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0 Chapter List 745 The Ultimate Holy Scripture, The Sword Is Eternal! (The New Book "Traveling Alone On The Avenue" Has Been Uploaded)
    Chinese Name: 神剑永恒  Author: 雾外江山(Wù wài jiāngshān, Land Beyong Mist)
    Original: | Translator:

Returning to the Yuanzu monument once again, looking at the familiar environment, Fang Ning slowly moved forward to the most familiar position, sitting there, watching the Yuanzu monument!

     It has been a long time since Fang Ning left last time. Many of the old people who visited Fang Ning for the first time can no longer see them, but there's some left and continue to wait and see.

     Fang Ning came to the place where he belonged, and there were no other people there. He slowly sat down and continued to stay here, watching the Yuanzu monument!

     Fang Ning can see the Sutra of the Supreme Dao on the Yuanzu Tablet. This scripture was left by the God Lord. After practicing, he can develop all his potentials and realize the secret magic and magic skills he has mastered to the limit.

     This exercise is completely an auxiliary cultivation technique, but for Fang Ning, it is indeed the most suitable, because this is what he lacks the most!

     When he left last time, Fang Ning practiced to the 49th pattern of the Supreme Idiom. Now he entered Immortal Realm and began to practice later!

     Sitting there, feeling silently, less than ten breaths, Fang Ning comprehend the fiftieth pattern, and then began to practice 51st patterns, this time it took about a quarter of an hour, and then began to practice 52nd patterns, this time it took one hour!

     This is absolutely amazing speed, where water flows, a canal is formed, let nature take its course, Fang Ning comprehend 64 patterns in a blink of an eye, and then starts to work hard and takes a lot of time.

      It took Fang Ning a full three months to comprehend the 64th patterns. After comprehending this pattern, Fang Ning immediately cultivated as an advanced by leaps and bounds. For the unique sword intent he possessed, he had nine thoughts of supernatural power and red sand. , Hanbingjue, all have various breakthroughs.Continuing to practice, he gradually reached 81 patterns. At this point, Fang Ning could no longer comprehend. This is not a question of comprehension, but a question of realm. Fang Ning can only comprehend these patterns when he enters the realm of Hunyuan Divine Emperor!

     Fang Ning released a long breath, finished his cultivation of the Sutra of the Sutra, and then began to organize what she had learned through this sutra!

     "Peerless sword intent, obtained from the old man sword, my strongest sword technique!"

     "Nine thoughts of divine power, one of the fifty-five holy scriptures!"

     "Red sand, cold ice, Supreme Secret Technique of the demons, one of the fifty-five holy scriptures!"

     "I have practiced to the Great Accomplishment Realm, live forever!"

     "But these magical techniques, which one is my best! My root!"

     "Which one should I choose, as the main trunk, and the others as auxiliary, to build a belongs to me magic system, my own path?"

     Fang Ning thought for a long time that he possessed the four great scriptures and a peerless sword intent. Among them, the Eternal Sutra of True Body has been completed, and the remaining Nine Thoughts of Divine Might, Red Sand Jue, and Cold Bing Jue are still far away. After Ning's cultivation base.

     Here Fang Ning began to realize these secret techniques and magical skills, and he had been sitting for thirty years!

     Thirty years later, Fang Ning opened eyes and released a long breath!

     "In fact, why distinguish clearly, these and those, they are all mine, they are all my divine power, they are all part of me!

     Why should there be any main branches, they must be for my use, that's it, based on them, I will be born to belong to my own magical secret method! "

     Fang Ning is no longer confused, and has cultivated for many years, and today is completely successful!So far, Fang Ning has completely integrated them into one of the peerless sword intent, real body eternal sutra, nine thoughts divine might, red sand jue, and cold ice jue, turning them into his own magic!

     "This is my magical skill, my swordsmanship, my all, it is called Ning Jianshu, my swordsmanship, it doesn't need a loud name, because countless foreign powers will use their blood to remember this name!"

     "Maybe, in the future, there will be one more fifty-five holy scriptures that are well-known in the world, and that is my Ning Jianshu!"

     Fang Ning stood up slowly, refining his sword for thirty years!

     Fang Ning began to try the sword after he was refined with one sword!

     In the past 30 years, Yan Xuejun has not been idle. She devoted herself to the transformation of the Blue Dragon Society. In fact, Yan Xuejun had ambitions as early as twelve days. The appearance of the Blue Dragon Society was just right for her. Put on your wings and realize your dream!

     Yan Xuejun will completely control the renamed Black Dragon Society, and under her operation, the Black Dragon Society will give birth to a new Human Race concept, which is developing rapidly and becoming stronger!

     The black dragon will change the bad habits of the past and win the approval of countless people, countless strong people come to vote, everyone under one banner, want to prosper the human race.

     Last time at the Kongtong Holy Land, many monks saved by Fang Ning, Zhu Tianlei, the saint of Tianyao Lake, and others all came to vote.

     The black dragon will become stronger and stronger, but the black dragon will have two major drawbacks, exposed!

     One is that there is no holy land as a base, no holy land, that is, there is no foundation and no roots. One is that there is no Super Expert, at least if it is a powerhouse at the first level of the gods, then the Black Dragon will become a real big organization!Fang Ning is now out!

     After meeting with Yan Xuejun, Fang Ning disappeared again.

     The Luomo battlefield is located on the edge of the Shen area of the human race, and borders the demons controlled by the demons. If the human race wins the battlefield, the holy land of the human race can cross the border and enter the ghost realm. If the human race fails, then The Human Race will not be able to enter the Nether Demon Territory at all, and will lose the possibility of expanding westward. At this point, the Human Race will be restricted to the eight regions.

     The so-called battlefield is the endless vitality of the border between the two regions. The world transformed by the projection. The battle here is very fierce. There are countless powerful demons. Every thousand years, the Hunyuan God Emperor is relegated here. The Immortal God only fights here. There are countless more dead!

     The battlefield here has been fighting for 30,000 years, and the human race has gradually lost its advantage and is on defense.

     On this day, a young man came here, it was Fang Ning, he came to this battlefield!

     When he got here, the gods backed down, one person one sword, rampant on the battlefield!

     In the years to come, his name was familiar to all races in the universe, and he appeared in various battlefields of human races.

     As long as he appeared on the battlefield, the human race was a big victory, and countless strong men of various races died under their sword.

     Gradually, another ten years, Fang Ning's name, and Invincible Aish side by side, is the human race strongest existence. This time it is no longer Dual Sword Combination, but his one person, one person one sword, rampaging the battlefield.

     After his appearance in Luomo Battlefield, Fengyun Battlefield, and Tianyi Battlefield, the human race gradually achieved an overwhelming victory, completely controlled the battlefield, and began to invade other alien territories.After Invincible Aish opened the eighth region that year, the human race began to open the ninth region, but the holy land was insufficient, and this region was difficult to control.

     What is happening now is to lay down the territory, but hold on without any means, and can only give up! Because the Holy Land is not enough!

     Fang Ning let out a long sigh, ended the battle on the battlefield, moved into the ninth area, Kongtong Holy Land once again appeared in people's vision!

     In the sacred place of Kongtong, many disciples of the Black Dragon Society, all concentrated in the ninth area, opening up the most Xinjiang territory belonging to the human race.

     Fang Ning took this opportunity to return to its origins universe, bringing countless of Qingzhou's own subordinates, his parents, and many friends and families to Primitive Universe together to develop the most territories of the human race.

     The twelve days were split again. Under the leadership of Master Zhang Zhongyuan, Wu Jianzong and Epee Jianzong, followed Fang Ning to Primitive Universe.

     This territory belongs to the ancient gods. Fang Ning leads the human race. It takes root here and encounters the crazy attacks of the ancient gods. Fang Ning fought countless times, and finally promoted to the realm of Hunyuan together with Yan Xuejun. Complete control of this area!

     The sky is full of red sand. In this area, wherever the sun rises, to the place where the sun sets, all control is in Fang Ning's hands. So far, the human race is prospering here.

     During this process, Fang Ning developed the holy land, successively established his own holy land for Wu Jianzong and Epee Sect, and taught the Ning Swordsmanship he mastered to two schools, so that they have a powerful background.

     Although Fang Ning's Ning Swordsmanship comes from the four great scriptures, it does not belong to the category of the scriptures, so it is not limited to only one person can practice.At this point, Fang Ning's swordsmanship began to spread in the human race. Countless cultivators practiced Fang Ning's swordsmanship. This swordsmanship was born out of the peerless sword intent of the old man of swords, and after the amendment of the four great scriptures, it was extremely powerful.

     A person's strength, only one person, Fang Ning taught his own swordsmanship, and under his teaching, one after another powerful men were born.

     These powerhouses broke ground in the Primitive Universe, and a little unnoticeable influence changed the future of the human race.

     In this way, with passing of time, the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth territories of the human race are gradually born, and the human race is getting stronger and stronger!

     Fang Ning also practiced, gradually entered the Hunyuan Divine Emperor, the supreme cosmos, and finally became the pinnacle divine lord!

     Originally, the fate of this universe, which was quietly changed, began to return to the right track with the spread of Fang Ning's swordsmanship, and the human race began to become stronger and rule the universe little by little.

     After so many years, the human race completely ruled the universe, and Fang Ning's Ning Jianshu became the Fifty-sixth holy scripture besides the fifty-five holy scriptures!

     However, later generations do not like the name of Ning Jianshu this is simple, they call this holy scripture the eternal sword!

     The world is long, Fang Ning’s story continues to circulate in the human race!

     I have only one sword, no one can stop it! I only have one sword, the world can go! My only sword is eternity!

     "As long as in the heart has the sword, swing the sword and cut it down!"

     Only me, the sword is eternal!

     End of the book!

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     postscript:Thank you book friends, thank you for your support and love. This book is my best grade and the worst book. This is the end of it. I have a feeling of very many very many, and very many very many regrets. .

     This book has not been written thoroughly, and many details have left regrets. However, in this book, I found my own path, and gradually became confused, knowing what I should do!

     In the next book, I will return to Xianxia and write a story that everyone will like, a long story! A mysterious story that happened in a world outside the fog!

     I wanted to say something, but no matter how good it is, it is useless. Let's see the action!

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