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0 Chapter List 22 Extra: Waihuaguoshan
    Author: Unknown
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"Long time ago, no mountains, no trees, nothing at all, only a sea, an endless sea."

     "Don't even have Grandpa?" Squirrel asked.

     "Haha no, not even grandpa's grandfather." The old tree said, "the day I just grew out of the ground, oh, it was a long, long way away. That day was three hundred feet long from me. I used to be a seed, a seedling, not half as high as a leaf..." The old tree fell into a long memory, "What year is that? There are nine hundred rings on my body. Now, when I was born, who was around me?"

     "Is there me?" Squirrel asked, jumping.

     "Little deer, don't interrupt, you were still a seed then." said the fruit bear.

     "Am I also growing out of the ground? Oh, why don't I have leaves?" The squirrel spread out its small paws and looked at it, saying sadly.

     "But you can get rid of the mud and run freely. I envy you too," said the old tree.

     "But I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to listen to Grandpa Old Tree telling stories."

     "But what I see is also limited. So many years I keep growing for what I see much more, but things beyond my vision are always infinite. The day I finally get tired will never grow longer. At that time, little squirrel, you have been to many places and saw a lot of scenery that I will never see. At that time, squirrel, will you come back and tell me what you saw?"

      "Definitely, certainly will!" Squirrel jumped and said, "I will travel every day, and then I will tell you what I saw.""Hehe, you will grow up, you will go further and further, and finally you can't come back every day..." The old tree groaned again, "How I want to see the sea, every year the feathers of seabirds fall, The breath of the ocean..."

     "The sea? Where is it?"

     "I heard that you can know what the world is like if you have climbed to the highest place on this earth."

     "I'm going now!"

     "Little deer, wait for me." The wombat and the flying pig cried, but the squirrel had disappeared among the huge branches.

     So Squirrel started her long run, and she climbed down the huge green tree. She ran in the shade of the big green tree. She had never ran out of there. It was their king country. In the shade of the trees, there are a star grass family, a complex orchid family, a wild Twilight family, and countless flowers, small insects. They are always very busy. Butterflies are busy talking a lot, and he flies up and down to talk and laugh with every flower. The snail is busy climbing the tree again, but he always has no perseverance. Whenever he climbs as high as a gladiator, he will stop and talk to her excitedly, and then slide down unconsciously, waiting for him to slide to the end and the day will pass. Now, he will climb up again the next day. Gladiolus always raises its proud head and says he is annoying. But every morning she got up and waited for the snail to come and talk to her. When the squirrel leaped quickly over his head, the snail closed his eyes in fright, and then sighed: "Oh, at what time can I practice climbing like a squirrel deer on the big green tree twenty times a day? That way I can talk to Sister Jianlan twenty times a day."Squirrel ran out of the big green tree's shadow. She discovered that the world was made up of countless shadows. Between shadows and shadows, there was a shining boundary. She was jumping in the shadows, and she was surprised and panicked in a strange field of vision. The light and shadow intertwined in my heart. The sky above the forest was shining with countless lights, swaying and dazzling.

     She chose one direction and ran down.

     Squirrel feels that she has run thousands of miles, and she has run more roads today than in her entire life combined, of course she was only born for eleven months.

     "I should be running to the far end place of the world. How far have I run? Where is the border?" She stopped and asked the thin red fruit on the side of the road, "Where is the border of the world?"

     "Border? I am the center of the world, where did you come from?"

     "What? My place is the center of the world, but I came from the big green tree and ran so long."

     "Big green tree? Is that big green tree?"

     When Squirrel turned her head, she saw a 900-year-old tree standing on top of the tree canopy, as if she was still Under his feet.

     The squirrel has seen it, that peculiar pinnacle, it has grown out of the ground like a tree, but it is so high, it had grown for how many years?

     "When you stand there, you can see the boundaries of the world."

     She ran towards the foot of the mountain and gradually became a small spot on the side of the stone peak that was tall and erect, reaching through the clouds.The squirrel finally reached the peak, she came to the edge of the cliff, the blue clouds dispersed, the giant tree turned into grass, and the forest was surrounded by a golden band. She raised her head higher and looked far away, when suddenly the boundless blue rushed towards her.

     That is... the sea. I heard its voice. Hu-Hu-like the wind at night, it is breathing!

     She cheered, jumped, and suddenly found out where she was standing does not have one person.

     "Has no one been here? No one has seen the scenery I have seen? Who am I going to tell my happiness? Who knows?" Her voice swayed from the top of the mountain and disappeared into the mist.

     The top of the mountain is empty, only a stone stands in the middle of the flat ground. It is not connected to the mountain, as if it is not part of the mountain, but who will put it here?

     "Stone, why are you standing here alone?"

     "Are you listening to the voice of the sea?"

     "How long have you been here? Aren't you bored when no one talks to you?" The squirrel turned around the stone, and the stone did not speak.

     The squirrel put his face on the rock, as if listening carefully. After a long time, she walked away slowly, walking quietly on tiptoe, as if she was afraid of being alarmed.

     "Who am I?" They sat in the shade on the big green tree that day, said the stone.

     "You are a rock." Squirrel lowered his head and scratched his paw.

     "Am I not a monkey?"


     "But there are many monkeys in this world, are they all me?""Hmm..." Squirrel thought about it seriously, "I only know that there are many squirrels in this world, but they are not me. I don't know the monkey."

     "Yes, I am not them, they are all together, but I am here." Stone Monkey lowered his head and said.

     "Aren't they playing with you? Why?"

     "Because I am different from them. But even though I came out of a rock, am I still a monkey?"

     "Well, I wanted to be the flower under the big green tree for a while, but she refused to exchange it with me. Later I wanted to be a deer, but I couldn't learn to jump long. I only have to be a squirrel at present."

     "With them, I don't remember myself, but I often stop inexplicably, and find that they are running but I am not moving. I am very scared."

     "Are you afraid that you found yourself?" a voice said.

     The monkey and the squirrel raised their heads, talking a leaf. She smiled friendly: "I am a leaf."

     "I know you are the leaf."

     "But do you know that my name is a leaf? I mean, I am this piece of me. Not any other piece."

     "I think it's almost the same."

     "But there is only one leaf of me in the world."

      "Huh?""I mean..." Ye Zi was a little anxious, she curled her edge, wanted to make a gesture, but then gave up again, "As soon as I close the eyes, there is only myself in the world, so I will be afraid. When I opened my eyes and saw so many of myself, I felt relieved. As soon as the wind blew, we rustled, and I knew my existence in these voices and fell asleep peacefully.

     "But a lot of leaves are missing. Once I woke up, they disappeared. I don’t know where they are, but there are new leaves in my field of vision. I didn’t know when they left, there are too many here. Ye Zi, I am afraid that I will forget myself, I am afraid that others will not know that there is me, so..." Ye Zi said timidly, "I hope someone can call my name, and then I will complied, and then I know I will pay Now, you can fall asleep happily."

     "Then I call you every day, I call you when I get up, and when I come back." Squirrel said, "Do you want me to call you the stone?"

     "No need ba." Stone Monkey said, "I want to sleep in."

     "Stone." The squirrel called when he woke up early in the morning. Then she smiled, "A leaf." She called.

     "Huh." Someone agreed.

      "Un." The squirrel was going to leave happily, but the leaf said, "What am I doing?"

     "Didn't you want me to call you?"

     "Where is it?" Ye Zi said.

     "Well, I forgot which leaf it was." Squirrel cried, "Huh? Wouldn't I find her if I changed the branch?"

      She raised her head, and the leaves on the huge green tree were shaking, like a green sea, boundless.Spring is the sound of flapping wings, by the thousands and tens of thousands Only birds with wide wings land on the big green tree, their backs are the blue of the sea, and their belly is pure clouds. White.

     "Where do you come from? Why have I never seen you before?"

     "Hahaha this is our home. I haven't seen you, little guy." A big bird smiled, her wings spread out like a cloud.

     "Oh, there are so many big flowers on the tree!" The stone came back from playing outside, raised the head to look exclaimed.

     "Hee hee so dumb." Squirrel laughed at him.

     "Are you stupid than me?" a voice asked timidly.

     "Stupid little bird, I really think I am stupid when calling you Aben." Big Bird smiled and pushed out a little bird that was shrinking behind him. "His name is Aben. He was born this year, for the first time. Going back to my hometown, I'm afraid of life."

     Squirrel raised his head to see that there are two "birds as tall as himself.": "Ah, you are so handsome!"

     "What does it mean, no one has ever said that to me."

     "That's right, you are so beautiful. This is the puppies who say my words, now I will give it to you."

     "Thank you." Aben stretched out his wings and made a gesture of holding, "but I am uglier than my dad and mom. I don’t have wings as big as them, and feathers as beautiful as them. I have been sad for this several times. But they always laugh at me for being stupid."

     "You will grow up, you will grow into the biggest Most Attractive bird here."

     "Really?" Aben happily flapped his wings and shouted, "I will grow up."Stone also sat and watched, Don't know why seemed a little melancholy.

     "A lot of water, whoever can get in and out, we will serve him." The monkeys shouted.

     "Yes, hahaha! Do you dare?"

     "Do you dare?"

     "I'm going!" A monkey jumped out, but as soon as he got to the pond, he turned back with a chuckle and laugh.

     "Who dares to go?"

     "I..." said a faint voice, but the monkeys were jumping and clamoring, pushing each other, chasing each other and jumping away, no one heard the sound.

     Stone stood there alone, without a monkey asking if he would dare. He raised his head and looked at the huge roaring curtain of water on the other side of the pool. When the wind blows, the water mist is blowing, making people breathless.

     At night, the side of the forest was quiet, and under the blue moonlight, only the curtain of water was still roaring, knocking the moon in the pool into silver shavings.

     A small figure came to the pond. He looked at the waterfall for a long time, then suddenly jumped out, and fell into the pond far away from the curtain of water with a sound of "Boom". He was half-dead before climbing up.

     He watched for a long time, and then jumped out again.

     The result of "Hum" is still the same, this time he flopped longer before climbing up.

     He knelt by the pool with his hands on the stone, watching the water drip from his head drop by drop, wet the stone surface.

     "I can not do it."

     "There are many things in this World that could not be done."

     "Who?" The monkey looked around, then raised his head, "Moon, is that you?""Hehe hee, dumb monkey." The squirrel jumped down from the tree and came to the big rock pool under the moonlight. He hugged his big tail against his face, "Am I looking like a moon?"

     "A little bit, but you don't shine."

     "Silly monkey, why do you want to jump into the pool, do you learn to swim?"

     "I want to jump into that waterfall."

     "Hahaha, you are so weird, is there anything to eat in the waterfall?"


     "Maybe? Just for this you drowned yourself half-dead again and again?"

     "No, not for eating, but... I don't know either, just want to know if I can do it."

     "What about it?"

     "If you do it, you will be happy."

     "It's strange, you are actually happy because of inedible things?"

     "Haha yeah," the monkey smiled, "I don't know either why?"

     "But," the squirrel lowered his eyelids and said somewhat sad, "then there are so many things that cannot be done in the world, wouldn't you always be unhappy?"

     "...I always think, in this world there are sun, moon, distant mountains, clouds, and there are so many things that we can't see, can they be touched? If they can't be touched, I how to know are they really there?"

      "Ah?" The squirrel tilted his head to look at the moon in the sky, "What did you say, I don't understand it."The monkey stopped/stood and looked at the sky: "Since they are there and are things that can be touched, no one can touch them? Really never reachable? If one region/place is never reachable, then Does that place still exist? We came in this world, knowing that there are things that can never be touched, things that can never be done, and I feel sad when I think of this."

     "Yes, it can be touched." The squirrel lazily raised its small paw. "Look, isn't the moon holding my hand now?"

     The monkey turned his head and saw the blue moonlight on the squirrel's palm, as if it was flowing in that little palm. He was startled.

     "May I eat you?" On this day, a tiger came over gently and asked timidly.

     "Did you come out to hunt for the first time?" Squirrel tilted his head and asked. The other monkeys rushed up the tree early.

     The tiger blushed nodded.

     "Then what did you eat before?"




     Many monkeys fell down from the tree laughing, but couldn't climb up.

     "I don't want to be a man-eating tiger, but... my mother is gone. I must live."

     "But if you eat us, we will die too."

     "...I really want to eat fruit like you do."

     "Sometimes you have no choice." said a voice.

     The squirrel turned his head and said in surprise: "Stone."

     "I also often imagine that there is one region/place may not have any danger. I can live happily without doing what I don't want to do. But it seems that no one can do this.""Yes." Tiger Aming thought for a while and said, "You don't need to do what you don't want to do. I think that's fine."

     He glanced at the animals present and turned away.

     "How can he do it?" everyone said.

     So in the days to come, some people saw Tiger Amin often quietly lying on the grass watching butterflies, sometimes a bird stopped on it, and once he helped a duck who didn't learn to swim cross the river.

     "Isn't he living happily?" Everyone said.

     In the autumn days, Tiger Aming died quietly watching the butterflies flying. The bird is still resting on him, and he doesn't use his tail to tease it naughty anymore.

     "Why do you die in such a happy day?" everyone said.

     The stone became more and more silent. Suddenly one day he started to play wildly, and the mountains and forests were full of his voice.

     It was a carnival night, and an old monkey quietly left the crowd and walked deep into the mountain.

     "Where are you going?" asked the stone sitting in the darkness.

     The old monkey looked at the monkey sitting alone in the dark away from the noise in surprise: "I'll go where I should go."

     "Do you know where you should go? But I never know."

     "Every creature will go to that place. It’s very quiet and suitable for an old guy like me. But you are different. You are so young. You should scream in the moonlight. You should stay in the world. Your voice."

     "But the sound will eventually dissipate." Shishi said.

     "No, it won't stop, you listen."On the huge stone platform in the forest not far away, the cheers of the monkeys joined together. Affected by this sound, all kinds of voices in the four forests roared up here, down there. The big forest trembles violently, I don't know if the wind raised the waves or the sound stirred the wind.

     "How much I want to blend into this voice, but it doesn't work anymore. I can't scream anymore. I can't let my low-pitched accent interfere with the chorus. How powerful I was back then... You are from the stone Come out of it, you are always worried, because you have been silent for tens of thousands of years, and you are still afraid of the rapid jump in the forest, millions of things that assaults the senses, and you know that you can control your own time so freely It is extremely short. The time for you to feel your free thinking is extremely short. For this short time, you must try your best to grasp what you encounter. You must know that what appears in your life is long Come to you in time to cherish them, boy."

     "Can I hold on to them and never lose?"

     "It is said that there are immortal dragons in the sea beyond the mountain, but they have sunk lonely on the bottom of the sea for too many hours. Even if you can keep yourself, you can't keep the things around you, watching everything around you change. Only oneself is left. The unbearable weight is time. No one can bear that weight."

     "I will become very strong, strong enough to withstand everything.""Is there really such a tenacious life? Even if he can bear everything, he will eventually be overwhelmed by his heavier and heavier self. Because how can he be stronger than himself. Hehe I am confused, I can't figure this out Reason, maybe it is possible. Come, try this." The old monkey handed a coconut pot over.

     "What is this?"

     "This is'get.' It is what the fruit becomes after it disappears. It can make you forget yourself and become one with the world. Drink it and you will feel that you are this forest, this moon, and this river."

     The stone slurped and drank, and after a while he stopped/stood and began to laugh happily.

     "Who are you?" the old monkey asked.

     "I Am The Heavens, I am all! I am the biggest!" The stone flushed, burped, and started hands dance and feet trip. Suddenly he stretched out his arms and screamed, the monkeys on the stone echoed, he I climbed up the stone platform quickly and effortlessly, and joined the wild dance of the monkeys.

     "Look, didn't you just get everything?" The old monkey looked at the shadow on the stone platform for a long time, silently turned and walked towards the depths of the mountain.

     The autumn is deeper, and the Xiangniao family is about to set off.

     "Don't leave, I'll be sad," Squirrel said.

     "I will be back next year." Xiaoben said.

     "But your stay is too short, you haven't found more friends. Why do you have to be separated for so long?""I don't know either, why does the sun move back and forth for a while? We have to chase the sun and not get too far away from it, so we are destined to spend our whole life on the road, and can really stop living There are only a few days, but I always think about it on the road, and I will try my best to fly for this moment of gathering."

     "You said that there are many birds that cannot be reached on the road every year."

     "That won't be me, I'm still young, but my parents... I will follow them. When they can't fly, they will fall into the sea. I know that there will be a day when there is no flying bird. Those who died in the den, we flew over the ocean, until the end plunged into the ocean, that's it."

     "Aben, why do you suddenly understand so much?"

     "From the day I know I will grow up." Aben held the squirrel's hand, "We will all grow up, and then we will be more beautiful, although we will get old during the long journey, But for the most beautiful years of our lives, we will all run towards that moment without regret. Are we?"

     Squirrel scratched the head. She didn't seem to understand, but she felt sad and looked forward to it.

     I'm leaving too, finally the stone monkey said that day.

     Squirrel's big eyes watched him silently, and she wondered if she knew that this day would come.

     "I don't know why I should be sad because of the loss, why I am worried because of the shortness of time. I want to find the power to make all life transcend boundaries, and all the flowers open on the earth at the same time. Let those who want to fly To fly freely, so that everyone can be with what they like forever.""But, what I like has to leave me." Squirrel said.

     The stone monkey has been on the raft, and the squirrel watched him turn into a small spot on the sea on the mountain where she first saw the stone.

     "Is this growing up? Why, why are you in such a hurry?" Squirrel hugged his tail and cried.

     The squirrel woke up that day, and the world suddenly became quiet, without the flapping wings of flying birds and the noise of the monkeys. she raised her head, the sea has turned golden, and many leaves floated down and fell to the distant earth.

     At this moment she heard a voice saying softly: "Goodbye."

     "Who are you? Where are you?"

     "I am a leaf, did you see me? I'm here. "

     Squirrel turned around and looked around, countless leaves drifting past her.

     "where are you?"

     "I'm here. I'm here." countless voices said, "I am here, remember me, I was..."

     The squirrel jumped up violently and chased down quickly among the branches.

     "A leaf, a leaf!" she shouted.

     "Thank you." She heard the thin voice again, "I know I am here, next year, you will call my name on the branch again. Goodbye..."

     Squirrel finally couldn't catch up with them, she jumped to the branch and waved her hand down, "Goodbye. Goodbye—"