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0 Chapter List 1056 The Last Chapter Selfishness (final Chapter!)
    Chinese Name: 独步天下  Author: 宅猪(Zhái zhū, House Pig)
    Original: | Translator:

The infinite avenue gushes out above Ye Xu, transforming into Daluotian and Yuxu Palace on the Three Realms of Heaven, Earth and Human, and then stretches out his hand, a Tianhe rushes down from Daluo Heaven, whizzes and rushes along the World Tree, and flows from Daluo Heaven. To the heavens, flow through the immortal realm, inject into layers of hell, and finally converge in the Eighteen Levels of Hell, turning into a sea of underworld.

     The roots of the world tree plunge into the sea of darkness, draw the water of the sea again, and send it to the great Luotian, and then turn into a river of heaven rushing down, cyclically, turning the three realms into one.

      Splitting heaven and earth apart, when the universe is formed, it is still a dead silence. Except for Ye Xu, Qing Emperor and Ying Zongdao in Daluo Heaven, it can be said that there is no other life.

     "This Xintiandi is really Heaven and Earth Treasure everywhere, Cultivation Holy Land everywhere!"

     Ying Zongdao looked around, cannot help feeling extremely.

     Qingdi nodded, deep to be so, the new splitting heaven and earth apart, everywhere there are the most precious god gold, the richest spiritual veins, and even in many depressions, there is also Grandmist Purple Qi richly transformed into ponds and lakes , The valley filled with the chaos of Yuanshi. This is extremely rare in the previous world, or even invisible at all, it has long been refined.

     Only the new world will have such amazing wealth. Those places where Heaven and Earth Treasure condenses will inevitably give birth to extremely formidable gods.

     "Even I want to Reincarnate and Recultivate..." Ying Zongdao and Qingdi looked at each other and laughed in unison.

      Six Paths of Samsara was free from the suppression of the Primordial Qi of Chaos and began to rotate autonomously. The shadow of reincarnation enveloped the three realms of heaven, earth and man, and the six rules permeated, but no one was born from it.This is because these spirits in the six realms can be reincarnated. But there is no physical sustenance, and in today's Three Realms of Heaven, Earth and Human, except for the three of Ye Xu, they naturally cannot be reborn without other lives.

     Someone must consume mana willingly. Promote reincarnation and create a restored flesh for them, so that they can be resurrected.

     "Brother, Qinglian Great, the three of you and I are now creators." Ye Xu said with a smile.

     Ying Zongdao and Qingdi nodded, and immediately poured their own cultivation base into reincarnation together with Ye Xu, and saw hundreds of millions of living creatures emerging from reincarnation, densely packed. Countless, a lot of anger suddenly appeared in the Three Realms!

     "Morality, is not resurrected?" Ye Xu shouted with boundless mana pouring into reincarnation.

     suddenly. The phantom of the whole heaven's gods and buddhas appeared beside the Six Paths of Samsara, and the sound of praise resounded throughout the world. A great emperor was resurrected from reincarnation, his appearance was solemn, and Merit Golden Wheel stood behind his head. With the appearance of the emperor, strode forward.

     Ye Xu smiled and said: "The moral emperor uses merit to prove the truth. Now is the time for you to gather the supreme merit."

     Dihui nod and say "yes", saying: "Tianzun. Although I can resurrect sentient beings, but my mana is limited. I can't resurrect those proving Dao existences, and Tianzun needs to take action."

     Ye Xu smiled and said, "It's okay. I will revive them."

     Di Hui immediately urged Six Paths of Samsara with boundless merits, and with his help, the cycle of reincarnation immediately accelerated, and the creatures who died tragically in the destruction of the world came back to life. Tian Yaoji was also resurrected by him, and she stood aside pretty.

     "Great Lord, don't you wake up yet?"Ye Xu suddenly yelled, in the reincarnation, the golden light was released, the Buddha's voice sang loudly, an unparalleled Buddha walked out slowly, came to Ye Xu's side, saluted Ye Xu, and sat under Di Hui.

     Ye Xu said: "The Great World Honored One, your Buddhism sentient beings are dead and wounded clean, and now you still need you to make sentient beings, (Buddhism) to deliver all living creatures from suffering."

     "Follow the decree of Tianzun."

     The Great Blessed One, together with the chief executive, immediately used his own magic power to penetrate the six realms and resurrect the Buddha realm beings who died in the battle of the last days.

     "Devil God Emperor, wake up quickly!"

     In the reincarnation, the devil spirit was deep, and a great demon god who was able to support both heaven and earth strode out, and when he came to Ye Xu's seat, angrily snorted, the look in Ye Xu's eyes was rather unkind, very arrogant and obstinate. The Demon God Sovereign is obviously still in the doomsday catastrophe, Ye Xu did not take any action to save the Demon God line and take troubles to heart.

     Ye Xu smiled and said: "Since the god emperor has been resurrected, he should lose his mana, use reincarnation to resurrect the demon god line, and enter the second Eighteen Levels of Hell."

     When the Devil God Emperor saw the two Eighteen Levels of Hell, he was surprised and delighted: "My Hell Devil God line can finally contend with the heavens..."

     There was still a bit of grudge in his heart, and he reluctantly said: "Be careful of the decree of the heaven."

     Ye Xu urged Six Paths of Samsara to resurrect Duanjing Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, Taiqing Taixu Emperor, Qiangong Emperor, Tanzu Limitless Great Emperor, Dade Emperor and others one by one, saying: "The six paths are restored, you are now Resurrection and consummation of longevity are equivalent to living in the second life, with the opportunity to prove the Tao."

     Tanzu Limitless Great Emperor stepped forward and bowed and said: "Master, Brother Nanhua and Brother Haori..."Ye Xu waved his hand and said, "they already return the soul to heaven and earth, to perfect all beings, naturally impossible to resurrect, otherwise countless other creatures will die to perfect them."

     Tan Zu silently, Ye Xu said: "Not only they can't be resurrected, but those ancient emperors whose souls return to heaven and earth cannot be resurrected either."

     The Qing emperor said: "Little friend Yu Xu, I hope you can fair and impartial, resurrect old friends, and resurrect your former opponents."

     "This is natural."

     Ye Xu smiled lightly, mana poured into Six Paths of Samsara, and suddenly billions of emotions spewed out from the reincarnation, transforming into a beautiful and unparalleled woman, just the Queen of Heaven.

     Then there were Eternal Emperor, Li Heng Tianzhu, Da Ri Dijun and others resurrected one by one, standing around the Queen of Heaven.

     The queen’s beautiful eye blinks looked around, and suddenly said with a giggle: "Yu Xu, you have resurrected me, are you not afraid that I will be against you? Yes, you resurrected me. If you still need to use me, you have to take me. resurrection……"

     "The Queen of Heaven, you worry too much."

     Ye Xu laughed, poking out with one hand, grabbing the Queen of Heaven, Eternal, Lihen, Da Ri and others in his hands, and then pointed out, and saw his fingertips bursting out of boundless doomsday catastrophe, turning into a huge sea eye, howling He went, and fell into the sea of Hell at the Eighteen Levels of Hell, and shouted: "God Emperor, you take the Queen and the others, suppress them in the eyes of the sea, and want them to be tortured until the fifth Hundred Sixty- After thousand Years, let them out again!"

     The Demon God Emperor took the decree and immediately captured the Queen of Heaven and the others and sent them into the eyes of the sea to suppress.The Queen Mother was furious. gnashing one's teeth said: "Yu Xu, after five Hundred Sixty-thousand Years, I will come out of the sea's eyes, and I will definitely make you a sky and the earth turning upside down!"

     Qingdi was quite helpless, Ye Xu's move was clearly using one's position to get even with another person for a private grudge. He brought the enemy back to life and tortured him, and said with a wry smile: "Look at Tianzun to have mercy at heart, don't embarrass Yuanshi Tianwang and Ancestral God."

     Ye Xu put on a fake smile and said, "Brother Qinglian, in your eyes, I am such a stingy person? Since I have defeated their two people, I will naturally bring them back to life, so I won't embarrass them."

     Qingdi was slanderous, Ye Xu pointed out. Two fresh airs were injected into the Six Paths of Samsara, and two more were resurrected from the Six Paths of Samsara, but they were two small mortals, the original heavenly king and the ancestor god. Landed in the fairy world.

     "Yu Xu Tianzun is really generous!"

     The Emperor Yuanshi checked himself with a wry smile, knowing that Ye Xu was extremely jealous of him, and looked up. Sneered and said: "But if you call me a common people, do you think you can dispel the idea of recreating the fairy garden? As long as the six realms are still there, I can continue to reincarnate, there will come a day to cultivate into the original beginning. Press down!"

     The ancestor god also raised his head at the same moment, said with a smile: "I witnessed the Tao with my body. I touched the realm of Yuanshi in the previous life, and it was only a step away to prove the Tao Yuanshi. Yuxu. After the two of me were reincarnated, I practiced more quickly and reborn at most. Once again, you can prove Dao Yuanshi. At that time, you and I will fight again!"

     Qingdi was quite worried, lest Ye Xu suddenly shot the two to completely obliterated them.Ye Xu smiled lightly and said: "Brother Qinglian can rest assured. I still have this strength. I have 5.6 billion years to repair the Panwang Kaitian Jing. It is inevitable to prove the Tao Yuanshi. It will not be with two common people. Generally stunned."

     Qingdi relaxed, but he also admired Ye Xu a bit, and said in secret: "It's no wonder that Yu Xu can achieve what it is today. This attitude is really extraordinary..."

      The innumerable living beings have all been resurrected. The Star Emperor, Xuanyuan Wuwei, Qingxuan Sect Master, Good Fortune God King and his wife have also been resurrected, and the Ye Family in Liuzhou and Yellow Spring Devil Sect have also revived one by one, leaving only the relationship with Ye Xu. The closest person has not yet resurrected.

     Ye Xu nodded to Ying Zongdao and whispered: "Brother, you come to save them."

     Ying Zongdao worshipped the Miluo Tiandi Pagoda, and the whole body gushed into the Six Paths of Samsara, reincarnation, Su Qiaoqiao, Feng Yanrou, Ye Qi, Ye Lin, Song Gaode, Xuanyuanguang, Xuanyuan Mingyue, Mo Luoyu Waiting for people to resurrect, as well as giant beasts such as the snarling dog and Xiong Wei, a total of twenty-nine people fell into the Mira World Tower.

     Ye Xu waited for Su Qiaoqiao and others to come back to life, and suddenly got up and left Daluotian, and slammed into the Six Paths of Samsara. He only heard a loud sound. This Six Paths of Samsara suddenly all split up. and in pieces, smashed by his life!

     The resurrected ancestor god, Yuanshi Tianwang, and even the queen who was suppressed in the eyes of the sea of hell, saw the collapse of the six realms at the same time, just like innumerable living beings, stunned!

     "Yu Xu, if you destroy Six Paths of Samsara, you will be insulted by the world!"In Hai’s eyes, the Queen Mother screamed endlessly. Ye Xu destroyed Six Paths of Samsara. Under the interference of the witchcraft rules, it meant that everyone had only this life's lifespan. When the lifespan was exhausted, they would decompose and return to heaven and earth. Can live to the second life!

     In other words, after Tianhou was suppressed for five Hundred Sixty-thousand Years, there was only a dead end, basically unable to be reincarnated!

     The same is true for Yuanshi Tianwang and ancestor gods, and moral Tianjun, Demon God Emperor, Great World Zun and others can only live to this life!

     "The emperor takes turns to do it, come to my house next year! Sorcery is the way of enterprising. If the six realms exist, the great power of heaven and earth must be controlled by the big boss, and future generations will not have the chance to advance to a high position. What is the difference between this and the decadent fairyland?"

     Ye Xu’s voice spread throughout the Three Realms, resounding in Space, Time, Vast, and Desolate: “I hope that all beings under the world will fight for the world instead of the next life. As long as we work hard, everyone will have the opportunity to ascend the throne of God, become the emperor of heaven, and achieve this life's glory. !"

     Tianjun Emperor Hui takes a deep breath for a long time, holding Tian Yaoji’s hand, and laughing in a low voice: "Only fight for the world! This way, I don’t have to fear that I and your descendants will seek the throne. The father and the son turned a blind eye."

     Tian Yaoji pursed her mouth and said, "Five Hundred Sixty-thousand Years, but they are not too short."

     Every hope turns to dust, raise head up, in the heart of Yuanshi Tianwang, loudly said: "Yu Xu, you destroy the six realms, no one will live forever. You have 5.6 billion years of life, but your relatives and friends do not! They are destined to Leaving you one by one, you are destined to be lonely for a lifetime and die alone! Sooner or later, you will regret today's conduct and deeds!"

     The ancestors also raised head up, raging: "Yu Xu. I don't believe you doesn't have any selfishness!"The six ways of destruction, the reincarnation ceases, and everyone is destined to live only one life, and the lifespan is gone. Then the soul will return to the world, and the fragments of the soul will become the primordial spirit of other creatures and perfect others.

     Yuanshi and the ancestor gods both want to prove Dao Yuanshi, and the five Hundred Sixty-thousand Years are not enough for them to cultivate to this point. Only in the next life can they have such a huge accumulation, can they prove Dao Yuanshi, and then with Ye Xu competes for the orthodoxy of heaven and earth!

     Now the six ways are shattered. Their last hope was also shattered, and their hearts could be described as desperate to the extreme!

     Ye Xu sneered, turned around and walked into the Yuxu Palace: "The main road is selfless. I act for the sky. I sit in the Yuxu Palace and monitor the movement of the heavens. Naturally, I will not abuse one's position for personal gain, even my wife and children cannot Rebirth through Reincarnation. Not to mention you?"

     The Queen of Heaven, Yuan Shi, Ancestral God and others were stunned and unable to reply again.

     The new Heaven and Earth Universe, Great Thousand World, is under the intervention of this witchcraft rule. It is destined to come out in large numbers from generation to generation, and talents will appear in groups. Always at the peak of prosperity!

     The throne of the heavens, the earth and even the world is destined to rotate endlessly. No one can control the world forever.

     Hundreds of years have passed, the Big Luo Tian Yuxu Palace is above Above All Heavens, in charge of the movement of the heavens, the Great Blessed One and the Buddhas have also rebuilt the Thirty Three Heavens of the Buddha Realm, countless giant beasts roam around the world tree, opening up more universe worlds, In the Three Realms, there are many spiritual mountains, and there are so many innate and tyrannical existences born, allowing the world of witchcraft to flourish and catching up with the most glorious period of the ancient fairy court!

     There are people who have proved Dao Tianjun in these hundreds of thousands of years, and their own great ways are in harmony with the heaven and the earth, consolidating the great Luo Tian.In the Daluo Tianyuxu Palace, many characters congregate in one hall. Ye Xu sits on the rank of Heavenly Venerate, Qingdi, Ying Zongdao, Daotianjun, Demon Emperor, Da Shizun, Su Qiaoqiao, Feng Yanrou, Ye Qi, Ye Lin and others are impressively listed.

     "Little friend Yuxu, now the world of witchcraft is consolidated, and there is no chaos in the world. I am very quiet and want to go out for a walk."

     The blue emperor gave a gift and smiled: "I don't want to live under human beings, and want to be immortal. I can only leave the world of Witchcraft and go to the endless void land and search all the way to see if I can find World Beyond the Heaven. Maybe you can find a time and space different from the wizarding world, proving that Tao will live forever!"

     Ye Xu was moved and persuaded: "No one knows what is beyond Endless Promise. If the brother can't find other time and space, wouldn't he stay alone in the air?"

     "Maybe I will find other time and space and play a legend again." Qingdi laughing heartily.

     Ye Xu stopped dissuading him, and said with a smile: "Brother Qinglian, even my heart is moved by your words. I want to go with you and search endlessly! Just If I leave, Yuanshi and the ancestors will be in chaos again..."

     "Father, I want to accompany Qingdi out for a walk." Ye Lin suddenly stood up and said.

     Su Qiaoqiao shook his head hurriedly, Ye Xu hesitated a moment, and smiled: "Men aspire to travel far and make one's mark, I can rest assured to walk with Qingdi. But if you leave, even if you prove the truth, your life will be at most five years old. Hundred Sixty-thousand Years..."

     "Father, I have considered it carefully."

     Ye Lin smiled and said: "If I stay, my achievements in this life will definitely be difficult to surpass my father. If I simply go out and walk, maybe I will surpass my father's achievements."Ye Xu laughing heartily, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the countless spiritual veins, including Grandmist Purple Qi and Yuanshi Qi. They made a gourd and gave it to Ye Lin with a smile: "This gourd The aura of this is enough for you to consume all the way to prove Dao Tianjun. Go ahead."

     Ye Qi also stood out, speaking openly, and Feng Yanrou quickly said: "Qi'er, if you also go with your brother and Qingdi, we are not a soul in sight, isn't it lonely and lonely?"

     Ye Qi had no choice but to sit back.

     Ye Xu bid farewell to the Qing Emperor and Ye Lin. The several heavenly monarchs also dispersed, sitting in their respective worlds. Only Ye Xu, Ying Zongdao and others remained in the Yuxu Palace. Ying Zongdao worshipped the Mira World Tower and said leisurely: "Junior Brother, maybe Qing Emperor Ye Lin will really find a new world and achieve another legend!"

     Ye Xu walked into the tower with him and said with a smile: "Who can say this kind of thing accurately?"

     The two climbed up to the highest level of the Mira World Tower, and saw a Ginseng Fruit Tree standing in the Jade Cingjing, the treasure of the Yuan dynasty, with the glow of light flying, and the flowers and bones appeared on the tree, a total of thirty. There are so many immortal spirits.

     An exhausted black bear was napping under the tree with a hoe, and a big black dog eagerly ran up, drooling at the corners of his mouth, and exclaimed, "Batian, are the ginseng fruits ripe?"

     The black bear head does not raise, speak in a low muffled voice: "Scram!"

     The broken dog was furious, grinning, and barked at the black bear: "If this is not the case, you can plant trees. Uncle Long has already used your fat and tender black bear for a tooth sacrifice..."Suddenly, a dragon horse saw Ye Xu and Ying Zongdao coming, and hurriedly knocked down the black bear, and whispered: "Master is here, don't get up quickly, carefully Master has taken your skin!"

     The black bear hurriedly got up, sighed to Ye Xu, and said with a smile: "Master, the ginseng fruit is immature. You have to wait another eight thousand years."

     Ye Xu was lightly nodded, and Ying Zongdao smiled and said: "Brother, you asked me to resurrect your old friends and relatives according to the rules of immortality. There are a total of 29 people, plus Brother Yu, a total of 30 people, which is exactly the same number as ginseng fruit. You. Let us avoid the interference of witchcraft rules by the rules of immortality, and use ginseng fruit to extend our life, dare to say that we have no selfishness?"

     Ye Xu dumbfounded, shook his head and said: "I am not a saint of Xianting, how can I not have a little selfishness? Since there are loopholes in the sorcery, I naturally want to drill! Even the saint of ancient Xianting, how can Without a little bit of selfishness, the Heavenly King of Yuanshi is still struggling to continue his luck for Xian Ting?"

     His sighed saying, faintly said: "I am also afraid of loneliness, 5.6 billion years of loneliness, who can endure..."

     Ying Zongdao nodded and suddenly said, "Even after 5.6 billion years, even if you become Yuanshi, your soul will still wither and die, the world of witchcraft will be overthrown, and the world will be shattered. In that catastrophe, have you left behind? , Fight for luck for the witchcraft?"

     "The world is shattered, and it is another world of reincarnation. Naturally, I have already laid out and left behind."Ye Xu smiled and said: "When the World Tree wilts and ages, my soul will bear the fruit of the World Tree. At that time, the brothers will definitely be able to use the Mira World Tower to prove the truth, and hope that the brothers will save me at that time. Prosperity, you are Tianzun!"

     "Junior Brother, you have laid a 5.6 billion-year-old successor, and even the First Heavenly King will feel ashamed at being inferior!"

     Ying Zongdao smiled and said: "Okay, you and my brothers have made it so. You have saved me in this life and helped me enlighten me. I will come to save you in your next life!"

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