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    Chinese Name: 恶魔法则  Author: 跳舞(Tiàowǔ, Dancing)
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: Infighting of various races, elves, orcs, dwarves, dragons, etc., competed with humans for control of the mainland. The war lasted for a hundred years and was later called (Dark Era). Later, they defeated other each clans gods with human goddesses and wars. The dragon clan turned to the human camp, and each clans was defeated. Was expelled from the Roland mainland, all the way north to stay away.

     ※#After the end of the second Mythical War, we enter the pre-Roland Empire era: humans occupy the continent and are divided into different countries of different sizes.

     ※#61618; Nearly ten thousand years later, in the first year of Roland Empire, Aragon has risen. First, find the sealed island of old Chris overseas. After completing the transaction, gaining power, and then returning to the mainland to unify the mainland war, which lasted 15 years, sweeping the mainland, establishing the Roland Empire, the founding year is called the Roland Empire era.

     ※#61618; Twenty-five years of Roland Empire. Empire Emperor Aragon is missing. The tunnel of the thornflower dynasty collapsed, the bloodline of Aragon was extinct, and the collateral line of the royal family occupies the throne. It is recognized by history that the orthodox thornflower dynasty has actually perished.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire Six hundred years, the imperial power civil strife, the royal family Side Descent Bloodline. The Duke of Augustine rises, and the Augustine family seizes the throne. The empire is still called the Roland Empire, but later generations will be called the opening of the Augustine Dynasty. During the same period, the Lorlin family rose to become the pillar of the imperial government. They made great achievements in the war to sweep the mainland for the Augustine dynasty. They were named the Earl of Lorlin, and the southern plains of Kot province became a fief. Lin Pingyuan.※#61618; Roland Empire was founded in 804: Gandorf was born in Pegasus, a small town in the northwestern outskirts of the Imperial City. After learning magic. Embark on the road of the magician. After fifty years of age, he became the Grand Mage who met the mainland and met Semel, the divinator. After falling into sad love. At the same time began to search for various relics left by Aragon on the mainland.

     ※#61618; In the 869th year of the founding of the Roland Empire, Gandorf gave up his post as Chairman of Magic Hall.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 870 years, Gandolf went overseas to meet old Chris, split the body with Soul Division technique, part of the kindness incarnates Gandorf in the white robe, and continues to pursue the remains of Aragon. The evil part turned into the green robe Gandolf, pursuing self-living freely.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 946, the protagonist Du Wei was born in the Roland Empire family, the eldest son of the earl.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 1949, the patriarch of the Roland family, Earl Raymond, led an expeditionary fleet to triumph from the South Seas and was named Deputy Minister of Military Affairs.

     ※#61618; In the second year of Roland Empire 950, Gandoff in the white robe and the green robe, in order to reminisce about the former admiration Semel, adopted Vivian and Jojo as apprentices.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire 950 In three years, Du Wei's brother Gabriel was born, and Du Wei was deprived of his heir status.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire 950 In seven years, Du Wei was expelled from the imperial capital by his family and sent back to the Luolin Plain on the back cover of his family—actually equivalent to exile.

     ※#61618; In the same year, Du Wei found the remains of Semel in the secret room of the family castle and awakened Semel who was sealed.※#61618; Roland Empire 950 In the eight years of Roland Empire, Du Wei traveled south and encountered the Warcraft incident in the southern half-horn city of Lille province. He met Vivian for the first time on the half-horn mountain, and then encountered Jojo. After the fierce battle, the three of them came to the overseas Dragon God Island one after another. When they saw old Chris, Du Wei was awarded the Demon horn, and since then he can magic cultivation. At the same time, it has enchanting eyes that can confuse women.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire 950 In nine years, Du Wei was held hostage by Gandorf and went north into the Frozen Forest. At the same time, he encountered the chased Church of Light traitor Hussein, and later encountered Queen Medusa in the valley. Queen Medusa became Du Wei’s companion . Go north and cross the Forgotten Icefield, enter the Dragon Clan to garrison the sacred mountain, and obtain the Aragon left beast. In the process of being hunted down by the dragon clan, Gandoff the white robe died in battle.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 960 years, Du Wei returned to the imperial capital. In the summer memorial festival of the same year, the imperial capital coup d'etat, the great prince committed suicide, and prince Tatsuno took power, opening the era of the regent. Du Wei was named Duke of Tulip. The Luo Lin family is weak.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 961, Du Wei went to the Northwest Territory to start the Tulip family.

     ※#61618; In the same year, a new capital, Loulan City, was established, and the defense of Gilliat City broke out. Du Wei authorized grassland negotiations after the war. And found the ruins of the former Witch King under the city of Gilliat.

     ※#61618; Roland Empire In 962, Du Wei returned to the imperial capital and encountered the sorrow of the Witch King Baihe. In the same year, there was a raging incident of monsters in the north. Later, the criminals invaded and captured the sacred mountain in the territory of the dragon, and the dragon was destroyed.※#61618; Roland Empire In 963, the Lord of the Roland Patriarch, Earl Raymond, died of illness. In the same year, the prairie king court was dismantled by a beautician, and the prairie fell into chaos, unable to compete with the empire. In the same year, Du Wei presided over the annihilation of the Northwest Rebels, and after the war he was named General of the Empire and the Northwest Military Chancellor. In the same year, political enemy Alpay rose and was named a lieutenant general.

     ※#61618; In the 963th year of the empire, Du Wei encountered the elf king Luoxue, went to the Northwest Daxue Mountain, and became an eradicate curse in Baihe, becoming a domain powerhouse. Du Wei entered the Seal Space and gained a breakthrough in strength. At the same time, in order to resist the invasion of criminals in the future, the Kaspersky Defense Line was established in the north of the empire.

     ※#61618; In the nine hundred and sixty-six years of the empire, criminals invaded the south, and the Kaspersky line of defense broke out in the north of the empire.

     ※#61618; In the 967th year of the empire, Du Wei was appointed the head coach of the eastern front of the theater and rushed to the front. Two months later, he conquered the occupied eastern fortress and re-established the defense line.

     ※#61618; In the nine hundred and sixty-seventh year of the empire, the regent Prince Chen died of illness, and the new emperor Charlie became the throne.

     ※#61618; In the same year, the big solar eclipse, the magic circle opened, entered the treasure space left by the devil, Du Wei, the Pope and others disappeared on the mainland. During the period, the reincarnation of the demon god Bai Heshou and the goddess decisive battle, Mythical Era completely ended.

     ※#61618; In the 970th year of the empire, Du Wei returned to the mainland. Emperor Charles was assassinated and died on the wedding day. The last male of the Augustine dynasty was severed. Princess Karina was crowned as queen, and Shi became the "Blood Queen of Thorns" . The empire was caught in a long period of confrontation with criminals, and the mainland appeared again in a pattern of cohabitation by all races...

     [Well, that's it in general. Later inheritance of the original book, but there will definitely be some jumps.Recently, I have tried my best to save some manuscripts for the new book "The King of Heaven", and I have stayed up all night. Then I plan to spend a week to re-read the manuscript of Law of the Devil and clear the context. As for those readers who question me, whether you believe it or not. I will definitely write about this. I have been asked by a company to write a sequel to the devil. The price is high, but I refused. I have no intention of writing a million-word long sequel. The main story of the devil is already finished, but I will fill in the missing holes.

     This is my final answer.

     Thank you, thank you readers for forgiving me. 】


      The Law of the Devil postscript has begun!

     My new book "Tianjiao Wushuang" has been officially released in the bookshelf. For old readers of the devil, a one-sentence introduction is enough: the devil's post! So, everyone, go see it!

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