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0 Chapter List 2133 The New Book "The Great Demon God" Has Been Released!
    Chinese Name: 重生之衙内  Author: 不信天上掉馅饼(Bùxìn tiānshàng diào xiàn bǐng, Don't Believe in Free Lunch)
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     The new book "The Great Demon God" has been released!

     Hello friends

     Pie's new book "The Great Devil" has been released, ISBN:

     The content of the new book is as follows:

     Immortals enlighten the way, gods channel spirits, and demons practice.

     At the extreme of the great road, supernatural powers are self-contained, and immortals and demons have no superiority.

     Xu Jin, an assassin who had killed countless people, was murdered by the same family when he was performing his last assassination mission. After his death, his ghost fell into the Netherworld Hell. Being oppressed in the underworld again, she rose up to resist and accidentally opened the Space Channel of Yin and Yang two realms. From then on, she shuttled between the two realms and started a bizarre path of cultivation.

     The ghost monk has no sex, how can he survive in the pure Yang world? After standing on the heels of the Pure Sun Realm, how to return to the Nether Realm? The unexpected communication between Yin and Yang two realms, the natural complementary advantages and mutual checks and balances between the two realms, what kind of help can he bring to his practice? All of this remains to be revealed by Xu Jin himself step by step.

     Is it becoming a fairy, a god, or a righteous demon? All in one thought

     This is an attempt by Pie to transfer from official writing to fairy writing. Pies here promises to promote the rigorous writing style of the officialdom just as in the past, and strive to construct an echoing and bizarre fairy tale story.

     Whether the story is good or not, I dare not brag, but the update is bound to be stable. Old friends who are familiar with pies can testify

     "Big Devil" update plan: From Monday to Friday, 9oooo words are updated three times a day, and 6ooo words are updated twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. It is guaranteed to update no less than 50,000 words every month. Explosion is not included. If there is a change, it will be notified in advance.

     "Big Devil" deduction group: o546o6 (full)."Big Devil" deduction two groups: o7885964 (recruitment).

     The new book needs a lot of clicks, recommendations, and evaluation support, please come and join us.

     Because of the number of words in the new book, it has not been displayed yet. Please enter the page of "Rebirth of the Office" and you can find it directly in the "Author Information" column. Or directly search for "don't believe a meat pie falls from the sky" to find new books.

     Can it be displayed on the page as soon as possible? Please recommend and click.

     Pie expresses my thanks again