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0 Words Exceede 5100 711 【Grand Finale-Final Chapter】
    Chinese Name: 恶魔法则  Author: 跳舞(Tiàowǔ, Dancing)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Standing at the gate of dìdū, everyone seemed to feel the abnormality of dìdū already arrived!

     The defenders of the city gate seem to have more than doubled, and the thorn flower banner on the city wall has been replaced with a golden sè symbolizing celebration and ceremony!

     At this moment, Du Wei was waiting for someone, hurt and tired. The girls were okay. Du Wei, Lan Haiyue and Rosecris, even the clothes on their bodies were broken.

     Such a group of suspiciously dressed people came to the city gate, and soldiers from far away came up to guard.

     From far away, there was a defender holding a weapon and shouting loudly: "Who is it! Today rìdìdū is closed under martial law! Don't you know!!"

     Du Wei's sighed saying, when everyone is present, he smiles as he walks: "What year is it now?"

     Among the guards of the city gate, an officer frowned upon hearing this--could it be a bunch of lunatics?

     "Asshole! It's 970 years of the Empire! Today is the wedding ceremony of His Majesty Charles the Empire Emperor! Where did you guys come from! Don't you know?!"

     With that said, he was about to order his soldiers to rush up and surround Du Wei and others.

     Du Wei got closer and looked at the officer in front of him with a smile: "Don't you recognize me?"

     The officer glanced twice, and his face suddenly changed! A strange light suddenly flashed in a pair of eyes!

     Among the dumbstruck of the surrounding soldiers, the officer almost rolled and crawled in front of Du Wei, thumped and knelt down: "The Duke! It's Duke-sama! Tulip Duke-sama is back! Tulip Duke-sama came back!!!!"Many soldiers at the gate of the city moved with a sensation, and hundreds of people gathered in an instant.

     The officer was obviously an old man of the Royal Guards. I also recognized Du Wei's appearance. It was just the soldiers, but many of them were young newcomers. I heard that the Duke Tulip, who had been missing for several years, suddenly returned, and Sāo couldn't help but move.

     Du Wei frowned and glanced at the golden flag on the wall: "What did you just say? The wedding ceremony? Charlie...well, is Your Majesty The Emperor married today? Which family did you marry?"

     The officer raised head up, cautious and solemn replied: "It’s Miss Muse, Liszt’s sister of Marchioness. And. Duke-sama, your brother Gabriel Lorraine Sir Count also returned to dìdū to attend the wedding today, and The current Pope, His Majesty Maximus, personally held the wedding..."

     "***!!!" Du Wei's face suddenly changed when he heard it!

     The officer felt saw a flash before he could react. The figures of Du Wei and others suddenly rushed into the city like a gust of wind, vanish from sight instantly.

     The soldiers around him couldn’t help being somewhat worried, and reminded: "My lord... I think something’s wrong. It seems that your Majesty, and Earl Gabriel Rolling, are not in harmony with each other. Earl Lin seems something is not quite right... Don't forget, the thousands of thunder riders brought back from the front line. They are still in the North City Great Camp... The recent transfers above seem to be defensive... "

     The officer gave a wry smile: "What use do you say... Tulip Duke-sama is back... I see, that guy Gao Cha, huh! There is not much time left!"There was no time delay for Du Wei, he almost rushed to the imperial city without even having time to return home. The guards guarding the imperial city came up from a distance to stop them. The old man with guards saw Du Wei at a glance. Everyone looked weird at the time.

     Du Wei? Tulip Duke-sama? He is back? ! !

     "Get out of the way! I want to enter the palace!"

     Du Wei kept walking under his feet. The body rushed in like a gust of wind. He was the first favorite of the regent, and when he entered and exited the palace, where did he need any notification? Even today Your Majesty The Emperor is still his disciple!

     The Imperial Forest Army was just hesitated for a moment, but they didn't stop it—in fact, it couldn't stop it.

     Du Wei took a group of comrades, and just swaggered in, bashing sideways and colliding straight on. From a distance, I saw a man dressed as a court lady in the corridor, hurrying with his head down. Du Wei went up and caught it: "Which hall is the wedding!!"

     As soon as the palace lady raised her head, her body was shocked, and she was stunned!

     Du Wei took a look. Smiled: "Blue?"

     Lan Lan seems to be a little unbelievable. The person in front of him is truly: "You... Du Wei? Duke, Duke-sama?!!!"

     In the next sentence, Lan Lan suddenly called over: "Where have you been all these years!!!"

     Du Wei frowned and looked around: "There is no time to explain! What is going on now?"

     The blue and deep takes a deep breath, and his face is a little dignified: "My lord! I don't know why you suddenly disappeared for a few years before you came back... But today's thing... something not going well!"

     "Not good?""Your Majesty’s wedding, the place to marry is Miss Liszt’s Muse! But your Majesty Too Extreme, as if deliberately, summoned Lord Rolling on the front line and your brother Gabriel back to attend the wedding! You probably did not forget, you His younger brother is also an admirer of the Muse! Earl Rolling can't come back to the same person this time... He, he brought back five thousand thunder riders from the front line! Now he is stationed outside the North City Gate!"

     Du Wei's face changed: "He wants to do what?"

     Bluish somewhat anxious: "This is not your brother has troubles... It is true that this time he suddenly summoned him back to attend the wedding. In addition to his majesty's take troubles to heart on the local affairs of the year... I am afraid there will be the Minister of State. The idea! He seems to have suggested your Majesty, take the opportunity to anger your brother, and then... get an excuse, you can start with the Luo Lin family!"

     "Secretary of State? Is it..."

     "It's Gao Cha!"

     Du Wei smiled.

     It seems that I have left this period of time, these clowns are pretty rampant.

     "I want to remind you... It's not four years ago now!" The blue face is very worried: "You have not been in the past few years... the Tulip family, and the Luo Lin family, the situation... is not very good! Your Majesty seems Only trust Gao Cha. We have repeatedly suppressed you and your brother's family..."

      paused, she smiled bitterly: "Now Gaocha has a status in the Empire, just like you back then!"

     "Where is the wedding?" Du Wei sank his face."Leave the wedding alone! You'd better go and see your brother Gabriel first!" Lan Lan stomped his feet: "He and Mrs. Liszt are in the side room now, Gabriel is in a bad mood... He doesn't want to do what , It’s just that now it’s made clear that your Majesty deliberately picked things up, and he brought his troops back. It was just to protect himself. But...the anger is not small! Mrs. Liszt is persuading him."

     "Take me there." Du Wei sighed saying. Gabriel, who pulled the youth, stared at Mrs. Liszt with a serious face.

     Mrs. Liszt's face was calm and indifferent, in a luxurious lady's gown. But with that faint look, he met Gabriel's questioning look.

     "Why? Do you ask me why?" Mrs. Liszt slowly said: "What can I do? Du Wei suddenly disappeared, and he has been away for four years! Your majesty is very authoritative, and it is hard to force my family! In the past Duke -When sama is on the ground, he will shield us from the wind and rain! But now, who will stop? I am a woman, even if I use all the methods...Can I stop your majesty’s obstinately clinging to one's course!!!"

     "Brother..." As soon as he heard this topic, Gabriel felt like a deflated balloon and became depressed."I'm a woman." Mrs. Liszt's tone was also somewhat grudgingly: "Gabriel...you don't know the current situation. The current situation. Your brother is not here... even if it's you, you are also crushed to death. As a dignified earl, he has kept you in the most bitter part of the eastern front. In name, he is the commander-in-chief of the army. Actually? The coach of the central fortress and the western front is Alpay! Even you must obey Alpay’s temperance. If this is not the case is in the northwest. Philip is struggling to support and maintain the foundation of the Tulip family. I am afraid that your majesty has already withdrawn all your military power!"

      Paused, her voice was even more bitter: "You can't stop... let alone me? What can I do? That Gao Cha has been coveting me for a long time! Do you want me to take off my clothes and accompany that bastard to bed!!!"

      sighed saying: "This time you brought the soldiers back... and gave them a handle. When the wedding is over... I'm afraid someone will trouble you. I originally wrote to you, asking you to come back whatever happens must not, but you... …"

     "Can I not come back? The summoning order issued by the little emperor himself ordered me to return to dìdū to report on my duties and attend his wedding by the way! Huh..."

     "You shouldn't bring soldiers back. After all, you are the Earl of the Empire. After the aristocratic family, they have no handle. They can't easily treat you. But you brought the soldiers back...the meaning is different!"

      paused. Mrs. Liszt's voice was suddenly depressed:

     "Promise to marry the emperor... is also the Muse's own decision. She... she doesn't want to drag us down because of this.At this time, a person's silhouette outside the door suddenly broke in. Dressed in tatters, like a beggar, Mrs. Liszt looked at it and subconsciously said angrily: "Asshole! Who is letting in! Get out... Ah!!!"

     When I saw the person coming, Mrs. Liszt's charming face suddenly fell into a sluggishness, and her hand trembled, and she actually swept the cups on the table in front of her to the ground! !


     Gabriel turned his head when he heard the words, and saw Du Wei clearly at a glance, as if staying for a good while, only screamed, and rushed over:


     Du Wei smiled and looked at his younger brother: "Yes, I have grown up. Um...have inherited the title of earl? Very good..."

     He looked at the two shocked old people and immediately spoke first: "Okay! I heard your words outside...now I have no time to explain! Let me go to the wedding first!"

     "You... do you want to stop it?" Mrs. Liszt eyes shined, but then she frowned: "No way, Du Wei, you are no longer the same you used to be... the little emperor..."

     Du Wei coldly snorted turned his head and looked at Gabriel: "Go, find me a decent dress! It's hard for me to go to the hall to watch the ceremony!"

     When Gabriel saw Du Wei, he seemed to have infinite confidence in his heart. Replied loudly, and ran into the room.

     Du Wei looked at Mrs. Liszt: "I know... you are a woman, and the earth can't stop it. But now, I'm back... I'll stop it!"The wedding was in the imperial hall in the imperial city, and a lot of empire dignitaries gathered, waiting for the start of the wedding.

     When Gabriel first walked into the hall, everyone was surprised to find that this Count Rollin was now in danger. There is no worry at all, I walked in, head high, chest out, and smiles confidently!

     Where did he come from? !

     Can follow. Everyone will understand!

     Du Wei put on the Duke's noble clothes, and the deadpan slowly walked into the hall. Suddenly, there was a sudden "hum" among the crowd!

     In an instant, countless exclaims and whispers interlaced.

     he! He is back? !

     He actually came back! ! ! This person actually came back? ! !

     Seeing Gabri’s a confident expression, everyone felt a little subtle in their hearts: I’m afraid today’s things are not easy! !

     Du Wei was very cold and didn't say hello to everyone. Go straight to the forefront of the crowd.

     And here... the people around are a little bit strange: because in the past few years after Du Wei left, the position of the head of the important minister already belonged to Gao Cha.

     When everyone's thoughts were different, the ritual music had already sounded.

     In the music, Du Wei frowned, coldly looks at Empire Emperor Charlie. Slowly walked in from the side door.

     In four years, Charlie has grown up a lot, and it is already considered. Faintly, the outline of Prince Na Chen became deeper and deeper, making Du Wei's heart soft when he saw it.

     The original anger was gone, but a little bit disappeared----nothing, for Chen's face, I wouldn't embarrass him too much.Charlie is satisfied today. It was originally high-spirited and vigorous in mind. One of the most luxurious and grand dresses, but after walking into the hall. Sweeping his eyes across the crowd, he suddenly saw Du Wei standing in the forefront! !

     He was startled suddenly, as if staying for a good while, unable to speak a word lately.

     Under thousands of staring eyes, Du Wei has already walked up.

     There was an old acquaintance who came out with Charlie, the current Pope Maximus. The new pope was also obviously stunned when he saw Du Wei.

     Why is this person back?

     Du Wei took the initiative to walk up to Charlie, lightly smiled: "Your Majesty, haven't seen you for many years. How are you..."

     "Old... teacher." Charlie seemed to want to call Du Wei directly by name or title, but under Du Wei's eyes, he couldn't help but soften a bit and shouted "Teacher".

     "Well, I'm back. After hearing the news of your majesty's wedding, how could I not come back." Du Wei faintly smiled, but that smile made Charlie a little uneasy, but then his heart went wild: I am the emperor! !

     But Du Wei did not look at him anymore, but glanced at the new pope: "Maximos... Your Majesty. After all, I am also the teacher of Your Majesty The Emperor, and today’s wedding, the bride is also due to me and the family. Family friend, can you just let me come here to host the wedding?"

     Maximus dazed for a moment, you can see Du Wei's resolute eyes, although some do not understand, but still nodded: "Duke-sama... after all, you are also the title of the bishop in the Church of Light. You preside over the wedding, too no problem."

     With that, the old pope stepped aside.Du Wei watched the little emperor forcefully act as a calm earth god, coldly smiled: "Please bride."

     Soon, among the rituals, the little princess Karina walked in first.

     Thirteen-year-old Karina has become a beautiful girl. As the emperor’s sister, she serves as a female guest in person, which can be regarded as royal etiquette.

     The little princess had a worried look on her face. Although she was wearing a white dress, she was totally unhappy, walked in, but she saw Du Wei standing on the altar at a glance, her face changed at that time!

     But afterwards, Du Wei blinked at her, and the little princess immediately converged her shocked expression-she was an extremely bright person, but she still could not lose her temper at this moment. It is also rare.

     When I walked in front of Du Wei, his face was full of doubts. I knew that it was not the time to say something else, but I could not bear the doubts, just sighed saying.

     It's time for the bride to enter.

     When he saw Gao Cha holding a girl walked in in a luxurious dress, Du Wei couldn't help but sighed saying ----Little Charlie really loved Gao Cha! The role of supporting the bride is not something ordinary people can be qualified to assume. Not to mention the emperor’s wedding?

     When Gao Jian saw Du Wei, that face was extremely sinking-but he obviously knew it. In the palace, Du Wei came back, naturally someone quickly passed the news to him secretly.

     Gao Cha's face was heavy, but he didn't know what countermeasure he was thinking of.It was the muse beside him, in a grand dress. It’s just that there is a thick layer of gauze curtain on the end—this wedding custom was passed down from Aragon a thousand years ago.

     After all, Aragorn came from yet another world. After becoming the emperor, he couldn't help but modify the wedding customs of the mainland and added some Eastern customs from That World: head cover.

     Although a little nondescript, but he is the emperor, who can object?

     The Muse's figure is taller again, but because of the cover. Du Wei has not seen her face-is she crying and sad at this moment? Would she be excited when she saw her words?

     Du Wei sighed saying.

     Gao Cha silently sent the bride to the emperor's place, and then stood back to his position, but the look in his eyes was still heavy.

     "Then, let's start." Du Wei sighed saying.

     When he speaks. Du Wei clearly saw that the muse's hand shivered for a moment --- probably she heard her own voice?

     However, this girl seemed to have calmed down a lot and did not burst out on the spot. Probably forcing patience?

     "I think, your majesty's wedding, you don't need to do more useless work..." Du Wei said indifferently: "Is anyone here against their union?"

     Everyone was stunned!

     Where is there such a wedding? ? ! Duke Tulip wants to do what? !

     Gabriel seemed to want to say something, but Du Wei's stern eyes stared back.

     "No? Really not?" Du Wei looked at the muse with his head covered.He made a decision in his heart, as long as the Muse regrets it, even if he turns his face on the spot, he will immediately take the Muse away!

     But the Muse did not move. Did not speak.

     Du Wei sighed saying ----That's it. After the wedding ceremony is over, you can quietly take the Muse away.

     In this case. Not openly making chaos, as long as it also leaves some room for everyone.

     "Sacrifice wine." Du Wei was coldly snorted, and a court waiter next to him brought a golden cup with shallow wine inside.

     Du Wei was somewhat agitated in his heart: "Let's get started."

     His voice is cold.

     The bride took the cup with a gloved hand, then put it under the thick head cover, took a light bite, and then passed it out.

     Charlie was a little proud: Hmph, teacher, even if you come back, how can you stop me? I am the emperor!

     He lightly smiled, took the cup and brought it to his mouth, but deliberately drain the cup in one gulp, with a smug smile on his face.

      tiger father, dog son ……

     Du Wei felt a little sad. Charlie's appearance is 80% as similar to that of Prince Chen... but his mind is not even 8-January.

     "So... the etiquette is over." Du Wei said dullly.

     I am afraid that Roland Empire has been in such an embarrassing situation from the founding of the country to the present, does not have one emperor's wedding.

     Du Wei was a little frustrated, he just wanted to end early, and then quietly pick up the Muse from behind----what's going on in the future, please take your time! See who is great!

     But this time, the sudden change! !

     The bride, the muse, suddenly lifted the cover of her head! !Charlie looked at the muse and suddenly stared wide-eyed: "Ah!!! You!!! Why are you?!!!"

     An uproar! !

     Du Wei was also stunned!

     The bride in front of me is not a muse!

     The look on his brows is somewhat similar to the muse, even the proud look of pursed up the lips. All so exactly like...

     However, this girl is not a muse, but a "muse"! The girl who went back to dìdū by himself at the gate of the imperial palace, saw the girl behind the little emperor ---- she also looked up and pleased the little emperor's woman! !

     "Why are you?!!!" Charlie was angry.

     Du Wei was puzzled, but he took a step back and looked at Gao Cha who was standing by - then Du Wei knew he was wrong. Because Gaocha also looked like a dumbstruck, and seemed to be completely unaware.

     Messed up! It's all messed up now!

     "Why not me?" The girl said coldly, with a hint of resentment in that voice.

     "Asshole!!!" Charlie was furious and pointed at the girl: "You! You!"

     The following officials even exclaimed: "His Royal Highness! Is Your Royal Highness?!"

     The girl stared at Charlie. But he was not afraid at all, and said coldly: "Why can I not compare to her? Why do you only like her? Only really love her? And I can only be a substitute when you can't get it? Why am I worse than her!"

     "Come on! Guards!!" Charlie fly into a rage out of humiliation, screamed.The girl was still not afraid, and smiled lightly, with a hint of despair in her smile: "You that's it...what if you are the emperor! Huh..."

     She was still laughing, but she already had tears in the corner of her eyes: "I have been with you for four years! You are my first man... I really like you and please you. I only want to make you happy and make you happy. But you Never looked at me straight... when you looked at my, you were just looking at her! Looking at her!!

     Yes, I am a substitute! I am just a plaything to contribute to you! For four years, I rack one's brains, and talk to you each sentence. I try my best to please you and make you happy. Every movement that I make, I try my best to satisfy you...I don't even imitate her incessantly! Many times, even myself is a little confused. Am I myself, or a shadow of her? "

     These sad words carry heartbreaking resentment.

     "But now, you still won't take me to heart! What's even more ridiculous is...for stay by your side, I can't even have my own name!!! You... Your Majesty! My Majesty! I have already followed I have been by your side for four years!! You now, don't even know at all what my real name is! Right!!! You will only call me the muse!!!"

     She suddenly threw her head cover on the ground and hissed: "But I don't call that name!! I am your woman!!! I am not a muse! I am not a substitute! Not a shadow! Me! It's a human! It's a human! It's a woman who has fallen in love with you. She has been wronged for you for many years!!!"Du Wei looked at the woman screaming almost frantically. Suddenly there was a bad feeling in his heart, his eyes looked. Suddenly the golden wine glass that fell on the ground subconsciously! This wine...

     really! !

     "Your Majesty, you don't need to call the guard... I know, you must want to kill me... No need!" The woman suddenly smiled sadly: "Because... I will die with you!"

     After she finished speaking, she suddenly softened, with red blood flowing out of the corner of her mouth!

     And Charlie, as if at the same time, was suddenly screamed in pain, and fell down straight under Du Wei's eyelids! There was blood in his nose and mouth at the same time! !

     Du Wei dazed for a moment, rushed over, and forcibly picked Charlie up, but felt that Charlie's body was already stiff! The breath quickly weakened...

     "I hid the poison in my teeth. When I drank that wine place, I vomited some in the wine." The girl also lay on the ground, moaning in pain, but there was still a spiteful smile on her face: "I...I...I will take you to death! You...you don't know my name! I don't know my name! My name is...Call..." Finally, she failed to say the last sentence.

     Du Wei immediately touched his mouth...but he reacted immediately!

     The crystal pendant of tears is no longer above own body! With Nicole! !


     Du Wei called anxiously, but at this moment the whole hall was in chaos, and Charlie's body quickly went cold----I don't know what kind of violent poison the girl had done.Du Wei picked up the wine glass and sniffed it quickly, but suddenly he could smell at least seven or eight familiar flavors. He was shocked: This woman is really poisonous!

     Nicole was still outside the hall, but when she arrived...

     Charlie, the little emperor of the empire. With this girl, we have already died!

     The poison was very violent, and the girl deliberately said so many words before she died, delaying time - even Du Wei could not save it. After all, power is not everything.

     Unless you reach the state of Baiheshou, you can control your life at will.

     Charlie has died.

     In Du Wei's arms. In front of all the empire's important officials! !

     The scene was chaotic, countless imperial forest troops rushed in, and in panic, the crowd pushed in...

     Suddenly this kind of thing happened, but Gao Cha had dumbstruck stood there...he was stunned.

     Can Duwei's reaction. But much faster than him!

     "be quiet!!!!!"

     A roar of thunder! !

     Everyone saw that the Duke Tulip jumped above the altar, live high and look down, staring at the people with that majestic eyes, and his strong momentum opened!

     "Quiet!!! Whoever moves again and die!!!"

     As Du Wei said, he stretched out his hand, and from far away, the door of the main hall closed with bang sound! !

     "No one is allowed to move! Stand still! Otherwise, no one will be killed!!"

     Du Wei showed an iron and blood side.He quickly fixed his eyes on Gao Cha. Gao Cha panicked. Du Wei had already rushed over, grabbed Gao Cha by the neck and lifted him up.

     In the hall, guards are not allowed. Even if there is a direct line of Gao Chadi, how can Du Wei be blocked?

     Du Wei mentioned Gao Cha. Standing tall, he covered the noise of the audience with his loud voice, his voice was full of murderous aura!

     "The imperial concubine murdered your Majesty! And the imperial concubine is a family of Count Gaocha! A woman, how dare to do such a Treason and Heresy thing! The mastermind of this thing. It's not who you are!!!"

     This is clearly planted.

     It's a pity that Gao Cha was held by Du Wei's neck, and even if he had something to say, he found it hard to speak out.

     "Murder Your Majesty! Treason and Heresy! Die!!!"

     Gao Cha's eyes showed fear.

     But at this moment, Du Wei can no longer care about anything else-strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term)! ! !

     Without the slightest hesitation, he squeezed it down!

     Click! With a clear voice, the dignified Count of the Empire, the Minister of State of the Empire, even exempted from interrogation, and Du Wei broke his neck directly!

     Everyone nearby was stunned.

     But after all, Du Wei still has his prestige. Those Imperial Forest Army. Where dare to do something to him? For a time, all looked blank. not knowing what to do.

     The emperor was murdered by the imperial concubine... the imperial concubine died... the Duke of Tulip pinched the minister of state to death? !

     "His Royal Highness Karina!" Du Wei reacted extremely quickly, struggling loudly roared. Karina has already rushed to Charlie's side, even though Charlie is so different, but after all, the brother and sister are very close, Karina has been crying and can't breathe.Hearing Du Wei screaming, Karina suddenly woke up, and when she saw Du Wei's hand, Gao Cha's neck had been broken, and she was shocked!

     "Now is not the time for chaos! Control the scene first!" Du Wei gritted his teeth.

     Karina immediately realized that she was the imperial child who had truly inherited all the wisdom of Prince Tatsu, and immediately stood firmly beside Du Wei's place. Although her eyes were still sad, she had already plucked up the courage and shouted once: "Court Magician!!!"

     In an instant, a dozen figures in red robes appeared around the hall.

     "The Royal Forest Army obeys the order! Guard the main hall, no one can enter or leave! Those who violate it will be killed on the spot!"

     The little princess gave a few orders in one breath. After all, she was the real royal child, and she was also the daughter of Prince Chen. There is Court Magician as a power backing.

     It is more right and proper than Du Wei to issue the order.

     Those imperial forest soldiers didn’t know what to do, the emperor was dead...who did they listen to?

     Fortunately, Karina came out and issued the order, and these imperial forest soldiers found the backbone again.

     "Guardian Hall! Order, imperial martial law! The whole city is martial law! The public security office takes to the streets! The royal guards are dispatched!"

     Du Wei finally issued an order: "Open the north gate, let the thunder ride into the city!"

     With this last order, the little princess hesitated for a moment. Also complied.

     After thundering into the city, Du Wei didn't worry anymore.

     Although with the strength of his side, he, plus Lan Haiyue, plus old Chris... a few top powerhouses, what are you afraid of? But this kind of sudden regime change cannot always be done without an army.Leaving the imperial forest army holding bright swords and guns, surrounded the main hall not one drop can trickle through. Du Wei and Karina left quickly, from the side door to the back.

     Du Wei hugged Charlie's body.

     Both of them are extremely bright people. In the back hall of the hall, Du Wei and Karina finally met separately.

     "Teacher... this thing, is that you did!"

     Karina's eyes were a little startled.

     "No." Du Wei sighed saying.

     Karina was relieved: "I believe you."

     Du Wei smiled bitterly: "A woman...a woman."

     Don't know how. He suddenly remembered the Messiah... When Messiah killed the Aragonese Land, he must have had this kind of thought.

     Between love and hate, there is only a fine line!

     "But... what shall we do now?" Karina couldn't help crying as she looked at her brother's body.

     Soon, the Imperial Forest Army searched the entire palace and found the muse in the bride's room.

     Muse was fainted by some medicine and tied up with a rope. Stuffed in

     Under the table. Du Wei was relieved... But Karina became increasingly anxious.

     "Brother is dead! What about the empire! Teacher! What we do??"

     Du Wei walked to the door, closed the door, turned around, and stared at the little princess.

     There was a hint of majesty in his eyes that made Karina fearful.

     Afterwards, Du Wei said softly: "Karina. Do you still remember the section in the "General History of the Continent" that I showed you about the Queen of Sofia in the past?"

     Karina's eyes moved."Didn't you also ask me, that sentence of hatred for Wu Zhou is What does it mean..." Du Wei seemed to smile, with a little bit of excitement.

     but. His eyes became more and more compelling, staring at Karina closely:

     "Now... I can tell you what does it mean to hate Wu Zhou!"

      paused, he walked in front of Karina, leaned over and pressed her shoulders with both hands: "Charlie is dead, you are Chen's only blood...you. Would you like to be a queen?"

     Female. The queen?

     Karina softened and fell into Du Wei's arms. The voice trembled: "Old, teacher..."

     Empire 970 years, September. Roland Empire Your Majesty The Emperor Charlie's wedding was assassinated and the mastermind was the imperial concubine.

     In the 970th of the empire, at the end of September, the new queen was crowned. Her Majesty Karina I ascended to the throne. Duke Cheli Tulip was the prince to protect the country. At the same time, he traced the assassination of the former Emperor Charles, the mastermind of the family of Count Gaocha. lock! During this purge, the wing sweep clean trained by Earl Gaocha over the course of four years involved 62 officials, most of whom held military posts. 103 officials from all over the Gaocha ethnic group were arrested.

     In the end, ninety-three people were executed, and all the others were exiled to Nanyang.

     After the case, Queen Karina was called the "Blood Thorns Flower" by later history books with fierce iron and blood.

     In the 970th of the empire, in October, the commander of the northern Kaspersky defense line, the lieutenant general, Alpay refused to surrender his military power and returned to the emperor for trial, erecting an anti-flag and blatantly rebellious! An uproar in the north of the empire!After three years, the leader of the rebel army, Alpay, was mysteriously killed in the army. After ten years, the Northwest Army of the Tulip Family went to the north and put down the rebellion half a month later.

     Empire tunnel flat.

     "You said, am I a bad person?"

     Du Wei stood under the snow mountain, lightly sighed saying.

     He rode on the horse and looked at the snow-capped mountains.

     Vivienne and Jojo behind them both laughed and said nothing, but Nicole shook his head: "You are not."

     "Oh? No?" Du Wei smiled bitterly: "Carefully count, I kill and burn, I have engaged in smuggling, I have engaged in a coup...Is this not a bad person?"

     Qiao Qiao cannot bear saying: "You now are Prince Protector. Not in dìdū. But ran here... "I miss someone. "Du Wei looked at the snow mountain, and suddenly smiled, with a trace of sadness: "I always feel that one day, that guy will suddenly come down from the snow mountain, and then patted my shoulder and said that I don't like you like this. Call me. "

     After all, he shook his head. sighed saying.

     "You are already very strong now." Nicole said indifferently: "He told you the true meaning of power---It won't take long for you to reach the realm of That World, which is me, and I am the world. At that time, you can open the door to That World...Are you afraid you won’t see him?"

     Qiaoqiao also nodded: "Yes! Ten years outside, and only one day inside. Maybe after you go back, it won't be long before there."

     Du Wei was silent for a while...

     "I won't pass."He looked at the snow mountain: "He said...that was a war between the two of them. It only belongs to the two of them."

     Seeing Du Wei's desolation, Qiao Qiao's eyes moved, and he deliberately turned away from the subject: "I understand, why did you leave the Prince Protector not doing it, and took us to the grassland to ride a horse."


     "You're hiding from Karina." Jojo eyes narrowing: "Don't think I can't see that our Your Majesty the Empress is really interesting to you. Hum...If you marry her...in the future you The son she gave birth to is the Empire Emperor! Although she is only thirteen years old. However, you seem to have always liked so big girls... Well, I remember you mentioned a word called..."

     "Loli." Vivian flushed, and suddenly interjected.

     Du Wei looked at the little silly girl, and his heart was hot. Go up and hug her from another horse, and kiss her on the cheek: "Haha! Not bad! You are me Little Lori!"

      Pausing, he laughing heartily: "I'm not that interested in having a son to be the emperor... But giving birth to one or two little dukes. I might as well try."

     After he finished speaking, he galloped away, behind which Jojo and Nicole were both sighed saying, riding a horse to catch up.

     Only Vivian, who was riding a horse with Du Wei, flushed, turned her head and stared at Du Wei's face with her soft eyes. Stammering said: "Little...little duke...already. already have...I, I..."

     thump!Jojo and Nicole behind. I saw Du Wei directly falling off the horse, leaving Vivian riding on the horse alone, covering his mouth and smiling, looking at Du Wei who was sitting on the ground dumbstruck.

     ----(End of the book)


     Another set is finished.

     Which set is it? I suddenly found myself somewhat dazed and extends a finger calculated.

     Then sighed saying.

     This feeling of emptiness came to mind again.

     It seems that every time I finish writing a set of books, my heart will be empty.

     So...hehe, every time I finish writing a set of books, I will immediately open a new book as an impatient, and I won't take a rest for a day, just because I am afraid of this feeling of emptiness.

     Thank you, thank you my dear readers, thank you brothers and sisters.

     With great patience, you accompany me through the past time, and accompany me through the entire course of Law of the Devil.

     I love you---- every person! Wei, miss Baihe, miss the prince Chen.

     Miss "You are dead, I am sad"

     Miss "Come up and die!"

     Miss "Holy Order, I already is not."

     Miss "the fat guy who doesn't follow the script."

     Miss "I will never let you down as long as I live!"

     Miss everything, miss Roland mainland. Sister, everyone can change the position... Haha.
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