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Chapter Directory 572 Qinglian
    Chinese Name: 修仙归来当奶爸  Author: 水山(Shuǐ shān, Water n Mountain)
    Original: | Translation:

This year is a leap year, and February is one day longer than in previous years.

    And this may also be destined to be a very different year from previous years.

     The lively Four Harmony Courtyard has continued to arrive from New Year's Eve on the first day of the first lunar month, and the three little guys also felt the arrival of a different New Year in this lively atmosphere.

    There is no doubt that today's excitement will also become an indelible memory of their lives.

    The climate this year should be pretty good.

    Although it was not yet February, I looked up and saw the haze of the past, and the bright sunshine seemed to silently declare the warm spring coming quietly.

    It is the so-called new year and new weather.

    Looking at the three gradually growing little guys in the yard, there was a heartfelt smile on the faces of the elders present.

    I want to come. Only in a special festival such as the Spring Festival, can everyone find that long-lost comfort in this gong and drum noise?

    In the main hall, several elders of Qin Family talked with Old Gu.

    In the yard, the three little guys were jumping up and down.

    The sound of firecrackers on the first day kept ringing, and people all over the country seemed to be immersed in this festive atmosphere.

    Only Chen Xi was the only one standing silently outside the Western Chamber at the moment.

    "Father, what are you thinking about?"

     Niannian noticed the strange behavior of arrived Chen Xi.

    So, after playing frantically with the brothers in the yard, she arrived breathlessly in front of Chen Xi, and then kept looking at Chen Xi with her big eyes.

    "Huh? It's nothing. Wait for you Mother. After she finishes her homework, we can go out and play with you...""Then can I go in to urge Mother?"

    Obviously, the little girl could not wait.

    Seeing this, Chen Xi just smiled and squeezed her little face, then shook her head gently.

    "No, homework is very important, just like your winter homework. If you don't finish it, Mother will be criticized by the teacher."

    "Isn't it the Chinese New Year today? The teacher said that you don't have to do homework during the Chinese New Year!"

     Chen Xi's explanation obviously did not convince her.

    Therefore, Niannian immediately pouted with a displeased face.

    What homework is so important?

    Teachers say they don’t have to do homework during the New Year!

    "Good, Mother is an adult, and of course adults and children are different."

    "Well, let's talk about where to go to play later..."

    "When Mother is busy here, Father will take you directly, OK?"

    After Chen Xi's patient appeasement, the little girl finally lost her idea of going to the West Chamber to find Mother, and instead happily discussed the schedule with the brothers for a while.

    The sticky goblin finally ran away.

    Then, the smile on Chen Xi's face suddenly became dignified.

    He is in a bad mood.

    Not for something or someone.

    It’s just that she’s in a bad mood.

    It stands to reason that as the cultivated to Immortality of Insightful Emptiness realm, Chen Xi is absolutely impossible to experience this inexplicable emotional fluctuation.

    But when he got up early this morning, he seemed to be agitated as if he had suddenly come to the aunt.

    This situation is obviously very abnormal.So, Chen Xi immediately released divine consciousness, and carefully observed all the movements around.

    Including Yingying, who is in retreat, everything is so normal.

    This, however, made Chen Xi even more irritable.

    Out of the intuition of those who cultivated to Immortality in the Insightful Emptiness period, he always felt that something big would happen today.

    But he looked around, and he couldn't find the source of this uneasiness.

    This planet, and even the entire solar system...

     don't tell me Is there anything else he can't solve?

    For safety reasons, Chen Xi even specially sensed the coordinates he had placed on the periphery of the solar system, but he still did not find any abnormalities.

    Unless the cultivation base is higher than him, no one can sneak into the solar system without disturbing him.

    Therefore, Chen Xi can basically conclude that -

    This mysterious factor that can cause anxiety should be lurking somewhere on the earth.

    For those who cultivate to Immortality, the sixth sense is not very mysterious.

    However, this ability of near prophecy is still too vague for Chen Xi who has just realized the first Heaven and Earth rule.


    The prophecy itself involves the law of reincarnation.

    Although Chen Xi now knows nothing about the law of reincarnation, it does not prevent him from believing his sixth sense.

    Therefore, at the moment when this uneasy feeling appeared, he was covered with a restrictive seal around the compound.

    If you change to the past and see Niannian's impatient look, Chen Xi will definitely use the Illusion Technique to simulate Qin Ruoying's appearance, and then take her out to play crazy for a while.But today is different.

    Looking at the signs of True Essence fluctuations in the West Chamber, Qin Ruoying should be trying to break through the Golden Core, so he must ensure that Yingying is not disturbed by the outside world.

    Perhaps this is the real reason why he is uneasy?

    Thinking of this, Chen Xi simply moved a chair and sat directly outside the door of the Western Chamber.

    He has to keep until Yingying exits safely.

    For those who cultivate to Immortality, breaking Golden Core is not really difficult, and there is no danger to their lives.

    Just like the iron, the virtual Dan in the body is repeatedly beaten and condensed into a whole, and the Golden Core will naturally condense successfully.


    As the True Essence fluctuations in the West Chamber became stronger and stronger, Chen Xi's brows grew deeper and deeper.

    He always felt something was wrong, but he couldn't find anything wrong.

    But when Chen Xi was restless...

    In the west wing, there was a sudden and intense True Essence wave.

    ‘Breakthrough? ! ’

    All of a sudden, not only Chen Xi showed a happy face, but even Qin Yongyan turned his head subconsciously and looked at the Western Chamber.

    This scene is somewhat familiar.

    It was only because of the restrictive seal of Chen Xi, so Qin Ruoying did not break through the Heaven and Earth vision directly in the sky like Qin Yongyan did when he broke through.

    There is no wind.

    There is no snow.

    There was no thunder and lightning.

    Everything is still so calm.

    In the entire compound, only Chen Xi and Qin Yongyan noticed Qin Ruoying's breakthrough.Feeling the wave of True Essence that gradually subsided, Chen Xi finally showed a smile on his face.

    It only takes another half an hour to wait for Yingying to adjust her breath and get used to her realm, she should be able to make an official appearance.

    Thinking of this, Chen Xi got up and waved to Niannian, ready to ask where she wanted to play later.

    But just then...

    An unexpected True Essence energy suddenly opened the roof of the Western Chamber and instantly broke the heavy restrictive seal laid by Chen Xi!

    Soaring high into the sky.

    Then, in Niannian's stunned expression, a dark blue lotus rose from the roof of the west cabin...