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0 Chapter List 595 Still Pharmacy Works
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Dad, we need to save Alice first!"

     Ai Qier was so anxious that her tears came out, and she finally looked like a mother now.

     Ye Shu basically cannot refuse because Alice is his own daughter.

     "Go, speed up the time."

     Ye Shu grabbed Aqier and flew towards the west. He can now be said to be badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire). There is no longer a second to delay.

     Ai Qier also knows the emergency situation and flies with a silver sword use maximum available strength.

     The two crossed the mountains and the desert, and saw the plague more than a thousand kilometers away from China.

     The plague is rushing to China, and it is full of werewolves howling. Such a terrifying wolves galloping, the Huaxia Frontier may not be able to bear it.

     But Ye Shu and Ai Qier couldn't intervene anymore, they had to save their daughter first.

     Finally, the two came to Scotland.

     This place has become the center of the plague, and there is a plague that is too thick to dissolve. The zombies have rotted directly, and the air is full of stench.

     Ai Qier covered her nose on the verge of collapse, her strength is still too weak.

     Ye Shu squeezed her hand, a flash of golden light formed a protective film on Ai Qier's body.

     "Dad, wait a minute, I feel Alice's position."

     With the golden body protection, Ai Qier finally stood firm. She used the blood secret method to find her daughter.

     Not long after, Ai Qier looked north: "It seems to be in the northern jungle."

     The northern jungle, the small town of Alexander, is the place where Corvinus was resurrected. It is the most dangerous place.

     But Ye Shu looked cold: "Go!"The two flew to the northern jungle and couldn't help but froze here, because there were green hills and clear waters, and the vegetation was luxuriant. No matter it was in the jungle or Alexander Town, none of them were infected.

     "The plague didn't come from here? Where is the source?"

     Aiqier looked puzzled, but there was no time to think about it. Ye Shu flew to Alexander town with her.

     Here there's some left old houses, one of the houses actually heard the cry of a baby.

     "It's Alice!"

     Achille immediately heard her daughter's voice, opened the door and entered. Ye Shu hurried to keep up, to prevent accidents.

     The room is very simple, there are no outsiders, but there is a crying baby lying on the bed, and the baby is wetting the bed.

     "Alice, my good daughter, don't cry or cry."

     Ai Qier ran over, tears streaming down from her distress.

     Ye Shu relaxed, then looked around here in doubt. This is a very normal human room, and it doesn't get close to any wizard at all.

     And there are no people living in the whole Alexander town, it's quiet everywhere.

     Ye Shu walked out, focusing on the big hole not far away.

     The big hole on the surface is a thousand meters deep underground, and it was the big hole where Hines was resurrected.

     Ye Shu walked to the entrance of the cave and looked inside, and finally found life.

     There is someone below, only has one, who seems to be rummaging for the rubbish left by Hines.

     Ye Shu fell directly, before the person's eyes.

     The man was so scared that he screamed and lay on the wall like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow.

     "Hippo?"Ye Shu was stunned. The man was stunned. He turned around and saw Ye Shu couldn't help being overjoyed: "It's you that scared me to death, damn."

     Hippo gasping for air, he was almost fainted just now.

     Ye Shu found that he was very weak and the inheritance of werewolf ancestors disappeared. He crawled down the ground with a rope.

     Ye Shu asked in surprise what happened, Hippo cried and said: "You don't know how miserable I am. Corvinus caught me first. He deprived me of my inheritance, and then handed me over to the wizard. He might want to stay. It’s too miserable for sacrifice."

     "Then why are you here?"

     "Those wizards were also afraid of the plague, so they brought me here. They also brought a baby, said to be the daughter of Her Majesty the Queen, who wanted to be raised as a saint. Originally, I could not resist, but they bullied me and took me I drove off here, saying it scared me to death. I was lucky, and I found a bottle of water to drink, and it turned out to be super strong."

     Hippo came to the spirit and took out a glass bottle from his pants: "This is it, Sweet and Sour's."

     Ye Shu was stunned. This was obviously a potion that Hines had left behind many years ago. Hibo actually picked up a cheap one. His luck was simply too good.

     "Where are the wizards?"

     "I was thrown into the forest to feed the wolves. I was so tired of these innocence. I wanted to hunt and find a baby. I didn't dare to go out of the forest.

     Hippo cried and cried, seeking a hug.

     Ye Shu gave him a kick and flew him out of the hole.

     Outside, Archie ran around holding Alice to comfort her daughter.Seeing Aqier, Hippo knelt and cried immediately: "Your Majesty, you are okay, you scared me to death."

     Hippo lost the werewolf heritage and became a sissy again, which is really a headache.

     Ye Shu helplessly said: "Don't cry, you are a mortal with greater strength, and I can't take you out of here. You alone wait here, the plague will disappear."

     "No, brother, take me with you, I want to eat a hamburger."

     Xippo hugged Ye Shu's thigh, Ye Shu had a headache, and at this moment, arrogant laughter came from the extremely far south.

     "Hahaha, Corvinus, I found you, you are eating human flesh here, it's really disgusting."

     It's Hines!

     Ye Shu immediately kicked Xippo away and flew south.

     "Kir, you stay here, I will kill Corvinus."

     Ye Shu galloped, passing the thick plague, and approaching the position of Hines.

     The closer you get, the thicker the plague, as if the place where Hirns is is the source of the plague.

     When Ye Shufei reached the skies above Hines, he finally determined that Corvinus was the source of the plague. This plague was not spread from Alexander Town, but from Corvinus.

     Below, the one-hundred-meter-high Siense stepped down and smashed the towering building.

     Amid the plague, a black man flew out while gnawing on a woman's thigh.

     "Hahaha, it's uncomfortable yes or no? The side effects of the plague, you are a monster."

     Hirns laughed with arms akimbo, and the air was shaking with his voice.Corvinus took a few more bites of human flesh, and finally threw away the human legs.

     "Hearns, I have never had any conflict with you. In the Middle Ages, I didn't participate in the crusade against your church. Why did you target me?"

      Corvinus's voice is like a stone rubbing against sand, very bizarre.

     "Because you are disgusting, I hate disgusting guys the most, you pollute the world, how can I enjoy it!"

     Hines slapped it, and Corvinus's black aura was blown away, revealing a skinny face.

     He is like a drug addict, and he is not like a ghost or a ghost.

     "Then I will kill you first! Your meat must be delicious!"

      Corvinus avoided Hines's slap and rushed to Hines' face.

     The two are of equal strength, and they really want to fight three days and three nights.

     Ye Shu hates wasting time the most. He swooped down, and the Nine-Day Thunder Surge was already opened.

     Suddenly, a high-speed object carrying thousands of hectares of thunder crashed into the plague.

      crackle rattle The thunder roared, and the nine-day thundering turned the entire city into ruins.

     Ye Shu's Jindan villain crossed his legs and formed seals in the dantian, providing a vast force like an ocean.

     This power was transmitted to Nine Heavens Thunder, giving Lightning the ability to destroy the Heavens and exterminating the Earth.

     Xinsi was shocked, and quickly jumped back a few steps. Corvinus was the first to bear the brunt of the plague. Together with him, the plague of the entire city was smashed by lightning.

      Overwhelming Righteous Qi has natural restraint against evil. Corvinus' plague is also evil, and it quickly collapsed in thunder."Hearns, don't watch the show, do it, give you ten seconds to kill him!"

     Ye Shu roared, his strength is not as strong as Corvinus, if entangled, it is likely that the early advantage of Thunder Surgery will disappear.

     "it is good!"

     Hines laughed heartily, and a white light appeared in his eyes. Just like the Holy Light, it penetrated the tumbling plague.

     Then Seansi stretched out her palm in a thunderous manner.

     Ye Shu had never seen such a fast Attack Speed. Seans was so big and cumbersome, but she caught Corvinus instantly and then squeezed it severely.

     Things happened so fast that Ye Shu was a little bit confused.

     And Seans yelled and waved his hands: "So dirty, so dirty!"

      Corvinus was squeezed, and the source of the plague in his body stuck to the palm of Siensi's palm like shit, corroding her palms.

     Moreover, the source of the plague spread towards Hines' arm.

      The body of Corvinus is the source of the plague. It is a gas that cannot be pinched.

     Ye Shu knows that Corvinus will not so easily be killed, and now Corvinus is entangled in Siensi and wants to swallow her.

     "No, I have to cut off your hand!"

     Ye Shu shouted and pointed it into a knife, intending to cut off Hines' arm to prevent the spread of the plague.

     Hines turned around and ran.

     "Idiot, don't cut me, my jade hand."

     Hines stayed away from the anxious Ye Shu and took out a bottle of medicine from his pocket while running.Then she slapped the potion on her hand, and a stream of liquid ran down her arm, blending with the source of the plague.

     Immediately, just as if sulfuric acid had encountered clear water, Ciense's entire arm made a noise, and the stench rushed into the sky, Ye Shu smelled for a moment and threw up directly.

     Hines pinched her nose and waved her hands constantly, and finally she shook off the bubbling and rolling source of the plague.

     The lump of gas squirmed, hit the ground and burst into countless pieces, then turned into black smoke and dispersed.

     Hines laughed again: "Corvinus, do you think Miss Ben is an idiot? In order to deal with you, I specialized in medicine. I also took a lot of effort to steal the Holy See's holy water as a carrier, hahaha."

     The black smoke disappeared without trace, and then the west wind blew, the plague of the city was swept up in the sky, and the surrounding scene became clear inch by inch.

     Ye Shu wiped the vomit from his mouth, and gave a thumbs up toward Hines: "Strong invincible."

     Hines shrank her body and patted her own hand. Her arm was corroded, but she was recovering quickly.

     "Don't interfere with you, a weak person. I wanted to chop my hand just now. How can I satisfy myself after cutting my hand?"

     "Don't you still have a left hand?"

     "I'm not used to using my left hand."

     "Okay, my fault. From now on I will personally satisfy you and repay your kindness, and now come back to China with me. It's the last wave and kill Lucifer."

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