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0 Words Exceede 5100 1924 Inextricably Linked
    Chinese Name: 特拉福买家俱乐部  Author: 夕山白石(Xī shān báishí, White Rock at Dawn)
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This so-called soul mark cannot be broken without without, but the current situation does not allow it... Wolfgang therefore appears somewhat agitated, his fingers are more like neurotic, and they flick.

     You need to leave this world and release more than three times the power of the soul seal limit in the air, and you can directly break through the soul seal's control... This is not difficult for Wolfgang.

     But the premise is that he needs to leave this world.

     Every detached person in the organization will carry the house number of Paradise Lost Eternal Night Palace when they go out, and Wolfgang naturally has one on his body.

     He can actually leave at any time, enter the crevice of the dimension, release his power, and break through Mr. Song's control-but he does not intend to do so at this time.

     He failed to bring King of Hell's [Lucifer] into the meeting, so returning to the organization would become a joke-the most important thing is that the house number of the Paradise Lost Palace is actually a semi-disposable item.

     Every time it is opened, the gatekeeper of the Eternal Night Palace is required to charge it, and in general, it is necessary to report the house number used under what circumstances.

     This is actually to collect the dangers of different sub-worlds-usually the transcendant activates the door card to leave after completing the task, but there are also situations where the detached person can escape by activating the door card when encountering an unsolvable danger.

     What they need to collect is this dangerous situation, and then accumulate experience, so that they can wait for the next task, or other organization members can effectively avoid the same danger.

     If you go back and imprison yourself freely by the pinnacle creature of a sub-world... ashamed.……You are spicy~~chicken!

     Probably the entire organization will be filled with such an atmosphere.

     Considering this, Wolfgang even regretted sending out a distress signal at this time... I hope that there are no other members of the organization nearby.

     Gong Fanxing was still talking about the rules around Mr. Song... but Wolfgang was obviously absent-minded.

     "...In general, only if you intend to betray your dignity, your life will not be terrible, and I will not embarrass you. After all, you met."

     "Miss Gong's words really sound insincere... Use this method to treat your benefactor." Charlotte sneered twice at this time.

     "Anyway." Gong Fanxing said expressionlessly: "I'm just loyal to the superior."

     "How precious is loyalty under slavery," Charlotte said calmly.

     "Not precious." Gong Fanxing said indifferently: "But you need to take it with you all the time... Besides, the Supreme Being is indeed the Supreme Being of Heaven, even if it is allegiance, it is not insulting."

     Gong Fanxing didn't feel that this was lodge under another person's roof... In a lifetime, some people are willing to escape into the mountains and forests, but there are also courts and halls of worship.

     This is the thinking of the warriors of her era... and she is the devil of that era. The rivers and lakes can't tolerate her cruel devil, but in the court, she needs such cruel minions.

     "Anyway, we have no room for maneuver now." Charlotte shook the head, as if resigned to his fate, said helplessly: "Then the only thing to do is for this Mr. Song."This attitude was in Gong Fanxing's within expectation, she then looked at Wolfgang, her eyes seemed to be asking.

     "Do I also have other choices?" Wolfgang cried and laughed at this moment: "I just hope that Miss Gong can treat me better, I'm perfectly contented."

     It's really like a seed of infatuation, but it's too romantic.

     Gong Fanxing charming eyes were like silk, and said with a smile: "The slave family can’t compare to those obedient Keren. The slave family’s temperament is wild. His favorite is to play with the handsome son. It’s not the kind of good home that my husband likes."

      Wolfgang smiled indifferently.

     At this moment, a wave of air came and saw Mr. Song slowly walking out of the wooden house in the forest.

     Gong Fanxing took the lead in worshipping, "The slave and maidservant have seen the master."

     But Wolfgang and Charlotte still stood by themselves.

     Mr. Song did not care at this time, waved his hand signalling Gong Fanxing to rise, and said calmly: "I heard that a worldwide conference will be held on the Divine Continent Mainland, and the world is bound to change. Er et al. People, let me see this situation."

     With that, Mr. Song asked Wolfgang and Charlotte to wait on the other side of the island.

     "Is there anything unusual about these two?" He asked nonchalantly when only Mr. Song and Gong Fanxing were left.

     "In return, it seems that although Wolfgang and Charlotte are unwilling, they are smart people after all, knowing that they can't live with themselves...for the time being, they are still working together."

      "Un." Mr. Song nodded, groaning not knowing what to think."What are your plans for the future?" Gong Fanxing asked with a low eyebrow at this time.

     Mr. Song said: "time moves and the world changes, Current Heaven is no longer my world... It’s just that this world is full of chaos, not necessarily..."

     It's not necessarily that Mr. Song didn't say anything. Gong Fanxing vaguely realized his thoughts, and his expression couldn't help condensing, and he said in a deep voice, "I wish to stand up for the honor!"

     "It's too early to say this now." Mr. Song shook the head, "but I do have to make some preparations...I need some capable men and women who can serve me."

     "How big the world is, most capable people and strangers are arrogant and conceited. I am afraid it will be difficult for a short time..."

     "There will always be some people." Mr. Song said indifferent smile at this time: "They will surrender for strength."

     Gong Fanxing was startled.

     At this time, I saw a silhouette rushing forward, and Wolfgang, who had just left for a while, returned... He frowned and said: "There is a ship on the sea, it seems to come from here."

     "I understand." Mr. Song nodded, "I let them come."

     "Did your honor call it?" Gong Fanxing couldn't help being startled at this moment.

     "It's a member of a family in the capital." Mr. Song said calmly: "After you brought Qin Chuyu, the descendant of Huanzhen Tao, to sea last time, I traveled a lot...a trip to the capital was quite a gain. I'll tell you later."

     As he spoke, he saw that Mr. Song suddenly took out a mobile phone from his pocket. He held the mobile phone in his hand and distanced himself from the body, then tapped it with his finger, and said to the mobile phone: "You You can log in, I'll get on the ship right away."At this time, Gong Fanxing opened the mouth —— not because of the so-called harvest in Zunshang's mouth, but because Zunshang suddenly took out something like a mobile phone, which made her feel the violation.


     "Today's technology is really extraordinary." Mr. Song smiled and said at this time: "I have ordered someone to present a few of the latest styles. Now they are on the boat. I will give you three people later, so that you can contact."

     What can she say... Become exhilarated like this, she only has a face of ecstasy, "Slaves thank you for the reward."

     Wolfgang at the side just looked at silent... How could he be controlled by this kind of fool?







     In general, for the extraordinary groups that come to participate in the summit meeting, the Administration is in line with the purpose of treat everyone equally favorably-it is correct to say that.

     But in terms of reception by Anpai staff, it is really impossible to take care of everything.

     Suppose [Nectar] this giant arrives at the same time as a non-unitary mission from the non-earth continent, it is impossible to split Yan Xiaoxi on both sides and then bloom on both sides.

     So it is the approach of treating everyone equally favorably, starting from the actual situation and getting closer to the top.

     Fortunately, the Administration has already launched a plan to increase staff early. Since the Taishan Incident, a lot of manpower has been increased. At the same time, this is the first official and significant task for these new recruits. ."I have been employed for 15 years, and this is the first time I have seen such a big battle. You are lucky enough to meet this era."

     No matter what kind of organization it is, there will be such a role in the group: senior.

     "By the way, what's your name are you here?" The senior who had just completed the daily inspection suddenly asked at the door of one of the guest houses of this summit meeting.

     "Leng Feng."

     "Leng Feng?" Senior chanted the name carefully, and then skillfully took out cigarettes, "Which department did the brother recruit from? From what you look like, ordinary departments can't accommodate a great god like you."

     "Senior joked." Leng Feng shook his head and said: "I'm just a newcomer. No matter what department I came from before, I entered the bureau and it was a Rookie."

     "You look like a soldier." Senior eyes narrowed, then there was smiling and said: "I heard that there was a training plan before. From the military across the country, a group of soldiers were selected and sent to Huoyun consultants. There is intensive did that too, right?"

     "How come." Leng Feng smiled and said: "I got involved because my sister-in-law was in the game and had a lot of relationships... If I could go to the Huoyun consultant for training, how could I do these simple things here now? It’s long overdue to be assigned to field duties."

     "That's right." The predecessor declined to comment and smiled: "Okay... there is no more whats the matter here. Go back and report it."

     "Okay." Leng Feng nodded, and then drove away directly."Where's my sister-in-law." With a flick of the cigarette butt, the senior smiled lightly, shook the head again, and sloppy back to the guest house.


     After leaving the guest house, it would not take long to drive back to the temporary headquarters of the administration.

     However, Leng Feng didn't go back immediately. Instead, he drove around the city for a while, thinking about something - these few months' fate even surpassed his first half of his life.

     Starting from the plan to be selected for the intensive training camp...In fact, from the rescue operation of the Taishan incident, he slammed into that mysterious extraordinary world.

     But Leng Feng is no longer a young man.

     He is in his thirties, and he has a family. There are almost no people older than him on the list of training troops. Most of them are mental lads in their early twenties.

     He even somewhat not up to par physically...but he survived, and completed the training content early, even before then he was lucky enough to get a private instruction from Huoyun consultant.

     In a full day, I heard that it is one of the few decades in the history of the establishment of the Authority.


     Obviously not.

     Leng Feng just felt that there was not enough time... not enough for him, a middle-aged man, to compete with the younger generation, to rush in front of these young people.

     "But since it's rare to come back here, why not meet Zi Ling and Xiao Luo Qiu..."

     But Leng Feng quickly gave up this idea. He was still in his official duties and could not mix too many personal feelings...As a soldier's nature, Leng Feng restrained human nature to the utmost.He even talks with his home only once a week, and every time he reports a few simple words about peace.

     "Go back." He made a decision quickly and executed it without the slightest hesitation. "It's the same if you wait until things are over before you visit."

     But soon, Leng Feng had to step on the brakes and stopped the car abruptly.

     He focused his gaze and looked at a certain figure in the riverside corridor outside the car, then hurriedly unfastened his seat belt, got out of the car, rushed to the figure in his eyes, and walked over quickly.

     This is the back of a young woman.

     He soon came behind this form and said tentatively: "Excuse me, is Zhong Luoyue in front, Miss Zhong San?"

     She slowly turned around, looked at the man who called her, frowned slightly, "You are..."

     "Leng Feng!" Leng Feng said directly: "Miss San, do you remember me? We met once."

     "You are grandpa's..."


     The old lady of the Zhong family is a person who has survived the war era. He joined the army and has a profound background in the army, but because of physical problems over the years, he has faded out of public attention.

     Leng Feng's original unit was part of the brigade created by the old lady Zhong when he was young. Of course, in the decades after the war, the original brigade had undergone many reorganizations."Leng Feng, I to think of it." After being stunned, Zhong Luoyue was nodded, and some of her vague memories gradually became clear. "A few years ago, on my grandfather's birthday, we did see one side."

     This is probably the benefit of becoming a vampire... vision, memory, hearing, smell, etc. are all enhanced to varying degrees, especially memory.

     Zhong Luoyue found that as long as he concentrates the mind to remember something, he can get a clear memory from the vague impression of the past—no matter how insignificant the details are.

     "Miss San has a good memory." Leng Feng smiled lightly at this time.

     Zhong Luoyue said casually: "You are not bad too... the rushing side a few years ago can also recognize me in the crowd."

     "Actually, it's not entirely." Leng Feng shook his head and said: "It's just that I have paid more attention to some things about Miss San recently."

      "Me?" Zhong Luoyue frowned: "Why?"

     Leng Feng said: "The third lady has been missing for a period of time, so Chief Luo, who is next to the old chief, privately sought out many people, hoping to help...I also heard some news, so I paid more attention. It's just that. Unexpectedly, I will meet Third Miss here today... Third Miss, the old chief has been looking for you for a long time. I think I should give the old chief a letter."

     "I don't want to go back for the time being." Zhong Luoyue shook her head and said: "And this is my housework...Thank you for your concern, Major Leng."

     "I'm currently already out of the army.""Really." Zhong Luoyue nodded. At this time, she saw a badge pinned by Leng Feng on the neckline...This is the logo of the Administration.

     But she didn't need.

     She originally planned to walk alone and relax, but she never thought that she would meet someone who knew herself in such a place... and, it should be from the Zhong family.

     When her grandfather did not retire, he did support many people. Most of these people are also grateful to her grandfather... This kind of horrible connections accumulated over decades is also important for the Zhong family to become one of the four great masters in Beijing. Factor.

     However, Zhong Luoyue has no intention of doing things like this secular family...mainly because of vampire's nature.

     The blood of loved ones has an incomparable appeal to vampires, and it is often the culprit that causes vampires to lose sight.

     How dare she return to Zhong's house at this time?

     "Miss San, if it is convenient, can you leave me a contact details?" Leng Feng thought for a while. He regarded Zhong Luoyue's disappearance as a running away from home that had a conflict with his family. What's going to force, "Or... you can leave my contact details. If you want to ask me what's the matter, just ask me."

     "You have the heart." Zhong Luoyue was perfunctory, but his face didn't have any perfunctory color, and even gave people a feeling of gratitude.

     Leng Feng smiled and said: "You're welcome, after all, I know Miss San, and I have to start talking about it when you were a kid... I also saw you grow up.""When I was young?" Zhong Luoyue couldn't help being stunned. Her powerful memory began to move forward at this time, searching carefully.

     Leng Feng has also spoken, "Miss San thinks that nothing else is impressed. After all, it was something from a very young age... At that time, Miss San and the eldest son and the second son were arranged by the old chief to train in the army. It was summer. do you remember."

     Zhong Luoyue was silent.

     Leng Feng said: "At that time, Miss San was lost... At that time, I was only one small company commander. It almost frightened us. Fortunately, I found Miss San you in the end."

     "I have an impression." Zhong Luoyue nodded, then curiously asked: "How did you find me back then?"

     Leng Feng said: "It was the child of a good brother of mine who told us. The child said that he accidentally got lost at night, and then ran into a little girl in the woods. After one night, at dawn, he found his way out for help. , As soon as we heard it, we knew that it must be Miss San you, so we looked for... Miss San?"

     At this moment, Zhong Luoyue suddenly grabbed Leng Feng's arm, and Leng Feng couldn't help being surprised by this sudden move.

     She complexion was complex and said: "You, do you really know... Know the kid back then?"

     ——Finally...find you.

     ——Little villain...