and said, "Today's wind is very noisy."

     "Yeah, so noisy. How many women have you hooked up?"

     "It's not suitable for bathing. Let's go back to the secret realm. Remember that river?"

     "Remember, it's very warm. How many women did you hook up with?"

     "...Just a few."

     Ye Shu raised his hand to surrender, Liu Youyou glanced at him coldly: "Apart from Yang Yi, who else?"

     "I think about it... Hey, there seems to be no one, just my style god demon sword girl, and Tsundere Xiao Leng, also... Ai Qier."Ye Shu suddenly gained confidence, Yang Yi and the others had no choice but to accept it, and Youyou knew it.

     I asked Youyou about Aiqier's affairs. After all, my father is a helpless action.

     As for Xiao Leng, there was already an entangled relationship, and Youyou knew about it and acquiesced.

     "Strictly speaking, I am a very dedicated and good man!"

     Ye Shu showed a little domineering, why should I be afraid of the lady? I'm a serious person.

     "Really? I heard that your Excellency is engaged to Princess Fang and has an affair with Miss Bai Ling. He has raised a lot of little loli in Dongyang, including one shell. Are these all fake?"

     Liu Youyou showed a kind smile, and his hands became stronger.

     Ye Shu began to sweat, and then begged for mercy: "Although it is true, I didn't do anything. I'm a pure white man."

     "So how many children do you have?"

     Liu Youyou obviously knows sth like the back of one's hand to Ye Shu. As a key cultivation object of the Lark family, she wants to understand the outside with no difficulty.

     Ye Shu's eyes glide: "One, no, two, no, three, just three."

     "What? Except for Ye Weiyang there are still two? You beast!"

     Liu Youyou has blown up her hair, and she didn't expect Ye Shu there are still two children.

     "Qi'er and Chiyo are both pregnant, so..."


     Liu Youyou turned around and left, with nine tails stretched out, as if to destroy of heaven and earth.

     Ye Shu hurriedly said, "Where are you leaving for?""I'm going back to the lark's house, you'd better be more acquainted and bring all your women here. Let's talk about the future, hum!"

     Liu Youyou is about to leave. She came to the sea temporarily, which has caused panic in the Lark family, and now she has to go back for business.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly. At this time, the jade pendant moved, and Xiao Leng who had been eavesdropping floated out, sneered at Ye Shu, and then went after Liu Youyou: "Sister Youyou, wait for me."

     The two guys ran away.

     Ye Shu has a long moan and short gasp.

     He raised his head and looked at the fairy aster who was standing on the high building watching the play, waving his hand and saying: "Master, you go back to Xiandao, I have to go too."

     "What, you bastard, didn't you say you helped me get free?"

     Fairy Aster kicked it down, and Ye Shu avoided saying: "I haven't said that, Master should go back, the immortals will worry about you."

     "Okay, I can go back, but before that, I want to tell the fox, you slept with me, and I gave birth to you."


     "Master, you don't go too far."

     "Bye, I'll go find the fox."

     Fairy Aster ran away, so fast that Ye Shu couldn't catch up.

     "Okay, I'll take you in!"

     Ye Shu was about to cry, the fairy aster who ran away slipped back, smiled, said: "This is good, remember, someone in Xiandao came over and said that I was too injured and dead."


      Ye Shu, who was weakly and without strength, returned to the Chinese imperial capital with the fairy aster.As the sea-eaters were driven away, the whole world cheered, and the being reborn humans began a new life.

     The world structure has also completely changed, and the prestige of China surpassing by far has changed to the United States.

     This is attributed to the real Zishan and Shenlong, and of course Ye Shu.

     However, in just a few days, people from all over the world have sent people to China to hold an international conference in the imperial capital to discuss world reconstruction.

     Comprehension has also become the entire worlds and realms' fragrant pastries, and many rich westerners have begun to go to the mountain to apprentice.

     I believe that within a few years, cultivation and supernatural powers will divide the world. Of course, cultivation is "upper".

     Ye Shu didn't want to pay attention to mundane matters, anyway the government would take care of it.

     He went straight back to Fang's house, and kissed his daughter who had just come out of the secret realm several times.

     Little Lori Weiyang was frightened these days, her face was thinner, and she kept crying while holding her father.

     Yang Yi's daughters couldn't help crying either. If it weren't for the presence of outsiders, they would have surrounded Ye Shutuan.

     Fairy Aster didn't watch this scene, but she was very interested in Wei Young and kept staring at it.

     At the end she pulled Ye Shu and said, "Your daughter is good. You will suffer a little loss for your teacher. Let her be your disciple. It's cheaper for you."

     Fairy Aster looked like Ye Shu sentimental face, but she was really happy, because Wei Young was a cultivator that was rare in a thousand years.

     Ye Shu stared at Fairy Aster suspiciously: "What is your calculation?"

     "Teach your daughter to cultivate immortality. She is just over ten years old. It is a good time to cultivate immortality. Although she is not good at aptitude, I will still make an all-out effort to teach her.""No, my daughter can be a normal person."

     "Hey, give some face, Martial Brothers have Final Disciple, so I'm bachelor, you run around again, you are not a disciple."

     Fairy Aster was anxious, and her eyeballs never left Wei Young, "Think about it, you are a monk in the Yuan Ying stage, and you can live for thousands of years. Can you bear the pain of losing a loved one in a hundred years? Can you watch your wife become Old woman?"

     Fairy Aster knows how to move with emotion and reason, Ye Shu a thought flashed through the mind, and really moved.

     In his "harem", almost all women are long-lived, like Chiyo and Xiao Leng are undying and unextinguished. And Yang Yi several people, although they are Gu masters, they are just mortals in nature, and their daughters are also mortals. A hundred years of life is the limit.

     "Looking at your reaction, my daughter must be a genius of cultivation. I agree with you accepting her as a disciple, but you have to promise me one thing."

     Ye Shu let go, and Fairy Aster was happy from ear to ear: "You said."

     "My three wives should also teach them to cultivate immortality, not to be powerful, but to extend their life."

     "This...they are of average aptitude, at best they can be fairies on Xiandao."

     "But their daughter is amazing. Give me a discount and give me a back door."

     Ye Shu showed the expression of a businessman. Fairy Aster nodded hard, "Okay, but you have to think about it. Xiandao only appears once in ten years. You can only see them every ten years."

     "I am a disciple of Fairy Island. Tell me the location of Fairy Island. I have the right to return to Fairy Island at any time, right?"Ye Shu won’t lose any money, Fairy Aster rolled the eyes: “I really owe you. Hey, you are probably the first disciple who is so free in thousands of years. It’s really unfair.”

     "Then my wife and children will bother Master to take care of them. Please let them have independent courtyards, because I might do some pure things when I visit."

     "I bother!"
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