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0 Chapter List 519 This This Is Not The End
    Chinese Name: 纨绔疯子  Author: 鹅是老五(é shì lǎo wǔ, Me Old Five)
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This is not the end

     The book is over, let's say a few words.

     This book is the first book of the fifth child. There are definitely many shortcomings, and I have learned a lot from it. Originally, this book was based on romance. Everyone knows that because of the initial comments, I think the readers are right. After all, this is not romance, but supernatural power.

     Maybe newcomers will do this.

     In general, this book is the first five of the five, and the results are not bad.

     But many friends don't like the ending, saying it is a bit hasty. Now the fifth, Speak Your Heart, if this book is not a fixed urban ability, write the fifth without the slightest hesitation. This is for sure, because I ended this book, the main if not because of subscription issues.

     As a newbie, my subscription can continue to be written down, but the following things and cities are completely It doesn’t matter, and writing it down again is really a serious off topic.

     Of course, friends who have read "The Mad Man" know that there are two places in this book that draw on Jin Yong's techniques.

     Yes, Old Man Jin is one of the writers I admire most. I only worship three writers in my life. The first is Jin Yong, the second is Lu Xun, and the third is Lu Yao.

     Among them, my favorite is "Social Opera" and "Return of the Condor Heroes" and "Ordinary World". I really like them. Especially "She Opera", which is an article in "Scream".

     Just as Mr. Lu Xun said at the end, "Indeed, until now, I really haven't eaten the good beans that night, and I don't see the good show that night anymore." Actually, I am the same. It's a pity that I can no longer see good articles as good as "She Opera".There's some left pits in the book, but it does not have one. The pits in the city are all behind the fairy world, including the formation of the hún chaotic world, and the struggle between Lonely Valley in the fairy world and Lin Yun.

     However, these five pits don’t think it’s necessary to express them carefully. A lot of things doesn’t have to be absolutely clear.

     The most important thing is that this book also buried some foreshadowing, these things are likely to be reflected in the second book. In fact, many friends have already guessed that when Mr. Jin wrote the third part of the carving, he thought the same way. I don't know. If I can write the third part, maybe these pits are basically gone.

     To be honest, although I like "Return of the Condor Heroes", I am very dissatisfied with the plot of Old Man Jin dealing with the little dragon girl. So readers are dissatisfied with my handling of Mengwen, I can understand.

     Men Gwen is a very distinct and independent woman, especially after she jumped off Jiuhua Mountain. Her temperament is a bit wiggly behind, but this does not affect her to like Lin Yun after she knows Lin Yun's cultivation, after all, she just said a white-clothed man in the end. Maybe many people will think of it after watching the conversation between Mengwen and this person. Is this not a man, but just wearing men's clothing.

     In the end, the fifth child has a deep feeling to accompany the brothers and sisters of "The Crazy Madman" until the end, thank you, if this is not the case. Your support, the fifth child will definitely not persist.

     The new book will be released today. The title of the book is "Star Dance Nine Gods". The new book definitely needs your support, and it needs to be clicked, collected and recommended.

     Thank you for your continued support of the fifth book "Star Dance Nine Gods"