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0 Chapter List 1668 The New Book "Immortal Mortal" Has Been Released
    Chinese Name: 造化之门  Author: 鹅是老五(é shì lǎo wǔ, Me Old Five)
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Good Fortune's Gate's new book "Immortal Mortal" has been released

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     The fifth new book, Immortal Mortal, has been released online. Dao friends who like Ye Mo and Ningcheng, please move to the Immortal Mortal area to support our mortal Mo Wuji.

     Mortals have only mortal roots, and mortals do not have eternal life.

     We are all mortals, but we have our own pride and way of life!

     Let’s take a look at how Mo Wuji, a mortal, proving the Way as Imperishable

     To be continued.

     Dear, you can search for "" on the Internet and you can find this site immediately.

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