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0 Chapter List 624 【season Finale! 】
    Chinese Name: 猎国  Author: 跳舞(Tiàowǔ, Dancing)
    Original: | Translator:

Once again in this underground darkroom, Xia Ya suddenly felt a trace of emotion in her heart.

     When I came here for the first time, I was here secretly meeting Adeline... I was still stupid at the time, not male and female. Thinking of that time, I felt deeply moved.

     Poor worm... Hey, after the incident, I always have to pick her up quickly. Garcia's knot, let's slowly resolve it later.

     With that, he took Nei Nei's hand and walked to the wall where he had stood before.

     Wipe away the dust, revealing the tulip totem badge hidden under the dust.

     "I remember that there are four doors here." Xia said, "What is the door of glory on the left wall. On the right is the door of disillusionment, and the wall in the middle is the door of salvation. Finally, the fourth door is called the door of the fallen. , But I don’t know where is it."

     "When my lord told me, he didn't say anything in detail, only that the Tulip family has a major relationship with the Holy City."

     Xia nodded: "I heard her talk about this before. The first generation of Tulip Grand Duke was actually one of the seeds thrown out of the Holy City to experience this world. As a result, he was too outstanding, and finally grew into a young man in the world. Some strong men directly refused when the holy city sent an envoy to summon him back. He also led to the forcible arrest of the holy city. However, even Saint Roland Garros at the time could not help him. A generation of Tulip Grand Duke stayed in the world. The Holy City was also forced to acquiesce in this kind of thing."

     Suddenly he a thought flashed through the mind, looking at Nei Nei and said: "Could it be that things are not so simple?"Nene smiled bitterly: "At that time, where did the lord have time to talk to me in detail. It just told me how to open the door here."

     With that, she pointed to the wall on the left.

     "This door of glory, the lord said, as long as there is a line of the city lord, that is, the blood of the descendants of the human queen, it can be opened on this wall."

     "Oh? So simple?"

     "This may be not so simple!" Nei Nei said sternly: "The descendants of the emperor are basically in the holy city will not easily come to the outside world! Even if some go to the outside world for experience, they are extremely rare!"

     Xia Ya thought for a while, looked at Nei Nei and smiled: "Hey, wouldn't it be enough to use your blood?"

     With a smile, Nene took out a dagger to pierce the palm of his own hand, and smeared a little blood on the wall.

     As the blood dissolves, the wall slowly melts, revealing a small space the size of a wardrobe.

     Xia glanced at, but was a little puzzled.

     This is just a golden board.

     Xia took it over and glanced at it, frowning involuntarily.

     "This is the cultivation method of scarlet murderous intent." Xia Ya looked at it for a while and said: "But there are some more experiences left by the cultivators of the past dynasties, it is not a great treasure."

     Nei Nei glared at Xia Ya: "Crimson Murderous! You said it easily! You are now a top powerhouse, so naturally you don't care, but if you fall into the hands of others...this kind of stunts can forge a master. !"Xia frowned: "Is this the treasure left by the Tulip family? In case the family comes down in the world, future generations can get the secrets here, and then become masters and revitalize the family? It doesn't look like this. "

     Xia looked at the other wall: "Where is the gate of disillusionment?"

     "Then use the blood of the Saint Roland Garros clan, that is, the Guardian-1 clan of the holy city, the black clan, so..."

     Xia Ya looked at Nei Nei and smiled and said, "Fair and fair! This is fair. You, the queen's descendant, have blood, and I have blood. Everyone is even."

     With that, he pierced the palm of his own hand and smeared blood on the wall.

     After a while, the wall dissolves, and the small cabinet-sized space exposed inside is still a gold plate.

     Xia Yana came over to take a look, but she became even more disappointed.

     "This is not as good as the one just now." Xia Ya wryly smiled: "This is the cultivation method of dazzling fighting spirit, and my senior brother Heisting will do it."

     "For ordinary people, it is also a peerless martial art." Nei Nei sighed saying.

     Xia thought for a while, frowned and said: "It's not right! Since the Tulip family is just a seed of experience, the case hand should be only the black-haired family, just the same family as Saint Roland Garros, but how could this door be created? But do you need the blood of the city master emperor?"

     "Where do I know this?" Nei glared, and then said: "Perhaps the answer lies behind the Third Entryway?"

     "Well, look at this door of salvation."

     Xia sighed saying."Is this the door of salvation... Your lord said that the blood of the two must be smeared together to open it."

     Xia was too lazy to comment, and directly smeared the blood with the two of Nei Nei... After a while, the front wall melted away, and there was still a gold plate inside.

     "It's not another martial arts cultivation method." Xia Ya frowned.

     With his current realm strength, he is really not interested in any martial arts.

     Fortunately, after taking it over and looking at it twice, Xia's eyes suddenly appeared!

     "What a big gossip!" Xia laughed, "It turned out to be the suicide note written by the first grand duke of Tulip!"

     On this golden plate is the suicide note written by the first duke of Tulip and some explanations passed on to future generations.

     And Xia couldn't help but sighed saying-what a reckless guy!

     Saint Roland Garros didn't say everything to himself!

     It is only said that the first generation of Tulip Duke was the experiencer lost to the world by the guardian of the holy city, but he did not expect this experiencer to be so simple!

     When the first Duke of Tulip left the holy city to live in the world, he also snatched a treasure from the holy city!

     He... actually abducted a girl with the descent of the queen, that is, the blood of the city lord! !

     This guy abducted a girl, and naturally lived with her in the world. After training to become a master, he learned the art of war, took refuge in the Founding Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, and fought against the world.

     Create a life of surging forward with great momentum.A generation of legends was born.

     And when I wrote about my own win success and recognition, people from the Holy City summoned him to return. After he refused, the generation of Saint Roland Garros couldn't beat the Tulip Grand Duke in strength, so he had to give up his force and forcibly recall him.

     However, the Grand Duke Tulip felt about his own life experience and his wife's life experience, and made a near-predictive judgment: there will be a day in the future, the holy city will definitely collapse, such a cage is really a violation of humanity. Tian surname. I was born in a holy city and I really don't want to see the holy city fall to extinction.

     Therefore, the first generation of Tulip Duke and St. Roland Garros reached a deal. The Tulip Duke will not return to the Holy City. St. Roland Garros also promised that the Holy City will not trouble the Tulip Family, but set a back in the Tulip Family. -up, leaving the Guardian-1 family's strongest martial arts in the holy city, scarlet murderous and brilliant fighting spirit.

     If there is a day in the future and the holy city is destroyed, then the holy city's Protector's stunt for these two days will not be lost.

     As long as there are people from the Holy City, whether it is the descendants of the human queen or the descendants of the guardians, find the Tulip Family, the Tulip Family must help them, at least to help pass on these two sets of martial arts.

     Xia didn't have much interest in this so-called back hand or exchange condition.

     The things behind these three doors really made Xia a little disappointed.Whether it’s crimson murderous or brilliant fighting spirit, it really doesn’t have any value for Char-if others find these things, it would be pleased beyond one's expectations, but for Char, who is almost invincible in the world Well, it's just... However, the suicide note of the first Grand Duke Tulip recorded a lot of content that interest Char.

     Especially the record of this great prince, his life surging forward with great momentum, calming the country, laying down the entire Byzantine Empire, and so on, looks like a legendary story.

     Xia sat in this secret room and watched for one hour before reading the contents of the golden board.

     "This first-generation Tulip Grand Duke seems to be a wonderful person. It is really amazing and stunning. The last name is also very cute. It's just that he always talks about "Unfortunately this World is good, but I never return." "Go'" this sentence is What does it mean?"

     What did he mean by "going back"? It doesn't seem to be talking about returning to the holy city.

     "Where is the fourth door?" Xia looked at Nene.

     "The fourth door..." Nei Nei smiled bitterly, "I know where it is... Your lord said, the fourth door is in this third door."

     "Just so simple?" Xia frowned: "The door of the to open it?"

     Nei Nei blushing face: "This... Your lord said that the fourth door requires a blood of two bloodlines, the human queen and the Guardian-1 clan, to open."

     Xia couldn't help being stunned.

     Then the expression became weird.

     A mixture of two bloodlines... Doesn't that mean.Wouldn't it be possible to wait for herself and Nein to have a child... Xia Ya suddenly laughed.

     Three doors were opened tonight, and the receipt was not too large, so Xia immediately threw the matter aside and didn't think about it anymore.

     The second said, Xia returned to the ** city and began to be busy.

     The city defense has been completely taken over, and Green and the follow-up troops have gradually moved to the army.

     Green set out to reorganize the army, and the army of the original warlord party would inevitably have to be abolished and reorganized.

     In **, Char has openly exercised the power of the original Adric-no one dared to raise any questions.

     But the original prime minister, Salon Bonelli, had been living in the palace and accompanied the little emperor.

     It's just that the two are together, and both are closely monitored by Xia's men.

     After more than ten days, the Duke of Minas from the south finally went north.

     The Duke took Roddy to go to the **-the old man still had some thoughts in his heart, so he also brought fifty thousand troops!

     The armies on both sides are facing each other and camped under the city of **. The Duke of Minas is worthy of a political veteran. He freely accepted Xia's invitation to enter the city, and actually confident and poised with Roddy directly into Osgilia.

     Xia actually expressed gratitude to the old man's free and easy way.

     However, the subsequent negotiations made Char rather helpless.The old but vigorous, the old but vigorous, did not give in when he talked about the conditions-Char didn't care about these conditions at first, but his Green, Reinhart, Sophie, and even Ruhr and others would never give up. Refusing to give in, she asked Xia to bite her teeth.

     Even when it came to the deadlock, both sides said cruel words like "see you on the battlefield."

     After talking for more than ten years, the Duke of Minas finally gave up excessive demands such as the "autonomy of the three southern counties", only asking for the expansion of the Minas family's fiefdom, and issues such as finance and taxation also brought a lot of benefits. .

     Xia knew that this was the bottom line of the old man, and he was considered a great noble himself, so he didn't care about it.

     In the end, the old duke became the prime minister of the empire, and Roddy took over as the minister of the emperor [***].

     As for Xia... he got the official position of a marshal to protect the country.

     Immediately after this series of appointments, the whole ** was full of joy!

     Everyone understands that the clouds of civil war have finally dissipated!

     The Byzantine Empire is about to usher in peace!

     Moreover, this is true peace!

     The Warlord Party has been suppressed, and the Duke of Minas of the South has changed its flag!

     Then the good news came again.

     The leading figure among the few remaining of the great warlord governors in the north, the chief boss of the original Round Table Conference, the governor Angel Salvadore of the Rodria Military Region, sent envoys to **, expressing his willingness to submit to Xia Ya , Only made a request to retain his aristocratic title territory.Angel Salvadore is so acquainted, and Char is very satisfied-perhaps, the death of Hughes gave his old partner Angel Salvadore enough shock.

     The pacification of the Rodría region caused the warlord partisan groups that were still struggling to finally collapse.

     After March, Roddy of the Minas family led 30,000 cavalry soldiers to the north to counter the rebellion, wherever one goes, and the warlords and governors turned to them.

     Half a year later... the entire empire is settled!

     And just the last night before the end of the war.

     Empress Daphne gave birth to a son in another courtyard of the Tulip family!

     Second, the Empire Imperial Family issued an order to announce that this son was the first position heir to the royal throne.

     For a time, the entire circle of nobles fell into an abnormal silence!

     The common people don't know--but who doesn't know the core tycoons of those noble circles? Garcia is a rabbit, and the children born to the queen are by no means the emperor's species!

     But then looking at the announcement made by Char, the Marshal of the Protector of the Country, and the Duke of the Minas Family and Prime Minister-sama of the Empire, which nobleman would dare to speak up at this time?

     Even the Landis Kingdom immediately sent a congratulatory letter and a small gift.

     This gift is: Landis has completely surrendered the port area of Osgilia, completely withdrawn from the Byzantine Empire, and the originally occupied Catania region and other places have also begun to withdraw.

     This decision has something to do with Mei Lin somewhat.

     Legend has it that Lord Merlin went back to the Landis Kingdom in person, and then after meeting the king, Landis changed his attitude.Of course, if the Lantis people refused to spit out these places, Xia didn't mind sending them back to the sea directly.

     Just when the ** fell into the celebration of the establishment of the heir to the throne.

     On the second day of the celebration, the Emperor Garcia of the Empire... died of illness.

     All of a sudden, the aristocratic class of entire Empire lost its voice!

     This Master Xia Leiming...what a ruthless method! It is also a good means of daring! ! In order to take Garcia's life, is he already impatient? !

     Finally, after Garcia's death, a convoy in the north arrived **.

     Garcia's funeral finally took place.

     At the funeral, Xia didn't care about any influence, and openly absent from the emperor's funeral-with his current power, who would dare to say nothing?

     Even the excuses like "today father has a headache" are too much nonsense.

     Above the funeral, poor Adeline appeared.

     The poor worm presided over the funeral of his brother himself, and it was considered to have done his last part for this brother.

     As the daughter of the royal family, she knows very well that many things in the royal family are without the freedom to act independently.

     The end of Garcia's funeral also marked the turmoil of the Byzantine Empire with a final rest!

     Subsequently, under the auspices of Marshal Chara of the Protector of the Country, Duke Minas, Minister of Military Affairs Roddy, and the commander of the Central Army Ruhr, the Byzantine Empire began a full recovery.

      Five Years Later, Prime Minister Minas Duke-sama died of illness.Before he died, the old man called Roddy to his side and said something to his son.

     "Xia Ya is not dangerous, there's nothing about it ambition, so as long as you be content with one's lot, our family will be rich and wealthy-just be careful. Although that guy has no ambitions, it is hard to guarantee that the group of people under his command will not get up. Heart. Fortunately, I understand you that you are very kind and don't contradict Xia Ya."

      Spoke until here, the old duke couldn’t help sighed saying: "In fact, if I was cruel, what would happen to the world with him! Humph... It’s just that I gave up because of you, Roddy. ."

     The old man spoke until here, coughed a few times, looked at the sad son in front of him, and whispered: "You have no half-hearted ambitions, even if I have the heart to fight Xia Ya, but you are an heir like you, once I die, you will It's definitely not his and his opponents. So I considered past cause and future effect, and agreed to their terms. It's a pity... If you are half-ambitious, my Minas family might just sit there. That throne!"

     Roddy heard until here and said in tears: "Father, I have never asked for power in my heart, but I just want peace of mind."

     "But peace of mind... peace of mind..."

     The old man read these words silently, and finally closes the eyes.

     The death of the Duke of Minas completely lost the position of the Minas family to challenge Char on the power map of the empire. The little Duke Roddy is not the slightest politically ambitious guy.

     In the following two years, Xia Ya Leiming was once again named the regent of protecting the country!Although there was an uproar, even though Xia was approaching to marry Princess Adeline, she was not a real royal family after all, and it was unavoidable to criticize her for sealing the king.

     However, the Great Characters of the inner circle of the rich and powerful people know that the kid sitting on the throne is actually the son of King Char!

     I heard that in the palace, every day that child would have to wrap Xia and hug him to coax him to sleep before he was willing to fall asleep. In front of the servant, he dared to call Xia "father"!

     Don't even bother to cover up! !

      if this is not the case In order to use the surname "Krumma" to settle the hearts of many old fogies and young diehards and the people, I am afraid that Xia had ordered her son to change her surname directly to Xia!

     The Byzantine Empire was changing power. The neighbors of Odin in the north have not moved their minds.

     The current emperor of the Odin Empire is an old acquaintance of Char.

     The Kirkland prince was crowned successfully, and the other prince Yavin was defeated after a battle with Char. This is wordless and uncommunicative.

     Kirkland His Majesty the God Sovereign originally wanted to take the opportunity to send troops south to ask for some bargain.

     However, it is said that he personally led the troops south to the wildfire, before entering Byzantium. One night, Aunt Sofia personally entered the Odin army barracks and saw the young emperor. After a conversation, the Odin people Retire that night!

     Immediately he sent someone to send a letter of credence, saying that the two countries have been repaired and long live peace.

     Xia smiled.

     This Kirkland is actually a very interesting guy.In fact, Aunt Sophia went into the barracks to see Kirkland that day, she just brought some news.

     "Old God Emperor already not in this World."

     "The realm of that guy Xia is now the best in the world!"

     "Now that the strong people who are still alive in the world, almost all of them stand in that kid's camp."

     "If you really want to fight in Kirkland, then you'd better think about it first, do you have the ability to fight more than a dozen strong players like your old man."

     It can be seen that Kirkland is a very practical guy.

     After reading the national letter from Kirkland, Xia spent some time practicing swords with his emperor son in the palace that night, and went out of the city to return to his tulip courtyard at night.

     Nene and Adeline both live here. Especially Adeline, who has been pregnant for nine months, is due to give birth soon.

     If it weren't for worrying about going out to war and missing the child's birth date, Char would not let Aunt Sofia run to scare Kirkland. He directly led his troops to fight him back to Odin King City...This is more in line with Xia's temper.

     After coaxing Adeline to sleep, Chara walked out of the room and saw Nei Nei standing there smiling at herself.

     Nene had given birth to a daughter two years ago.

     The child inherited the beauty of Nei Nei, and also inherited the naughty surname of Nei Nei. The little girl began to fumble with the guards at the age of two, like a boy.



     Nene walked to him, then stretched out one hand from behind: "Look what is this?"Xia glanced at: "Yí?"

     This is a bloody handkerchief.

     "this is?"

     "The kid ran over the tree trunk today, but fell off and suffered a bit." Nene smiled, her eyes softly: "This is her veil for wiping the wound. I took it back and planned to throw it away, and suddenly remembered Something happened."


     "You, remember... in the underground darkroom, there's still one more door never opened." Nei Nei smiled: "That door can only be opened with the human blood of the two of us... If it weren't today The child was wounded and bleeding, I forgot about it."

     Xia looked at Nene, expression was strange: "Is this... really the blood shed from a child wrestling? It's not the blood you took from the child to satisfy curiosity!"

     Nene gritted her teeth and kicked Xia fiercely.

     "Well, it's okay anyway, just go and see."

     Xia shrugged.

     The two came to the secret tunnel underground again.

     The fourth door is just inside after the third door on the front is opened.

     "Just put the blood on it, right?" Xia Ya smiled.

     Despite not how many expectations in her heart, Xia couldn't help her heartbeat speeding up when the bloody handkerchief was pressed on and the wall finally slowly dissolved again.

     Nei Nei next to it is stared wide-eyed, without blinking.

     Behind the fourth door... the door of the fallen?

     What a weird name.

     Inside, it is still a cabinet-sized space.This time, only one iron box was left.

     Xia took out the iron box and opened it. First, he saw a piece of parchment with a line written on it.

     "This is the last and only piece of That World preserved in my hand. Perhaps, this is the only relic left to me by That World!"

     Xia flipped through the parchment at random, only to find that there was a line of scribbles behind.

     "Grass!! The battery still has electricity, but there is no fucking internet in this world!!"

     Xia's head was confused, how could he understand the meaning of this?

     Turning over the parchment paper, there is only one thing left under the box.

     It seems to be a small black box, not as long as a palm, four fingers wide, and thin. One side is smooth like a crystal mirror.

     The portion is very light.

     On the back, it is black.

     The only thing that is slightly peculiar is that there is a small silver-white pattern on the back.

     Xia could see at a glance that this pattern was clearly that had been bitten.

     ... "This is the most precious relic left by the first Grand Duke of Tulip?"

     Xia fiddled with it for a long time to no avail, and angrily threw this thing back into the box.

     Then he threw the box directly back into the cabinet in the wall.

     After taking over the inside, he walked out angrily, "Go to sleep! Damn, the relic of the first Duke Tulip...what a shit. It's just a completely useless little broken box."

     The dissatisfied turtle did not know.At that moment, he has almost contacted yet another stand out from the world of the masses in a peculiar way... However, life just like this way, sometimes, everything is doomed.

     As for the little "black box", lying quietly in the cabinet.

     Waiting, perhaps one day in the future, among Xia's descendants, someone might find this thing.

     "There is still electricity... but no internet..."

      also... Power!

     ——End of the book.

     (Don’t go in a hurry, there is an "Postscript" at the back!) [Postscript]:

     Lie Guo wrote for three full years! Three years!

     It is the longest book I have written since I joined the trade.

     Of course, not because of writes the most...but it is because of oneself is too useless.

     Many people think that the ending rhythm is too fast. In fact, there are many foreshadowings, which were left half a year before I broke it. The death of Adric, the disappearance of Ouke and the Emperor... In fact, when Xia entered the holy stage After that, Lie Guo actually had no suspense.

     As for making the Queen Difani pregnant.

     As early as a year ago, I had already passed the drama in the QQ group, using the identity of this child to usurp the empire directly. This idea was decided a long time ago, and it was definitely not a temporary thought for the end.

     In other words, the only things I am somewhat regretful are the two characters.

     One is Tian Gong!

     Do you remember the goblin king who called "Wife Wife"?It's a pity that the goblins engage in foundation, and this kind of bridge is strongly prohibited. Regardless of whether it was published or on the Internet, I was asked not to write the part of Tiangong was cut off.

     The second character is...Dora.

     To be honest, Dora and Darwin's story unfolds and can write tens of thousands of words.

     I originally wanted to write that Char and Dora went to the dragon clan's cemetery together, but I gave up after brewing this scene-I feel that too many people have written this. Moreover, with the emergence of the strong at Char's side-to dig a dragon cemetery, it really can not bring much improvement to Xia. So simply deleted the scene.

     There is nothing to write about Dora's ending... Just let Xia Together We Live, Together We Die, anyway, she is used to it.

     Maybe King Xia gets bored someday and grabs a dragon to make her flesh-everyone can make up for it by themselves.

     I don't want to add tens of thousands of words for such a small tail.

     Oh right, there is still one BUG!


     The foreshadowing left before. One of the old drunkard’s apprentices will die in the hands of yet another apprentice.

     Hastings will die because of Char!

     I later revised this scene.

     Without him... After I wrote, I liked this cold face warm heart Hasting more and more.

     His fate was too tragic. When he was young, his family was slaughtered. His father coaxed him to hide and hide in the dark, and only ran out after the whole family was killed. Then met an old drunkard and was apprehended.

     As a Byzantine, he became the commander of the legion in Odin, the Valkyrie of Odin.Such a mind, this kind of person...... I really don't want to write him to death when I arrive later! !

     This is also a drawback of writing online articles!

     When I write it later, I often change my mind. The original plan was foreshadowed, and I suddenly thought in the later stage: numb, why did I think that way?

     But at first glance, it has been fucking released for months, spilt water is difficult to retrieve! How can I change it?

     So... I just closed my eyes and pretended that I didn't write that before!

     I read silently in my heart: I haven't written it, I haven't written it, I haven't written it... Other general main lines, I basically wrote very clean.

     In this book, my favorite supporting character, the number one is... well, Totoro.

     Especially in the early and middle stages, the sorcerer who would hug Xia's thighs and cry, pretend to be a poor and insignificant fellow. However, in the later period, with the improvement of Dodoro's strength, he was no longer so insignificant...I lost interest in describing him instead.

     The second one is Ruhr.

     Fat people are cunning, but they also have own insistence and beliefs.

     I personally think that the best passage I wrote about the fat man is not that rainy night, with Rodria launching a suicide charge and sending a rabbit into the city to become the emperor.

     I recalled it myself. I think the most satisfying section I wrote about Fatty was the part of the Osgilia Defence War after the city was conquered: Fatty took a group of veterans to fight guerrillas in the city, he single spear and The horse lurked in the shabby city, quietly took a mouthful of snow, and slowly melted in his mouth...a cunning warrior.

     Well, that's it.As for Adric... I can only say that if I were a son, I would not have such a father. Because he doesn't value family affection, he is dedicated to his work.

     If as a friend... I don't want to have this kind of friend. Because he doesn't value personal friendship, he is upright and strong.

     However, if we are a small citizen, we all hope that there is such a general in our country!

     Finally, let’s talk about the Xia Ya Turtle.

     I haven't written the name of the surname of the turtle, so I don't know whether the description is appropriate.

     In fact, I myself have a darker belly and a more gentle type.

     So, in fact, I wrote the surname of the terrapin, which is quite distorted.

     Are you most satisfied with the brilliance of the surname... It's the paragraph where the dragon's blood smears the crotch, thinking that it fits this bastard's surname very well.

     He... really did it!

     in fact. The soil turtle is a tragic figure.

     I was lonely at the beginning, and my adoptive father died.

     Later, I found my biological mother, and I just met and died (I’m guilty!) Beloved, Adeline is his favorite, but in the end he had to kill Adeline’s brother Rabbit Emperor. The feelings between the two will definitely leave a shadow.

     As for Daphne, I think it was a feeling triggered by passion—it was because the moonlight that night was so beautiful and you were so gentle.

     And Nei Nei...I always think that Nei Nei really loves the turtle, but in the end, whether it is true or false is true or false. Perhaps it was an impure love mixed with moving, with a sense of responsibility, and with "righteousness".But it's okay. Nene is a girl with thick lines. Miss Xia is already very happy and satisfied if she can be with Xia.

     Well, the journey of hunting country is here. Although reluctant to part these three years, there is no permanent feast in the world.

     [End of Book]

     〖Sanqi Chinese.〗The Pinyin "Sanqi Chinese" is simple and easy to remember