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0 Chapter List 585 Evil Dragon
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Emily was sealed by Aiqier and kept hiding under the bed.

     Achille must have realized something is wrong, so she protected Emily.

     "Emily, think about it, what happened at the time."

     Ye Shu said anxiously, extremely worried. Emily recalled weakly and cried after a long while: "I really don't know, the master said nothing at all."

     It seems that when Emily caught off guard was sealed, in other words, the situation was very urgent at the time, and Ai Qier had to make a move.

     "You go into my jade pendant, it's okay."

     Ye Shu no longer embarrassed Emily, and controlled the jade pendant to take Emily in. Pi Xiu has opened up the jade pendant space, letting Ye Shu control it.

     After Emily was settled, Ye Shu wandered around Scotland for a long time, but found nothing. He even went to find the werewolves, but the werewolves also disappeared.

     In the end, Ye Shu had to give up temporarily, he had to look at the situation in the East.

     After a gallop, Ye Shu's speed reached its limit, but within half an hour he crossed Eurasia and reached the Huaxia Plateau.

     There were countless Chinese people on the deserted plateau. They were all migrating to the west, all of them dragging their families and mouths, and they were exhausted.

     Ye Shu have a surprise and quickly find someone to ask. After asking him, he knew that the eastern part of China had been occupied by dragons. The powerful dragons ravaged the coasts of Asia, and the East Ocean Island was about to be shattered. As for the small countries of South Asia, almost all of them were destroyed.

     "Run, stay away from the east to be safe, go to the west for help!"People are eager to seek refuge in the West, but what they don't know is that the West is even more spectacle too horrible to endure. After the Internet is unavailable, the information between the East and the West is also isolated.

     Ye Shu was shocked, he couldn't think the dragons had come to attack Asia.

     "It seems that the disappeared dragons are controlled by Lucifer. Corvinus attacks from the west, and the dragons attack from the east. Where can humans stand it?"

     Ye Shu vaguely analyzed Lucifer's plan, and that guy was using everything available on earth.

     Ye Shu didn't dare to stay for a while, he rushed towards Dongyang. When passing by the imperial capital, Ye Shu saw people stepping on people. Because of the emergence of several giant dragons in the Bohai area, the imperial capital imminent danger, people are fleeing to Mongolia.

     Seeing the chaos in China, Ye Shu was unbearable, but he was anxious to find Qiandai and them, not dare to waste time.

     "Little Golden Dragon, come out!"

     With a loud shout, Ye Shu called out Five-clawed Golden Dragon while flying. As the totem of Huaxia, Shenlong is extremely powerful and has the mission of protecting Huaxia's people.

     "Little Golden Dragon, go and drive away the evil dragon!"

     Ye Shu pointed to the ocean to the east, Five-clawed Golden Dragon a howling, turning into lightning and rushing away.

     Ye Shu put his heart down and crossed the vast sea to reach Dongyang Island.

     A piece of hell on earth in Dongyang Island.

     Countless buildings were destroyed, the ground was full of human corpses, and the screams were endless in the fire.

     In the distance, a giant dragon sprayed flames, burning a large number of people who had escaped into coke.

     There was a fierce and unafraid of death in the air and the Onmyojis fought against the dragon, but they were killed when they met.This situation can be found everywhere, and Dongyang Island has suffered the greatest disaster since the beginning of history.

     Ye Shu pulled out the ghost cut and flew across the sky.

     The violent sword energy slashed past, cutting off the dragon's claws. With blood spurting wildly, the dragon howled and planted to the ground.

     Ye Shu did not stop, galloping all the way towards Chiba County. On the way, he encountered dozens of giant dragons, each of which was cut and wounded by him and lost his combat power.

     When he arrived in Chiba Prefecture, Ye Shu couldn't help but shivered for a moment.

     Because the small Chiba Prefecture has completely turned into a sea of flames, there is no complete building.

     Ye Shu was startled and angry, even though he knew that the dragon was in control, he couldn't suppress his anger.

     In the distance, a giant dragon roared on the sea and burned a ship. There were humans everywhere on the sea. Those who could not swim were drowned directly, and those who could swim became the food of the dragon.

     "court death!"

     With a turn of Ye Shu's wrist, Guiqi cut across a semicircle, and under the rotation of the golden core, a golden sword energy rushed towards the dragon.

     The sword spirit is strong against the wind, and the stern murderous spirit arrived in a flash.

     As if a huge blade cut through the neck of the dragon, the dragon's head was broken, without even screaming.

     The blood stained the sea water, and countless humans cried out in surprise.

     Ye Shu stepped on the ground and disappeared on the spot in the blink of an eye.

     He went straight to Kyoto, because there was the strongest dragon and the strongest defense.

     Although Ye Shu was angry, he didn't lose his mind. He knew that Qiandai and the others were all right. After all, Qiandai and the others were not ordinary people. Even if they couldn't beat the dragon, they would still run away.

     Then their hiding place must be Kyoto.Chiba County is not far from Kyoto. Ye Shu will go quickly. He went directly to the royal secret realm. From a distance, he saw that the royal secret realm had been broken. On the ancient imperial city, countless onmyojis were defending against the dragon in the sky. .

     In the sky, where the fighting was the most intense, three huge dragons surrounded the two little girls. Both sides hit very close/neck and neck, and blood dripped continuously.

     The two little girls are Xiaojing and Xiaoyu, and the three-headed dragons are the old patriarch, Ilya, and Yves.

     Under the leadership of the old patriarch's, Ilya is even more fierce and has thoroughly demonstrated his demeanor as a Dragon Island no.1 expert.

     And Yves did not know when the dragon horns would re-grow, and his strength was better than before. This cute little Lori was more cruel than anyone else.

     This situation is very bad. The dragon is under control. Ye Shu can kill ordinary dragons, but the old patriarch and Yiya and Yves can't kill them.

     He flew up high in the sky and shouted at Xiao Jing and Xiaoyu: "Just hold it, don't make a killing."

     Ye Shu could see that Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu were even better. After all, they were divine weapons with vast and limitless power, and sooner or later they would kill the dragon.

     Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu were taken aback, looked at Ye Shu with some surprise, and then nodded.

     Ye Shu didn't intervene in the battle. He flew high into the sky and blasted back the three dragons with a single swing.

     On the city wall, the whole body covered in blood Gong Xiao exclaimed: "Mr. Ye, is that you?"

     "It's me, where is my wife?"

     "In the palace, it's safe."

     Hearing these words, Ye Shuchang sighed in relief, he turned and joined the battlefield, bombarding the dragon in the sky's.There are many dragons, and the more they gather, Ye Shu is unwilling to kill, after all, this is a member of Yves's clan.

     This is not the way to go, you must find a way to solve the problem.

     Ye Shu wiped his blood and landed on the wall.

     "Heart words, come out."

     He took out a jade flute from his arms, this is the divine instrument Xinyu flute that has followed him for a long time.

     A slender shadow appeared, and his heart said softly: "I can only restore a dragon's consciousness."

     Xin Ling had realized Ye Shu's thoughts, she was an artifact that could manipulate her thinking, and now she just came in handy.

     "Did you see the biggest dragon? Make her sober."

     Ye Shu pointed at the old patriarch, frowned and shook his head: "She is too powerful, I can't control it."

     "On the other side, Yves."

     Ye Shu had to change a target, his heart said nodded, and a strange flute sound came from his mouth.

     The Yves who fought high in the sky suddenly stagnated, and her vacuous pupils had a few glories, and then fell downward.

     Ye Shu leaped away and carried her.

     "Yves, it's me, I plan to mate with you!"

     Ye Shu's voice came into Yves's mind, and Yves shook his spirits and became completely awake.

     "Really? Xiaoshu, I'm not afraid of pain, please insert me."

     Yves turned into Loli, and she was about to take off her pants under the full light of day.

     Ye Shu hugged her and dropped to the top of the city: "Don't worry, take a look at the surroundings."

     Yves turned to look, then covered his mouth: "What's going on? My tribe...""Is there a way to get rid of them? Otherwise I will move true capital."

     Ye Shu clenched Guiqie tightly with a solemn expression.

     With a kick, Yves flew out of the city wall.

     "I'll lead away the people, Xiao Shu don't kill them."

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