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0 Chapter List 156 Finale (Part 2) End Of The Book
    Chinese Name: 陈二狗的妖孽人生  Author: 烽火戏诸侯(Fēnghuǒ xì zhūhóu, Tricking Warlords)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Chen Fusheng did not go back to the nest directly, but went to the Zhongshan Mausoleum, followed by Zhou Xiaoque. Hesitated for a moment on the way, he still called his sister Chen Yuanshu.

     The awakened Chen Yuanshu was wrapped in a bed, holding a mobile phone and smilingly asked: "How do you think of my insignificant god-sister? There is an emergency that requires me to go out?"

     Chen Fusheng drove the Audi that was going to drive for ten years, and smiled bitterly: "Sister, I may be rushing to Shanxi in the next few days. A new situation has occurred over there. Even the old gentleman's deployment has been disrupted, but it is not a bad thing. If it is handled properly, it will be a great thing. My cooperation partner, Wu Liang from Shandong, can become a powerful person in the reveal one's talent in this major merger and reshuffle."

     Chen Yuanshu was completely drowsy, sat up and leaned on the pillow, and said in surprise: "What's the matter?"

     Chen Fusheng paused and said: "Someone from the imperial city stretched out an olive branch and wanted to join forces. It feels like we were a wild mandarin fish before. Although we were also carnivorous, we can eat at most small fish and shrimp, but now it suddenly becomes A giant whale swallows whoever wants to swallow it, so that even the old man dare not act blindly without thinking, so I have to run to Shanxi myself, and then I may have to go to the imperial city to explore the reality."

     Chen Yuanshu was shocked and smiled and said: "Which imperial city is not an imperial city, I will return to the imperial capital, Beijing is Beijing, who did you learn from?"

     Chen Fusheng said with a chuckle: "In short, there may be no time to drink tea with you, and the fishing appointment we had agreed earlier had to be postponed."Chen Yuanshu thoughtfully said: "These all are trivial matters. I won’t ask more about the details of the trip to Shanxi. I will give me a copy of the information when I have a rough framework. I will help you check. I also have acquaintances in Beijing, but I guess Old Master Qian will definitely not give me a chance to intervene, and I don’t worry about it, and ask a question that I’ve been curious about for a long time. How did you make Secretary Qian, who has a very high vision, identify with you as the successor of the Wei family? I remember you at that time. Go up and not how many chips."

     Chen Fusheng hesitated for a moment, saying: "It's very simple, I said to the old man, others can be a competent puppet, but I can be your coffin carrier."

     Chen Yuanshu was stunned for a moment. After waiting for a long time, he didn't see the following. He wondered: "Is this over?"

     Chen Fusheng smiled and said: "That's enough. Whether the blind cat ran into a dead mouse, mysteriously and inexorably of his own providence, it was done like this. But I guess the old man didn't really care about it at first, and later saw me ask for help. Mom liked it, and did a few more'private jobs' that satisfied him, and only then did I recognize my qualifications to enter the Qian's Xiaolou. Later, the father really regarded me as a son."

     Chen Yuanshu click one's tongue in wonder and said: "Floating, you are such a wonderful flower."

     "Sister, Zhou Guoqi harassed You don't have?" Chen Fusheng asked tentatively. As for what happened in Qian's Xiaolou that night, whether he has hidden anything, maybe it will never be known to outsiders for a lifetime.

     "Normal contact is still there." Chen Yuanshu sketch in light shades said.

     "Sister, if you really don't hate that guy, I think it's more reliable for you to be together than to find a husband in Jiangsu Province." Chen Fusheng said in deadly earnest."You are so eager to marry someone else?" Chen Yuanshu's tone on the phone seemed to hide dangerous aura.

     "Sister, can you not marry forever, just give me a heartless guy as a sister? That would be a disadvantage." Chen Fusheng said with a smile.

     "I think it's pretty good. Anyway, my family is no longer worried about inheriting incense. There is no risk to be a sister for you. If you are a daughter-in-law, the risk factor is too high. I really don't want to waste the little youth left on emotions. In terms of the problem, I am not a woman who can get up twice in the same place where I fell." Chen Yuanshu laughed at himself, his delicate mouth full of bitterness.

     "Don't talk about these boring topics, let's change something nutritious." Chen Fusheng quickly ended a disharmonious topic with interest.

     "You said." Chen Yuanshu, who only wore a thin silk pajamas, continued to curl up in the bed like a kitten.

     "Sister, don't you dress much now?" Chen Fusheng asked with a smile.

     Chen Yuanshu closed his mouth vigilantly.

     "Is that the ivory Hangzhou silk pajamas I gave you?" Chen Fusheng laughed ambiguously.

     Chen Yuanshu pressed the end button and threw the phone out of the bed with hot hands. He didn't dare to move, and there was a strange feeling in his delicate body.

     Chen Fusheng, who was forced to hang up the phone, did not expect to be immersed in the world of obscenity. Instead, he continued to drive with a serious expression and came to a clearing on the top of the mountain. After getting off the car, he sat on the roof of the Audi car. Zhou Xiaoque stood by the car and accompanied him. Stared at him in a daze.

     "Xiao Que, tell me about Gong Hongquan." Chen Fusheng held his flue in his mouth."A good man." Zhou Xiaoque held back for a long time before giving this comment that he had said that he hadn't said.

     "What about me?" Chen Fusheng smiled, and tossed Zhou Xiaoque a cigarette and a lighter.

     After being lit, Zhou Xiaoque took a sip, "It's still not as good as Master Gong, but you are still young. When you reach his age, you will only be better than him."

     "This evaluation is beyond my imagination." Chen Fusheng smiled happily, threw away his cigarette butts, and looked at Nanjing City. "It's up to you to accompany me to Shanxi and Beijing. As Wang Hulu said, the kid Huang Yangshen has a bad feeling. It’s a master who can’t stand loneliness. It’s best to get rid of your hands early. You are different. You have no ability to be a white-eyed wolf in your life."

     "As long as you don't make me feel sorry for Gong Xiaoju, I will give you my life until I can't sell it." Zhou Xiaoque smiled. Since a period of time with this new master, the most obvious feature is that he has learned to smoke.

     "You are also a fool, you have the same virtue as our family." Chen Fusheng smiled.

     "Will you be able to fight against Fugui if you have a chance?" Zhou Xiaoque asked.

     "Sure, it's okay." Chen Fusheng simply lay down, lying on the roof of the car with a cigarette dangling his legs, some feelings, "Last time I had a wedding with my wife, he was already a lieutenant when he came back. I know next time I come back, I can break the bull and get a school officer to play tricks. This stupid and big guy is generally not true to people, and he is more awkward than I can persuade him, if it weren’t for Zhangjiazhai to be a soldier, I guess He just found a woman in the countryside to warm the kang head. When I first entered the city, my biggest wish was to save money to buy him a daughter-in-law with a little water. Now it seems that I don’t need it anymore, and I don’t know which daughter can Let him catch his eyes.""Brother Chen, sister-in-law is about to give birth, right? I heard that they are twins?" Zhou Xiaoque's rigid and indifferent face is now softer and softer. It is hard to imagine that he is the most outstanding professional killer.

     "Well, yes, coming soon. The bastard's name is Chen Ping, and the girl's name is Chen An. Chen Ping Chen An means safe and sound. The name is a bit vulgar, but it's festive. I am not the same as being a dad. Shouting for more than ten years." Chen Fusheng's face bloomed with joy.

     Zhou Xiaoque was smoking a cigarette, she should be thinking of Gong Xiaoju, a woman who still hates him.

     "Beijing, I'm here!" Chen Fusheng sat up and shouted.

     Chapter 44:

     A secluded teahouse in Beijing, sitting face to face with a middle-aged woman in the appearance of a graceful lady and a plain-looking young man. The woman is well-dressed and slightly rigid. At first glance, she is a figure within the system. The man is not very brilliant and low-key and restrained. , The same as the old Beijinger. The woman took a sip of tea and asked, "Little plum, do you blame Jia Jia?"

     A younger generation who had a funny nickname shook the head, replied: "Don’t blame her, not at all. When I was a child, I was used to looking at her little by little and trying to grow up. Now it’s no different. I’m still not as tall as her. Maybe the only difference is that I don’t cry so much, and I don’t need her to help me grab the candied haws."The man said serene, but he couldn't hide the bitterness between his eyebrows, holding the tea cup in both hands, and looking out the window, "It was so simple at that time. I had three bowls of rice every meal. I just wanted to grow up and have a shoulder that she can rely on. Now it seems that there is no hope in this life. Aunt Fu, in fact, I secretly rushed past the Nanjing wedding banquet, but I didn’t show up. Looking from a distance, Jian Jia is so beautiful. The first time I saw her purely as a man of the same age The smile was brilliant. At that moment, I didn't even have the courage to be jealous. I knew that even if I defeated Chen Ergou, I would also lose to him. I felt sorry for myself. I was too spineless and unwilling to fight."

     The woman called Aunt Fu sighed and said, "What did your father say?"

     "Little Plum" shook his head and said, "No."

     Aunt Fu obviously stopped paused and said: "Chen Fusheng went to Shanxi to work in coal mines a month ago. Last week, he went to Inner Mongolia to have a fight for a Nanjing woman named Qiao Mai. I don’t know how he had trouble with Sun Huo. It was only because of the deep friendship that I suppressed the matter. I just arrived in Beijing yesterday and talked to the Shenhua Group about cooperation. I will not hide from you. Shenhua’s actions were my own hands, but not to pave the way for Chen Fusheng. It was purely to give me that in advance. My granddaughter has a red envelope. No matter how I look down on him, Jian Jia is my daughter. The two children in her belly are also my relatives, Xiao Li. When you can walk, I will treat you as a son-in-law, even Now, the Cao family and the Li family are unhappy. I didn't treat you as an outsider, so this time Chen Fu was born in Beijing. You teach him a lesson. I will not stop you. I just hope that you don't go too far.Little Lizi smiled bitterly and shook his head, put down the teacup, and said, "Aunt Fu, I will not trouble him for the time being. I can't stand it now. I can't hold it anymore and I will do it again. The most is to let him It is impossible to make him less money, or make some bruises, and kill him with vigour. It is impossible to drive him to a dead end. At that time, Jian Jia will hate me for a lifetime, and I can't afford it. My father said that a man is not a demon. Only by committing evil can a great thing happen, and I can't let him look down on him."

     Aunt Fu said with emotion: "You, this piece of jade, only Chen Longxiang dare to carve it."

     Little Lizi showed a far-fetched smile, and curiously asked: "With your temper, how could you agree to Jia Jia to marry Chen Fusheng?"

     Aunt Fu said helplessly: "Jianjia and all of us both played a squirrel, and they were still going back to the carbine. Even her old man could not hold it, let alone me as a mother. When she was pregnant with a child, she would give it to the family. Well, she actually didn’t have anything, let us wait for the baby with peace of mind, we don’t know at all, we don’t know at all, and the old lady is always happy, we have to to give up on this, The old lady said, who among the restless younger generations in the family dares to wear Chen Fusheng's shoes?"

     Little Lizi is naturally the father Li Kua who doesn't even think of Wei Duangong. He suddenly smiled and said: "Aside from the identity of the rival, this'ergou' still has a lot of advantages. A small figure in the northeast who has no backing, a hard-working boy threw into Shanghai, and then swam to Nanjing, but he did not eat. It’s a big loss, the more you live, the more moisturized you are. I caught everything that should be caught and became a rookie of Jiangsu Minor Celebrity's, which is not easy."Aunt Fu not to accept as correct said: "Push up one generation or more, anyone who didn't start from scratch, especially the generation of the old man Jia Jia, the whole world was defeated by them. Chen Fusheng's experience is nothing."

     Father Li Kua smiled and said, "Aunt Fu, you can kill all the young people born in the 80s with a stick."

     Aunt Fu dazed for a moment, lightly smiled, continue drinking tea.

     Father Li Kua said softly, "In the future, if Jianjia does not object, and as long as the two children don’t look too much like Chen Fusheng, I will be their godfather. Whoever dares to snatch their candied haws, I’ll be a godfather. Go out and help them get it back, haha."

     Aunt Fu was made not to know whether to laugh or cry by Li Kua's father's childish remarks, pointing to the young Toshihiko who didn't seem to be joking at all, she couldn't say anything.


     Zhou Jingzhe and Chen Yuanshu very Hearts of One Mind came to Chen Fusheng and Cao Jianjia’s nest on the same day. Kong Dao, who was waiting downstairs 24 hours a day, took a few brothers to carry various supplements from the car to the upper floor. Four or five trips back and forth, it shows that the two women can't wait to even arrange the diapers for the baby in Cao Jianjia's belly. Chen Xiangyao and Li Qingwu basically stay in the nest during the day, helping with cooking and cleaning the room, according to Chen Fusheng Cao Jianjia's instructions almost confessed Cao Jianjia as Bodhisattva Guanyin, and Cao Jianjia has no alternative to this.

     "Sister Fang and Ji Jing will come together in two days." Zhou Jingzhe was finally able to take a closer look at the room, and she dressed relatively plainly today.

     As long as it is a woman, unless a tiger girl like Wang Yuyan in Amei Restaurant has no hidden secrets, the world of women and women always makes men confused.Just like the few women staying in the room now, except for the real wife Cao Jianjia and Chen Xiangyao, even Li Qingwu, who seems to be the most perfectly clean with Chen Fusheng, might also be embarrassing.

     When Chen Yuanshu and Cao Jianjia were at home, Li Qingwu and Chen Xiangyao went to the kitchen to make dinner, Zhou Jingzhe went to Chen Fusheng’s study room. The large densely packed network blackboard on the wall made her smile. In line with the guy’s style, compared with the huge blackboard that occupies the wall of March and February, there are two small whiteboards and one small blackboard on the opposite wall. Depending on the situation, the whiteboard should be used to deconstruct certain business cases and large group structures. The small blackboard is nailed with many small pieces of paper, and the paper is full of keywords. They are all effective information that Chen Fusheng thinks can be extended. Zhou Jingzhe stood under the network map again and found his name , I saw that the label is "clear bottom line, unique values, you can be a confidant, and must not be short-term communication as the original intention."


     Zhou Jingzhe was in a daze.

     Her long-lost hobby of hoaxes came up again, took out the cell phone and sent a text message to Chen Fusheng, "Hey, I managed to escape the siege and sneak into your room. I want to have a short-term relationship with you."

     She specifically typed three "cross" characters, and then she was silly and cheated, just like a young girl in her first love, waiting for her lover to reply to the text message.

     Someone replied: "Fork, I'm on the way to pay party dues!"Zhou Jingzhe suppressed a smile and gently put the phone away. His "I am a reserve party member" was still stored in her phone. She touched the landlord with her hands on her back, and looked around. When she was bored, she pulled out a book from the desk full of professional books, and took a look at Chen Fusheng’s comments and circle drawings. She was alone, especially one who had been very successful. Man, what motivates him to fight like sprinting for the college entrance examination every day?

     When Zhou Jingzhe was in the study "exploring the secrets", Cao Jianjia and Chen Yuanshu were sitting and chatting. Cao Jianjia seemed to think of something, went to the room and took out a list, handed it to Chen Yuanshu, and said with a smile: "There are some on the list. Small items that need to be bought for Floating, such as chalk and fountain pens, need to go to a special store, otherwise Floating may be uncomfortable. I am really "dragged down by having a family to feed" now, so I am unlikely to go out. If you choose by yourself, you can only trouble you, a sister who is even closer than your own sister."

     Chen Yuanshu didn't think much, smiled and said, "No problem, it must be done."

     After the five big beauties had a happy dinner together, Chen Yuanshu and Zhou Jingzhe said goodbye and went downstairs together. Chen Xiangyao also left afterwards, leaving only the neighbor Li Qingwu.

     "Qingwu, come, sit down, let's talk." Cao Jianjia smiled peacefully. This is really a perfect woman who makes men and women impeccable.

     Li Qingwu sat opposite Cao Jianjia obediently, a little nervous.

     "In fact, Fusheng knew that you were an employee of Qinghe for a long time, and you were still a very promising's group's Intensive Training object. Why did you leave on own initiative? Are you afraid that Fusheng would mistakenly think that you came to our house for an attempt?" Cao Jianjia smiled. , Without the intention of criticize violently, he still has a homely tone.Li Qingwu was dull on the spot, did not rush to give an explanation, flushed a small face, not knowing what to do.

     "It is not difficult to find a company that is no worse than Qinghe based on your resume and ability, but your foundation in Qinghe has disappeared in the past few years. What a pity, I think it is more appropriate for you to go back and plan your life. It is profitable and harmless, and Fusheng has a certain say in Qinghe. This kind of hidden resource is not wasted. I also talked to Fusheng about this problem, and he also thinks you should go back." Cao Jianjia meaningful and heartfelt words said.

     "Sister Cao, I'm not going to return to Qinghe." Li Qingwu summons courage said.

     "The stubborn child who doesn't turn his head back, a headache, even if it's melon field, it's not your way to avoid suspicion." Cao Jianjia rubbed his forehead.

     Li Qingwu lowered his head again.

     "How is it going to find a job now?" Cao Jianjia sighed.

     "Still looking for it, I am you don't release the hawk until you've seen the hare, and I will never wrong myself if there is no good job." Li Qingwu raised his head and smiled.

     "Little girl, I can't understand the thoughts in your stomach? I guess you won't find a job until I give birth to a child?" Cao Jianjia smiled, "How much business has been delayed to take care of my pregnant woman. You are now in a critical period in your career. In the long run, your actions now have great sequelae."

     "It doesn't matter." Li Qingwu smiled, very sincere.

     "Smart silly boy, it's nice to be young."Cao Jianjia shook his head and smiled. He did not continue discussing this topic, and then went to the bookcase and pulled out an ancient Feng Shui book from Wei Gonggong Mountain and Water Huamen. Li Qingwu sat for a while and quietly left the room. Cao Jianjia stood up occasionally. After walking for a few laps, they all sat on the sandalwood chair with cushions and read. When about nine o'clock in the evening, she put the book back to its original place. After washing, she went to the study to sit for half an hour, and then returned to the master bedroom. She turned on the lamp and took out a diary from the drawer of the desk. She didn’t have the habit of writing a diary before she married Chen Fusheng, but after marrying him, she didn’t shaken by thunder and she would write all day experiences every day, even if it was She will record the simple day of chicken feathers and garlic skins without missing a word. Everything about Chen Fusheng in this house is very clear about sth, but Cao Jianjia’s things, Chen Fusheng never moved, he He didn't even open the drawer, which is like Cao Jianjia never turned his mobile phone.

     They are the kind of men and women who don’t know how to run for firewood, rice, oil and salt, even if they are poor. Maybe Chen Fusheng was never so wise or detached at first, but he married Cao Jianjia and started subconsciously running. Absorbing and evolving, it was Cao Jianjia who brought him out of Zhangjiazhai, and it was Cao Jianjia who made him transform from a tricky rural youth to a mature city man, and also allowed Chen Fusheng to retain the most simple thing, Chen Fusheng climbed upward using both fair and foul methods seize every minute and second, and she waited for him peacefully staying on the spot.After writing the diary and closing the book, she lay down on the bed and turned to look at her husband’s position. Now it is impossible for her to turn sideways easily, so she can only stretch out a hand with slight difficulty and touch his sleeper. Pillow, and then closes the eyes, after half an hour, Cao Jianjia put on clothes and got up again, sat down at the table, smiled, wrote an extra thing, put it in the diary, and then went to sleep at ease.

     Early in the morning, Li Qingwu, who had the keys to their house, had already started to make breakfast for Cao Jianjia. Cao Jianjia hesitated for a moment, picked up a cell phone with only a few numbers for chatting, sent a text message to Chen Fusheng, and then filled Waiting expectantly for an answer, under normal circumstances, he would call within half a minute, but this time Chen Fusheng did not respond in time. After waiting for ten minutes, Cao Jianjia thought he encountered an emergency situation in Beijing, but When she was about to call again, she found that he had already called, but she just hung up soon. It was estimated that it was inconvenient to reply immediately because of an emergency, and Cao Jianjia would no longer bother.


     At the Capital Airport, someone rushed out of the taxi and rushed into the lobby like his wife was abducted. He bought a ticket and found embarrassingly that there was nearly an hour before boarding, so he brought a wallet and a He had to go to the airport bookstore to spend time on mobile phones, and he couldn’t sell it. Finally, he chose very carefully to publish a copy of Ye Yonglie’s "The Rise and Fall of ******, so as not to waste time on the two and a half hour plane and sell books in China. The waiter got a ball-point pen for free after the cuties, and he ran to the boarding gate to check the ticket perfectly contented.

     He just got the text message from his wifeWhen he got on the plane, he found a familiar girl sitting by the window. The reason for his familiarity was that apart from her back in the corner of the bookstore, Chen Fusheng seemed to have an extra impression of another point in his mind, but she was wearing a With a hat covering most of his face, Chen Fusheng sat down in confusion. The first time he got on the plane, he studied the safety buckle for a while. When he finally figured it out, he raised his head and found that as much water as it is, there is more water. With Qiu Shui’s eyes facing him, Chen Fu suddenly returned to his senses without blinking, and said in surprise: "Little girl, it's a small world that a leaf of duckweed returns to the sea!"

     "You are?" The young girl blinked her eyes without a trace of smoke.

     "We two met at Jiming Temple, the one who ate plain noodles together? Don't you remember?" Chen Fusheng said embarrassingly.

     The girl shook her head.

     Chen Fusheng sighed regretfully. It's only been two years at most. It's really an eminent person has short memory. Isn't this national treasure-level cabbage the girl who likes to yell "It's all fate"? Jiming Temple, heavy rain, small umbrellas and embroidered shoes, a mysterious and simple girl, may be a strange picture that Chen Fusheng will never forget in this life.

     "Haha, I lied to you." The girl saw that Chen Fusheng was going to turn her head down, without warning, as brilliant as a sun, eyes narrowed, revealing two small dimples, she still said the mantra, "It's all fate~"

     "Why are you going to Nanjing too?" Chen Fusheng asked with a smile, putting the book on his knees again.

     "Running away from home." The girl said with a grin, she exuded a light scent, not perfume."So rebellious? You don't look like it." Chen Fusheng half believing, half doubting said.

     "You can't judge a person by appearance, just like you, looks like a spoiler. The first time I met you, didn't you keep a distance?" The girl said in a very gentle and serious tone that made Chen Fusheng very Real thoughts of aggrieved.

     "You are so upright, you must have very good moral character when you were a student." Chen Fusheng sighed, "By the way, still does not know your name."

     "I haven't guessed it yet? Are you really naive or pretending to be stupid?" The little girl stared at Chen Fusheng with a puzzled look.

     Chen Fusheng looked back at her sincerely, without flinching at all.

      in the end still is Xiao Nizi lost, regaining a smile and said: "If you don't tell you your real name, you can't guess it. But I and some forums use Pandora's id, you just call me Pandora. , Remember, it is a flower, not too many."

     "Very strange name." Chen Fusheng was originally unfamiliar with Greek Mythology, so his mind would never lean on Pandora.

     "Why are you sweating?" The girl nicknamed Pandora's wondered. The man next to her was like an enemy, with sweat on her forehead.

     "It's okay, I'm a little nervous." Chen Fusheng said with difficulty. The plane has already started. It doesn't take a few seconds for him to be at an exaggerated height above the ground than Shanghai Oriental Pearl. This is for a man with a deep fear of heights. , Is the biggest torment, the worst is that the turbulence brought by the airflow will double the feeling of fear of highly ill patients.

     "It's the first time you fly on a plane? And afraid of heights?" the girl was surprised.Chen Fusheng nodded, already closed the eyes. He went to Shanxi and transferred to Beijing to take the EMU. Originally, he thought he would not have anything to do with airplanes in his life. He didn't expect a text message with no difficulty to break all his stubbornness. And fear. Chen Fusheng clutched the handrail tightly, sweating more and more, never daring to open his eyes, which seemed a bit funny to outsiders.

     "Then you are still flying? In a hurry?" the girl wondered.

     Chen Fusheng couldn't even speak, just nodded hard.

     "I guess you are currently already stand out among one's peers? Are you going back to Nanjing to discuss a major business?" The girl hopes to relieve his fear through the conversation. She doesn't want this guy to lie on the ground and twitch his limbs and foam at the mouth. .

     Chen Fusheng could only use nodding and shaking his head to express meaning now, shook his head and shut his mouth tightly.

     The girl Pandora's two-hour voyage. Apart from listening to music and reading magazines, three out of four is all about determining whether the man next to him has fainted. Fortunately, he sweats out the water. In the end, the whole suit has been soaked out of the water. The same, but she just gritted her teeth and carried it down. At the moment the plane landed, even the girl couldn’t help it as if relieved from a burden. Take a deep breath, with a little admiration for this guy who is tenacious to a certain level. After the cabin opened, he The first staggered and ran out.

     Is it the most urgent thing?

     The girl murmured, taking the luggage and slowly stepping out of the plane.

      don't know why, she firmly believes that she will meet him again in a certain region/place someday in the future.

     Fate, fate.Chen Fusheng immediately greeted Yuan Chun and Jia Peng, and then he spent almost a day in the Cipher Bar, and on that day Cipher also put up a sign that it would cease business.

     At 8 o'clock in the evening, after having a meal and walking around the community, Li Qingwu and Chen Xiangyao suddenly proposed to go to the password to check it out. They said it was closed for business rectification. They wanted to see and know what medicine the two children sold in the gourd. Cao Jianjia did not refuse, and then Zhang Qihang and a group of Chen Fusheng’s confidants showed up immediately. It was very planned and premeditated. Li Hongqi personally drove the Bentley sent by Yu Hanliang and appeared in the community to bring Cao Jianjia. Delivered to the strangely deserted code bar.

     Cao Jianjia didn’t want to understand the mystery. After walking into the bar, he found that the first floor was empty. It can be seen that the business was closed, but it was a fact that there were no customers. Cao Jianjia saw the red roses almost covering the whole bar, brightly colored and Alluring, it was definitely the first time in Cao Jianjia’s life that he saw such a dense and thick sea of roses. The only thing that didn’t match was that the bar chandeliers and railings were covered with red lanterns, which looked slightly nondescript, a little vulgar, but the same shaking one to the core, has an extremely strong personal style, like, like her paranoid, always maverick, so influential man who always makes people not to know whether to laugh or cry, Chen Ergou.

     The lights suddenly went out.

     An English song that Cao Jianjia is most familiar with rang.

     Cao Jianjia biting the lips, eyes red.

     "Doctor, actor, layeroray notpresident? beadrear" a very clear and ethereal female voice made the opening tone. It was "peerless" that Cao Jianjia listened to almost every day, so she couldn't be more familiar with it.Next is the sound of a group of children, just as natural.

     The lights came on suddenly, and a man stood in the center of the stage with his back facing Cao Jianjia’s direction, turned around, and sang this classic inspirational song loudly in unfluent English. His gestures and actions were exactly the same, except that he He is really not an old bird who is familiar with body language, so he looks very cute and ridiculous. In particular, he also manages the most usual flat head of Sheila, wearing a red shirt that is extremely challenging for him, which is simply too dramatic.

     The children in the choir each have a microphone and shake their bodies in line with the rhythm of the men on the stage. It may be because there are not many rehearsals. There are always little ones in the laughter, but overall it does not affect the performance of the protagonist Unexpected.

     The second floor was full of acquaintances in the circle, watching the performance of the man downstairs, silent, admiration, surprise, and more kind smiles.

     Because they really can’t imagine that aspiring men who are not one thread loose in black and white, like clocks and watches, would stand on the stage like a child to bouncing and vivacious like this, this guy, but Jiangsu Underground World is completely one word Worth nine sacred tripods. So everyone immediately turned their gazes to Cao Jianjia who was in the audience. He remained independent, staring affectionately at the man on the stage, covering his mouth, not knowing whether it was crying or laughing.

     Chapter 45 Green foxtail-a letter from Chen Ergou's wife

      After a half month.

     Outside the operating room of a certain hospital in Nanjing, the man who rushed back from Shanxi was holding a letter, squatting on the aisle floor, leaning against the wall, and choking silently.

     Li Qingwu, who was responsible for delivering the letter to Chen Fusheng, stood there, covering his mouth and crying.A strong and slender man rushed into the hospital, dressed in a military uniform, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, Cao Jia Cao Yehu.

     The murderous-looking Cao family heir severely picked up Chen Fusheng’s collar and hit him on the nose with a fist, and then kicked it all the way out. Zhou Xiaoque, who came from Shanxi with his master, wanted to make a move, falls to the Ground Chen Fusheng, who was still clinging to the letter, waved the hand, and Cao Yehu roared: "Bad son, don't you know that Jia Jia's body can't stand the torture of dystocia?! She will die!"

      Chen Fusheng, who cheeks streaming with tears, struggled to sit up and stretched one hand trembling to his pocket. This man who has almost established the prosperous status of Shanxi's coal mines seems to try to take out the 2 yuan and 5 packets of Xiaohonghe. Cao Yehu went up with a kick and kicked him in the chin. The man who had no intention of resisting flew far away. No one dared to step forward to dissuade him. Some men who rushed to hear the news had eyes red, while women had tears. Hug together weeping bitter tears.

     "This is what you son of a bitch killed Reeds!" Cao Ye Hu and Chen Bliss eyes as bloodshot and tears, but also took a leg opinions, Mr Bliss had spit scarlet blood, shocks the eye, astonishes the heart.Just when Cao Yehu really wanted to use the killing method, an unusually generous hand grabbed his shoulder, and then Cao Yehu, who had the same force as Dong Chibing's, was pulled sideways without any strength to fight back. After crashing into the wall, he couldn't get up after falling to the ground. Standing in front of him was a burly man with the same rank of lieutenant colonel on his shoulders. He was two meters tall, huge and majestic. Several followed Cao Yehu to the hospital. As soon as the soldiers in, they wanted to take a shot, the front one was stunned on the spot by the Siberian tiger-like warlord.

     In the face of the overwhelming horror gap, no one dared to make a move.

      Unparalleled Beneath Heaven Chen Fugui!

     "Brother." Chen Fusheng, who was lying on the ground panting, choked with tears and blood.

     "Don't be afraid, if you have a brother, no one can bully you." Chen Fugui, who just arrived in the Nanjing Military Region, used to help his younger brother who had only called him twice in the past 30 years. With a strong face, he helped Chen Fusheng to sit against the wall. He wiped away the tears and blood on his face with a big hand, and only said one sentence, "Old Chen's family never forgets favors and violate justice. We look into one's heart, no shame. Mother and grandpa, and brother. Daughter-in-law, I won’t blame you. Who dares to scold you again, I will kill someone.”

     Chen Fusheng just cautious and solemn protect the letter and try not to make it dirty or crumpled.

     Choking silence.

     Chen Fugui turned his head and looked at Cao Yehu, solemnly asked: "Do you have two dogs?"

     Cao Yehu dazed for a moment, no longer struggling to get up, leaning against the wall and looking at the ceiling, silently weeping.

     "Cao Yehu, go back and tell the Cao family, I will not give you any of the children, I will raise it myself." Chen Fusheng stood up against the wall little by little and said slowly.He folded the letter gently, put it in his pocket, and straightened his waist.


     "Ergou, when you read this letter, it was only a few hours after I entered the operating room. When I was a child, honest and good children could get the little red flowers. I was the one who got the most. Good children have always After doing it for 24 years, I suddenly learned that not every person can live to the age of the grandfather, so I travelled all over China with flower viewing from horseback.

     I didn’t feel any regrets, but I suddenly remembered that there was a silly kid in the northeast who was abducted to Shanghai by me and was bullied. In the end still is I think I should go to Nanjing to find you. Before, you were in Shanghai. When I said that I would work hard to make money and drink spicy food for me, I am very touched, because you are different from the men I know. (do sth, idiom) It’s a good meal for me to pay for a meal. It’s happier than I got all the red flowers combined. This is the truth. To put it in the words of Xiaoye Wanghu, it is the truth of the heart.In fact, I told you that I heard about you when I was very young. That was a lie to you. There are so many chances and coincidences in life, but I don't say that, I know you can't sleep well. Ergou, there is a saying that I have been holding back. That is a man. You don’t have to be a good husband. You don’t have to be a wild ambition to be a good husband. I know you’re tired, you’re tired of me or me. The family background that has been deliberately ignored is dragging upwards, how can it be easy? But I don’t say, I don’t want you to take me to my house one day and let everyone know that I made the most correct choice. I just want to lie in my little grave every day. The mother who has only met once, I don’t think they have to think you have to splendor shines on the family's door. Even if your mother leaves, she must be wondering whether the son in the south is hungry or cold. You have misunderstood The grandfather of twenty years must only hope that you can have a safe and stable life, no longer homeless and miserable. I become the wife of the old Chen family. From the first day on, I only want a straight-backed Chen Fusheng. It is enough to look into one's heart, no shame, but I can’t say these things, or if I’m not ready to say it, just comes without enough time.

     Ergou, I don’t regret meeting you at all, a woman who can meet you at the right place at the right time and let her delighted to (do sth, idiom) regardless of costs The unsatisfied may be that I have harmed you, but I have no time to repay. You are certainly not the best-looking man, but you are the most charming man in my mind. You are certainly not the richest man, but you are definitely the man who is most willing to give everything for me.A man who can grind his hands to bleed and save money for an old man who doesn’t have any relationship when he is in despair. The grandson who would cry his voice hoarse at his crazy grandfather’s grave, this one grew up on the spine. Diao Min, is he really heartless?

     A man who can save a few hundred dollars at Amei Restaurant for 1 cent 10 cents to buy all the used newspapers and magazines, and read them all under the street lamp, can squat in the toilet and read a copy for two hours, and only sleep three or four a day. For an hour to this day, can he not be called desperate?

     A man who can stick to shave a flat head for five or six yuan after he is rich, can play with relatives and children in the country in the corridors of a big hotel after he has gained power, and can still open the door when he is the most tired and hardest. His daughter-in-law squeezed a warm smile. This husband, who is regarded as Chen Shimei but never refuted and never defended, was not great?

     I am not greedy, I can have you, I am very happy, so happy that I often can't help but want to tell you, stop fighting, you have done well enough.

      if this is not the case, my body is destined to be unable to live with you (to live together until the) white hairs of old age, I will definitely take you to Beijing, to meet my grandpa and grandpa, and ask them to give you a big future, Because if I can stay with you all the time, even if the whole world looks down on you, it doesn't matter. But I can't accompany you to go on, I can't let you alone bear those blank eyes, those ridicules and those insidious and city palaces, I feel distressed.

     Ergou, live well. Every year I remember to toast my mother and grandpa to the grave. Teach our children to be literate and behave. When they become sensible, read my diary to them, and everything I want to say is on it.When they are older, you take them to Zhangjiazhai and tell them that their mother saw their father for the first time there, telling the children that in their mother’s eyes, the father who was scolded by Chen Ergou is in the world. The best man, and Xiao Chen An said, in the future, to find a husband, he must find a man like her father.

     Ergou, when the children get married, remember to bring your son-in-law and daughter-in-law to give me a toast, just like you did for me like our mother, and don’t forget the bracelet our mother gave me and put on our daughter-in-law for me Hands.

     Perhaps the biggest regret in my life is that I can’t see my little Chen Ping and Xiao Chen An with my own eyes.

     But I am content, I can give you a baby, and there are still two.

     Ergou, I lied to you many times, but there is something I finally haven't lied, in Yanziji, I said I would accompany you to watch the brilliant fireworks of a lifetime, and I did it.

     Although this lifetime is too short.

     Cao Jianjia, Jianjia, isn't it a green foxtail?

     Ergou, I owe you so much in this life. In the next life, I will be your green foxtail again. "

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