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0 Chapter List 990 Chapter 10
    Chinese Name: 雪中悍刀行  Author: 烽火戏诸侯(Fēnghuǒ xì zhūhóu, Tricking Warlords)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

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     Xu Fengnian feels a bit complicated. Before the Battle of Beicheng, I had an appointment with her to go to a drink with a surname Wen one day in the future. Don't know why she seems to regret it. Xu Fengnian invited her to that small town last time. The message to go to Daxueping in Huishan is like a clay ox enters the sea.

     For a long time, sharp-eyed hawks saw the vision of the summit of Huishan, and there was an uproar on the ferry. Even Xu Baozao raised his head and looked at the fuzzy missing moon tower, on the Martial Dao never from the main room, enter the inner chamber, in fact, it’s absolutely impossible to see that form clearly. It’s just that the tourists on the ferry can only see the outline of the tallest building in the world even if they stare hard, as if they are seeing with one's own eyes. Juedai fenghua from Shan Ziyi, one by one dizzying spell and mind shakes, is very emotional.

     I am afraid that everyone hadn't thought. After Li Chungang and Wang Xianzhi, the figure who can make a river and lake bow his head is actually a woman.

     The northwest vassal king who made the unworldly contribution was more hopeful, but he died.

     The father laid down a central plain, and the son laid down a grassland.

     The two generations of the Xu family did not vie for supremacy of the world in the end, did not usurp the throne and proclaim the emperor, leaving only countless suspense for future generations.

     Xu Baozao, whose eyes are acidic, just wanted to take his gaze back, so in this brief moment, all the ferry guests, including her, dumbstruck.

     It can be clearly seen that a purple Changhong rises from the top of Daxueping Xionglou, and then swiftly falls down the river at the foot of the mountain!

     Wait, could it be their ferry?

     The Huishan Ziyi crashed onto the bow.The bow of the ship fell deep under the river surface, the stern was raised high, and the entire ferry was tilted to a huge extent.

      suffer a crushing defeat, chickens flying and dogs jumping. Fortunately, the tourists in the cabin can say, but the dumplings are usually crowded in the cabin on the bow side, and the guests who admire the scene on the boat board are miserable. The dumplings usually fall into the She River.

     Xu Fengnian's feet took root and remained motionless. Xu Baozao closed his eyes lose one's head out of fear, and opened his eyes the next moment, only to realize that he seemed to be firmly nailed to a slope without falling to the ground.

     The stern fell heavily back to the surface of the river, splashing huge water.

     The majestic overweening arrogance of Huishan Ziyi waved his sleeves casually, and the chickens that had fallen into the Shejiang River were dragged back to the boat and dropped onto the boat board, one by one dazed.

     Xuanyuan Qingfeng, who almost stepped on the ferry, glanced at Xu Fengnian. There were some doubts and questions in her eyes. Xu Fengnian smiled bitterly. She was coldly snorted and suddenly disappeared.

     Xu Baozao has a keen mind, to open the door and see the mountain and asked: "Do you know Huishan, the leader of the rivers and lakes?"

     Xu Fengnian cannot help laughing and asked with a smile: "You don't know? Who doesn't?"

     Xu Baozao asked again: "She knows you too?"

     Xu Fengnian did not deliberately cover up, and lay on the railing again, "When I met her, it was a long time ago. At that time, we didn't know us in the rivers and lakes. At that time, you should have only heard of a Xuanyuan in Huishan. Prodigal ladies, the beads for the slingshot to hit the birds are made of gold."

     Xu Baozao looked in a trance, lowered his voice and asked, "Who are you?! Are you the Peach Flower Sword God?"Xu Fengnian was stunned, thinking that this girl's thoughts are like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, how do you connect yourself to Deng Tai'a?

     Xu Baozao stared at Xu Fengnian and said: "Grandpa Song and Liu Guanshan have both told me about things in the world, especially Grandpa Song, as the Sword Path Grandmaster, admires the peach flower sword god who went to sea to visit immortals most, saying that Mr. Deng’s sword skills have long been Reach perfection, the swordsmanship is no less than the great real man Lu Dongxuan, and Grandpa Song said that Deng Tai’a doesn’t like sabers. In fact, he looks mediocre, not like the heroic and dashing rumors. Since you even know the leader of Xuanyuan, plus you are right The indifferent attitude of Gao Tinghou's military dignitaries, and your appearance..."

     Xu Fengnian interrupted the woman's speculation, and said ill-humoredly: "Just because I look ugly, that's Deng Tai Ah? Then if I am handsome, I must not be Xu Fengnian, the king of Beiliang?"

     Xu Baozao said unceremoniously: "Then you have to cast a good baby in your next life, before you have the chance to be the century-old Xu Fengnian."

     Xu Fengnian smiled heartily, "Knowing you till now, you just count this sentence as the most reasonable."

     Xu Baozao mouth twitched and gave a sneer.

     Xu Fengnian asked for no reason: "Did you like Taoist classics before, do you want to learn martial arts in the future?"

     Xu Baozao was confused, not knowing what medicine this mysterious man bought in the gourd, she didn't rush to answer, just squinted Xu Fengnian.

     Xu Fengnian looked serious, "You know or not you are lucky?"Xu Baozao had no reason to feel anger in his heart, and sneered: "Qiyun? Of course I have it, otherwise, how can I be ranked fourth in the rouge review? The second comment can be said, the next rouge review five or ten years later , When the daughter of the Xu family in Guanhai gradually grows up, she will surely be among the top three, and even hope to win the title of'The World Color A'. Do you think I have luck?!"

     Xu Feng said in a young voice: "So many rouge reviews, it seems that there has never been a comment from the color armor. Only the last queen of Western Chu won the color armor and became one of the thirteen armors in the Spring and Autumn Period. I am not interested in what color armor is in the world. I have only heard of Beiliang Iron Cavalry World..."

     Xu Baozao frowned and said, "Northern Liang Cavalry? Didn't it break up?"

     Xu Fengnian raised his head, the river breeze blew his face, blowing his temples like turning a book, and gusts of wind blew the pages.

     He whispered: "Yes."Back then, at the northwest portal of the Central Plains, it was known as the Northern Liang’s 300,000 cavalry. Of course, the real northwest cavalry could not have 300,000, and at its peak, it was only 140,000. At the end of the three years of Xiangfu, the situation was deteriorating. Following the heroic destruction of the 30,000 left cavalry troops led by Lu Dayuan, the Youzhou cavalry of Yu Luandao, the white feather light cavalry of Yuan Tingshan, the dragon elephant cavalry of Xu Longxiang and Li Mofan, and the Liuzhou cavalry of Kou Jianghuai begging for Longguan, Ning Emei’s Tiefu Tu, the main force of many cavalry forces in Beiliang, and those two heavy cavalry forces, lost and replenished the source of troops again and again. In the end, most of them were still unable to form an establishment. The young king left Beiliang. Before the frontier army, only the Daxue Dragon Cavalry maintained a relatively complete organizational system. Out of some consideration or worry, the Liyang New Dynasty did not act on this cavalry named that moves the world, making it unwilling to enter Beijing as an official. Xie Xiwei, a general, commanded the army, looked at the north and deterred the grasslands.

     As for why Xie Xifeng, who entered the Beiliang Border Army at a later stage, was chosen, instead of Li Yanchao, Ning Emei and Li Mofan’s and others, the Beiliang native generals, the court’s care is easy to see.

     The frightened people on the ferry were not angry at all, only overwhelmed by favor from superior and Mo Da-honoured, only the kind of happiness that Lao Tzu had been hit by a pie in the sky.

     Also right, Xuanyuan Ziyi has not been seen in the rivers and lakes for many years. Today, the gods with no cause and no reason descended from the earth, so how can these weaklings who are in contact with the rivers and lakes not feel great fortune?After Xu Fengnian took Xu Baozao to the shore, instead of climbing, he went straight to Longhu Mountain. He explained to her: "I guess Huishan will not contain you anymore. I will think about it again. Originally, if you stay in Huishan, it is the best thing. Appropriately, the only place in the world where you can ignore the expression of the official mansion is the only two mountains left, Huishan and Wudang. The latter is far away and too far from your hometown."

     Xu Baozao smiled and said: "It seems that you are definitely not the sword god of peach blossoms, otherwise the leader of Xuanyuan will sell you a face no matter how big it is."

     Xu Fengnian glanced at her, "You don't tell me it's not you should be more worried about your situation?"

     With his hands under his hands, Xu Baozao walked lightly, stepping on the bluestone path, not like a runaway dog, but like a wandering kid walking in autumn to enjoy the scenery. She smiled, said: "The sky is falling down, there is a tall man, what am I afraid of."

     Xu Fengnian joked, "You have a big heart."

     Before leaving the Xuanyuan Family of Huishan, it was quite lively. Xu Baozao caught a glimpse of an elderly vendor on the side of the road carrying a burden, screaming and selling the freshly dipped candied haws. Some gluttonous children asked their parents for copper. They ran to buy, and there was a beautiful woman with a cool face and a fairy gas standing not far away. Some young men were good at understanding others and bought a bunch of golden syrup brightly colored and alluring candied haws. After the woman took over, she was smiling sweetly. , Seeing that young hero has turned his heart. Xu Baozao wasn't polite with Xu Fengnian, stretched out a hand and motioned for him to pay. Xu Fengnian was too lazy to care, untied the long cloth bag slung over her shoulders, and took out a grain of silver for her. Xu Baozao asked, "Don't you have scattered copper coins? Now silver and copper are very cheap, so be careful not to find them. Open copper coins."Xu Fengnian laughed softly: "I have to save copper coins for others."

     Xu Baozao couldn't figure it out and didn't even think about it. She bought the candied haws after taking the silver. She was kind enough. She bought two bunches and gave them to Xu Fengnian. It wasn't the vendor who saw her being rich and arrogant foolish, but in Huishan. Selling things and killing pigs is a matter of heaven's law and earth's principle. The price of a bowl of wine can buy a jar of wine in other places.

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     Xu Baozao held that string of bamboo sticks candied haws, smiled so that those smart eyebrows were like crescents, and licked the sugar coating carefully, and there was a piece of happiness rippling on his face, satisfied with what one has, so the acid is on the tip of the tongue, sweet Heart.

     Perhaps he was infected by her sudden happiness, Xu Fengnian gnawed the candied haws and laughed.

     Xu Baozao talked to oneself and said: "I used to hear from the maid at home that they could eat this kind of stuff in the autumn fairs, temple fairs or water and land dojos, especially the sugar-coated haw of Xinyizhai, which is the most pleasant one. The lottery is strung together, but placed in a delicate and beautiful paper box, the pieces are round and huge, and it is said that looking at it can make people drool."

     Xu Fengnian asked, "Are you going to try it for the first time?"

     Xu Baozao curled his lips, "Not really."

     She seemed to be afraid that Xu Fengnian would look down on herself. She quickly added joyfully satisfied and said: "Although I have never eaten candied haws, I have tasted winter bamboo shoots from Luling, wild ferns from Guangling, lychees from Anxi, and oranges from Yonggan. The chestnuts in the city, the pomegranates in Heyin, the Shangyuan shaved, Songjiang perch, Zaozao cake, Nierhong, Wuzhou slender japonica rice, and even Beiliang green ant wine, how about you? Have you eaten it? "Xu Fengnian laughed and said that she was a silly girl who likes to compete.