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0 Chapter List 689 The Nature Of "Jia Ding"
    Chinese Name: 极品家丁  Author: 禹岩(Yǔ yán, Yu Yan)
    Original: | Translator:

Two o'clock in the morning. Finally finished the last word. It seems to be relaxed, but there is a touch of loss.

     Last March. Jiading started uploading. To the end of the full text today, a full twenty months. Six hundred days. The word count exceeds three million.

     With an average of 5,000 words a day, I can’t say that this result is remarkable. But for I'll handle it myself, this is a testimony of perseverance and perseverance, even I myself did not expect that I could hold on for so long.

     As an amateur writer, I'm very happy, very proud. Simultaneously. I also feel guilty. Entered from the beginning of the o eye, nearly three years. I completed nearly 5 million words, and my work and rest time is basically to go to bed at one in the morning and get up at six in the morning. Persevering like this for a thousand every day and every night, all my spare time is spent on code words. Almost never took my daughter out to play, whenever the little baby asked me. father. You at what time took me to the zoo to see a panda, I didn't know how to answer her. I am so guilty.

     it's good now. After finishing writing, I finally have time to hang out with her, I'm very happy. But I was very disappointed.

     Over the past many days, I have long been accustomed to being with the computer, the third brother, and the brothers and sisters who like the third brother. Leave suddenly. It's like losing the most precious thing. Confused, nostalgic.

     Jia Ding came along the way and received the care and love of many friends, some editors. Huangquan, Thorns, King Riding, Trail, Duncan, Ah Jiu, Clip mm, Prickly Heat mm.

     Of course, the most important thing is to like the readers of the third brother, brothers and sisters who support the third brother all the way! Without you, there would be no third brother!Lao Yu is here, to all the brothers and sisters who have supported and are supporting the third brother. Bow! Bow again!

     The topic returns to "Jia Ding", starting from the first book. "Jia Ding" has many controversies. On whether the third brother should have such literary talent, whether the villainous slaves like the third brother would be killed by random sticks, whether the "Jia Ding" was plagiarized, and even got involved in the so-called "slaying god" inexplicably Event-{See and think about it. Suddenly feel funny, "Jia Ding" is an entertaining book. There are these focuses to match the hype. I should be happy, what kind of idleness do I have?

     The meaning of "Jia Ding". It is a relaxed and casual book, which determines its tone. I never planned to write about inner palace battles, tactics and tricks, that's not what the third brother should do!

     Appeared from the third brother. Entering the Xiao family, entering the capital, fighting poetry and fighting against evil and evil, the means are more and more emerge, and the playing field isn't that a joy, this time. The rhythm is very brisk, and I have also worked hard in poetry and couplets. Many tricks are also presented one by one, and then there are emotional dramas with various young ladies. There are many tricks and it is very interesting!

     In fact, to be honest, I was also very distressed during that time. what is called It is difficult to cater to all tastes. I understand it deeply!

     Many brothers reacted in the book review section after Jinling wrote all sorts of literary fights and dramas about Sangedi. Lao Yu. Can you stop asking the third brother to write poems and jump the great god, let's change some new tricks!

     Originally after entering Beijing. I meticulously prepared a lot of bridges where officials fight against each other. At this time, I can only consider and consider, and finally reluctantly give up, the result. It caused some other brothers to curse, Lao Yu, why don't you let the third brother write poems and make words? I love this!Haha, this is called It is difficult to cater to all tastes! Reading a lot of book reviews, it's like being tied up. It is really not easy to stick to your own thinking!

     Later, when I wrote about Yujiadi, I encountered the same situation. At the beginning, I met Crescent Moon and walked all the way. Many people didn't understand it and made a lot of curses. When she arrived, her identity was revealed, and she came. Everyone suddenly realized that their relationship did not happen suddenly. It is accumulated in one thread, one hair on the same road.

      Heaven Shaking Arrow, Six Moon Flying Snow, birds fascinated by clouds, and joy and pain after they reunite, the little sister's hot way to express affection, and the phrase "I am your eyes"

     should say. This is a series of **, even the entire book!

     After reading those chapters, everyone's reaction in the book review area suddenly felt that I was content. Really contented! An unclear so-called stallion book can make you laugh and lose one's voice from crying in pain. The stallion has reached this point. What else can I ask for?!

     Up to now, I have to confess: The essence of "Jia Ding" is actually a complete collection of picking up girls! I have never dared to say. Because, I'm afraid that if I say it, I will die - I'll be killed by a brick, huh!

     With the character of the third brother, being an emperor is certainly a disaster for the country. To be a man, that is a hundred percent disaster.

     Therefore, everyone saw the women surrounding the third brother. Many places are dazzling, it should be said. His experience of picking up girls every time. They are all different, but the seven-character motto "Courageous, Careful, and Thick-skinned" is consistent throughout!Every woman has carved in bones and engraved in the heart memory. Miss, Qing Xuan, An Biru, Ning Yuxi, and little sister will always make you remember a few! The third brother's methods are also varied. There is basically no duplicate!

     Of course, these young ladies are not so easy to succeed, as I said before, the third brother picks up girls stepwise, and a mountain is higher than a mountain. He often struggles with his life!

     Here is a very serious problem. Many people (mostly female readers. There are also some male compatriots with strict style) asked angrily: I don't understand. So many beauties. Rich and knowledgeable. Why do you like Shang Lin San? Are all the men in the world dead?

      I am embarrassed to ask this problem, which is the same as "There are so many rigorous and decent books, but you have to watch the third brother hover between life and death by beautiful women"!

     The beautiful women in the house wrote a lot. The plots are different, and everyone’s love is different. It’s really not easy to compare, of course. Long long ago. Many people have asked me about the outcome of two of the women. This is what I once said "the two top secrets of Jiading"!

     The first one is the "Koriki Man". I don't need to tell who she is. The identity will be revealed in final moments. But Karma stopped. This is the place I set right from the beginning of the book, starting with her. Of course it ends with her, after portraying so many women, I think. There is no need to write more about the drama with Gao Liqi people, just a few sentences are enough. She and the third brother ended up. Just leave it to everyone's imagination. Is not it good?

     As for who the second woman is. What is her fate, that is a secret that can't be told! I can't tell, nor can the third brother, but you can think about it. Think casually!The three million words of "Jia Ding" can be regarded as a huge chapter in traditional writing, but in electronic reading, it is just a small spray.

     Many friends who care about Lao Yu have been asking my writer more and more emerge. Maybe everyone will soon forget who Lao Yu is, but for the so-called popularity, he opened a new book terribly busy. Just take care of quality. That is to invert root and branch. It may not be able to maintain popularity. Such examples are not uncommon.

     I hope some time to settle down, this World needs to be calm. It takes thinking to create more miracles.

     So, I am not sure that the next book is at what time. But without a doubt, when I open a new book again, I will definitely inform you, all brothers and sisters are welcome to join us!

     It's over! Can't say goodbye, but goodbye is already here! I will be back!