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0 Chapter List 378 Taibai Fa Soaring In The Day! The Entire Fa Book Is Finished!
    Chinese Name: 仙道之主  Author: 雾外江山(Wù wài jiāngshān, Land Beyong Mist)
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In the battlefield-

     "Ha Haha..." Qiankun Elder suddenly heard a laugh, and the voice went straight through Jiu Xiao.

     "Hey, you have to say that you are indeed very talented, and indeed have enough supernatural powers. If it were not for the master of the twelve real bodies, you might really have to die in your hands!"

     "It's just that there are no ifs in this world, so today you are destined to die in my hands." Twelve Qiankun Elders continued to hear harsh laughter, their voices full of look of self-satisfaction.

      Qiankun Elder has Undying Power, which can transform twelve real bodies.

     These real bodies have their own magic power, which is very powerful.

     Just now, Mo Bei had always used the light of heaven and earth, and even the newly refined Chongxiaozhi and Huang Tingdao had been used, but they had not been able to completely kill the opponent.


     Mobei panting heavily, quickly absorbing Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth and restoring the spiritual power in his body.

     It can be seen that from just now to the present, the spiritual power consumed has been extremely large, otherwise, with the cultivation base of his original spirit true monarch, it would not become like this.

     In fact, speaking of it, if he hadn't practiced for nine days to gather true spirits as early as decades ago, his spiritual power would have been exhausted long ago, and how could he persist until now.

      Qiankun Elder was also astonished by Mo Bei's endurance, but he still had the chance to win and was confident.


     Mo Bei snorted coldly: "I have seen through your tricks. Whenever there is a danger, you will transform yourself and use it to avoid fatal injuries."Qiankun Elder was stunned, and then smiled: "Yes, it's exactly the same as you said. It's just that after you know it. What can be done. As long as my twelve real bodies are immortal, I won't be in danger. Similarly, As long as I am not dead, then my twelve true bodies will not die."

     "I am almost invincible, are you still Is there any way to defeat me?" Qiankun Elder was not afraid of Mo Bei at all, and completely exposed the secret of his magical powers to him.

     "Don't be happy too early, I haven't used up my tricks. Let me now let you see, the most powerful trick I have practiced so far!" After Mo Bei took a few breaths quickly, he ignored Qiankun Elder in astonishment. His expression began to show.

     I saw him step out, dazzling rays of light exuding all over his body, full of nine colors.

     At the same time, the nine true dragons beside him also burst out at the same time, each emitting a color. There are also nine colors.

     The light distorted the void, and the law surged. Nine kinds of true power burst out in an instant.

     Nine-colored rays of light completely wrapped Mobei and Jiulong, shaking slowly, stimulating Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth, and a kind of Strength of Principle was born.

     This kind of law does not seem to exist in this world, and this World is inharmonious, but it does appear here.

     Space, time, life, death, earth, fire, wind, water, thunder, all nine real powers appeared, and the strongest power surged endlessly.

     Gradually, the nine true powers began to merge together, from nine to eight, and then to seven, decreasing one by one.

     Although the amount of true power is decreasing, the power is increasing on the contrary, and it is increasing at an exponential rate."No, it's impossible, how could you have such a method!" Qiankun Elder, who had been idly walking around, became shocked at this brief moment.

     He seemed to notice something inconceivable, and his eyes were almost staring.

     "No, if you really let him go like this, I'm afraid the consequences..." Qiankun Elder shouted loudly after a deep voice, bursting out in an instant with strength.

     With a thought, the power of terror burst out.

     Around his body, there was suddenly a bloody pattern enveloped, and the whole body was full of black energy. At this moment, he looked like an evil god, Awe-Inspiring Evil.

     At the same moment, his other eleven real bodies also exploded with different but incomparably terrifying power, directly blasting towards the multicolored ball of light that gradually reduced the real power.

     "Die to me!"

     At this moment, the twelve Qiankun Elders were all sipping, controlling twelve powers capable of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, and blasted away.

     "What a terrifying power, even if it is Sect Master Mo, I am afraid..."

     At this moment, everyone made their own judgment in their hearts.

     Just before the twelve kinds of terrifying power arrived at the color group, when they were about to explode, a wave of light instantly expanded like nothingness, enveloping all the places in a radius of ten miles.

     At this moment, everything stopped.

     "No, this how can it be!" The twelve Qiankun Elder suddenly trembled, and they stopped at the same time.

     There are eleven Qiankun Elders, trembling constantly, and finally turned into thick smoke, vanish from sight."There's nothing about it. It's impossible. This is a world created by my nine sword spirits. It has a unique Strength of Principle. This Strength of Principle can suppress all external forces, including your other true bodies." Mo Bei gradually appeared, slowly said.

     "In other words, in this World, you cannot use the twelve real bodies, nor can you change, and cannot be resurrected. I'm here is the master and has the power of matchless..."

      "All right, let's continue the battle just now!"

     Mo Bei stepped forward, ready to fight, and wanted to continue fighting with Qiankun Elder.


     At this moment, Qiankun Elder, who was locked by this world, laughed wildly.

     Mo Bei frowned and said solemnly, "What's so funny, do you still think I'm here, I can't kill you?"

      Qiankun Elder laughed more and more, until after a while, he stopped laughing: "No, if I were in this World, I would really be defeated by you, and I would not be able to use my real body, but..."

     "It's just that you have insufficient aura in this World. Although it can lock me, it cannot prevent me from using magical powers. In other words, as long as one region/place is destroyed, I can rush out."

     Mo Bei heard this, complexion sank.

     Sure enough, let the other party find out, in that case, then a blitzkrieg strategy.

     A power that is almost detached from everything in the world emerges, crushing it head-on, with the potential of breaking the sky and mountains.

      Qiankun Elder felt trembling all over at this moment. As if the soul was breaking apart. A sense of powerlessness.I dare not hesitate anymore. The surge of power, belonging to his original power, broke out in an instant, detonating towards the node of this World.

     At this moment, both of them are fighting minutes, snatch seconds.

      Qiankun Elder wanted to fight to break through the boundary and go to the outside world before Mo Bei attacked.

     But Mo Bei wanted to fight for the opponent to escape from here. Kill the opponent.

     But at this time, the force Mo Bei had just blasted out just before hit Qiankun Elder, it was so vanish from sight.

     "Hahaha, the aura can't support it, really so, really so, as long as I go outside, it's my world, I'm in the invincible position. Haha..."

      Qiankun Elder panicked at first, but soon he burst into laughter. Move quickly.


     An invisible voice appeared, and the world that Nine Dragons transformed in this brief moment was shattered.

     "No, I really want to be rushed out by him!" Mo Bei complexion sank hurriedly wanted to chase him.

     "Hahaha, want to chase me? Already comes without enough time!" Qiankun Elder shook his figure and turned into a black shadow, ready to rush out from the crack that burst.

     But when he just wanted to go out, a white light stood straight underground suddenly, submerging his entire body.

     After this white light appeared, while blocking Qiankun Elder's body, he actually repaired the cracks that appeared with great difficulty in the blink of an eye, and there was no sign of cracks.

     "This, this is what's going on?" Qiankun Elder was horrified, thinking that Mo Bei had done something wrong, and hurriedly looked over."Huh?" But Mo Bei, who was just about to leave, was also astonished.

     He didn't know what the matter happened.

     Then he lowered his head and looked at the place where the white light had just shot out, and saw that there was a big rock.

     But the huge rock that stood firm for thousands of years and was extremely hard was at the moment slightly to the left, which was obviously moved away just now.

     However, these are not the areas that Mo Bei is most concerned about.

     What he cares about is what is under the rock.

     I saw there was a strange rune pattern, but in the middle of the rune pattern, it was emitting a dazzling white light, which was full of spiritual energy.

     After that, white lights stood straight again, and these white lights were all aura light beams gathered by aura!

     "A lot of spirit stones!"

     "Spiritual stone mine!"

     "There is a spiritual stone mine here!"

     Both Mo Bei and Qiankun Elder looked extremely shocked.

     "It turns out that there really is a secret in the Mo family, and this secret is the big rock suppressing the spiritual stone mine!"

     Mo Bei seemed to perceive something, but soon there was yet another question: "That big rock is not only heavy, but also extremely hard, but why is it suddenly shifted a bit now?"

     "This spiritual vein seems to have sensed the danger of being a child of the Mo family, knowing that I need a huge spiritual energy, so it appeared on purpose." Mo Bei guessed to no avail, so he could only think so.

     "Hehe, it seems that God is very kind to me!" Mo Bei stepped out, with a smile on his face, looking at Qiankun Elder who was still in shock."No, why is there a spiritual stone mine here?"

     "Could it be that all of this is your arrangement, you decided to be here early in the morning, as the place for the decisive battle, for this?" Qiankun Elder shook his head, his face unbelievable.

     "If I said, I don't know either, I’m afraid you won’t believe it, but I really don’t know that there will be a spiritual stone mine here, but none of this is important anymore. Now that I have so much aura, it’s time Refined..."

     As soon as the voice fell, in the air, the extremely rich aura suddenly surged crazily. With Mobei as the center, a horrible whirlpool appeared to be produced, and it was like the Antiquity Ominous Beast gluttonous mouth opening wide, trying to swallow the sky.

     Countless auras gathered from all around!

     The speed of absorbing aura is shocking.

     In just a few blinks, the power of the entire spiritual vein was absorbed by Mo Bei.

     After another short while, the aura that had flowed through the entire world was completely absorbed by Mo Bei.

     Nine dragons roared and roared, and nine phantom dragons hovered around Mobei.

     The world was still there, but the nine true dragons had already flew to Mo Bei's side.

     At this moment, the nine true dragons actually merged with each other, and gradually turned into a True Dragon,

     After that, he roared even more, like water and milk, it was actually combine as one with Mo Beirong.

     With the previous spiritual veins, now the Nine Dragon Power, the spiritual power in Mo Bei's body, is as huge as the vast universe.

     Now, the spiritual power is enough!

     Mo Bei ignored Qiankun Elder and began to fuse the five type of strengths in his body.He intends to smelt the Taibai true law in one fell swoop!

     It urges the extreme magic energy, and pulls the other four forces, Taixu Qi, Huang Tingdao, Chongxiaozhi, Heaven and Earth Light, fusing one by one.

     It was not successful before because of lack of aura. Now that he has enough aura, Mo Bei naturally smelts the Taibai true law very easily.

     Gradually, an increasingly powerful, terrifying, but full of mysterious power, gradually rose out of Mo Bei's body.

     I don't know how long it took, maybe a long time, maybe just a moment.

     But Mo Bei had an illusion that he felt that he had spent thousands of years.

     When he opened his eyes, a power that was no longer just the true primordial soul but belonged to another realm burst out in an instant.

     So far, magic power, Taixu Qi, Huang Tingdao, Chongxiaozhi, heaven and earth light, the five laws are one!

     Mobei successfully obtained the Taibai true method!

     "No, no, This is impossible!" Looking at Mo Bei in front of him, Qiankun Elder's expression suddenly became extremely alarmed!

     "This battle should be over!"

     "Also, Qiankun Demonic Religion will be destroyed after you die!"

     Mo Bei spoke very calmly. With him as the center, dozens of white silver liquids were shot out in a flash.

      Qiankun Elder's expression was even more apprehensive and uneasy than before.

     Just because of the white silver liquid, it instantly enveloped him, doesn't have any accident, and then his whole body melted instantly like a terrifying corrosive liquid.Before he died, he looked at Mo Bei hard to believe, and looked at the white and silver liquid around him, his expression began to become dazed, he opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but still did not say anything, he was caught These white and silver liquids were completely submerged and dissipated in the world.

     So far, the leader of Qiankun Demonic Religion, Qiankun Elder, is completely dead!


     Another ten years passed-

      The five type of strengths finally merge together and Mobei is also preparing to ascend!

     This news did not reach other places, and only a few people knew about it.

     These people are naturally Mo Bei's relatives or friends.

     On this day, in Vast Void Sword School, countless relatives and friends surrounded Mobei to say their final goodbyes.

     Among them, Fang Luoyou, Long Haotian, Chen Qingzhu, Wang Yihao and others are naturally indispensable.

     And the person who felt most reluctant to Mo Bei was naturally Ye Qingshuang, the Demon Girl of Water Dance, and the three daughters of Ye Qinghong.

     Since the collapse of Qiankun Demonic Religion, Mo Bei no longer took over the affairs of Vast Void Sword School. Instead, he entrusted everything to Fang Luoyou. He spent the rest of his time with his three wives.

     Gradually, Vast Void Sword School became the speaker of the World Alliance, and Fang Luoyou became the leader of the world.

     As for Long Haotian, he also became the deputy leader.

      Vast Void Sword School has become the most powerful force in the world of cultivating immortals, stronger than Qiankun Demonic Religion or even Vast Void Sword School of ancient times!

     Before Mo Beilin's ascension, he also summarized and simplified the method of ascension, that is, the true method of Taibai, and passed it to his three wives, friends, and apprentices!Then, he used Taibai Zhenfa and began to pass Ascension Tribulation.

     A milky white crack suddenly appeared in the sky, and a brilliant glow broke out in it.

     Following this, a beam of light nearly a thousand meters high sprayed down from there, and fell straight on Mo Bei, enveloping his entire body.

     Numerous golden runes appeared, floating straight up along the beam of light, reaching the sky.

     In the faint, Mo Bei saw Ye Qingshuang, the Water Dance Demon Girl, and Ye Qinghong's three daughters were full of dismay. After a trace of tears flowed on their gorgeous faces, their body followed the beam of light and rushed straight up.

     Follow the beam of light, enter the crack, and reach the fairy world! (To be continued...)