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0 Chapter List 384 The Day Of The First Year, The Day Of The Year, The Finale
    Chinese Name: 老子是癞蛤蟆  Author: 烽火戏诸侯(Fēnghuǒ xì zhūhóu, Tricking Warlords)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Zhao Jiadi began to participate in the first quarterly competition of the Foresight Cup under the instruction of the old principal. A total of nine economic indicators covered a wide range. The old principal, as a leader in the southern economic field, participated in low-key participation several times but ranked only Wandering around the middle reaches, this turned out to be the most important argument for short-term prediction of the Vision Cup, only to figure out Beijing’s mind. In fact, Jiang Shigen did not criticize this event. In the eyes of the elderly, most of the things are positive. There must be a disadvantage. The key is to look at the pros and cons. The old man has always supported this, otherwise he would not participate in person. Keep on fighting despite continual setbacks (Zhao Jiadi), learned that Jiang Shigen retired, the organizer was very nervous and afraid of excitement. There is a new wave of public opinion, so when the old principal officially recommended Zhao Jiadi to participate, the organizer as if relieved from a burden was a big surprise. In the circle, Zhao Jiadi is also a small upstart. The role, China is so big, there will always be some geniuses, and geniuses are often associated with youth. In the first quarter, Zhao Jia’s ranking is not high, not very noticeable, and only in the middle reaches. The old principal is not in a hurry. He knows the potential of this Final Disciple better than anyone. Digital games have always been Zhao Jiadi’s strengths. This favorite pupil venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time can only be regarded as mediocre. It was mainly dragged down by two indicators such as the growth of fixed asset investment and suffered a loss of experience. Zhao Jiadi thought behind closed doors at the old principal's house in Shanghai. After summing up his experience, he prepared to go back to Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission obediently and honestly to work, but before returning to Hangzhou, he received an invitation from Xu Zhenhong. The close woman, Pei Cuihu, the rouge tiger, and Yuan Shu with ponytails, have a harmonious atmosphere on the table. Zhao Jiadi will of course remember Xu Zhenhong’s courage to let the newcomer Yuan Shu take over the investment project, and of course he will remember this favor. In the first month, I talked to many people with Zhao Sanjin. Xu Zhenhong was among them. The topic was sensitive and involved Zhao Jiadi’s biggest knot in the past ten years. After the sumptuous dinner was over, Pei Cuihu took Yuan Shu to the balcony talking heart to heart. Zhao Jiadi and Xu Zhenhong sat face to face. This man, who came to Shanghai as a dragon, ended up being more domineering than those overweening arrogance. But at this moment, his expression was slightly nervous. Pei Cuihu watched from a distance, deeply worried and sick at heart. She is Xu Zhenhong's right-hand man and soulmate at the same time. Of course, she knows that Zhao Taizu will always be the Yizuo Great Mountains in Xu's heart, so big that a conceited man like Xu has not thought to try to climb over. Before Zhao Taizu reigned, Xu Zhenhong’s position was very clear, and the eight winds did not move, so even if it was the Jinhai storm, Xu Zhenhong remained uncompromising and not swaying, but now Zhao Taizu has made it clear that he will abdicate, and the relationship with his successor has become particularly important Important, new emperor, new officials, Xu Zhenhong’s current problem is that he is too successful, and this kind of success is not reliable. Zhao Taizu said that it can be taken away easily. Xu Zhenhong does not want to be the one who made wedding clothes for the Jiaqing Emperor in history. gentry. Pei Cuihu think for oneself and act accordingly Yuan Shu, who is a half-girlfriend and half-sister, tried to speak, but the ponytail doesn't have any to express his attitude, and the public and private are clear.Please remember the domain name of this site:

     Chapter 60 That Day, This Year (The Finale)

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     Chapter 60 That Day, This Year (The Finale)

     Zhao Jiadi asked: "Smoking?"

     Xu Zhenhong shook his head and said: "Cannot"

     Zhao Jiadi thought for a while and said, "Do you want to know what Zhao Sanjin's arrangements are for you?"

     Xu Zhenhong smiled bitterly and nodded.

     Zhao Jiadi bluntly said: "He didn't say."

     This is Xu Zhenhong's expected ending. It was originally Zhao Taizu's consistent behavior, foggy, and then killed with one blow. How did the person who died doesn't know at all. It’s a shiver all over though not cold.

     Zhao Jiadi calmly said: "The kidnapping happened a year before you became a driver for Zhao Sanjin. Do you know why Zhao Sanjin still takes you seriously?"

     Xu Zhenhong's heart was shocked, and clenched fists subconsciously clenched fists with a hand resting on the table, and said, "Are you waiting for today?"

     Zhao Jiadi asked curiously: "Who is Qi Fengnian?"

     Xu Zhenhong shook his head and said: "At that time, where was the right to know Qi Fengnian? I was just a crazy little girl, with only one life left. In order to climb up, I can't do whats the matter? What's the matter dare not fight? Over the years, I have been treated as a solitary soul, unbound ghost, trying to survive in the cracks, not humans inside and outside. Jiadi, since we are face to face today, no matter what you say, I will accept my fate."

     Zhao Jiadi asked: "Accept fate?"Xu Zhenhong asked, "How about it? It's not that I am incapable of a cornered dog will jump over the wall, but I still have a little conscience that has not been eaten by the dog. I want to bite the hand that feeds one with the big boss. Arrived. Back then, I planned to kidnap you. I don’t regret it. That’s what the superiors have to do. I don’t know Qi Fengnian, let alone the big boss. But after that, I have been a driver for the big boss for so many years. Without his training, I might have given it a long time ago. I don’t know at all. So you want me not having anything at all today. I will never take away half a dime. But I hope you only aim at my one person. This group has a lot of talents. , You can use it all."

     Zhao Jiadi smiled and said: "Yours, or yours, you continue to be your earth emperor."

     Xu Zhenhong was puzzled, "How to say?"

     Zhao Jiadi stood up and said, "You and I know that unless I kill you, I can't take the country you smashed, and I can't eat it. Don't say this kind of high-sounding. Besides, Zhao Sanjin still I am very optimistic about you. The group of people he trained by himself is the best in Baidao. If you fail, he will die of depression."

     Xu Zhenhong dumbstruck.

     Zhao Jiadi walked up to Xu Zhenhong, and separation was imminent. Two men with completely different backgrounds and growth trajectories, and two men with extreme values and outlook on life, did not know if there was any chance to meet again. Zhao Jiadi smiled, Xu Zhenhong could only smile along.

     In Zhao Jia's first uppercut, Xu Zhenhong turned his face and immediately followed the fierce knee.

     Pei Cuihu surprisedly spoke and ran quickly.

      complexion slightly white Xu Zhenhong, who bends over in pain, raised his hand and motioned to Pei Cuihu not to interfere.

     Xu Zhenhong slowly stood up straight, and said in a deep voice, "Thanks."Pei Cuihu looked at Zhao Jiadi of baffling with gloomy eyes, but did not see that the ponytails around him had more gloomy eyes. This is the first time a ponytail blooms darkly.

     Zhao Jiadi took Yuan Shu to leave, and Pei Cuihu, who thought Tan Beng, said angrily: "Boss, how to clean up this smug bastard?!"

     Xu Zhenhong curled his mouth and gave a tingling pain. This is something I haven't tasted in many years. He smiled lightly and slowly said: "Clean up? You think too much, the big boss attaches great importance to Zhao Jiadi, I am more than anyone else. Clearly. Besides, these two times are considered light. Today I don’t have Zhao Jiadi’s words, and tomorrow I may be thrown into the Huangpu River. How long do you think the big boss has waited for today? My life Now it’s my own. Let’s go, change place, and invite you to drink. Tell you something insider, I’ve been holding back So many years and it’s not easy. Sorry, your friendship with Yuan Shu is almost over."

     Pei Cuihu felt regret in his heart, did not show on his face, and said softly: "It's okay."

     Xu Zhenhong lit a cigarette, Pei Cuihu was still angrily, "Zhao Jiadi counts what thing, if Zhao Taizu is not his laozi, why should he be equal to you?!"

     Xu Zhenhong laughing heartily: "You, you, should you say that you are innocent or just a stupid word? Zhao Jiadi is the rich second generation, you are different? Oh, not the same, you are rich three generations rich four generations. Then you Tell yourself, why are you waiting for hand and foot by my side? It's because of your father Pei Donghu?"

     Pei Cuihu is rarely angry, panting with rage said: "Yes!"Xu Zhenhong patted her on the cheek, tranquil and even-tempered, and said: "Zhao Jiadi changed to my position, he will definitely not be where I am today. But if I change identities with him, I will not be able to do what he is now. Grades."

     Pei Cuihu asked in a low voice: "Do you admire him?"

     The empty rooftop restaurant has been booked by Xu Zhenhong. He walked to the railing and talked to oneself: "Appreciate. At that time, he kneeled to the doctor for the Mathematics Teacher who suffered a stroke, and I was there and watched. Such a man, no matter how capable , Are better than my runaway using both fair and foul methods. Moreover, he is quite capable. Cuihu, a person is very taboo to only see the shortcomings of others when looking up, and only the strengths when looking up. So you Don't think about stumbling on Zhao Jiadi furtively, and giving your old man Pei Donghu a chance to enjoy his old age. In the next 20 to 30 years, you can watch it quietly."

     Downstairs, Zhao Jiadi walked in front, Yuan Shu leaned back a little.

     Zhao Jiadi asked: "Is there nothing to say?"

     The ponytail smiled and said, "I will tell you when we are old."

     Zhao Jiadi stopped, took her hand, and walked forward side by side.

     After Zhao Jiadi won the first place in the Foresight Cup twice in a row, he formally resigned from the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission. In early April, Jinhai Industrial ushered in the first collective meeting of the board of directors after Zhao Taizu's abdication.

     The company’s financial report this year reached an astounding 295 pages. Even large listed companies have generally never reached such an astonishing number. This miracle was due to two major secret mergers and acquisitions, Shanghai Donglei Group and Shenzhen Jufeng. Private equity is included in the Jinhai territory, and the founders of both are women.

     dowry?A bunch of old ministers are bitter. It is said that it is Li Zhijin, the daughter-in-law appointed by the Lafayette of the Zhao Family. They Dungeon Masters have already seen the means, unreasonable to the extreme. Now she has brought the gold-sucking monster Kyoho private equity, and the power will only be greater in the future. Cai Yanzhi? There is one third in the financial report, all of which are expounding a cold fact: Donglei Group is a replica of Gimhae's business, involving a wide range of industries and a lot of profit, which is not inferior. Then she asks for a prominent position matching her ability after Li Zhijin, who would question? Who dares to refute? Since Gimhae is a family business, the board members are naturally not linked to the proportion of individual shares, and external factors cannot affect the distribution of power. In the past, it was Taizu Zhao one word worth nine sacred tripods. Now I thought it would be changed, but I didn't think it was still no show. The current position is roughly as follows: The Vice Chairman of the Board is successively Li Zhijin, Sun Chuanfang, Cai Yanzhi, Zhao Jiadi, and Zhao Xin, the last symbolically occupying position. The executive directors and directors are nine people including Tang Xiusi, Guo Ning, Yu Chengping, and Jiang Hu. Of the nine people, Donglei and Jufeng will share two seats.

     The four Independent Trustees are headed by Jiang Shigen, an expert member of the new Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee, and the remaining three are retired senior officials similar to those from the Ministry of Commerce.

     Zhao Jiadi will serve as the president, and the top management will start to implement a rotating bankrolling system this year, that is, each executive of the administration team will serve as a vice president for half a year and preside over day-to-day work. It can be seen that the new president Zhao Jiadi does not want to do it alone. Attempts to power.

     Those bystanders who are waiting to see the decline of the Golden Sea Empire two generations should be disappointed.In addition to the half-baked young faces of Tang Xiusi, who is serving as cfo, there are also several new faces who are the heads of R&D, strategy, terminal business or some important joint ventures. A young professor at Tsinghua University is on the list.

      there is still one middle-age man just picked up by Zhao Jiadi from the Zhejiang Province No. 1 Prison in Quzhou.

     At the board meeting, Li Zhijin got a report from Zhao Jiadi. It took three hours to analyze the past, current situation, prospects, bottlenecks, and opportunities of the group’s various industries, to draw blood on the first The prick, a lot of things, has not been in the middle level, and it is difficult to draw detailed conclusions. This makes the Jinhai veterans look at each other in dismay.

     As many as 64 people in the middle and high level were directly criticized or praised. As soon as the meeting is over, the promotion or resignation will be communicated immediately.

     Zhao Taizu never haggle over every cent on such details!

     At the end of the meeting, Chairman Li Zhijin presided over the meeting, so Zhao Jiadi, who has not spoken all the time, finally took the microphone and said flatly: "Gimhae starting from today will start preparing for the listing. It will take a few years for the specifics, depending on the skills of everyone present. To make a statement, Except for me, Board Chairman Li and President Cai, some of you will have the opportunity to hold up to 10 shares, followed by 8, 6, depending on performance."

     Zhao Jiadi looked at Sun Chuanfang, the veteran of Jinhai who was beside him, half-jokingly said: "Sun Vice Chairman of the Board, do you have any confidence?"

     This question seemed out of order and out of date, but Sun Chuanfang was heartfelt excited and smiled.They were already discouraged, and they never expected the moment when the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light. Listed! For a giant aircraft carrier such as Jinhai, not to mention the exaggerated number of 10, it is enough to be tempting.

      Intentionally or unintentionally, only Zhao Jiadi and Cai Yanzhi remain in the huge office. Even Li Zhijin didn't stay, because Qi Dongcao sat downstairs.

     Cai Yanzhi smiled and asked, "One is the main house, and the other is the sister-in-law of Tong Yang. These two bodhisattvas are going to meet, why don't you, the poor little Taoist boy, follow to help make the round?"

     Zhao Jiadi stretched out and said with a guilty conscience: "Now they are all targeting the outside world. They can't take care of me temporarily."

     Suddenly, Cai Yanzhi felt a small movement from the waist and legs. She then angered: "Hoof!"

     Zhao Jiadi happily shrank his hands, put his hands on the table, propped his chin, startled.

     The location of the new board meeting was moved from Beijing to Chongqing along with the group headquarters. No one knows what the subtext is.

     Zhao Jiadi suddenly asked: "Auntie, how old am I this year?"

     Cai Yanzhi knocked a chestnut on the bastard's head, "Are you suggesting how old I am?!"

     Zhao Jiadi still looked at the long conference table, his eyes in a trance.

     Cai Yanzhi stood behind him, rubbed her shoulders for her, and asked in a soft voice: "Afraid?"

     Zhao Jiadi smiled and said, "No, I just don't think it is true."

     Cai Yanzhi leaned forward, leaning on Zhao Jiadi, and whispered softly: "I'm really getting old."

     Zhao Jiadi in deadly earnest said: "Well, if you don't round the house, you will come without enough time."Cai Yanzhi smiled and said: "I'm not in a hurry, but Li Zhijin and Qi Dongcao are in a hurry. I was right, Wang Banjin is the least oil-saving lamp."

     赵甲第 sighed saying.

      even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute.

     In the chairman's office downstairs, Li Zhijin and Qi Dongcao who came quietly stood in front of the French windows.

     Qi Dongcao subconsciously touched his stomach, and said flatly: "We all lost."

     Li Zhijin was coldly snorted, shifting the topic and said: "How is it?" How is it?

     Qi Dongcao sneered and said, "Will you know what I know? It's interesting to ask me knowingly? Bayou will go to the Central Finance Channel for an interview soon, followed by a series of lectures at Peking University and other colleges and universities. There is no your operation?"

     Li Zhijin smiled, said: "I am proud of my small book."

     Qi Dongcao tutted: "The banquet is set up? Until now, your Li family haven't seen Baliang, it's a big shelf!"

     Li Zhijin optimistically said: "Sooner or later, my son and daughter must be named Zhao anyway."

     Qi Dongcao smiled and said, "there is not even the first stroke of the character."

     Li Zhijin turned his head and said: "Let's not here. Fifty steps and sixty steps. Who is the joke? Wang has been half a cat for several months, four or five?"

     Qi Dongcao said depressed: "It's six months."

     Li Zhijin smiled and said: "Look, I know she is one foot taller than us."

     Qi Dongcao said helplessly: "It seems to be a daughter, and she will definitely be a lovable little doll in the future. When that happens, Wang Banjin will not care about it for a while."Li Zhijin hummed, "It's okay, I will give birth to a son when that happens, and I will bully her daughter every day."

     Qi Dongcao patted his forehead.

     Li Zhijin whispered: "The one upstairs, I guess I can't fight it. How about you come to help? Let's put aside our grievances for a few years?"

     Qi Dongcao said decisively: "Sorry, I have a very clear line with you."

     Li Zhijin, who looked indifferent, turned to play with an oversized exquisite globe on the desk.

     "Yuan Shu, do you agree?"

     "Well, what a nice girl, I feel sorry for it."

     "Where is the teacher Jiang Tanle from Renmin University?"

     "Beijing is yours. Anyway, I don't want to be this villain. A magnificent style unmatched in his generation, Cai Auntie, the little girl is already guarding against her. You treat me as Eight-Armed Nézhā."


     "Oh~"After the first month of the year, it was the school season. A place called Niuweigangzui in Anhui was tossed with great fanfare by a group of leaders today. In fact, it is just the foundation and ribbon cutting of a Hope Elementary School, but not only the county and city leaders. Attendance, it is said that even an executive vice governor of the province will make a special appearance. As for the real inside story, it is rumored that the donor of Hope Elementary School is a domestic private enterprise reckoned to be first or second best, and this enterprise invested in Anhui Supporting several key provincial strategic projects is an astronomical number. In the end, the wealthiest people in Niuweigangzui were unimaginable. A young man was in charge of the business of its size. He stayed here for a period of time. Hope Elementary School paid close attention to all aspects. It is said that he has a good temper and personality. It is estimated that it was the middle-level leader of that company who paid attention to it and had to treat it with heart. This young man did not have much interaction with the leader, but was willing to chat with the villagers. The villagers were curious to ask him how much salary he could get each month. Not a few thousand, how big the company is, and whether the children in the village can go to work, he will also answer questions. Two days ago in the village married a couple, an uncle who knew him well pretended to borrow that car. The car was marked as a four-wheeled car. He also smiled and agreed, and even the driver gave it to him. When he returned, he was trembling with fear because he didn’t dare to wash the car indiscriminately. He was young. The man smiled and said it was okay, but he asked his uncle for two packs of wedding candy. The uncle who had a special face at the wedding would be stingy with a few packs of wedding candy, pat his thigh, and let his younger son eagerly bring back a large bag, which would have 20 packs.Today, a young man who doesn’t even know the specific identity of the city and county leaders drove a distance and walked on a small country road where the car could not be accessed. Who could have guessed that such a home would be the leader of the Golden Sea Empire fully deserving, without any reservations .

     Zhao Jiadi generally does not specifically participate in the Hope Elementary School project. There is a special department in Jinhai responsible for this, but Anhui is a special place. In the diary, Emperor Yang Qing once told him to be responsible for the Hope Elementary School built in the name of Cai Yanzhi In addition, he was also buried in the place called Xia Keng Town in Anhui, so Zhao Jiadi placed some unknown feelings on Anhui. Again, this time I want to find an opportunity to breathe. Gimhae’s affairs belong to executives who occasionally lazy and make money without injury, but cautious and conscientious is definitely a place where the workload is bottomless. In addition to being responsible for Gimhae’s strategic development, Zhao Jiadi has to run from time to time. Going to Beijing, many of his handwriting can be handed over to the red wall for reference through the old principal. After winning amaze the world with a single brilliant feat for three consecutive years in the Foresight Cup, he was "extremely pessimistic" in the macroeconomic field. After a large-scale argument, the more noisy, Zhao Jiadi didn’t care about it at first. He only felt that time would prove everything. He never wanted to continue to post interrogations with the big bosses in the economics world at the same time as if they had an appointment. In the end, the Caijing Channel simply pulled a group of people into the live broadcast room. The camp as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly, Zhao Jiadi of solitary, against a group of financial seniors who are a person of virtue and prestige.

     God knows if Zhao Sanjin is behind this push the wave and add to the billows.

     In the epic controversy that did not reappear in China since the 1990s, the two sides failed to win, and we still need time to verify.

     At that time, it happened to be the great snow flutters in the air in Beijing.Or it's snowing in the world.

     Zhao Jia first rides Juechen.

     Even though he didn't seem to have completely defeated the heavyweight green leaves that foiled him, even the people in Beijing knew that this kid surnamed Zhao had broken out.

     And this guy who fled the blizzard of Beijing and came to an impoverished county in Anhui, peeled a wedding candy at the moment and threw it into his mouth.

     He followed Han Daode. After successfully completing the undercover mission two years ago, this uncle had a convulsion in his head. He was unwilling to take a high salary and sit in a high position. He ran to Zhao Jiadi and said: "Master, or you let me continue to be a driver. , Or let me go."

     Zhao Jiadi yelled at him. Uncle Yellow Teeth, who had not been combing for a hundred years, stiffened his neck and refused to change his mind. Finally, Zhao Jiadi had to smash a car key, "Go and drive!"

     Now Gimhae has shifted its focus from coastal areas to the central and western regions.

     Presumably this is something that some big guys in the red wall are very happy to see.

     Zhao Jiadi chewed on the wedding candy, approaching a village, and asked, "Has the old school arrived?"

     Han Daode nodded and said, "It should be in this village."

     Zhao Jiadi entered the village and first bought Bao Huangshan from the canteen. After dismantling, he went to see the original site of the elementary school. It was not a soul in sight.

     Zhao Jiadi jumped onto a shaigu field and sat on the wall, smoking a cigarette, looking at the bright sky.

     Han Daode squatted under the wall and smoked.

     "Xiang Ruyi is now following Sun Chuanfang's apprenticeship to learn art, Old Han, you look at others, you are more promising than you."

     "Hey, eldest master, I'll give you the little ability to be a driver on this, content."Zhao Jiadi sighed and talked to oneself: "Sparrows, leopards, and pistols have all come to the company to help me. Lao Yang found his wife with great difficulty. Huzi is still abandon all restraint. Huang Hua's book "Journey to the West but Traveling East" "It’s finally over, but I don’t know that this guy has not thought published at his own expense."

     "Ma Xiaotiao mixes well. Hearing Qi Shugen said that Liu Xin is chasing him."

     "The surname Song unexpectedly surrendered to Li Tan."

     Zhao Jiadi continued to murmur: "If I remember correctly, Wei Peipei, who is now a reporter from Southern Weekend, once studied in our high school for a year. I think the person I hugged on the sofa that night was not my sister Tong Xia, but Sister Tong Dong. I guess Yang Pingping probably liked me. Pei Luoshen also hid secretly in Aman Fayun, Hangzhou, thinking I didn't know."

     Dakoto Han didn't listen to these words that should be the young master's heart, but he smoked cheap cigarettes contentedly.

     Zhao Jiadi stopped talking and raised his head, "Grandpa and grandma, little fox, are you all right?"

     Han Daode stood up and ran to find a place to release the water.

     The deserted Sun Valley Field was even more silent.

     Zhao Jiadi lowered his head and remembered the night of that year and that time when she looked back.

     Only knowing that she withdrew from the system and went to teach in a certain place, there was no news. It has been three years.

     The carp should go to the dragon gate, but why did that one go to the small pond to stay?

     Won't you be alone?


     An ethereal voice sounded behind Zhao Jiadi. Familiar but strange.

     Zhao Jiadi slowly turned his head.

     That day that year."My name is Zhao Jiadi and I want to associate with you."


     "I can give you happiness."

     This year and this day.

     Zhao Jiadi said softly: "Hello."

     Dressed plainly, her hands are intertwined behind her, tilted the head, waiting for the next step.

     "My name is Zhao Jiadi and I want to associate with you."


     "I can give you happiness."

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