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0 Chapter List 1246 The Emperor Of The Sword Chapter (Grand Finale)
    Chinese Name: 少年剑皇  Author: 枫吟紫辰(Fēng yín zǐ chén, Feng Yin Zichen)
    Original: | Translator:

In the face of the sacrificed girls, the four old men are obviously unable to stand up

     Seven fairy artifacts quickly repelled them from a long distance, seeing that they were about to be blocked by the girls breaking through and rushing out of Tianwen Xiancheng. Once they rushed out of Tianwen Xiancheng, the beasts and fairies controlled by gluttonous food without a doubt would They treat it as the most delicious food

     Among the girls, only has one Xueling is Immortal Realm. Once the other girls die, they can only go to the cycle of reincarnation.

     "You follow me and I will rush out first"

     Xueling screamed, she seemed to shine with splendour

     However, when she was about to burst out of Tianwen Xiancheng like a stream of light, a black wormhole tunnel suddenly flashed out, and a burst of violent celestial power swept over from it, like a tide, and suppressed all the girls, including Xueling. go back

     Su Muqing didn't respond because of the accident, Qishulian Xin was also unprepared and was sent back to Tianwen Xiancheng Center.

     A woman wearing a yellow-green dress wearing a veil slowly walked out of the dark wormhole channel, and her temperament was elegant and indifferent, just like Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice.

     "I Dieyi Xianzun never owes favors to people and is still a man's favor..."

     The veiled woman said noble and coldly: "He didn't kill my people before, and now I will help him, don't even think about going out to die."

     Die Yi Xian Zun

     Pan Gu, who had just killed the beast beast in the distance, turned his head and saw the figure of the woman. His face was immediately happy. Of course, he knew who this woman was. The existence of the same levelIt couldn’t be easier to cooperate with Siweng of the Southern Realm to stop those women from Qin Xuan in Tianwen Xiancheng

     Dieyi Xianzun is considered to be the top female fairy in the entire primordial fairyland and has always been severe in speech and countenance to men. The high-end monks in the world of Dieyi created by her are all female and male. General existence

     When Qin Xuan first became an immortal, he went to Hongmeng Great World to collect refining materials and fairy crystals and met five female monks from the Dieyi Great World because they didn't want to cause trouble and didn't kill them and let them go. Yi Xianzun helped him at the critical moment

     Blocked by Dieyi Immortal, Su Muqing's complexion changed, they can feel the powerful aura of Dieyi Immortal being blocked by such immortals. They want to rush out of Tianwen Xiancheng to the place where Qin Xuan was swallowed. realistic

     The blue eyebrows of the oriental green willow wrinkled and once again plucked the strings in the hands of the white tiger, the Seven Heavenly Dao, the creation Heavenly Dao Law, the full strength she has mastered at this moment pouring out toward the Dieyi Immortal

     And also with the powerful Power of Death and Xianli all around, this knockdown cannot be ignored.

     With the strength of Dongfang Qingwan combined with this fairy guqin, even if it faces ordinary immortals, it can compete with one of them. The strength is no less than that of Xueling.

     It is a pity that she is now facing a top fairy, the strongest female fairy in the world, Dieyi Xianzun

     Just waved his hand, Dieyi Xianzun's immortal strength condenses with no difficulty, resists the moves performed by Dongfang Qingwan, and his graceful figure stands still

     Liu Qianqian and Chu Yun looked at each other almost at the same time, shot

     Qianluan and Mohun two immortal artifacts condensed immortal power like two long dragons and rushed towards Dieyi ImmortalIn normal times, Liu Qianqian and Chu Yun’s personalities are more compatible, although they always quarrel and often unpleasant to the eye, but has to say the tacit understanding between the two women is the strongest

     It's a pity that they are still too weak in the face of Dieyi Immortal Venerable.

     What's more, there are four old men in the south to help out. The four old men saw Dieyi Xianzun come and finally relaxed. Now it's OK to stop these women from passing to death.

     The situation in Tianwen Xiancheng temporarily stabilized, Su Muqing and the others joined forces, but they couldn't break through the barriers of Dieyi Immortal Venerable and Southern Siweng. They had to give up worrying and looked towards the distant starry sky that just brought Qin Xuan together with the huge Dead Immortal. The gluttonous beast that swallows bones together

     "Farewell, brother Wuma..."

     Pan Gu looked at the phantom of the witch horse dagger vanish from sight and felt that the immortal powerhouse of the same period as him at this moment finally disappeared completely from this heaven and earth

     In my heart, Pan Gu admires the witch horse dagger very much what happened today without a doubt shows what the witch horse dagger has undergone in the past years

     Originally, the witch horse dagger was a great power of the fairy world and Hongjun being like brothers / are very close friends The hand is controlled by the dead immortal at the same time, and the soul is forever confined in the bones of the dead immortal

     At this time, when he was controlled to fight with his former colleagues, he discovered something wrong with Hongjun with several other colleagues finally knows Hongjun now is just the incarnation of gluttonous

     One of them did not hesitate to sacrifice himself and lowered the curse of eternal life so that Taotie would never feel the existence of the bones of the dead fairy. With his immortal power, the controlling ability is already the most powerful.Immediately afterwards, Wu Ma Dagger sealed all the bones of the Dead Immortal and sent them to be buried everywhere in the world. Waiting for the time for revenge. When Qin Xuan obtained the Bone of the Dead Immortal from the bottom of Canghai Star, the Wu Ma Dagger knew the opportunity was coming.

     Therefore, Qin Xuan at the time was able to easily take away the ancient stone monument. If Wuma Dagger was not willing, even Qin Xuan at the time would basically be unable to take him.

     If otherwise, the weird array has long attracted many top monks in the big world, how could it have been left on the bottom of Canghaixing?

     Until now, all hopes are pinned on Qin Xuan

     "This heaven and earth, I am the king"

     At this time, the gluttonously absorbed the Power of Death in his body, roaring at the same time, all the fierce beasts and fairies he controlled all around him worshipped and obeyed.

     When Pangu saw this, he threw the ranked two immortal weapon on the immortal list and threw it out on a straight line. Power of Death swept to death several fierce beasts that were worshipping.

     It is a pity that there are a total of thousands of such beasts and lifeless immortal Pangu around glutton. It is impossible for them to kill them all.

     "It's not easy to handle. If that kid Qin Xuan can't get out of this world..."

     There was a shadow in Pangu's heart and quietly looked around

     In the whole starry sky, there are not many people fighting with gluttony except him. Because this starry sky is full of Power of Death, even fairies don’t want to run in. After all, if one accidentally died, it would be sad.

     The immortals are all those with eternal life. If you die in this place, it’s not worth it.The most important thing is that many immortals watching around don’t think that gluttony is a badass. At least these days, their life of immortals is still very leisurely and it will undoubtedly make them a habit of not working.

     In this case, whether Hongjun is the honor or the gluttony seems to have nothing to do with them. They don’t want to take this muddy water, let alone the danger of losing his life.


     Yuehua Xianjun floated to the side of Pangu, White-Clothed Figure, like a fairy

     "Pangu and we haven't seen each other for many years"

     Xianjun Yuehua asked faintly

     "It's really amaze the world with a single brilliant feat to explode your precious fairy weapon as soon as you come."

     Pan Gu looked at him and said in a rough voice

     "If you explode your axe and the earthshaking seal, maybe you can blow up the gluttonous food"

     Xianjun Yuehua glanced at the two immortal artifacts in Pangu's hand

     "Hey, the good Fortune Jade Plate, but you are the number one on the top ranking list, so you can definitely blow him up."

     Pangu grinned roughly and he would never do things that he was not sure about, let alone things that were uncertain and cost a lot of money, even less.

     The two gathered together, and soon other fairies found out and gathered

     Not all the immortals present are greedy for life, afraid of death. There are also many old friends who have known Pangu and others who have a good relationship with Hongjun. They naturally hate gluttons.

     Soon a small group of more than a dozen people gathered and began to move toward the place where the gluttonous body was. The fierce beasts were killed and wounded. More than a dozen immortals gathered together is not just one plus one.

     "You are so naive to wait"Upon seeing this, Taotie grunted his stomach and swallowed all the fierce beasts and fairies he controlled.

     Just an instant gluttonous momentum soared

     The power of the fierce beasts and the dead immortals that he had swallowed will become part of the gluttony. After releasing them, the power of gluttony's body is obviously reduced a lot.

     Instead of letting those fierce beasts and dead immortals be wiped out by Pangu and others, it’s better to take them back and increase their strength.

     Almost in an instant, a starry sky around the sky became empty, and only the Pangu immortals confronted the huge gluttonous body.

     Pan Gu held a sky-shaking axe in his hand and danced on top of his head. Other immortals including Yuehua Xianjun also sacrificed their own immortal tools to prepare for a battle with gluttony.


     At this moment, a voice that seemed to be righteous suddenly rang

     When Pan Gu and Taotie saw it, they saw that the Brahma Fighting Buddha on the side came straight with several immortals.

     "Why do you want to fight Buddha"

     Pan Gu brow raised looking at Brahma Fighting Buddha with bad eyesight

     Brahma Fighting Buddha is a gluttonous immortal who finally rises to power after swallowing Hongjun. It is also gluttonous to become the guardian of Qinglianchi.

     Originally not what kind of, but now Pangu sees Brahma Fighting Buddha this time, I almost know what the other person will say when I jump out to speak, I feel a little contemptuous in my heart

     "Xianjie harmony is to be prized, Pangu, you are so inspiring and moving the crowd, but it’s a bit inappropriate."

     Brahma Fighting Buddha brought people forward, put the palms together before one and said

     "Harmony is to be prized"Pangu's rough chuckled: "Who provoked this immortal chaos? Isn't it gluttonous, you should tell him this."

     "The old monk Amitabha saw only Pangu fairy friend obstinate, the gluttonous fairy friend never clashed with you, don't you have nothing to look for."

     Brahma Fighting Buddha put on a fake smile

     "What's wrong with him"

     A friend of Pangu, Kui Dou Xianjun, a scholar holding a brush and squinting his eyes shot a look at Brahma Fighting Buddha wanted to fight him

     "He who shuns us will prosper against us and die"

     The two sides in front of the gluttonous meeting seemed to have a tendency to fight. Coldly snorted, a big paw waved a violent Power of Death, and it burst out in an instant, guarding Brahma Fighting Buddha and several immortals behind him and facing the Pangu people swept away

     "Using Power of Death... Fortunately, I am not proficient"

     Everyone in Pangu was shocked when they saw this, but felt that the Power of Death that was gluttonous had only two or three points of strength, so they temporarily relieved their hearts and used immortal skills to resist.

     This means that gluttony has not digested all the Power of Death in the bones of the dead within just a period of time, comprehending that it is still possible for them to kill gluttonous

     Of course, the biggest hope lies in Qin Xuan, who was swallowed by gluttonous food.

     Because Qin Xuan is the only one who truly understands Power of Death, but now no one knows how Qin Xuan's situation is. Pangu, they can't pin all their hopes on Qin Xuan, and they have to work hard.

     As the battle between the two sides started, many immortals around him were hesitant. Finally, someone started to come up and aim the spearhead at the Pangu immortals.Because they can see that gluttonous seems to take care of the Brahma Fighting Buddha, but now gluttonous is the only one under the entire heavens who understands the existence of Power of Death

     The final result is very likely to be that gluttonous will kill Pangu and others, and finally dominate the heaven.

     Under such circumstances, those immortals are naturally willing to help the gluttonously do a favor without danger. Killing Pangu and others is also regarded as virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion. The future days can still be very comfortable.

     "Hum, if a bunch of idiots let this glutton truly master the Power of Death, everyone and all the world will be swallowed up by him, thinking that he can restore the stable days before."

     Pangu sees in the eyes secretly cursing that a bunch of idiots will stand by the side of the gluttonous

     If the glutton had no ambition, he wouldn't have swallowed Hongjun million years ago

     Fortunately, there was still a person with knowledge and experience among the people present. They did not stand on the side of the gluttonous like Brahma Fighting Buddha, but joined the battle group to help Pangu and others resist the opposite attack.

     Soon Pangu Zhongxian fell into the downwind

     There is no way that the Good Fortune Jade Plate, the best fairy weapon on the immortal list, is in the hands of Taotie. It is the fairy weapon that it obtained after it swallowed Hongjun.

     Even Pangu’s Sky-Opening Axe alone could not break it open, but it was steadily defeated.

     The battle group fought farther and farther, and in the sky, Su Muqing, who asked the fairy city, all the girls were a little preoccupied. At this time, they had no intention of observing how the Pangu immortals and gluttonous fought, but they were thinking about Qin Xuan with all their heart.

     Can Qin Xuan, who was swallowed by gluttonous food, come out? If they can’t come out again, what should they do?They wanted to rush forward to dedicate a helping hand to kill the gluttonous food, but Dieyi Xianzun steadily stopped Tianwen Xiancheng and prevented them from taking a half step.


     At this time, Qin Xuan finally awoke from the groggy state

     "Where is this"

     Qin Xuan almost immediately reacted when he woke up and raised his head, but saw that he was in the center of a concentrated Power of Death as far as the eye can see, a blood-red color as if he was in a thick bloody fog, I didn’t know where is it.

     "It should be the little Qin Xuan in the world in the belly of the gluttonous stomach, quickly absorbing these Power of Death."

     Xiao Shi quickly urged him when he woke up

     As soon as Tianwen Immortal Sword walked around Qin Xuan, he remembered what the Wuma Dagger had told him before it disappeared. If it can be swallowed together with the huge skeleton composed of the bones of the dead fairy, then he can theoretically absorb most of it. Power of Death in order to kill the gluttonous

     He quickly calmed his mind, and at this moment, there was a whistling sound from behind, and a familiar and unfamiliar breath quickly approached.

     "It's the god of the devil who is not dead"

     Qin Xuan immediately reacted with the Tianwen Immortal Sword in his hand and stopped it accurately on a thick black rattan.

     The Nine Nether Vine of the Heavenly Demon Immortal Sovereign swept over like a poisonous snake, and after being blocked by the Heavenly Sword, it split into countless fine vines and entangled Qin Xuan.

     "The spirit of my beloved concubine blew myself and you unable to coexist under the same sky "

     The voice filled with resentment came

     Concubine Spirit

     Qin Xuan as it should be by rights I thought that the dark knife that exploded when I was playing with the fairy monarch Yuehua should be the thing."How about unable to coexist under the same sky"

     Qin Xuan lightly snorted from the very beginning, I have trouble with him and threatened him many times. The two sides have no good friendship, even if they blew up the captured immortal weapon but so what

     Now they only have a fight

     The current Heavenly Demon Lord is also full of Power of Death, but unlike Qin Xuan’s understanding of Power of Death, the Heavenly Demon Lord can only use Power of Death and cannot generate a steady flow.

     This is Qin Xuan's advantage

     Fighting with Power of Death, even immortals are facing the verge of death anytime and anywhere, extremely dangerous, the devil and the fairy have not encountered the threat of death for a long time since he became an immortal.

     A while ago, his mind was controlled and he took all the bones of dead immortals and came to Tianwen Great World and was swallowed by gluttonous unscrupulous

     After the phantom of the Wuma Dagger finally disappeared completely, the Heavenly Demon and the Fairy finally woke up and saw Qin Xuan appear in front of him, making him extremely angry.

     It's not that he was really angry because Qin Xuan blew the pitch-black knife, but because Qin Xuan and his heavenly devil were placed in the belly of a gluttonous king, which made him very upset.

     The only solution for the present is to kill Qin Xuan first, seal it into the bones of the dead immortal, and then breakthrough in one stroke, the gluttonous belly world.

     Qin Xuan of course not let him succeed

     Both you come and I go to Xianli, Power of Death, use it together for a while very close/neck and neck Now Qin Xuan's control of Xianli is about the same level as Tianmoxianjun, and with Xianli, he can completely tie each other.

     Moreover, he also Preliminary Comprehension Power of Death doesn't fall into a disadvantageous positionHeavenly Demon Immortal Monarch was confused a while ago, seeing that Qin Xuan's level was actually comparable to him, and his heart was full of surprise and wondered that this kid is really making people beyond expectation

     He felt that if this continued, it would not be Qin Xuan's opponent who suddenly came up with a strategy and flew towards the edge of blood red.

     "Little Qinxuan, catch up"

     Xiao Shi cuts off the two Nine Nethervines and wants to catch up

     "Don't come back after Xiaoshi"

     Qin Xuan hurriedly drank that the situation should not be caught up at all, but should stay in place and absorb all the surrounding Power of Death.

     Now he only comprehend the Power of Death in the half-cut ribs of the dead fairy bones. It is not complete at all and looks weak compared to the two to 30% that gluttonous comprehend, but now he is surrounded by Power of Death broken dead fairy bones floating around. In blood red mid air

     If you can comprehend all the Power of Death here, then his strength will bring it up a level and even reach the level of destruction of the world in the belly of Wuma Dagger, and finally kill the power of death and save Hongjun.

     Qin Xuan couldn’t understand what Wuma Dagger said because gluttonous swallowed Hongjun and made him violate the cause and effect and cannot exist in this time and space. What does it mean

     But if you want to go up, just kill the gluttonous Taoist Hongjun who existed in yet another time and space. Naturally, the Taoist Hongjun can come back. Taoist Hongjun understands that Power of Time can exist in Reversal Time and has a peaceful mind. If you can return to this time and space, the world will be stable.

      thought until here Qin Xuan immediately began to absorb the rich Power of Death around and tried to realize that without the help of Wu Ma Dagger, he wanted to realize the Power of Death here would not be so smoothFortunately, he has already understood part of it. It’s not too difficult at this time, but the progress is a little slower.

     The world in the gluttonous belly, Qin Xuan, doesn’t know how big it is, but it’s certain that Power of Death accumulates only in this area. If you wait too long for the time to pass, Power of Death will definitely spread out in his belly and become lighter and lighter. In the end, Qin Xuan was exposed to the space of the world in his belly and no one knew what would happen.

     Most of them will become those controlled fierce beasts and die as gluttonous puppets like immortals. This ending is not acceptable to Qin Xuan.

     He must go out from here, even if he doesn’t think about himself, he must also consider the daughters waiting for him outside

     The huge skeleton formed by the bones of the dead fairy has been bitten by gluttonous food scattered and smashed in which Power of Death spreads and Qin Xuan runs the Dantian instantly within the range's Power of Death absorbed thoroughly

     Then while comprehending the Power of Death that has been absorbed, he ran to a place on the side to continue the absorption. The progress is remarkable. At least his comprehension speed is much faster than the digestion speed of gluttony.

     Together with the Tianwen Immortal Sword, it is constantly absorbing the surrounding Power of Death. Because of Qin Xuan, the current Tianwen Immortal Sword has exceeded the scope of the Immortal Sword. Its power is several times greater than that of the immortal artifact of the same quality. Ability to kill

     According to the speed of Qin Xuan and Tianwen Immortal Sword, all Power of Death can be regarded as one's own very quickly, and then the gluttonous belly world can be broken and returned to the outside world of Tianwen.


     Qin Xuan absorbs Power of Death in the world in the gluttonous belly, but the outside war is getting more intenseA group of hundreds of immortals and gluttonous people surrounded Pangu's celestial beings in the center. The gluttonous people looked at Pangu as a winner live high and look down: "Obey you can get eternal life"


     Pangu Rough Smile Immortals have the dignity of immortals, and the dignity of immortals is more terrifying than ordinary person's dignity. It is completely impossible for Pangu this kind of person to obey the gluttony.

     It's just that now their ten or so immortals are all trapped isolated and without help. The friends of Taoist Hongjun were basically swallowed up secretly by gluttonous gluttons, and they were also sent to death in the war.

      at this moment Half of the more than 3,000 immortals in the Wonderland of the Beginning are idlers who don’t care about the world, and most of the other half are already on the side of gluttony

     Even those who are willing to help Pan Gu see him as he is now, they dare not show up at this time.

     "The evil beast suffers death"

     Pangu’s good friend Kui Dou Xianjun, holding a fairy pen, draws out two spells in the void and sweeps towards the location of Gourmet

     "Huh naive"

     Upon seeing this, the gluttonous roar violently roared, and then the huge mouth on his stomach opened wide. Power of Death swallowed and turned into dust.

     When Pangu saw this, he immediately flew up and wanted to stop the gluttonous devouring move, but who knew that several immortals headed by Brahma Fighting Buddha immediately united and released their relics and immortals to block the seal.

     Seeing that the gluttonous mouth was about to be swallowed together with the two spells drawn by Kui Dou Xianjun, even the daughters of Tianwen Xiancheng in the distance became nervous when they saw it.They are not nervous about the safety of Lord Kui Dou, except for Qin Xuan. They didn't care about the safety of other people except Qin Xuan, but if Lord Kui Dou was really swallowed, then the next group of people must be Pangu and others.

     Then they are also inevitable

     The most important thing is that it’s so much for long time. Why hasn’t Qin Xuan emerged from the belly of Taotie...

     "Pangu show no understanding of the times is destined to become the dust in history"

     Brahma Fighting Buddha indifferently looked at gluttonous general Kui Dou Xianjun swallowed in one bite no Heart of Mercy said to Pangu

     But just as he just finished saying this sentence, there was a sudden bang from the huge mouth of gluttonous glutton, and then the Kui Dou Xianjun who had just been swallowed in it was spit out together with his fairy writing brush. Flew to the distance and fell into Tianwen Xiancheng, causing a wave of law chaos

     Fortunately, Dieyi Xianzun quickly took a shot to stabilize it, otherwise the entire Tianwen Xiancheng might collapse for it.

     And now at this time, no one is paying attention to the direction of Tianwen Xiancheng, but they are looking at the body of Gourmet. Even Dieyi Immortal Venerable is staring at Gourmet’s situation while holding on to the god Kui Dou.

     A Flower of Death quietly blooms in the huge mouth in front of the gluttonous belly Sudden Appearance An azure colored lotus flower This azure colored lotus flower is formed by the co-condensation of Xianli and Power of Death, exuding an incomparably distant breath

     Then this green lotus turned into a cyan sword shadow, scattered in all directions, and the gluttonous body was suddenly riddled with holes.

     "It is impossible that the world in my belly is the World Equal Longevity. How could it be broken..."Taotie was shocked and immediately mobilized his whole body's fairy power to repair his body. The fairy power is omnipotent and with his tenth level of controlling ability, he wants to restore his body with extreme ease.

     It’s not that the world in the belly was destroyed before, but now there is Qin Xuan in the belly that makes it somewhat concerned

     It turns out that its concerns are correct

     Soon a sword of blue light shot out from the world in its abdomen, accompanied by Qin Xuan, who was holding the Tianwen Immortal Sword, absorbed most of the Power of Death in one fell swoop and broke the gluttonous belly.

     Fleeing with Qin Xuan is the extremely embarrassed Heavenly Demon Immortal Lord, but now no one will pay attention to the Heavenly Demon Immortal Lord because of even more terrifying things, and ran out of the gluttonous belly.

     That is a pure energy

     A kind of energy that does not belong to Xianli and Power of Death but is extremely terrifying and powerful Power of Time

     After gluttonous swallowed Hongjun, he was unable to digest Hongjun’s Power of Time, which resulted in that group of Power of Time that existed in his womb.

     "court death"

     The gluttonous angrily roared immortal power condensed the world in his belly and the whole body Reparo in an instant, then opened his huge mouth and bit down the escaped Qin Xuan and Pangu immortals in one fell swoop

     The sudden change of the situation made all the immortals including Pangu have a surprise, while the daughters of Su Muqing in Tianwen Xiancheng were pleased beyond one's expectations Qin Xuan did not die

     Only seeing the gluttonous gluttonous gluttons seems to be showing off the hearts of everyone again jumped to the throat eye

     And the hundreds of immortals who surrounded the Pangu immortals and others such as Brahma Fighting Buddha were taken aback and then all shot together and aimed at Qin Xuan.As long as Qin Xuan is killed, then this world is the gluttonous person who dominates them. The immortals who stood early in the line can definitely benefit. On the contrary, if gluttonous hangs Qin Xuan and Pangu to survive, then these immortals will definitely have no good fruit.

     "Good job"

     Qin Xuan laughed with a wave of one hand to induce the awkward body of the heavenly demon and the immortal monarch and threw him towards the place where hundreds of immortals were struck. Let him resist this pressure.

     Immediately afterwards, he circled the sky with one hand, rolled up a sword flower and a sword through the ball of Power of Time, and at the same time condensed the immortal power and Power of Death, once again penetrated through the huge mouth on the gluttonous belly.

     The sword is fierce or free and easy

     Even the most aggressive magic weapon of the fairy sword is the most aggressive fairy sword, but the swordsmanship sword itself contains a kind of incessant spirit. The immortal power is naturally more invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable's. effect

     In this world, the cream of the crop's three powers have penetrated the huge mouth of the gluttonous be intensely proud of sth and finally made it unable to recover even the tenth level of the control of the immortal force cannot recover the trauma caused by Power of Time

     Everyone present was amazed

     The Pangu immortals thought that this time they would definitely die, but they did not expect the crucial moment the "chess" left by the witch horse dagger finally played a role. Not only did they save one of them, but also the gluttonous wounds would be difficult to recover.

     This sword is destined to make Qin Xuan the sword king in this world

     The gluttony is roaring, roaring, struggling, and gradually losing its breath

     The rest of the people were surprised that Su Muqing's girls were rejoicing that the body of the fairy king had been torn to pieces by the joint blow of hundreds of immortals, but there was no power of death, so that he could still be reborn.Time seems to become completely still in this brief moment

     It’s not that Time Law has slowed down, but it’s really still and even makes people feel like accidentally going backwards. A still picture, everyone’s thoughts almost become still

     Qin Xuan is the same

     In the eyes of everyone, the gluttonous body began to shrink from the size of a hundred-zhang tall building and quickly became the size of ordinary people.

     From the appearance of a blood-red beast, it quickly transformed into a human form and restored to the image of divine poise and sagelike features that just appeared at the time

     The real Hongjun finally reappears

     He from a certain time and space is a distant past or an endless future

     "Jian Huang"

     Taoist Hongjun raised his head and looked at Qin Xuan with a smile: "Finally came to the age when you were still a teenager..."

     Qin Xuan looked at him and listened to his words a thought flashed through the mind, as if it had come to the future era incomparably far away

     In that era, he was the famous sword emperor even as famous as Hongjun Taoist

     In that era, he was no longer a teenager but he was still passionate and happy

     In that era, the legends about him were all over the world, and the children were all over the world.

     Qin Xuan turned the head around looking at Tianwen Xiancheng, the women who are still worried, and the rebirth Danhuang who has not yet met in the city, but he can't see how they are well in that distant era


     Some years later

     Tianwen Great World One of the Three Great Holy Lands Tianwen Sword Sect

     "Dongfangtian asked, come out quickly"

     A brave black-haired boy stands at the gate of Tianwen Jianpai with a brand new sword on his back, shouting loudlyThere are two Connected Heavenly Stone Pillars on both sides of the entrance of Tianwen Sword School, carved with various patterns, simple and elegant, surrounded by green trees the zigzag path is elegant and natural

     Since the head of the Tianwen Sword Sect is the legendary Sword Emperor, the people at the door continue to look at the black-haired young man carrying the long sword in surprise.

     The black-haired boy called Dongfang Tian asked who doesn’t know who it is

     Dongfang Tianwenru, the son of the sword king

     This black-haired boy looks about the same age as Dongfang Tianwen, dare to challenge Dongfang Tianwen

      but still someone recognized the identity of this black-haired boy

     "Isn't he the son of Linglong Xianzun Jian is not lonely?

     "Hey you such a saying, I really heard that the Sword Emperor was still a disciple of Linglong Xianzun"

     "But it is said that the talent of this sword is not weak compared with Dongfang Tianwen, but..."

     Everyone discuss spiritedly at this moment another boy with short black hair and short shirt suddenly to drop from the sky

     "Hahaha how did Xiaojianjian build another flying sword and want to compete with me"

     The young man who came here was handsome and handsome and the sword emperor Qin Xuan was eight-quarters like a passer-by who recognized it at once. Isn’t it Dongfang Tian asked?

     "Don't call me Xiaojianjian"

     Young Jian Bugu furiously drew out the brand-new long sword behind him: "Come show your sword"


     Dongfang Tianwen's humble smile fascinated thousands of young girls and pulled out a flying sword from her waist: "Today I borrowed Aunt Liu's Qianluan sword to compete with you..."

     "You don't need to ask the fairy sword to do it"The sword is not lonely heavily nodded

     In the past, every time he built a flying sword to find Dongfang Tianwen for a competition, he would be cut into two by the Tianwen Immortal sword he carried with him, causing him to vomit blood several times.

      with great difficulty This time it’s not Tianwen Immortal Sword, it must be the last time I complained to my dad, and it worked. Let the Sword Emperor lock Tianwen Immortal Sword to prevent her from coming out for fun

     This is an opportunity

     Wait doesn't seem right

     Aunt Liu... Is it

     Sword did not think of something stared wide-eyed. In Nima legend, the magic weapons of the Sword Emperor and those wives are all immortal weapons, so Dongfang Tian asked the Qianluan sword on his waist

     Immortal weapon, he made this long sword by himself. How can it be the opponent must be broken at the touch of it

     Jian is not alone and desperate

     "Why don't you go back and practice?"

     At this moment, an elegant female voice came over and everyone saw a flash. Then they saw a scarlet clothed woman floating and taking away the Qianluan sword from Dongfang Tianwen's waist.

     "Qianluan, you also ran out and followed the mess, I really can't figure out why Qianqian would let you out..."

      scarlet clothed woman shook her head and said, she drifted away, leaving everyone with an extremely beautiful back and Qianluan sword's grievances


     Dongfang Tianwen suddenly stayed: "Aunt Huang don't go, don't go"

     Wouldn’t he be very upset today after taking Qianluan Sword away

     "Haha Dongfang Tianwen walked to Bijianya Battle With Happiness"

     The sword is not lonely and feels relieved immediately laughing heartily

     However, the eyes of the people around agreed by chance looked at the scarlet clothed woman who was drifting away. That was one of the concubines of the Sword Emperor.Legend has it that the Sword Emperor has twelve concubines (of a woman) lovely as a flower, like a fairy but rarely seen in ordinary times, I didn’t expect to see one of them today...

     Dongfang Tianwen languidly took out the long sword he made, and he was very upset. There was no feeling of crushing. The fight between upright and frank really might not be able to win the sword.

     Two teenagers walked side by side towards Bijianya, a famous place in the Tianwen Sword Sect

     This time they two who wins and who is defeated

     (End of the book)