《Master of Immortal Dao》brief introduction

Master of Immortal Dao

author: 雾外江山

The immortal, standing high for nine days, three thousand years is spring, and three thousand years is autumn. Long for thousands of years, only called one spring and autumn. People, living in the ground, live no more than a hundred years, before the Spring and Autumn Period, they have become dust. But here I am! Is the sky high? But not my heart! Although the Spring and Autumn Period is far away, it is not as far away as my sword. With my sword, I cut up nine days and down ten thousand immortals. The boundless fairy road, I am the Lord! If you think "The Lord of the Fairy Way" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in your QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 仙道之主)

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