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0 Chapter List 592 I Didn't Expect It
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Take the gossip station to use it!"

     Ye Shu pointed to the sky and Huang Quan. The blue sky suddenly flashed stars, and it was still daytime, but there was the Big Dipper.

     However, Yin Qi suddenly appeared under Ye Shu's feet.

     The immortals all have a surprise, experienced and knowledgeable seniors exclaimed: "The voice of Huangquan is amazing. I didn't expect that the world has such a way to reach the sky. The Taoism left by the ancestors is really greedy."

     As soon as the big brother's voice fell, Ye Shu was enveloped in starlight. Using him as a medium, Big Dipper and Huangquan are connected.

     Everyone heard the wail like ghosts and howl like wolves of hell.

     Ye Shu closed his eyes and stepped on the pole of Big Dipper, moving his position inch by inch. Not long after, he locked in the western hell.

     In the western hell, there seemed to be an invisible big hand swinging, and finally enveloped over a group of patrolling demon knights.

     "Hey, at what time are you going to break into the world, what is Lord Lucifer waiting for?"

     "That's right, the archangel Lucifer has been resurrected. What else is there? What else is there? Mom Meng from the Eastern Hell doesn't dare to scold us recently."

     "Hush, be quiet, don't think that Lucifer-sama will be able to talk nonsense after leaving hell. Be careful to be thrown into lava and burned to death."

     The sound of the yellow spring filled the Baguatai like a stream of water.

     The awe-inspiring expressions of the immortals could not be concealed. After Ye Shu dispelled the starlight, they all exclaimed: "Where did Master Ye learn the sound of Huangquan?"

     "My master taught him, he is the last Yangshu Taoist of China."Ye Shu exhaled, he was a little tired from using the Voice of Huangquan, but the harvest was not shallow. Just now the Demon Knight has revealed an important clue: Lucifer has left hell.

     "Aster, you go to choose people, each hospital must select elites, a total of 100,000 people, and it will be done in two days, and you will go to hell."

     "I know, big brother."

     The Tiangong became busy, the original quiet and peaceful atmosphere was broken, and there were make an (unnecessary) racket everywhere. The monks were already bored with the birds. They heard that they were going to attack hell, so they signed up quickly.

     Ye Shu strolled around the temple and found Chen Guoguo.

     Chen Guoguo now looks like divine poise and sagelike features, she is much stronger. But the moment she saw Ye Shu, she still shook and covered her mouth.

     Ye Shu hugged her: "Girl Guoguo, don't be unharmed, your father and them are all very well, I will come and see you on the way."

     "Zhang Wuji... don't come to nothing."

     Guoguo pulled her hair up embarrassedly, glanced at her confusedly, her face gradually flushed.

     Ye Shu didn't say much, encouraged her to work hard, and then left.

     Guoguo squeezed her small hand, cheering excitedly watching Ye Shu go away.

     Ye Shu left the Tiangong courtyard and came to the clouds outside.

     The dragons are still resting here, and the little girl of Yves is rolling around on the clouds, biting here and there.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but laugh, and then he held Yves and talked to the old patriarch.

     "Old patriarch, I haven't told you about the Dragon Emperor Tomb. The Dragon Emperor Bina was resurrected and was brought out by me, but she was emotionally unstable and I couldn't bring her with me.""What!"

     Not only the old patriarch, but all the dragons around him came around, looking shocked and excited.

     "Bina? Bina... is the original Dragon Emperor? Oh my God, Bina was the first emperor to unify the dragon clan. She brought the dragon clan away from humans. She didn't want the dragon clan to fight with humans."

     The old patriarch coughed with excitement. She never expected that the first dragon king would be resurrected. This was simply inconceivable.

     "Bina has lost a lot of memories. I can't help her. When I parted from her, she was in the Nordic jungle."

     Ye Shu sighed. The old patriarch rubbed his chest and turned to tell everyone: "You follow Ye Shu's words, I will go to Northern Europe to find the ancestor of Bina."

     The old patriarch wanted to go in person, and everyone disagreed. The neurotic dragon from Ilya came out and shouted: "Old patriarch, I'll go, you are too old and very dangerous."

     "You know what a fart, you all listen to Ye Shu obediently, I must go to welcome the ancestors back."

     The old patriarch refused to listen, fluttered his wings and flew towards the landing site.

     The dragons were worried and excited, hoping that the old patriarch would welcome the dragon king back.

     As soon as the old patriarch left, Ilya became the leader. This guy finally thanked Ye Shu and asked Ye Shu if he could help.

     "Yes, we are going to hell. Get rid of Lucifer's rear and piss him off!"

     Two days later, one hundred thousand cultivators gathered on the clouds, and hundreds of giant dragons also lined up in a row with great momentum.

     Ye Shu was full of golden light. He exhausted and fully activated Underworld Spring's Road. The entrance was at the junction of East and West Hell.The fairy aster led the team and went to hell with one hundred thousand cultivators. The dragon followed and roared into hell.

     No one hadn't thought. On the far sea, a group of yelling guys attacked Lucifer's lair.

     Finally, Ye Shu also sank into hell.

     Once in hell, Yin and Cold Qi rush forward. In the Dark Hell, where you can't see the margins, one hundred thousand cultivators and hundreds of dragons are slain far away.

     Ye Shu looked back and saw that the Eastern Hell on the other side of the border was lifeless, and only evil spirits were screaming.

     Since Lucifer is not in hell, the monks are led by the aster fairy, and have dragons as their companions, so this battle is almost one-sided, and Ye Shu is not worried at all.

      he thought for a bit flew into the eastern hell.

     Flying along the Styx, Ye Shu quickly found the Naihe Bridge. Here, he saw Meng Ma squatting and dozing off at the bridge.

     Ye Shu couldn't help laughing, and yelled at Meng Meng: "Ghost!"

     Mother Meng's one shivers jumped up, and when she saw that Ye Shu caught him, it was just a beating.

     "You have something wrong, I am afraid of ghosts?"

     "Aren't you afraid to jump up and do what?"

     "Mind your own business, what are you doing?"

     Meng Ma is bah'ed, sturdy and sturdy, worthy of the old witch in the mouth of the devil.

     Ye Shu looked serious: "Do you know that reality is going to perish?"

     "Know, Lucifer is resurrected, I also can't do anything about it, we only need to stick to Dao of Samsara in the Eastern Hell."

     "What's the reaction of the Yinsi guide?""The ghost knows, he to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, I have never seen him. But he probably won’t care about it. After all, the devil’s rule of the world did not destroy Dao of Samsara. Humans are just It's just the emperor."

     Ma Meng drew her ears and said, Ye Shu frowned: "Then under what circumstances will the Yinsi take care of it?"

     "Ghosts are harmful. Western demons are not ghosts, and they can't disturb the balance of Yin and Yang. The Yin Division will not care."

     "This is too unreasonable? The devil is about to descend on the world. Isn't it disturbing the balance of Yin and Yang?"

     "They come to the world as knights, and it is reasonable to rule the world through war."

     Damn, can you do this?

     Ye Shu was speechless, Meng's mother kicked him: "What the hell are you? How can you kill the sound in the west?"

     "I brought people to hell. It's not a ghost. It makes sense to destroy the devil through war, right?"

     "Reasonable, I didn't hold you up again, just get out."

     Damn it.

     Ye Shu was defeated and left depressed.

     He flew back to the western hell, where the battle became fierce, and the roar of the dragon, the monks smashed countless demons.

     Millions of Demon Legion have almost no backhand power. They can only bully and bully humans. They are ants facing monks and dragons.

     Ye Shu didn't need to take a shot. He was flying high in the sky, and only when he saw some demon generals useless struggle, he took care of it.

     Soon, Ye Shu arrived at a castle.

     The castle is heavily guarded, and there are some demons that are comparable to dragons, and the monks suffer a crushing defeat.

     This can make Aster Fairy so angry that he will smash the castle with a single sword.Ye Shu quickly stopped, and told the big guys like Ilya not to breathe fire.

     He flashed into the castle, and according to the guidance of the breath, Ye Shu came to the one room and saw Alice lying on the bed.

     Alice was only wearing underwear and panties, all made of animal skins, and her skin was amazingly beautiful.

     Ye Shu had seen Alice for the third time, but he couldn't help but swallowed a mouthful of water. Alice's beauty had a sense of evil and depravity, which was hard to resist.

     "You really are here, imprisoned?"

     Ye Shu smiled, and Alice on the bed suddenly opened the eyes: "Is it you?"

     "Of course it was me. I didn't expect it. I sullied Lucifer and destroyed his lair first."

     Ye Shu picked up Alice, pulled the shackles off her hands, and grabbed her legs to break the shackles.

     Then Ye Shu saw the densely packed tooth prints on the soles of Alice's feet. Her slender and white feet were already bitten into a horrible way.

     "This is what thing? Is there a dog chewing your trotters?"

     "You speak awkwardly, Lucifer bit."

     Alice scratched her foot and wiped it, with an expression of disgust on her face. Ye Shu dazed for a moment: "Lucifer gnaws your feet? What is his hobby?"

     "Don't you think that every region/place in me is full of sin? Satan's temptation to Lucifer is irresistible, because Lucifer is a fallen angel. He likes fallen sin the most, and my feet are his favorite Archangel licks Satan’s feet. Thinking about it makes it nasty and exciting."

     Alice sneered, putting on her old boots.Ye Shu took off her clothes and put it on her, looking thoughtful and said: "so that's how it is, frankly, I am a reproduction angel. I love exploring the mysteries of reproduction. We can have an in-depth exchange when we have time."



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