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0 Chapter List 790 Postscript Spoof Of Silkworm Potatoes
    Chinese Name: 魔兽剑圣异界纵横  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Earth, Pacific Ocean.

     The blue ocean, cool breeze, warm and comfortable, sparkling... On the calm sea, a huge blue whale is leisurely basking in its belly. In its distance, a few dolphins are chasing each other and frolicking. In addition, one The large river crab is also floating lazily on the sea, enjoying the warm light bath... "hōng!" Abruptly, an angry thunder sounded in the sky, lifting all sea creatures in surprise. Over.

     Above the blue sky, a huge crack of more than 100 feet suddenly appeared out of thin air...Looking at the dark crack in the sky blankly, all creatures panicked like a catastrophe... dark crack Among them, a few small black dots slowly appeared, and with the appearance of the black dots, a few terrifying aura that ordinary people can't feel, the fierce stove straight, and then flickering in an instant...In the sky, the cracks gradually shrink. , After a while, disappeared thoroughly... the blue sea returned to tranquility again, the scene just a moment ago, as if it were a dream... at the same time, far west of the Pacific in the territory of Z, it suddenly appeared A few breaths of the sky fly into the sky... Wudang Mountain, in a hidden back mountain, an old man wearing a Taoist robe and full of white hair, looked at the east in shock. There is the source of the breath..."This …This breath...Oh my God, what is this realm? What is this realm? Transforming God? Still virtual? Transforming infant? My dear, Grandpa was not so awesome when he was ascending, right?"

     Changbai Mountain, Shenlongjia, Emei Mountain, Shu Mountain... All the hidden Immortal Sects in Country Z were shaken by the abruptly arising breath... Far away in the Vatican on Other side of Earth.In the extravagant inner church, an old man with a white robe and blue eyes wearing a crown was shaking his hands, and said to several Red Robbed Archbishops below: "Let me down, the inner priest, you are not allowed to set foot on that land in the future. Lord, those auras just now are probably Angel Descends, and it is impossible to beat them!"

     "My lord is right, Dongfang, it belongs to their territory..."

     …………In the slightly dim room, several silhouettes flashed abruptly… Liu Feng looked around the concrete wall, and then stopped at the computer desk in the room. At this time, beside the computer desk, A little fat man was hitting the keyboard quickly... "Cough, friend." Lightly coughed, Liu Feng called.

      "Ah?" Listening to the sound, the little fat man jumped up quickly, sneaky turned his head, looked at the people in the room, his mouth somewhat dull open.

     "Under Liu Feng" Liu Feng faintly smiled, holding his fist.

     "Under... Li... Oh no, Heavenly Silkworm Potato!" Eyes shined, the little fat man understood the cause and effects like an epiphany, and immediately clasped his fists in reply.

     "Hehe, my little brother should also know the purpose of my coming here? Liu Feng accepts your kindness, what are your requirements, although to me, even if it makes you the richest man in the world, it will be fine." Liu Feng's grand waved his hand, said.

     "Goo." After swallowing, the little fat man leaned forward and said with a charming smile: "Big Brother Liu Feng joked, am I a mortal in Heavenly Silkworm Potato? Money is outside the body, in my eyes, like dung. general."

     "Okay, I like this surname!" The old man on the side nodded with satisfaction."Nonsense, you are all created by me, of course I know what you like, sample..." He muttered in his heart, and the little fat man said with a grimace: "However, potatoes really have something to ask for!"

     "Say!" Liu Feng waved in a grand manner.

     Hearing this, the little fat man immediately became happy: "Big Brother Liu Feng also knows that being a writer is not easy. Now that the Juggernaut is finally over, the younger brother has to make ends meet, so the new book conceived, ≤ Battle Through the Heavens ≥, has also been released. It is now released at the starting point, but my younger brother somewhat worried that some old readers will forget the name Heavenly Silkworm Potato directly after reading the old book. Therefore, please also ask Liu Feng to find those old books when he is free. If you don’t support Tudou’s new book, talk to them about the meaning of life, hehe..."

     "It's a little thing!" With a wave of take complete charge, Liu Feng smiled and said: "After reading the old book, I don't support the new book, I, Liu Feng, will talk to them about life in person..."

     Speaking of this, with a wave of the long sword in his hand, the computer on the computer desk suddenly clicked...to rot.

     "Farewell!" With a fist, Liu Feng waved his hand, and several people disappeared again.

     The little fat man stared at the computer in ruins in the room. After a long time, he finally let out a miserable cry: "NND, labor-management computer, God, there are no more than 30G porn, even Say you, you beast..."

     [End of Book]

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