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0 Chapter List 596 Deadlock
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The plague drifted away quickly, like sand and dust, little by little in the gust of wind Щщш..lā

     Without the support of the source of the plague, the plague is no longer motivated and turned into ordinary poisonous gas. And those infected zombies also began to sober up.

     They didn't die in the first place, but were controlled by the plague. At this moment, on the road extending from Scotland to the Middle East, the zombies in countless cities have awakened.

     Ye Shuchang heave a sigh of relief, since the zombies can wake up, the werewolves will also wake up, the threat of ten thousand wolves (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge.

     "Siens, you take Hippo and my daughter, I'll go one step ahead."

     Ye Shu warned, eager to return to China.

     "You go one step first? Do you have me fast?"

     Siengsi curled his mouth and said, but Ye Shu disappeared in the next moment. In terms of speed, Ye Shu occupies an absolute advantage.

     "Damn it, really faster than me."

     Sean murmured, and went to the town of Alexander to pick up Aiqier and Hippo.

     But Ye Shu used extreme speed and fell into the land of China like a meteor.

     At this time, the sky was already dark, and Ye Shu had done so many things that day, and he was exhausted from running around.

     But he couldn't stop and went straight to Kunlun Mountain.

     A large number of Demon Legions gathered on a mountain peak in Kunlun Mountain. They were all elites among the demons. Although they were not as good as the Seven Demon Lords, they were extremely terrifying existence.

     Lucifer stood on the top of the mountain and looked down below. Below was the Eye of the Dragon Vein. Around the Eye of the Dragon Vein, hundreds of demons formed an ancient sacrificial array.An uncomfortable singing sound came from the mouths of these demons, and the eyes of the dragon veins were enveloped in a mist.


     Lucifer shouted. He was no longer calm at the moment. Of course, he was not afraid of failure, but was eager to find Alice.

     Compared with Alice, destroying the dragon veins is a secondary matter.

     "Why haven't those bastards come back?"

     Lucifer walked up and down the mountain, convulsing with heartache at the thought of losing Alice's feet.

     "Master Lucifer, please don't worry about Master Alice. There are six demon kings, and hell will be fine."

     The demon behind him knelt down, for fear that Lucifer would leave here if he didn't agree with him.

     Lucifer smashed the boulder next to him with a fist, and drew coldly below: "Hurry up!"

     The dark color below is thicker, and the hundred Demon Priest frantically urges the formation.

     But at this moment, the sound of eagles croaked from the sky, and a large number of eagles and falcons galloped in, along with several powerful dragons.

     "No, I was found!"

     The magic commander had a surprise, but Lucifer smiled: "Isn't this better?"

     He took a step forward and directly Teleport, which has appeared in front of Eagle Falcon.

     Hundreds of elite eagles and several dragons all have a surprise. The next moment, Lucifer blasted a punch.

     He seemed to want to vent his impatience, and slammed a punch.

     The sky collapsed directly, and the invisible air turned into a strong mountain, which was then shattered by Lucifer's punch.

     The eagle falcon and the dragon were all involved and instantly turned into fleshy foam.There was a rain of blood in the sky, Lucifer exhaled comfortably, and with a wave of his hand, countless plasma was swept over the Dragon Vein Eye, and then fell down.

     Hundreds of sacrifices were overjoyed, the chanting sound shook the earth, and the large array covered in blood also gave out a strange black light.

     In the distance, there were still a large number of monsters coming, but Lucifer, who was bathed in blood, dared not step forward.

     The dragon that came with him even shouted: "Back!"

     Lucifer's one-man power shocked everyone.

     Lucifer, bathed in blood, seemed to relieve some of his anxiety. He looked at a densely packed monster in the distance and suddenly raised his hand to catch.

     A distance of tens of thousands of meters, a beautiful fairy behind the falcon team was caught by Lucifer.


     The goblin shouted loudly, and Lucifer caught him in the blink of an eye. In front of all the monsters, Lucifer took off the boots on the fairy feet, and then grabbed the fairy's toes.

     But he immediately squeezed the goblin in disgust.

     "The disgusting human smell can't even compare with Alice's 0.01%."

     The goblin turned into a drop of blood, and the monsters in the distance trembled when they saw it, and they backed away in terror.

     Fortunately, Lucifer did not pursue, he would not leave the Dragon Vein Eye.

     More and more monsters gathered in Kunlun Mountain, but no one dared to step forward to stop them, and could only watch the dragon veins gradually darken.

     When everyone was anxious and uneasy, several huge dragons also arrived here.

     The leader of the dragon was Yalya, and he brought Yves and the other most powerful dragons to support."Lord Long, the big thing is not good, the dragon vein is about to be destroyed, that monster is too terrifying, we dare not pass."

     The falcon's general asked the dragon to take action. Ilya stared at Lucifer on the top of the mountain and took a breath.

     He knew Lucifer was matchless just by looking at it.

     "Where is Ye Shu?"

     Ilya said in a deep voice, it seems that only Ye Shu has a solution at this moment, and the rest are all going to die.

     "Mr. Ye has gone to the West, I don't know when he will be back."

     "That silly fork, at what time you still go to the West, don't you know what matters here?"

     Ilya curse without restraint, Yves on the side kicked him: "Don't swear."

     "Yes Yes Yes."

     Ilya was full of smiles immediately, and Lucifer on the mountain in the distance turned back suddenly: "Dragon?"

     Lucifer stared straight at Yves, then grabbed it eagerly.

     The powerful Yves was caught by him. Yves, who turned into a little girl, was frightened, and her little white face was full of fright.

     "This is not bad."

     Lucifer laughed heartily and tore open Yves' shoes and stared at Yves' tiny feet.

     "I killed you!"

     Ilya yelled and rushed over, like a bear down on one with the weight of Mt. Tai, crashing into the mountain.

     Lucifer didn't lift his head, and waved his hand. A black invisible force blasted out, knocking Ilya into flight.

     The dragon scales of Ilya's body were shattered, and all his limbs were broken. With a breath of breath, he rolled high in the air, knocking all the monsters behind.

     Lucifer exhaled fiercely and opened his mouth to lick Yves's feet.At this moment, the sky cracked, countless thunders fell, and the Overwhelming Righteous Qi shook Kunlun Mountain shake like a leaf.

     The demons shook instinctively, and these ghasts were very afraid of Overwhelming Righteous Qi.

     Lucifer also looked up in surprise, he didn't expect such a powerful thing in the world.

     In the thundercloud, a man bathed in lightning slowly fell, his whole body golden light erupted, like a Buddha.

     "Lucifer, your hobby is quite special, and you are not afraid of being laughed at."

     Ye Shu is naturally among the thunderclouds.

     He came fast as lightning and happened to encounter Yves in distress.

     Lucifer stared at Ye Shu full of interest, and then suddenly cold: "The smell of sex, what did you do to Alice?"

     "Not doing anything, **, just multiply the offspring."

     Ye Shu looked mocking, but he was shocked. He was almost certain that Lucifer would be immortal and maimed when Lucifer shot.

     "Haha, interesting."

     Lucifer was not angry after hearing what Ye Shu said. Instead, he seemed relaxed, making Ye Shu be at a loss.

     And at this time, the eyes of the dragon vein made the sound of gūlū gūlū, and large swaths of magma were turning black.

     Lucifer threw Yves on the ground and stared at the Dragon Vein Eyes, completely ignoring the external situation.

     He looks down on anyone, if this is not the case In order not to delay the best time to destroy the dragon veins, he has killed everyone including Ye Shu.

     And Ye Shu and the others didn't dare to approach, and watched the dragon veins gradually become black.The singing of Demon Priest is getting bigger and bigger, and Lucifer stared at the eyes of the dragon veins excitedly, as if he had seen a baby.

     If you don't rush to walk to Xifa, the dragon veins will definitely be destroyed.

     "Lucifer, you shameless pen, Alice is in my hand, would you like?"

     Ye Shu cursed and used Alice to seduce Lucifer, and then Lucifer completely ignored him, staring at Long Mai.

     "We must divert Lucifer, and then destroy the sacrifice, otherwise the dragon veins will be destroyed."

     Ye Shu's heart turned sharply, cold sweat fell drop by drop, seeing no strategy left to try, a group of dark shadows suddenly came to him.

     Satan Lord Alice is here.

     Lucifer on the top of the mountain immediately raised his head and stared at Alice, swallowing continuously.

     "Alice, you'll be fine, come here soon, when the dragon veins are destroyed, we are the kings of the world."
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