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0 Chapter List 294 Outside The Sky Like A Mirror-outside-like Someone, There Is Really No Way.
    Chinese Name: 凤囚凰  Author: 天衣有风(Tiān yī yǒu fēng)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

(XX website, XX website, XX website, if not met her. XX website--m.

     Tian Rujing has thought so more than once.

     If you have never spoken to her, it would be great if you have never heard her voice or even seen each other's faces.

     But if that way, he might have another kind of regret and regret, or even regret and regret, doesn't know at all, just like that.

      In that case, can you not feel the abundance and splendor of life?

     Tian Rujing has seen a lot of things and knows that many things in the bracelet make him have a broader vision than ordinary people. He knows the history of thousands of years, knows what things will be produced in later generations, and has also watched the images that move with sound (TV series, movie videos) Have seen many kinds of life.

     But it was someone else, he just watched silently and didn't feel the slightest touch.

     Just like the blue light cover that protects him around the body at the same time, the perfectly round and perfect space has no gaps, and the distance from others is his world.

     But she invaded his world.

     At an inappropriate time, he broke into someone who shouldn't have broken in from an unexpected corner.

     Because of the soft fragrance in her breath, she saw the splendid light in her eyes. (XX websitebr>

     For the first time, the heartbeat that seemed to be illusory was real.

     But this is not right.

     She is the one who will die. And the day when the yearning pinned on a person who will die is also broken like a mirror.

     But the thoughts that have already been cast can't be recovered, he can only restrain it. There is still nothing strange on the face, but in my heart I am happy to see her again and again. ..But this is really wrong.

     If the individual remembers from just being sensible. He was constantly informed of his mission to come in this world repeatedly. Engraved in his mind over and over again as invisibly cursing his will and soul.

     For the first time, it was the responsibility of for oneself to set up a barrier between the emperor and her to interfere in political affairs. Perhaps it stems from his fear of instability for the future.

     He knew she was going to die and that day would come soon, but he didn't know how to face it. As long as he imagined it, he would be so sad that he would forget to breathe and hate himself deeply, but he had to do it.

     After that, he was happy and scared every time he received her invitation. He was happy because he was afraid to see her again but also because he wanted to see her more. But he was afraid of seeing her sad or accusing eyes. XX websitebr>

     Reason and emotion split him into two halves, struggling with yearning and pain. Persevering in his duties so coldly.

     The more I want to get out. Instead, get into real trouble more and more.

     But more and more unable to breathe. It was already like this now. He really didn't know how long he would live if she died.

     Until he and his brother Yue Jiefei attended the appointment at the same time.

     Before he went to the princess mansion, he noticed something wrong until he met her gaze. It was unreconciled and even so fierce and bold...How could he think she had given up fighting completely before?

     She is not so easily discouraged!

     Even though she tried to hide, how could she escape the attention of the deliberate?

     But what is she going to do?When she filled him with wine, her heart finally realized and suddenly ---- so that's how it is.

     Is it a good wine or intestinal poison?

     Does she hate him so much?

     His blood was cold as if he had been completely frozen by the harsh winter until it took him a long time to recover his wits.

     If he does what she wants, will she miss and feel sad little by little?

     If this is what she hopes...

     it is good.

     Suddenly, the emotions overturned Che, he forgot to see her raising a glass with a nervous expression in her heart.

     Drink the poisonous wine that you know is bitter.

     Then the ice was cold and it seemed to burn into the throat, so bitter that he was almost crying.

     This is the poison she gave him. He is willing to drink.

     Do not speak nor regret.

     In the next cup, he did it without the slightest hesitation. The movements of his fingers and arms were stable, as if this was where he should belong.

      When the dizziness of within expectation came, he had no fear or anger at all, and he pours onto the soft carpet in the warm fragrance as she hoped.

      so be it Before she died, maybe it would be calm and peaceful. Many will never have to be sad again and won't be sullen and unable to breathe again.

     It's totally impossible to like someone.

     It cannot be dismissed with reason and strength.

     But he will remain silent until he brings this secret to the dust. How much joy and sorrow, how much yearning and sadness, how much icy despair were lost in the closed eyes.

     She will never know.Tian Rujing's extravaganza can be regarded as a supplementary explanation to the positive point. This is a hidden plot that will definitely not come out in the middle, and it is sure that there will be no spoilers, so it will be released here.

     Tian Rujing voluntarily drank the glass of wine. He was actually a very smart person. He knew things well, so Chu Yu couldn't hide his little actions, but he drank it voluntarily because of the sadness in his heart.

     Although on the surface he maintained his indifference, he was already sad in his heart, but he couldn't go against the teaching he had received since childhood. His life and soul were imprisoned in it and couldn't escape.

     What is the mood of the person who likes pouring him poisoned wine (what he thought)?

     It was to satisfy her wish and to think that it was poisonous wine and simply end her life.

     However, at that moment, he completely forgot the existence of Yue Jifei () If it were poisoned wine, Xiao Yue Tong would be poisoned to death... Poor Xiao Yue... was 54 by Junior Brother...

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