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0 Chapter List 605 Finale (round (repair)
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Ye Shu woke up and saw a person lying in the petals beside him, a woman with an expression of being completely toyed with.

     "Bai Ling!"

     Ye Shu jumped up suddenly and saw the blood stains under Bai Ling, her most important thing was taken away by herself. And because Ye Shu was poisoned too deeply, it was completely like a bull, but Bai Ling was broken.

     Ye Shu swallowed his saliva, pulled the scattered quilt over Bai Ling's body, then walked quietly on tiptoe to the exit.

     "where to?"

     With a voice without emotional fluctuations, Bai Ling clamped the quilt, she was awake.

     Ye Shu turned and saluted: "My lord, I am going out... End of the World, I'm going to Save the World and I will be back soon."

     "Haha, whatever."

     Bai Ling smiled coldly, as if it didn't matter. Ye Shu sighed in his heart, jumped over, and forcibly got into the bed.

     Bai Ling couldn't calm down anymore, and said angrily: "You go!"

     "No hurry, no hurry, I was groggy just now, doesn't know at all what it's like, Miss Bai Ling, I want to have another wave."

     "You! You're not concerned about face?"

     "Shameless, it turns out that the girl is so beautiful that she can't hold her at all."

     A small quilt, a man and a woman rolled up inside and twisted fiercely.

     I don't know how long it has passed, Bai Ling has been completely toyed with again, lying on the ground with his mouth open.

     Ye Shu tidyed up his appearance: "I went to Save the World, and I will come here when I'm done. I know you won't follow me, so this will be our home from now on."Bai Ling in the eye flickers is a hint of joy, but she is still cold and indifferent: "Whatever."

     Ye Shu kissed her forehead and ran away.

     Bai Ling sat up slowly, seeing Ye Shu had indeed left, suddenly jumps up suddenly, running around like a madman, singing loudly in her mouth.

     But at this moment, the departing Ye Shu suddenly popped up again, staring at Bai Ling in a daze.

     Bai Ling was holding the tree and twisting his hips like a panda, and staring at Ye Shu, his whole body stiffened.

     Then she pulled her hair and sneered: "What? Can't girls be crazy?"

     "Can it, I just came back to get my underwear."

     Ye Shu picked up the underwear he had forgotten and left. Bai Ling watched him secretly, and then followed all the way to make sure he really left before he relaxed.

     Then she went crazy again.

     At Fang's house, Ye Shu came back and took a bath, and the young girl and the group rush forward immediately.



     Ye Shu shook his hair: "I'm out, what girl can't take it?"

     Liu Youyou slapped her slap: "You're very stunned, aren't you? What's so great about having another woman?"

     "No no, I am... Oh, people are also very helpless."

     Ye Shu pitifully said, Liu Youyou patted the table, and the women sat down one after another and began to judge Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was a little confused, and the young girl covered her mouth and smiled: "Now it's time to help you count your women and see who else is not here."

     The green girl pulled out a piece of paper, it says Ye Shu woman's name.Ye Shu said with a guilty heart: "What's this? I, Ye, are infatuated with each person, so dedicated to each person..."

     "Hmph, don't pretend. Now figure out how many women you have, so that one will not pop up from time to time later. As a lady of the palace, I will be convenient to discipline in the future."

     Liu Youyou said domineeringly, motioning to the young girl.

     Qingnv eyes swept over once inside the house, and smiled and said: "I won't say anything here, if I didn't make a mistake, Ye Gongzi there is still one daughter, and is now taking care of the blood family."

     "That's Aiqier, she is the most beautiful!"

     Liu You hummed, and the young girl said again: "There is also a dragon called Yves."

     "My servant won't let this pervert, she is still a child!"

     Hines jumped up, and Ye Shu weakly retorted: "I really have nothing to do with Yves, she doesn't understand love at all, okay? Let the child go, don't count her."

     "I know!"

     A beautiful voice of a young girl came, and Yves to drop from the sky fell into Ye Shu's arms.

     Ye Shu caught her, and she immediately hugged Ye Shu's neck: "Xiao Shu, I understand love. I want to see you every day, every day I want to be with you, this is love."

     Hey, kill me.

     Ye Shu pretended to be dead directly and straightforward, Liu Youyou gritted his teeth and said: "Count this dragon!"

     The young girl nodded continued: "There are also the three first ladies of Ye Gongzi. They have all gone to cultivate immortals, and their daughter is already over ten years old."

     Ye Shu continued to play dead.

     Liu Youyou waved his hand: "I agree to this, skip it."

     "Okay, then Po Meng.""She is Meng Meng!"

     Ye Shu finally didn't pretend to be dead, this Nima Mengpo came out?

     Qingnv pffft: "It turned out to be Meng Meng, sorry."

     Ye Shu's paralyzed corpse: "Don't count Meng's mother, I will handle it..."

     "Why not count?"

     There was an arrogant voice, the void broke open, and countless evil spirits were roaring.

     The girls were taken aback, Ye Shu desperately covered his eyes.

     A girl in ancient costume came out, with her hair in a bun, small earrings, and a little rouge on her white face.

     The girls were stunned, who is this?

     Ye Shu couldn't hear the movement, and was stunned when he moved his hand to look. The girl in costume hummed, "Can't recognize me? My mother dressed me up, isn't it ugly?"

     Don't say Ye Shu was anymore, Liu Youyou was dumbfounded. How Meng’s face soared after changing her clothes, it seems that she has caused serious beauty trauma in the hell of all black, no daylight.


     Ye Shu gave a thumbs up and praised, the green girl immediately said: "Count Meng's mother."

     "Hey, I didn't say that!"

     Ye Shu yelled, and Meng's mother shook her sleeves: "It's okay if you don't count me. The hell in the west is the turn of the hell in the east. I immediately went back and attacked the Yangjian."

     Damn, can you do this?

     Well, count Meng Meng.

     Meng Ma sat down proudly, with a chill. Ye Shu already wants to die, why is this? I have not even seen their bodies, but I have to be responsible and unfair!

     "The last one, Alice."The young girl put down the paper, Ye Shu looked around warily, but didn't notice Alice's breath.

     He whispered: "I will handle this by myself, don't count it."


     A mocking laugh, it was Alice's voice, that frightened Ye Shu.

     But Alice did not appear, and the girls were puzzled. Ye Shu felt a little, and said depressed: "You guys have a party and play slowly, I'll go out."

     Ye Shufei went out and sank into the high clouds. Here, a tall woman dressed in animal skin clothes was waiting for Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly: "Alice, have you finished dealing with hell?"

     "You don't seem to want me to finish processing."

     With the arrogance of Alice just as in the past, Ye Shu bowed respectfully: "Sorry to the devil, my brother is wrong, you are also my woman!"

     "They followed, how about trying lust together?"

     (Omit 4d)


      half a month later, Ye Shu with a tired face appeared in the small town of Tuorido. He entered the castle and found Ai Qier who was feeding the baby, and started to cry.

     Ai Qier was very pleasantly surprised, but she couldn't help being stupid seeing Ye Shu cry.

     "Dad? What happened to you?"

     "Daughter, Dad needs your love."

     Achille was ashamed and took Ye Shu to another room: "I hate it."

     At this time the void broke open, and Alice appeared with a large group of women, all glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu thumped and knelt down: "Swordsmen, please don't go on together!"The girls glanced at each other, and approached with a smile: "You still have the energy to find your daughter, and naturally you still have the energy to serve us, Alice, turn on lust!"


     Three months later, Tianleifeng Town, Chengnan Apartment.

     Ye Shu sat in front of the computer, crackle rattle typing, his face focused.

     At the door, a white silk loli carrying a large plate of dark cuisine yawned: "Hey, it's midnight, do you want to eat?"

     Ye Shu shivered: "Xiao Leng, didn't I let you order takeout? Why are you cooking for yourself?"

     "Huh? Do you dislike my cooking? I dislike you, you are so perverted, you are so disgusting every day. Now hiding here to let me take care of you, you still dislike it!"

     "Shhh, don't say anything, otherwise it will be troublesome if they find it, I will eat it."

     Ye Shu took the supper and ate it, cautious and solemn looked out the window. Xiao Leng said with his arms on his hips: "You will remember me, I won't give your body to you. If you can't stand loneliness, Don't have any idea about me!"

     At this time, the quilt suddenly arched, and a person appeared out of thin air inside.

     Ye Shu was so keen that he immediately grabbed the keyboard.

     There was a squirming in the quilt, and then a small head popped out: "Hey, human brother, you are here, I am the elder sisters' scout, and I was thrown over."

     It's a little clam!

     Ye Shu was relaxed and couldn't help but chuckled at the cute look of the little clam.

     "Xiao Xi, did you come alone? My brother showed you a big baby."Ye Shu pulled off the belt and walked over, but immediately found that the quilt was expanding, and more and more women appeared inside.

     Ye Shu turned around and ran, a chuckle came from behind: "Catch him!"

     (I found out that the previous finale was blocked, I'm sorry)