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0 Chapter List 1277 I Am A Mortal (afterword)
    Chinese Name: 不朽凡人  Author: 鹅是老五(é shì lǎo wǔ, Me Old Five)
    Original: | Translator:

After every book is finished, my heart is always empty. After Immortal Mortal finished the book, I still don't want to move, still at a loss, or don't know what to do.

     Many readers pointed out the shortcomings of Immortal Mortal, some of which I think are correct, and some of which I think are different from mine. If Immortal Mortal has a bad ending, I agree. I really don’t agree with it. Regarding the ending of the cosmic nirvana brought about by the calamity, I am quite satisfied. Because there are various manifestations of human nature here, human nature is fragile in the face of matter of life and death.

      Every person, even if it is a monk, his deep in one's heart hides the desire of a mortal, and this desire is also a manifestation of human nature.

     Some friends said that they should explain some future lives or arrangements of Mo Wuji and the heroine.

     I don't think this is really necessary. If I really write like this, it will be a failure. In fact, it doesn't take many words to write like this, at most a thousand words. Just write about the formation of the mortal universe, and Mo Wuji took his family and wandered in the mortal universe, happily appreciating the vast scenery of the newly formed universe, with infinite satisfaction and happiness in his heart.

     But is this really good? At least I feel bad.

     I think after a book is over, there is no expectation of wished to continue, which is not a good ending. Only those endings that make readers look forward to, aftertaste, and even somewhat discontented have more flavor. Of course, I can't say that this kind of ending is the best, but the ending has by the thousands and tens of thousands, every person has a different view.There are also some readers who think that the reason for the bad ending is because there's some left pits are not filled, such as the black dragon, such as the Seven Realms Stone... In fact, they have ignored that I still dug a pit in the last chapter (not Hou Yucheng and the magic road then). As for what this pit is, I won't mention it. If you see it, please return it to me below.

     The reason for this is probably inseparable from my bad habits. I always hope that after a book is finished, if it is written again in the future, there is still some place to start, such as a rumor or a postscript. Leave a few insignificant pits, if you write a rumor, just pick it up. The last chapter leaves a pit, which can be continued when writing a postscript or an outside story.

     Regardless of the idea, Immortal Mortal ends with no problem.

     In the last chapter, I originally wanted to write that the Great Wilderness also merged into the principles of the spiritual source. Later, I still resisted not writing like this and try to reduce some sadness.

     Regarding Hou Yucheng's story, the outline has been changed. The original outline stated that Hou Yucheng had cultivated the magic way, but his personality was inharmonious. And the demon way of the immortal gods is shameless by everyone, and if you interact with the devil way, it is a risk of under the vast Heavens. Mo Wuji acted entirely by his own mind, but ignored this rule and became friends with Hou Yucheng. As a result, Mo Wuji became a bad guy (Please allow me to use this simple word to describe it).

     Later, the reason for changing the outline was that this did not conform to Mo Wuji's mortal way. The second type of bridge is also relatively old-fashioned, and there is no What does it mean. Later, at the end of the conception, Hou Yucheng transformed the mortal universe into a demon way.there is still one Fifth outline, in fact, this is not Immortal Mortal's outline, but the strongest outline. It's just because the strongest abandoned young master didn't write it out, it dragged on. Is Immortal Mortal the end? And this part of the outline really doesn’t matter.

     Of course, I can continue to write this part of the outline after Immortal Mortal, and I have a way to continue. I have already said the reason why there is no continuation, so I won’t say more here.

      Immortal Mortal moved me the most because of the support and encouragement from many readers and friends in the last two months.

     Many books have Hundred Leagues on the first day they are opened, but the fifth youngest will say humbly that the day when my book ends suddenly Hundred Leagues. There are more Hundred Leagues in the book, have you seen Hundred Leagues the day the book is finished? This is a surprise and a touch.

     The book is over, Please allow me send my sincerest thanks.

     Thanks to every reader and friend who likes my book, every friend who subscribes to my book to vote for me, thank every friend who supports the old five, thank everyone who pays attention to my public> thank you, we walked together Every inch of reading time!

     I don’t know the new book at what time. I’m a mortal, so why not enjoy the peace of this moment.


     Finally, if what's the matter, I will immediately post it on the public WeChat account. My public, or search the public account ‘Goose is the fifth.’