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0 Chapter List 583 Devil Comes
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The resurrected Dragon King obviously had memory problems, and she was still thinking of a knight from a long time ago.

     That may have happened thousands of years ago.

     "Do you know who you are?"

     Ye Shu make insinuations, intending to help Dragon Emperor restore his memory. There was no look in Long Huang's huge eyes, and her pupils seemed to be watching the distant time and space.

     "I am Bina and she is Lucy."

     The Dragon Emperor babbled like a dream, and the heat in his mouth blew onto Ye Shu.

     "Lucy, yes, Lucy, I to think of it..."

     The Dragon Emperor moved his head, and there was some vitality in his eyes. Ye Shu Yixi thought she thought of herself as the Dragon Emperor, but the Bina Dragon Emperor only thought of the female knight.

     "When I was first born, Lucy found me in the forest. She was so stupid. She didn't know that I was a dragon, so she took me back to raise her."

     There were waves in Bina's tone, blooming in her eyes like a dusty past to spin silk from cocoons.

     Ye Shu was anxious, but seeing Bina's appearance was not easy to interject, and she sat and listened carefully.

     "When I was six months old, the people in the town found me because I was bigger than a rock by the sea. Poor Lucy went hunting every day because I wanted to eat very many very many meat. ."

     Bina exhaled heavily, Ye Shu felt her sad."That day, Lucy went hunting again. The people in the town surrounded me to kill me. They pierced my neck with a spear. It hurt. The pain made me cry all the time. I was angry. I was evil. Dragon. When I don’t feel any more pain, the entire town is burned by Long Yan, everyone is dead, and Lucy’s parents were also bitten by me."

     Bina dropped her head and closed the eyes slightly.

     "Poor Lucy, how pitiful she is, trying to kill the dragon all her life, until she is old, how pitiful."

     Bina closeds the eyes solemnly, then opened them again in horror: "Lucy is dead? She's old!"

     She seemed to be irritated. She obviously said that Lucy was old and dead, but she couldn't accept it at the moment. She stood up suddenly, and the huge body broke the cave.

     Suddenly the earth quaked, the mountains shook in the cave, countless boulders smashed down, Bina screamed in shock, and tears of fist size rolled onto the ground.

     Ye Shu rolled continuously, away from Bina, otherwise Bina would slap him to death.

     Then Ye Shu rang the bell quickly. Amid the sound of ear-splitting collapse, the soul-calling bell was like a clear stream, flowing slowly in the air.

     Bina dazed for a moment, she was dazed like a sculpture.

     She seemed to realize her madness, and Bina didn't bump into the cave.

     Ye Shu said in a deep voice, "Bina, thousands of years have passed, you should let it go."

     "For thousands of years?"

     Bina gasped and looked at Ye Shu, her eyes were crazy again when she just calmed down.

     "Where is Lucy? I have been waiting for her, why not come and kill me!"a roar, the entire Dragon Emperor Tomb shook, Ye Shu was hit by a huge force, vomiting blood and flying upside down, almost fainted.

     The strength of the Dragon Emperor is so terrifying. In this closed Dragon Emperor Tomb, everyone has only a dead end.

     Ye Shu turn pale with fright, he knew that Bina could not let it go, it was a knot of thousands of years.


     Ye Shu wiped his blood, turned and ran into the darkness.

     The soul-calling bell rang again, and Ye Shu was trying to find an exit. Behind Bina looked at Ye Shu, crying while crying: "Lucy, don't go, I'm here."

     She actually regarded Ye Shu as Lucy and chased her.

     How big is Bina, she didn't change her human form, she didn't shrink her body, just like this bashing sideways and colliding straight on.

     It was like a big hammer, punching a hole in the Dragon Emperor Tomb, countless rocks were crushed, and the entire passage was covered with dust.

     This battle is too terrifying. If Ye Shu is hit by her, he will definitely torn body and crushed bones.

     Ye Shu turned into streamer and galloped, and the soul-calling bell shook rapidly.

     In the ringtone, the exit of the Dragon Emperor Tomb did not appear, and it seemed that only the Dragon Emperor could open the exit.

     Not long after, there was no road ahead, and Ye Shu was blocked. The surrounding space is narrow, and this is not a real space, but an illusion, Ye Shu cannot open the hole and run out.

     Amidst the sound of rocks falling and bursting, the huge Bina caught up with Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu wanted to suffer, but Bina slowed down, she got slower and slower, and finally just put her head in front of Ye Shu, but her body got stuck outside.

     "Lucy, I'm here..."Bina looked at Ye Shu with affection, as if she had fallen into a demon.

     Ye Shu thought to himself, is it because I became a woman, a bit like that knight?

     "Lucy, kill me ba, don't let your hands go. You ask me to take revenge again and again, why can't you always get your hands at the last minute?"

     Bina's big eyes were full of sadness, and Ye Shu couldn't help being startled.

     Lucy can't make a move every time?

     Both a human and a dragon are torturing each other. Lucy must be looking for death, but Bina refused to kill her. Bina wanted to die too, but Lucy couldn't do it.

     That was a bad fate thousands of years ago.

     Ye Shu thought for a moment, and pulled out the ghost cut in Bina's expectation.

     The sound of the sharp blade being unsheathed made Bina tremble, and she was even more sad, and she also showed a relieved expression.

     "Lucy, kill me ba."

     She closes the eyes, waiting for death.

     Ye Shu didn't hesitate at all, Guiqie stabbed forward and pierced Bina's flesh against the gap between the dragon scales.

     Bina sighed, motionless like a statue, she seemed to think she was dead.

     However, she was not dead at all, the ghost cut into the flesh, but was bitten by a mosquito.

     Ye Shu took back the ghost and said loudly: "Bina, I forgive you!"

     Ye Shu is valiant and formidable-looking, and finally has the style of a handsome girl for the first time.

     Bina opened the eyes in astonishment, and after a long time she started sobbing low.


     When the yellow sand of the Dragon Tomb was rolled up, the Dragon Emperor Tomb opened, and Ye Shu walked out with a female knight in red armor.The female knight is naturally Bina. She uses dragon scales to transform her armor into awe-inspiring presence.

     But her expression was dead and silent, and her childish face was full of sadness and vicissitudes.

     It seems that the girl who is only 16-17 years old has lived for thousands of years. Now she is resurrected and will live for thousands of years.

     "This is Dragon Island, your clan living place, do you think of it?"

     Ye Shu pointed to the island, Bina looked up and shook her head gently.

     She lost all her memories, only Lucy.

     "It's okay, think about it slowly, I'll take you to meet your people."

     Ye Shu can't force too much, Bina's state is much better than when she started.

     "Come with me."

     Ye Shu shook the soul-calling bell and left the tomb, Bina followed him silently.

     Countless yellow sand rolled up and down, and those huge dragon souls seemed to be frightened.

     Soon, the two climbed up the cliff and looked at the island.

     Ye Shu in this brief moment sensed unusual breath, it is extremely gloomy and cold aura.

     And the island is so deadly silent, let alone a dragon, not even a bird.

     Ye Shu was shocked, and went to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), skimming over large caves and jungles.

     No, not a dragon!

      The old patriarch's cave is also as empty as anything, leaving only a pile of gems. A strange black air was flowing in the air, Ye Shu caught a trace, and heard the sound of the yellow spring.

     "The devil has come to the world."

     Ye Shu complexion sank looked at Bina who was standing on the rock in a daze.

     "Something happened to your clan, follow me to the human world."Bina nodded, raised her hand and drew a circle in the air. The circle was flickering and full of mysterious rays of light.

     "Human, come here."

     "What is this?"

     "Teleport, I'm going to Lucy's town."

     (My sister came back today. Acting like a baby asked me to play with her. Hey, there is no way. I can't resist the cute, charming and shy sister, so there is only one watch.)
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