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0 Chapter List 289 Luyle Extraordinary Full [All]
    Chinese Name: 以来自远方之名  Author: 捞鱼的虎妞(Lāo yú de hǔ niū, Tiger Girl Fishing)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Luyle Extra [All]

     I never believed in the word "destiny". Because from the sensible beginning, my life has always been in the hands of others.

     Long Li is my benefactor. He raised me up. Without him, maybe I would have never known where I starved to death or froze to death. It is estimated that even the corpse has become only bones, but at the same time , Long Li is also my enemy, he turned me into a monster of neither human nor ghost, unaging and undying, undying and unextinguished, can only live like a walking corpse, and just live, I really don't know I should hate him or thank him.

     It’s said that “women are more sensible than rationality, and men’s rationality dominates sensibility.” I agree with this sentence. I have been struggling with loyalty and hatred to Long Li, but Bailimo, who is of the same root as me, can manage He controlled his emotions and behavior very well. On the one hand, he wanted to drag Long Li into hell. On the other hand, he was loyal and devoted to Long Li. I looked at conflicts for him.

     As a creature that can no longer be called a human being, I have never expected any beautiful things that belong to human beings. Such as love, so when it really arises and presents in front of me, I really don't know how to react.

     At that time, I suffered from short-term memory loss due to a serious injury, and I had a serious decline in IQ, but I did not expect to be rescued by someone. In the 21st Century metropolis, it is difficult to encounter the kind of anyhow. The fool who brought the stranger home, but I not only met, but also two at a time.

     One of them is Ye Xin and the other is Hao Yi.At first, I was only attracted by the kind and gentle breath of Ye Xin. She smelled of motherhood. Regardless of whether it is human or not, admiration is the instinct of life. Therefore, when my mind is regressed, I follow her instinct and get close to her. In her words, respect her as a mother, but she needs to leave temporarily because of work, and put me in the care of her friend Hao Yi.

     Compared to me, Hao Yi is a very ordinary human being, but compared to overwhelming majority men, he is a rare and caring person.

     He can cook delicious porridge, cook delicious dishes, and coax me to eat with ice cream and chocolate. Will cover my kicked quilt when I fall asleep, will watch cartoons with me, will take me to the playground, will..., he will do very many very many things, and these all are I have never experienced what I have never felt before, unconsciously, I gradually got used to his care, got used to his goodness, and got used to the days of his company.

     My mind slowly recovered, but I never cared about the lack of memory. I just let unfamiliar emotions sprout and thrive. I always thought that as long as Hao Yi really loves me and I love him, it’s enough. Others It's not important, but I didn't expect the memory to recover in that situation.

     Hao Yi said that I did not have clothes for the spring and autumn seasons. He was afraid that I would catch a cold and get sick during the change of seasons, so he took me to the hypermarket on a rest day. We met Ye Xin there. As soon as she approached, I instinctively got close to her and pulled her clothes, immersed in her gentle smile, but without saying a few words, she was picked up by a man, and Hao Yi and I went straight into the store. buying clothes.When I got home, it was early evening. Hao Yi asked me to sit in the living room and watch TV while he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. After a while, the doorbell rang suddenly and I didn't think much about it, so I dropped the remote control and ran to open the door.

     However, what was waiting for me outside the door was not a guest, but a sharp blade shining with cold light. My instinctive back side was dangerously dodged, but was beaten by the crazy attack that followed. I was instinctive. Hao Yi immediately screamed out of the kitchen.

     He is just an ordinary person, really just an ordinary man who can no longer be ordinary. He doesn't even know the basic Kungfu Skill, and it is even more impossible to withstand the dangerous weapon that even I can split.

     The moment he fell, my entire brain was blank, I couldn't think at all, and I even forgot how to react.

     The hideous knife marks have been pulled from his shoulders to the lower abdomen, and the bloody wounds turned outwards, and all of his body was stained red all at once. The blood flowed quietly under him, stinging my eyes. Also exploded my memory.

     The anger burns out my reason in an instant, and what comes back from the memory is my own power. I attack the murderers regardless of costs. No matter what the cost, I want them to die and ask them to use my life to quell my hatred. .

     However, Ye Xin appeared. My memory has been restored and I can fully control my emotions. Even if I no longer have that strange closeness to her, I know that she is a friend of Hao Yi and she will never harm me and Hao. Righteousness.

     It turns out that I was right.I was taken back to SPL by her voluntarily and confessed all the facts. She rescued Hao Yi and won the opportunity for me to be free. Although there are certain restrictions, as long as I can be with Hao Yi, I am content. But this satisfaction did not last long.

     Hao Yi was dead, noiselessly, except for a corpse that was so cold that he had no blood. Only those wide-open, hollow eyes were telling of my innocence and lack of gaze. At that moment, I felt a pain in my heart. The pain was almost unbearable, but I couldn't cry at all.

     Therefore, when Ye Xin appeared, I vented all my anger on her. I remembered her abnormal behavior since this period of time, as if...she knew someone would die.

     But, knowing that someone will die, don't save Hao Yi for her? Not to save him?

     I pinched her throat. There was life force in my hands, at that time I really wanted to kill her... but she did not resist.

     I knew it was easy as a hand's turn to shake me away with her mental power, but she was just struggling symbolically, completely without using supernatural powers, but at that time, I was completely swallowed by hatred and reason, if not for grief Jin Wu Sudden Appearance is in trouble, maybe she is really going to die in my hands.But although that's how it is, she almost had a miscarriage. Looking at the red liquid that slipped along her calf, I could hardly describe my feelings. I was guilty and heartache as well as disappointed and hopeless. If Hao Yi did not die, I would also I am very happy, I will have my own children, and I will be a good mother and a good wife. Even if I have to continue to live alone in a hundred years, at least I have had a happy one hundred years. It is a pity that everything follows Hao Yi His death became a bubble.

     I should bless Ye Xin, because she has a caring man like Hao Yi!

     But it was her accident that made me woke up, "The dead are dead, and the living are still". The love represented by Hao Yi has disappeared, but I still have friendship and "family affection", although I have never understood what it was for, But I can see Ye Xin's sincerity. She really regards me as a friend, and there is a kind of inexplicable caring, a close friend or relative who has known me for many years.

     I have lost Hao Yi, but I hope she can be happy, at least when she is happy and sweet, I can try to treat her as myself, then I will feel that Hao Yi has not left, and the future he promised me remains exist.

     And I did witness Ye Xin's life, know whether others are cold or hot, his caring husband. A sensible, lovely and filial son, a beautiful sweet and naughty daughter, honors the master and respect of his teachings, the disciples of win success and recognition, the joy of live long for a hundred years, and the happiness of children and grandchildren.

     Her one hundred years of life is unique and unmatched, and others can't envy her.If Ye Xin is the most envious person in my life, then the person I sympathize the most in this life is Bailimo, the non-human being who is undying and unextinguished like me, he is willing to be tempted by a word of mine. Emotional, but unfortunately, love is a delicious and sweet delicacy to others, but it is addictive poison to him.

     He always felt that his past life was painful, but I think falling in love with Ye Xin is the beginning of his sad reminder.

     He fell in love with Ye Xin, but he could only watch her and Qi Jinwu know each other, and her sons and daughters. He had been with them for nearly a hundred years, and in the end he could only watch his beloved die in front of yourself; until Ye Xin When he died, he never got her "like".

     Resentment, love, parting, and can’t ask-he alone accounts for two and a half of the three sufferings in life. Therefore, looking at him, I feel that I am not too miserable, and I feel a lot of balance at once.

     After Ye Xin died, I once thought about walking slowly with Bailimo. After all, he and I are the only monsters in the world that are undying and unextinguished. Unfortunately, he doesn't need it, and I don't have the ability.

     Finally, I died. I died very strangely, very baffling, very innocent, very helpless, very cupful, and very sad ==!

     In a word, I died in the hands of an alien. After living for more than two thousand years with great difficulty to the Xingyuan calendar, I was completely killed by an abominable extraterrestrial creature, although my body passed through the devil flower. Modified, but fighting is not my strong point after all. My body was swallowed by those aliens so that there were no bones left, but when my soul was about to dissipate, it was intercepted by Bailimo.He saved me and allowed me to survive in another way. In fact, I always thought that being able to die is also a kind of happiness, but he personally ruined my happiness... I really don’t know how to thank him. Still should hate him.

     Whether it was thanks or hate, in the end I still chose to stay and chose to help him, just because he asked me a word and he said--

     Do you want to see again to Ye Xin? !

     miss you.

     This is my most true answer. After nearly three thousand years, Hao Yi's appearance has become blurred in my memory, but this does not affect the fact that he is the only thing I am in love with, but Ye Xin is in my mind. The clear imaging here is not only because of the original instinctual admiration, but also because of the companionship of the seventy years of acquaintance.

     I want to see her, to meet the woman who once regarded me as my shadow of happiness!

     However, when she really stood in front of me, I was dumbfounded. It turned out that Ye Xin, who was recorded in history by humans, the mistress of Tianmen, and the illustrious spiritual master Ye Xin, also had such a pure and white age? !

     Sure enough, human evolution is terrible, weird, and no trace can be found. Suddenly, I was full of confidence in the future of Earth League——

     Ah~, the day to become the ruler of the universe is probably not far away... right~!

     —————————————— (One last time: )


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