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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The vast sea, the wind is hunting.

     Ye Shu's Controlling Sword Flight, like a lightning, skimmed the endless sky.

     When he locked onto Penglai Immortal Island, a dragon chant came from high in the sky. This made Ye Shu dazed for a moment and couldn't help but stop.

      raised the head to look, a huge dragon smashed down, that huge body looked like a meat mountain.

     "Xiao Shu!"

     Roshan exclaimed, Ye Shu Yixi, is it Yves?

     Before in the East, Yves led away the dragon and did not return. He did not expect to be near Penglai Island.

     "Yves, why are you here?"

     Ye Shufei greeted him, Roshan gathered his wings and turned into a little loli and threw himself into Ye Shu's arms.

     "Xiao Shu, it's okay if you're fine, I'm just about to go back to find you."

     The short-legged and silver-haired young girl Long was so happy that she hung on Ye Shu to kiss her lips.

     Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitched, blocking Yves’ little pink mouth.

     "Tell me, why are you here."

     Ye Shu diverted Ive's attention, and Ive finally died.

     "I took the tribe with them all the time, because there were monsters chasing them. Then we ran here, and finally got rid of the monsters. Xiaoshu, let me tell you a secret, there is an island here, and A yellow-skinned human as handsome as you."

     Yves mysteriously pointed to the black spot in the distance, Ye Shu dumbfounded: "Okay, I know, did the yellow-skinned humans rescue you?""Yeah, I don't know at all how to make the tribesmen regain consciousness, but the yellow-skinned humans helped me. Now that the tribesmen are sober, just take a rest."

     Yves was very happy, she was very proud of leading her people to escape here.

     Ye Shu hugged her and flew to Fairy Island, smiled, said: "Yves grew up, Dragon Horn grew out again, so I won’t be stunned.

     "Right, right, Xiaoshu, when I grow up, you can intervene in me."

     The little girl opened her legs and rubbed Ye Shu's chest vigorously.

     Ye Shu almost didn't fall into the sea, smelling the body scent of Loli on Yves, he was really full of guilt.

     "Don't intervene first, wait until the bad guys are eliminated before intervening."

     "Well, Xiao Shu is not allowed to play tricks."

     The little girl was finally well-behaved, Ye Shu secretly relaxed, crossed the Penglai Immortal Island and went straight to the heavenly palace.

     Above the clouds in the heavenly palace, there are many dragons flying, enjoying the spiritual energy of the heavenly palace.

     Ye Shu saw the old patriarch, the old woman's spirit was better, standing on the clouds and beckoning to Yves far away.

     "Yves, didn't you just leave? Why did you find this human so quickly? He has become a man, strange."

     The old patriarch looked at Ye Shu with a strange expression.

     Ye Shu said hello, put Yves on the clouds, and stepped into the heaven by himself.

     The palace is quiet and peaceful, and the dragons cannot enter.

     Ye Shu was also stopped, but immediately there was a beautiful fairy flew over, who was not the aster fairy.

     "Apprentice, have you come back to see your wife and children?"Fairy Aster said with a smile and dragged Ye Shu into the palace.

     "It's not that I brag, my new apprentice is going against the sky, she has successfully emerged from the Big Dipper sky at the age of twelve, amazing, right?"

     "My daughter?"

     "Yes indeed."

     "Did you throw Wei Young into the Big Dipper sky? It's so dangerous, you're just fooling around!"

     Ye Shu was scared to pee, and Fairy Aster rolled his eyes: "What are you afraid of? Danger lurks within the riches and honour, you know or not? Weiyang is currently already building a foundation. How long has she been cultivating immortals? It hasn't been for two months, do you say horror? "

     "Horror your uncle, if you dare to mess around like this, I'm not polite to you."

     Ye Shu was frightened for a while, and Fairy Zixuan made a cut: "You can't beat me again... Your wife's residence is in front of you. Go by yourself."

     There is an independent yard in front, interesting and appealing, housing the Yangyi family.

     Ye Shu became gentle in his heart, and then shook his head: "Forget it, don't go, lest the children are in love with each other. Let's do business, I need Xianzun to be born."

     "I know, the dragon clan told us that this world is about to die, the immortals are discussing it, don't worry, you should go see your wife and daughter."

     Fairy Aster was rarely enlightened, and then kicked Ye Shu down.

     Ye Shu rolled into the yard, the door just opened, and Yang Yi carried his clothes out to dry.

     The two four eyes met, and the basket in Yang Yi's hand fell.

     Ye Shushan went over to catch the basket and hugged Yang Yi: "Are you still used to here?"

     "habit……"Yang Yi somewhat shy said, Ye Shu embraced her and entered the house. There were two other wives and a daughter in the house.

     Ye Shu was attracted by his daughter Weiyang at first sight.

     Wei Young is wearing ancient clothes with a long sword around her waist, and her long hair is fluttering. She is studying the bamboo tube carefully.

     She is quiet and elegant, and a pair of aquamarine eyes make her a little bit more out of the dust.

     There was a smile on Ye Shu's face, and the women in the room were all overjoyed. If it weren't for the children, it would have been another warm heart-warming battle.

     Wei Young was also very happy, but now she was a lot calmer, with a trace of shame in her eyes and she turned towards Ye Shu.

     "Sir, you are here."

     Wow, so cute.

     Ye Shu hugged her and turned around a few times, Xiao Weiyang also hugged Ye Shu's neck, shyly replying.

     Every room is full of happy laughter and cheerful voices.

     After waiting for Ye Shu to eat and bathe, Yang Yi blushed and asked Xiao Weiyang to go out to practice the sword.

     Xiao Weiyang blinked twice as bright as a star, grabbed the long sword and walked out obediently. He went to the door and glanced at Ye Shu, who looked like a little ghost.

     After a while, after a battle of three females and one male stopped, Fairy Aster came to Ye Shu again.

     Ye Shu packed up and left. Time was urgent, so he couldn't stay longer.

     "Let Wei Young cultivate immortals well, and she will protect us from now on."

     Ye Shu left a sentence and followed Fairy Aster to the Eight Diagrams Terrace.

     The Bagua Terrace is located at the highest point of the Tiangong Palace. There have been a dozen immortals gathered here, all old immortals who have lived for thousands of years, and the people behind the scenes of the island.Ye Shu said hello one by one, and all the immortals also looked at Ye Shu one after another, and their eyes showed surprise.

     There is no need to say anything extra, everyone knows the matter, that is, being born to save mankind.

      The immortals of Penglai Immortal Island are all the cream of the crop's monks. If they are born, they can greatly enhance the power of China.

     But this matter still has to take one's time making a decision.

     After Ye Shu briefly introduced Lucifer, the immortals changed their faces.

     "If even the Five-clawed Golden Dragon is not Lucifer's opponent, then we old bones have no alternative. The key to this war is how to defeat Lucifer, and the rest is not worth mentioning."

     "Brother words extremely so, we can send one hundred thousand cultivators to fight against the demons, but once we encounter Lucifer, we will be in danger. Demons of that level cannot be defeated by numbers."

     The immortals discussed spiritedly, and the last old elder brother sighed: "Lucifer is in the dark, we can only passively defend. One hundred thousand cultivators will be the most powerful force, then Lucifer will definitely kill us first, we can’t Exercising one's fists."

     This is very reasonable. One hundred thousand cultivators can resist a million demons, but they will definitely become Lucifer's target and be killed first.

     The immortals are all worried about this, and the voice of Baguatai's discussion gradually turned into a dispute.

     Ye Shu walked with his hands in his hands. He pondered for a long time, then his eyes lit up and he laughed heartily.

     The immortals looked at Ye Shu suspiciously, and Ye Shu waved his hand: "Since we will become a target, then we will come to Yin. We will not go to China to be a target, and we will go directly to hell. Demon Legion will be destroyed first."All the immortals look at each other in dismay, Fairy Aster slapped Ye Shu: "Are you stupid? Lucifer is in hell. Are we still going to hell and die?"

     "No, if I was right, Lucifer is already not in hell, because he is afraid of something from China, and he will definitely come to the world to make trouble. The hell now is actually very weak."

     "Why did you ask?"

     "Lucifer is obviously so powerful. He should have come directly to the world to rule the world, but he has not shown up and secretly made small moves. This shows that he is indeed afraid of China. If he is afraid, then he will find a way to solve this problem. He can't Sit in hell and wait for the trouble to disappear by yourself?"

     Ye Shu glanced at all the immortals, and they nodded, thinking that he was right, but this kind of thing was speculation after all, not reliable.

     "This is too risky. If you unconfirmed Lucifer is not in hell, we can't go to hell."

     The big brother knocked on the chessboard, Ye Shu point one finger to the sky one finger to the Earth: "Use the Eight Diagrams table for a use."
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