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0 Chapter List 352 It’s Not Too Cold There
    Chinese Name: 瘟仙  Author: 黑山老鬼(Hēishān lǎo guǐ, Old Ghost of Black Mountain)
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     "Senior Sister, you were saved by the master, but later returned to the soul for nine lives to stab Master with the grass sword, don't you feel guilty?"

     Meng Xuan shouted sternly, Zhannijian's sword spirit was overwhelming, and when he pierced his sword, he asked about swordsmanship. Qi Ji is upright and frank, but it's suffocating and void, it seems that no matter where the opponent is, he can't avoid this sword. Qin Hongwan waved the palm of his hand. Although his energy was vague, he was also resisted by this sword. The power of the two people collided in the air, intertwined, and exploded, forming a turbulent current, which went straight to the sky.

     "Unconsciously, without the Nine Lives Returning Soul Grass, I would not live now!"

     Qin Hongwan opened her mouth low, her fingers pinched, and in the air, the phantom of Big Dipper appeared, transformed into seven incomparably powerful Taoisms, which will suppress the void forever and obliterate everything. Meng Xuan’s body protection aura is here. Under the squeeze of the seven Dao Fa, it was almost broken.

     "You have abandoned the teacher and left, and you have led outsiders to persecute the Master and forcibly seize the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths fairy magic map, don't you feel shameful?"

     Meng Xuan shouted again, and the thunder magic of the sky was cast, and the power of the thunder spirit around his body revolved like a dragon. One method broke ten thousand magic. The Dao method that Big Dipper's shadow turned into was actually resisted by this thunder method. The shape shakes at the same time, and the solution is divided.

     "Unconsciously, I want to be above everyone, just because my talent is not enough, this treasure should belong to me!"

     Qin Hongwan's red dress lifted up, and an endless red silk was born out of thin air, turning this sea of clouds into a sea of red, and Meng Xuan was sealed in it, as far as the eye can see, surrounded by red silk, and my ears were silent Silent, seems to be locked into another space.

     "Master is pissed to death by you, but you still want to open his coffin and steal his spiritual stone, don't you think it's too much?"Meng Xuan shouted loudly, and the Eight Nine Chaotic Heaven Techniques were used, fist shadows, palm marks, and imprints hit the surroundings.

     If Hong Ling is void, he will hit the void.

     If Hong Ling is a weapon, he will hit the weapon.

     If Hong Ling had spiritual power, he would annihilate spiritual power.


     The air exploded, the red damask was shattered steadily, and the red shadow fell from the sky, like a heavy snow of blood red.

     "Since a person is dead, there is little respect at all. Lingshi is just a lifeless thing. How can you prevent it from stealing?"

     Qin Hongwan's voice suddenly sounded behind him, and Meng Xuan suddenly turned around, and saw a pair of dazzling white jade hands, holding a long sword with a white jade handle, and piercing his brows. In this brief moment, Meng Xuan had no time to escape. , Under the urgency, his eyes closed, and then opened, a magical shadow suddenly appeared behind him, his eyes were sharp, and he looked at Qin Hongwan, and the magical chant resounded through the void.

     Great mourning!

     In today's realm, Meng Xuan performed the great seal of mourning again, and the seal was no longer needed, and the soul was hidden, and the seal was completed.


     Qin Hongwan stabbed with the sword for a moment, and then recovered her clarity. The impact of this big mourning mark on her did not even last time, and even the sword in her hand was not affected in any way. But at this moment when she was slightly distracted, Meng Xuan also got enough time, and his figure suddenly swept back, and Qin Hongwan's sword was always an inch in front of him.

     This is the result of Meng Xuan's already operating the Skywalking Jue to its extreme, otherwise, it has already been broken with a sword.

     "Senior Sister, after doing so many things, did you feel safe when you were alone?"As soon as Meng Xuan gritted his teeth, his figure suddenly screamed. With a "chih", Qin Hongwan's sword pierced his forehead and immediately pierced his chest. Taking this opportunity, Meng Xuan suddenly raised his hand. , Grabbed Qin Hongwan's wrist.

     In the gourd, all diseased species entered Qin Hongwan's body with a steady flow through the skin of their two people.

     Qin Hongwan finally showed a slightly surprised expression, with faint white hair on the temples, and one of the diseases was already working.

     However, Qin Hongwan backed away with a sword and stood in the air. She took a deep breath. The essence of heaven and earth was instantly absorbed by her, and the white hair turned back. And she also returned to her previous cold appearance.

     However, Meng Xuan could feel that he slammed into her body and the disease was still there.

     It seems that the disease is constantly consuming her vitality, but there is a steady flow of essence to supplement her vitality.

     Meng Xuan looked at the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths immortal demon formation. He knew in his heart that the formation was working. The East Sea Immortal Sect masters in the formation were all transformed into a steady flow by Qin. Under Red Maru, she was refining the people in the big formation.

     "It's useless, you are drinking a dove to quench your thirst. Even if you can replenish your essence with a steady flow, you can only nourish and strengthen the disease, until the disease is strong to a certain extent. Can't keep up with the speed of disease swallowing..."

     Meng Xuan took a sip of Dameng Pill Wine, refining the essence of the wine, and repairing his chest injury.

     "Senior Sister, this is a gift I gave you for Master. Now, it's up to you to pay it back!"Meng Xuan put away the gourd and suddenly shouted, "Give me your head and worship at Master's grave!"

     With a shake of his arms, five thunderballs immediately flew up into the sky, like five scorching suns, released dazzling rays of light.

     Between the heaven and the earth, endless thunder light began to flash, and all the power of the thunder spirit in the entire sea of clouds was attracted by Meng Xuan.

     "Great magical power, Five Thunder Technique!"

     Meng Xuan yelled, five thunder swords to drop from the sky, smashed Qin Hong Wan straight.

     "Junior Brother, you're right, this is just drinking a dove to quench your thirst..."

     Qin Hongwan suddenly sighed. At this moment, the blue silk on her temples showed signs of Fan Bai. However, she soon felt a little bit on her body, and didn’t know what she had done. Suddenly, a very cold breath came from her. Released, in Meng Xuan's feeling, he had just entered within her body's disease, and suddenly all disappeared, or that he could not feel it, there was only a breath left on Qin Hongwan's body.

     "Great supernatural power, star fighting technique!"

     Also in this brief moment, Qin Hongwan spoke softly, and the surrounding environment suddenly changed. With her as the center, a world was opened, and the sky was vanish from sight. Instead, the sky was full of stars, without a trace. , Eternity Void.

     Star Fighting vs. Five Thunders!

     The great supernatural power is against the great supernatural power, for a time, the battle situation is stuck, neck on neck.

     Meng Xuan didn't care about this. He looked at Qin Hongwan in surprise, and said in a trembled voice: "How can you... have such a serious illness?"

     Meng Xuan sensed it, and he also knew the reason why all the diseases that he had penetrated into Qin Hong Wan disappeared.Qin Hongwan actually had a terrifying illness in her body, but it was sealed by her. It was not until Meng Xuan entered within her body's disease that began to breed in the body, she unlocked the seal of the illness. Suddenly, that terrifying illness was immediately annihilated, or it swallowed Meng Xuan and entered within her body's disease, leaving her with only the last disease...

     Meng Xuan had never heard of it before, and thought of a disease he had never thought of!

     Such a disease shouldn't have appeared in a mortal at all, it was too terrifying.

     "I have never been better!"

     Qin Hongwan said softly: "At the beginning I was seriously ill and died. When I met a master, he treated me, but he was not cured, but he also contracted this disease. Later, he took me to find Jiuyou Resurrection Grass. I stabbed him and took the Jiuyou Reunion Grass. I thought it could cure my disease, but I failed. The Jiuyou Resurrection Grass just suppressed my disease and gave me a few more years to live well... "

     "So I went back to the master again. I knew that he knew very well about medicine, and even had a spell that used himself to replace others' illnesses. However, when I saw him, I found that his illness was more serious than mine, so I understood that even he couldn't cure me, so I snatched the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths fairy magic map from him, because I feel that this map can suppress my illness...""I got this picture, I also researched its secret, and even extracted the spirit in the picture. It is the ghost fire you just saw. I was very excited, but found that it still can’t cure me. , It can only use my sickness to become very powerful. To put it bluntly, it is a mass of pestilence. It can be used to kill people, but it cannot be used to cure me..."

     "So I plan to cure this disease by myself. This disease is a symptom of aversion to cold in the world, so I went to steal the fire pill of the emperor's daughter, hoping to cure the cold with fire. In the end, although I failed, I also got a ray of anger. , It’s just that I found that the anger still can’t cure me, it will only stimulate the cold in my body, so I read the ancient borrowings, and finally found a deeper secret in Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. This is a formation chart , Maybe through one method, my illness can really be solved, and that is to deploy a big array..."

     "This Nine Heavens and Ten Earths fairy magic map does not fully recognize me as master. If I want to inspire this big formation, I can only find the colorful spirit stones of the master to use as the formation guide, so I found it and set it up. Everything, but before doing this, I still have another hope, that is you, my brother, I know that your master must have passed his healing method to you, the master did not cure the disease at the beginning Good for my disease, maybe you can, but you hate me too much, I know I’m without any means, I beg you to treat me, so I..."

     Meng Xuan was taken aback suddenly, as if thinking of something, eyes red asked: "I once had an illusion..."

     Qin Hongwan seemed to know what he was talking about, gently shook the head and said, "That's not an illusion!"Meng Xuan's eyes instantly turned blood red, and the five thunders in the sky became more violent due to his emotions.

     Qin Hongwan still lightly said: "I am disappointed. You do have some resistance to the cold, but it is still too weak. I just imitated the cold energy equivalent to 1% of my sick energy. If you enter your body, you can no longer bear it. I understood at the time that you can't cure me. I can only rely on myself..."

     Speaking of this, Qin Hongwan lightly raised his head and looked at Meng Xuan: "Now you understood what? Junior brother, I just want to live!"

     "Your final method is to refine everyone and treat yourself?" Meng Xuan asked this sentence difficultly.

     Qin Hongwan deadpan said faintly: "Yes, all the masters in the refining of the East China Sea Holy Land, including the seven masters, may be able to refine an unprecedented elixir, which not only cures my illness, but can even help me to transcend. this is my purpose, they thought I would be the east sea lord of an immortal gate and I would be very grateful. They thought I would be grateful for the endless cultivation resource, but what's the use? To a serious illness, I will die soon For those of you, what is more important than keeping me alive?"

     Qin Hongwan said softly, a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     Meng Xuan lowered his head. After a long time, he sighed slightly and said, "Sister, you are wrong!"

     Qin Hongwan was startled, and said, "Am I wrong somewhere?"Meng Xuan was bitterly smiled and said: "Although I can't cure your disease, I understand your disease. This disease is too severe. It has been combined as one with your true spirit. It can be said that you are the disease, and the disease is you. , How about you really made an elixir? When you take the elixir, you will become extremely powerful, and your illness will become extremely powerful, you still cannot deal with it..."

     Qin Hongwan stood silently in the air. After a long time, he nodded gently, saying: "When you just injected the disease into my body, I already understood that if I can't be transformed with a powerful spirit Going to those diseases, it won't be able to cure my illness!"

     "You gave up the only chance to survive..."

     Meng Xuan said, "The only time that can cure you is when the master touches you. Although the master was still unable to cure your disease at the time, if you didn’t grab the Nine Life Returning Soul Grass, but Once the master accepts it, his cultivation base will increase, and his ability to heal diseases will also increase. You can cure your illness easily. It’s just that you’ve taken the nine lives and returned to the soul grass. Everything is too late. ..."

     "You start to practice. Although you have become more and more powerful, the disease has become more and more powerful invisibly. Step by step has developed to this day, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, gods, gods and fairy Buddhas, and there is no one. It can cure your illness..."

     When Meng Xuan said this, he looked at Qin Hongwan, and said softly, "Do you regret it? Senior sister!"

     A white mist appeared in Qin Hongwan’s eyes. After a long time, she suddenly shook the head lightly and said: "If I had known this for a long time, I would naturally not take the nine lives back to the soul grass, but if I don’t know, one more time, the result is still the same..."Meng Xuan fell silent, and the offensive of the Tiangang Five Thunders seemed to have weakened a lot.

     "I'm going to take revenge, Senior Sister!"

     Qin Hongwan nodded, said: "Hurry up, I feel very tired!"

     After speaking, she added another sentence: "I'm actually very good, so be careful when you take revenge!"

     Meng Xuan nodded and said, "I already know a way. You are not as difficult to kill as you thought!"

     Meng Xuan suddenly drew his sword and slashed towards Qin Hongwan.

     This sword, not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes.

     Maybe he couldn't kill Qin Hongwan, but he could keep her fighting.

     This method of Meng Xuan is the simplest method.

     It was too difficult to kill Qin Hongwan, because she was too strong, but if she couldn't kill her, she could be exhausted.

     Qin Hongwan's illness already arrived at the stage of collapse, not needed at all people went to kill her.

     Qin Hongwan didn't hide from this sword. She just raised her hand slightly and held Meng Xuan's sword.

     The red and dazzling blood flowed from her palms and dripped into the sleeves along the white wrists, just like the color of her clothes.

     "Junior Brother, I'm great, did you know?"Qin Hongwan spoke softly, and in the sound gap of her speech, Meng Xuan's sword aura burst out, and the world was crushed, but Qin Hongwan held the sword in one hand and swiped the other hand gently, but all Meng Xuan's offensive was resolved. In her mouth, she kept talking: “I’ve always been great. From the beginning of my practice, I found that everything I faced was so simple. The sword art techniques that others can’t understand, I just have to watch At a glance, it was all printed in my mind. It was even more difficult for others to cultivate, but as long as my mind moved, there would be endless spiritual energy incorporated into my body. Others said path of cultivation untold dangers and difficulties, in my opinion But it's just as easy as drinking water and eating!"

     "In my opinion, no one in this world is my opponent at all. I will only meet one or two people who feel a little fun at best. I have made friends and tried to establish enemies for myself, but after all It feels a bit boring!"

     "They all said that I was the Innate Principle Body and that I was the Mandate of Heaven Returns, but I never believed in fate, because my fate turned out to be that I was suffering from a bad illness since I was a child, and I was destined to have no future... I am unwilling, I behead Master, Pirate emperor inner alchemy, I refine all the masters of the East China Sea Holy Land... All this is just because I want to change the fate against the Heaven, I hope I can live, even if I live, it’s boring..."

     Meng Xuan used the Eight-Nine Chaotic Heaven Technique to hit Qin Hongwan with endless and sharp attacks, but she stretched out her hand and held his palm.

     Meng Xuan used the ultimate profound technique, and Qin Hong Wan was lightly and easily, and he cracked it just by raising his hand.

     Meng Xuan is understood. When they were fighting just now, Qin Hongwan still didn't try his best..."Junior Brother, don't fight, I suddenly feel a little tired!"

     Qin Hongwan shook Meng Xuan's hand, and said tiredly, her face turned pale, like eternal ice.

     "I don't know why. After you dispelled my last hope, I suddenly to think of it many things. In my whole life, I have almost walked through the enviable eyes of others, but why do I feel so tired? It’s too cold. Ever since I was young, my mother hugged me and hid in the snow cave. Then I assassinated Master, walked in Ice and Snow Land by myself, and then I stood on top of the East China Sea..."

     "It's so cold, the sickness has been entwining me, my memories are all cold..."

     "There are only two memories that are warm. The moment Master met me and picked me up..."

     "On the ancient chess board, the moment you took me up as a little girl in distress..."

     "Junior Brother, hug me again!"

     The spiritual power on Qin Hongwan burst out, and even the true spirit on top of his head appeared.

     It was also a ten-finger true spirit, but the true spirit turned out to be white, like ice and snow.

     Qin Hongwan’s spiritual power suppressed Meng Xuan, making him impossible to move, and then Qin Hongwan gently approached, and slowly hugged Meng Xuan. After only three breaths, she released Meng Xuan. With a slender finger, he hit a little what thing into Meng Xuan's brow.

     "Junior Brother, do you hate me too much? Your arms are ice!"

     Qin Hongwan said softly, slowly turned around, swept away in a red shadow.Meng Xuan could feel that within her body's cold disease had been fully onset, like a huge wave breaking a bank, devouring her life crazily.

     It wasn't until Qin Hongwan's figure vanish from sight that Meng Xuan's body was free, and he stared at the distance where Qin Hongwan disappeared.

     This woman is gone!

     When she found that the cold within her own body could no longer be suppressed, she chose to leave.

     Meng Xuan didn't catch up. He didn't know whether he should stab him out even if he caught up.

     He didn’t know if he chased him up, and only saw Qin Hongwan’s cold body, whether he should be collected for her. He knew better that if Qin Hongwan didn’t want to find her, then he would definitely not be able to catch up with her, this woman. The omnipotence of just like this way. The only thing she can't do is maybe to cure her own disease. This is the shackles that God has set on her because of her talent.

     He just blankly looked at the direction of Qin Hongwan's disappearance, and then he woke up suddenly when he was rolling towards him.

     Meng Xuan surprisingly discovered that the owner of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths fairy magic map turned out to be himself, and the great formation was sending endless energy a steady flow into the within own body, and he also had a way to control this great formation at any time. The feeling, on or off.


     Meng Xuan yelled, and immediately, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths immortal demon array that had forced the elders of the East China Sea to a dead end stopped.

     From a distant unknown place in the sea of clouds, nineteen shadows flew up, nine cyan and ten black. They flew in front of Meng Xuan and sealed it in an incomparable gigantic picture, and then the picture rolled up and quickly became smaller. , Fell into the palm of Meng Xuan."This kid, did he succeed?"

     The drunkard elder gasped and laughed. At this time, there were only less than ten elders who survived in the East China Sea Holy Land.

     It was also at this time that suddenly a loud sound came from the direction of the ancient altar, which shook the entire temple.

     A luminous aura shot directly from the altar to the sky, like a bridge, connecting the heaven and the earth.

     "Success? HeavenLink Road has been opened!"

     The drunkard elders, Lianhua elders, and gambling ghost elders who were going to say a few words to Meng Xuan were all shocked. They turned and flew toward the ancient altar. The remaining elders quickly followed suit. Like to grab the altar.


     Suddenly, a woman jumped out from nowhere, smiled, and flew onto the altar.

     The moment Meng Xuan saw her, his expression was a bit stunned. This woman turned out to be...Tu Jiaojiao?

     "Haha, I didn't waste my efforts in vain..."

     It was a voice and laughed again. Wu Tian Gongzi quickly flew over the clouds from a distance, and suddenly threw away the crutches. The legs that were limping were no longer lame, and the extremely ugly appearance quickly became handsome and young. He laughed loudly. In, grab the altar.

     He and Tu Jiaojiao are like two cunning thieves who want to enter the upper realm through the effort of the Seven Masters of the East China Sea to open Heaven Link Road.

     "Will you come?"

     Half of Elder Lianhua had already entered the beam of light, but suddenly he seemed to remember something, and turned his head to shout to Meng Xuan.

     "I'm not going anymore, I suddenly thought of something, to collect the body for my senior sister!"Meng Xuanyang answered and waved his hand.

     "Haha, then you take care of my wives for me, Miss Ziyuan, Madam Baifu, Sister Mo Ling, Sister Yaoyue..."

     A hand came out from the beam of light, grabbed Lian Hualan and went in, then the drunkard elder leaned out and shouted: "Take care of the disciples of Tianchi Immortal Clan, and take care of other disciples of Immortal Clan in the Holy Land of East China Sea, if it's possible , Then be the lord of the East Sea! If we have something in the heavens, we will send it to you. When you receive our news, it will be the day when all monks in the world can become immortals!"

     Meng Xuan nodded and made a long bow.

     The beam of light only lasted for a tea time, and the loud rumble disappeared.

     The beam of light directly led to the heavens, and the ancient altar of Yunhai fell silent again, and then, a strong spiritual energy poured out from the ancient altar.

     Meng Xuan was silent, he knew that this was a master sitting.

     Perhaps more than one, the seven masters of the East China Sea Holy Land, probably all sat down at this time.

     When they were preparing to open up the Tongtian Ancient Road, they had the desire to give up their lives.

     "Junior Brother Meng, is everything over?"

     Lin Binglian's voice rang from behind, and Meng Xuan turned her head and saw her walking on the ice lotus with a calm face.

     Seeing Meng Xuanwang, Lin Binglian seemed to understand what he was thinking, and said: "I defeated him, but I failed to kill him, and I ran away!"

     Meng Xuan nodded, smiled and said: "Whether it is so, someone will kill him! Sister Lin, in the ancient altar, there should be the remains of the seven masters, please go in and collect it, I am anxious to chase one people!"Lin Binglian's face also couldn't bear showed a hint of concern, and said: "What happened?"

     Meng Xuan sighed saying, "I'm going to collect her body!"

      paused, Meng Xuan said again: "I actually have a master in common with her. Although the master was killed very miserably, she never said that she should be expelled from the teacher’s door. So after all, she is my senior sister. I want to bring her. She will go back and bury her!"

     Lin Binglian was silent for a long while, and said softly: "Go, I will pay respects too!"

     Meng Xuan nodded, flew up and chased after Qin Hongwan disappeared.

     "Sister, don’t go too far. Come back with me. Master’s cemetery is on a sunny hillside. The sun is good and warm. I will bury you on his side so that you are underground, at least not feeling It's too cold..." R1152

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