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0 Chapter List 610 Chapter 137 【Freshman Finale】(Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 邪气凛然  Author: 跳舞(Tiàowǔ, Dancing)
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Part Three [Peak] Chapter 137 [Final Finale] (Part 2) Crocodile Skin!

     I don’t know what the psychology is, the old Thorin’s old face appeared in my mind, I sighed saying, smiled shook the head, then sat down and played with these shoes in my hands...

     Well, it was just an angry saying because of irritation: Let's use crocodile skin to make leather shoes!

     Unexpectedly, this old guy...hehe, he gave me such a hand before he died, do you want to move people with love? Hehe!

     Yang Wei didn't know about this. He was taken aback when he saw the leather shoes I took out of the box: "This is..."

     I smiled, and then said seriously: "This is a gift from a dying old man to his friend. It is the final agreement... At the same time, it is also a reminder to his friend: Don’t forget our past Promises and pledges."

     This old Thorin, in this way, announced his departure.

     I of course not violated my previous agreement with Old Thorin, the princess's position, and the Canadian business, I will help her gradually. Moreover, in the smuggling business, I will also let Hell Angel intervene a little bit.

     However, after receiving the news of the death of old Thorin, he was still somewhat uncomfortable.

     Is this old guy friends with me?

     Well, it should, forget it.

     On this day, I did not let Yang Wei accompany me, but went to the charity hall alone.I arranged Jinhe here. He lost a leg and could only use a wheelchair. After the incident that day, he was arranged by me to receive treatment here, and I also came to see him once. But there is no dialogue and no communication between us.

     When I came to the charity hall, I didn't disturb many people, just let me take me directly to the Jinhe room. Unfortunately, as soon as we walked to the door, a little nurse rushed out from there. She rushed out anxiously and almost hit me on the face.

     "What happened? What happened!" A person in charge in the charity hall frowned and reprimanded, probably because he felt embarrassed in front of my boss.

     "The patient... the patient is gone!" the nurse exclaimed.

     My face immediately sank, and I pushed everyone away and ran into the room first...

     This ward is already empty, there is no one on the bed, only the head of the bed does not know what thing to use, and a few large characters staggering from side to side are written on the wall:

      look out for yourself, meeting postponed indefinitely! !

     Jinhe... gone!

     Despite the lack of a leg, Jinhe left here wordless and silent with Jinhe's strong skills. Where did he go, but doesn't have any news.

     There has been a tacit understanding between Jinhe and I since that night.

     Jinhe, who knew that Ye Huan had died, did not feel too intense. He didn't even find me desperately or avenge me like I thought... He was quiet, almost... almost numb!

     In the eyes of others, it is strange that Jin He, who has always been loyal and devoted, was so indifferent after Ye Huan's death.However, only me and Jinhe, with a tacit understanding of men, knows the truth!

     I know, and what Jinhe also knows is: Jinhe can't take revenge on me, because...only me can take care of Duo!

     This may be the reason why Jinhe left.

      meeting postponed indefinitely ……um……

     Then... meeting postponed indefinitely!

     I waved his hand so that the people in the Charity Hall following me don’t have to be surprised. I said indifferently: "All right, nothing strange, my friend is gone... well, take me to see Miss Ni."

     Crossing a lush green road, stepping on the fallen leaves on the ground, there is a rustling sound.

     At the door of this small yard were my two subordinates, and when they saw me coming, they immediately let go.

      "How is it?"

     "Miss Ni is very quiet...Fifth brother, don't worry, no one will disturb her." One of the men answered me.

     I nodded: "Thank you."

     Then my one person walked into the courtyard.

      only one Small courtyard, but it is very clean and exquisite. Ni Duoduo was arranged by me to rest here. On weekdays, in addition to professional nursing staff, there are daily doctor checks. For other things, I don't allow anyone to disturb this girl.

     Because... now Duoduo is no longer the "Ni Duoduo".

     I walked two steps and saw a plum blossom next to it that was very beautiful. I walked over and folded a plum branch, held it in my hand, and walked into the room.Ni Duoduo sat on the bed, she quietly looked out the window, the outside sun shrouded her face, from the side, her white chin was very round and soft, and her face also had a quiet breath.

     I walked in, she immediately looked back at me, a trace of dazedness appeared in her beautiful eyes, and then she saw clearly that it was me, faintly smiled: "You are here."

     "How do you feel today?" I smiled and walked to the bed, and then I put the plum blossom in the vase on the bed.

     "It's okay...that's...oh." Ni Duoduo sighed saying: "I still cannot remember anything...well, this flower is very beautiful."

     I sat on the bed and whispered, "Still cannot remember?"

     "Cannot remember ... nothing cannot remember." Ni Duoduo held his head in distress, his eyes blank.

     "There’s no problem." My voice is soft: "cannot remember, you can think slowly, if you can't think of it today, you can think of it tomorrow, you can't think of it tomorrow, you can think of it the day after tomorrow... after all, I can think of it one day."

     "But, I still want to know." Ni Duoduo shook her head, with a trace of sadness on her small face: "I don't even know who I am... I just sit so stupidly every day... Fortunately, you come to see me every day."

     I looked at this girl quietly, from her eyes, I only saw a piece of clarity and tranquility...

     "By the way, are you still telling me a story today?" Ni Duoduo smiled: "You are more amiable than the other doctors... the other doctor, who comes here every day will only let me take medicine... Alas... "I also smiled and said softly, "Is it a story? Yes. You want to hear it. I will continue to tell you today."

     A smile appeared on Ni Duoduo's face: "Okay!"

     I cleared my throat: "Well...well, the story I want to tell today is: Well, it was very many very many years ago. There is a very amazing man who is not willing to be ordinary and has great ambitions. So, one day, he left his own family township with a thousand dollars alone and came to the prosperous South, in the Flower World...He was determined to make a career..."

     Quietly in the room. I told the "story" in a low and gentle tone, Ni Duoduo listened, but her look at my eyes became softer and softer.

     "What happened?" I paused and looked at her: "Your eyes are a little strange."

      "No... I, I think the way you talk is beautiful." Ni Duoduo was a little embarrassed: "Yes, doctor. It's been a few days, I still does not know your name, can you tell me? I am now I don’t remember anything, the first friend you are me."

     "...My name..." I smiled: "My name, um, you call me Xiaowu."

     "Little Five..." Ni Duoduo's eyes opened wide, a strange expression flashed across her face, and her eyes seemed to be somewhat at a loss and thinking.

     "What happened?" My heart moved. Some surprises: "Did you... remember anything?"

     "No." Ni Duoduo shook his head, she smiled: "This name...good soil. Hahaha..."

     Immediately, what was left in the room was the girl's simple and cheerful laughter.Just a few days ago, after that bloody night, Ni Duoduo was knocked out and brought back by me. After she woke up, she saw me at first sight and said something in a nearly babbled tone: "Who are you?" "

     This is an almost absurd and dramatic ending. The result of the doctor's examination is that the girl may have been severely stimulated and lost her memory.

     I sat in front of Ni Duoduo’s bed, looked at her cheerful smile, and sighed in my heart:

     Perhaps this is the best ending for her.

     one year later……

      In the warm climate of the Caribbean Sea, on a scenic island surrounded by palm trees, about two hundred meters from the sea, on a high slope, there are small wooden villas.

     There are hammocks between the palm trees at the door, rubber boats and motor boats stuck on the beach, and an old radio playing leisurely music.

     On the hammock between the two palm trees, Yang Wei was wearing a swimsuit, but with a floral shirt on his upper body, holding it in his hands while reading quietly, and next to it was an ice cream bucket with a straw and spoon inserted.

     In this hot weather, the sun, the beach, the beauties... and ice cream, it can be said that this is a very leisurely picture.

     However, what is inconsistent with this picture is...In that wooden villa, suddenly there was a woman shouting oneself hoarse screaming in pain!

     "Really hurts me!!! It hurts my old lady!!!"

     Yang Wei lazily rolled over, picking up the earplugs casually, hung them on his ears, curled his lips, and sighed: "Oh, it's just giving birth. Does it really hurt?"In the room, Jojo sprawled out on one's back lying on the bed, with her legs separated and straddled high, while a forty-year-old female doctor was sitting on the bed, her hands reaching Jojo’s legs under the sheets In between, he shouted: "Strong...Strong! Force..."

     Qiao Qiao sweat all over the face, her head is stuck and twitched. The beautiful face is slightly fatter, and she is gasping for breath.

     I was standing next to her, Qiaoqiao clenched one of my hands hard, frowned tightly in pain, screamed in pain, and trembling.

     I was also very nervous, holding her hand hard, but I didn't know how to help, so I could only try to comfort her.

     The temperament that Qiao Qiaobiao defended in this brief moment undoubtedly revealed that she was in pain, but she dared to scold anything!

     "Chen Yang, you little bastard! You bastard! You little heartless! Just for you to have a good time, how much pain the old lady will suffer! You men are happy, the victim is our women... It hurts me to death!!! This...this...this fucking hurts more than diarrhea!!!"

     How dare I say anything else now? I can only comfort her by tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks and encourage her to continue "working hard".

     The door of the room opened, and Yan Di and Fang Nan came in with a basin of hot water.

     "Did you give birth? Did you give birth?" Yan Di Fangnan different mouths, same voice.

     "Shengshengsheng... give birth to a fart." Qiao Qiao cried with pain: "It would be better if it was born... this unscrupulous child, wait for him to come out, my mother will beat him eight times in the future! Oh... … Really hurts me ……"Seeing how Yan Di and Fang Nan wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh, I couldn't help shaking my head: "Oh, you guys go out first..."

     Qiao Qiao cursed for a while, the pain was too painful, but he grabbed my hand and started begging: "Chen Yang, Chen Yang, I'm so painful... Xiao Wu, I beg you, I can't bear it... this I won’t give birth to a baby, okay? really hurts me."

     Listening to Jojo's childish words, I felt sorry for her, but I could only comfort: "Okay, Jojo, it will be fine in a will be fine in a while..."

     "Then you have to make up for me..."

     "Okay! When you're born, whatever compensation you want will do!"

     "I want diamonds!"


     "I want a new sports car!"


     "I want a good horse!"


     "I want a new yacht!"



     At this time, Yang Wei opened the door and came in, leaning half of his head in: "How is it? Has it come out?"

     The relationship between Qiao Qiao and Yang Wei has been wrong. This is a long history. Even if everyone lived together this year, the two women also liked to quarrel for fun. Sometimes Yang Wei wins, sometimes Qiaoqiao wins. At this moment, Qiao Qiao was in pain out of one's wits, and when he saw Yang Wei coming in, he suddenly shouted: "What are you doing"

     Yang Wei leaned at the door and said lightly: "Watching you give birth. I didn't expect it to hurt so much. I thought I would be out soon.""Yang Wei!!! Are you to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster!!!" Qiao Qiao was furious: "There will be times when you will hurt too! Then I will find a dV to hover you between life and death Record the look!!!"

     Yang Wei laughed: "Good idea! I'll get the camera now!"

     Seeing Yang Wei walking away with a funny face. Qiao Qiao's face turned pale, and she shouted: "No way, no way! I want to give birth quickly! Can't let this guy Yang Wei record my decay! Son, you quickly get your ass out! Otherwise, your old lady. I'm embarrassed!!! Hard! Hard! Hard! Hard..."

     I laughed so badly beside me, I didn’t expect that Yang Wei could use this method to encourage Qiaoqiao to "strive".

     at last……


     With a loud cry, all three of Yang Weifang and Nan Yandi who were hiding outside rushed in. The two nurses standing by immediately picked up the child and cut the umbilical cord...

     A group of women gathered around, and immediately squeezed me, a genuine father, away.

     I looked at the babies surrounded by beautiful women, sighed saying.

     Son, you are much happier than Lao Tzu. You were born as the heir of the Qiao family. A lot of the Qiao family's estate is waiting for you to inherit!

     Well, I have to call the old fox, take advantage of the news that the child was born, and then think of a way to knock him! !

     "Have you finished the quarrel!" The female obstetrician became impatient, shouted loudly: "After the quarrel, continue! There is still one!"

     Yang Wei Qiao Qiao Yan Di Fang Nan and me: "......"

     "What? There is still one?" Joe Joe was the first to explode: "There is still one?""Do you yourself doesn't know at all the twins you are pregnant with?" The doctor said angrily: "Look at your own stomach! My God! I have never seen you such an idiot mother!"

     I was also stunned. A few people look at me, I look at you... We have lived on this small island for almost half a year, and all the physical examinations after Jojo’s pregnancy were done in a nearby hospital.

     "Ah, when I had a fetal heart rate monitor last time, the doctor said,'Both heartbeats are normal.'" Jojo said blankly: "I thought one of the'normal heartbeats' meant my own heartbeat. Could it be that Is the doctor referring to the heartbeat of two babies?"

     The doctor sighed saying "God, forgive these ignorant men and women!"

     Several of us dull for a while, and then yelled at Qiaoqiao at the same time:

     "Strong! Keep going!!!!"


     I want to say sorry.

     Because of the monthly pass, some readers were still disappointed by my behavior of giving up the monthly pass competition in disguise.

     For those readers who took out a monthly ticket to support me, but saw me announcing the end of this book so soon, I can understand your disappointment in me and your incomprehension.

     In fact, I also feel that no matter how many explanations have been given before, it will be difficult to calm your mood (if I encountered this kind of thing instead, I would be upset).

     I don’t know what to say to you, thousands of words can only be transformed into a sentence:

     Sorry! sorry everyone! Live up to everyone's expectations! Sorry!
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