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0 Chapter List 1820 Note The New Book "The Lord Of The Tribulation" Is Released, Ask For Votes For Collection And Attention!
    Chinese Name: 掠天记  Author: 黑山老鬼(Hēishān lǎo guǐ, Old Ghost of Black Mountain)
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Brothers, the old ghost finally opened a new book!

      In these few months, I have also been anxious, have been working hard, did not dare to delay any one day, just preparing for the new book, before and after, I really don’t know how many versions have been killed, and everyone has been waiting for such a long time. Really ashamed!

     But fortunately, now the book is finally opened!

     The new book "The Lord of the Tribulation" is still a fairy, a protagonist with the surname Fang, and a world of surging forward with great momentum!

     The first four chapters are released, and there is one more chapter at six o'clock in the evening.

     So, let us fight together again!

     The new book "Lord of the Tribulation" has been released, please ask for votes for collection and attention! Is hitting, just a moment please,

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