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0 Chapter List 336 Chapter 94-3 Sunrise (Part 2) Finale
    Chinese Name: 绾青丝  Author: B波波(Bō bō)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

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     He sealed my lips tightly, and the powerful tongue invaded my mouth. The soft tongue entangled fiercely, exploring, sucking, teasing... His lips warmed up, and the hot breath sprayed on my face, as if charged with electricity. The numbness makes my whole body soft, I closes the eyes, and the numbness rushes to my forehead from my back, like the vibrant fireworks in the midsummer night sky, "shooing" up into the sky and exploding with a "bang" …Oxygen was drawn away from the lungs, and there was a day of light in front of me, and everything was gone. I was as if I was in the clouds, my whole body fluttering, soft, unstoppable trembling... I don’t know how long he gasped. To loosen my lips. I opened my eyes slightly, his brilliant face was in front of me, and his deep eyes were stained with hazy stars, like a dream, real-like and false-like, and there was a place in my heart that was inexplicably plump and warm. Yes, it makes my whole body hot, and my face is faintly burning. My consciousness gradually regained, I shyly avoided his eyes, God... It was crazy just now... Slowly pressed his hot face to his chest, he hugged me tightly, and his fiery breath lingered warmly. In my hair, I heard myself and his fierce and frantic heartbeat gradually calm down. Neither of them spoke, and was silent for a while, and I said softly: "I'm at Pluto, and I heard what Yun Zheng left me before he was reincarnated..."

     An Yuanxi took a breath, and his voice trembled slightly: "What did he say?"

     I raised my eyes and looked into his eyes with a smile: "He said, the green mountains are full of vision, it is better to take the person in front of you."An Yuanxi's body trembled slightly and looked at me deeply, with an inexplicable look in her eyes. I looked at him and said softly: "Yuan Xi, I don’t want to lie to you. I still love Yun Zheng. I know this is very unfair to you, but Yun Zheng is the most important person in my life. He helps me find Regaining my confidence and courage, it made me believe that there is still true love in this world. I will never forget him."

     "I won't forget him either." An Yuanxi hugged me tightly and whispered, "I thank my big brother. When I hurt you the most, he loved you, took care of you, and gave you happiness. I am very grateful. he."

     "Far away..." My throat choked, and my eyes felt hot. An Yuanxi’s voice was slightly dull: "I won’t want you to forget your eldest brother, I will keep him in my heart with you, and remind myself at any time that I must treat you well and never do anything worse than my eldest brother. Don’t let you suffer any more harm, I have to remember at all times, eldest brother is watching me."

     I was smiling, tears falling like rain. Enough, enough, how lucky I, Ye Haihua? This life can fall in love with these two men and be loved by them. I have never understood, through time and space, person of two worlds, and through hardships, what exactly is it that I am looking for? Now, I finally clear.The storm passed by miraculously. Dawn shined through the gap between the doors and windows, I gently put the sleeping Nuoer on the bed, turned my head, and saw An Yuanxi opened the hatch. The warm sun shot into the cabin, I stepped out of the cabin, the sea breeze is still, waves are quiet, the twilight has not completely receded, the snow-white seabirds hovered in the faint sky, melodious gulls. Yun Xiu walked over and saw An Yuanxi stepping out of my cabin, his eyes were a little surprised, and he immediately recovered his calm, not a word or movement: "Madam, we already passed through the eye of the storm, this is the sea of the New World." ."

      "Is that right?" I have a trace of joy and can't help running to the bow. The deck was still wet, and occasionally a few sea fishes were blown up by the storm and died on the deck. The sailors who had fought the storm all night were doing the cleanup work. In the distance, the bright red sun is slowly rising above the sea level. I want to run forward and watch the rarely seen sea out. I kicked something under my foot and rolled to the side of the ship gruntingly. I looked down and saw that it was A large conch. I startled and I recognize that kind of conch, it is the Yinfeng snail I have seen in Fengge. Stepping forward, picking up the conch, found that the wind snail was bigger than the one I saw at Fengge, and it was probably blown onto the ship by the storm last night. Thinking of the wonderful function of this conch, I put it to my ear and wanted to listen to the sound from a distance. But after a long time, except for the sound of wind in this conch, I could not hear other abnormal noises. I felt surprised. I held the conch and pointed it at the cabin to see if I could receive the sound from the cabin, but there was still only the sound of wind. I took the Yinfeng snails and looked through them carefully. That's right, this is obviously the sea snail I saw at Feng Ge. Why can't I receive a sound? strange!"What are you doing?" An Yuanxi saw me fiddle with a conch and said.

     "It's weird. I've seen this kind of conch in Fengge's place, and I can hear distant sounds, but now I can't hear anything except the hum." I handed him the conch. An Yuanxi took it and glanced at: "This is a very common Yinfeng snail. I have never heard of this snail that can hear distant sounds."

     "How come, I clearly heard that..." I suddenly paused, staring wide-eyed, as if I realized something. That said, when I was in Fengge, I heard the conversation between the Yue family sister and brother and the ghost face man with the wind snail, and then I began to suspect that An Yuanxi had a relationship with Chu Shang. If this snail had no effect at all, then how could I be? Hear those conversations?

     "What did you hear?" An Yuanxi asked. I hesitated for a moment and whispered softly: "I heard Yueniang's conversation with you, saying that you are Chu Shang."

     "No wonder..." An Yuanxi's eyes narrowed slightly and his expression was a little strange, "So you asked me to check whether it is true or false to die, just to hear their conversation?"

      "Un." My face felt a little hot. An Yuanxi turned over the conch, faintly smiled: "The snail is an ordinary snail, but this conch can be used to perform a kind of hypnotism, so that the hypnotized person can hear the sound that the hypnotist wants them to hear. .""Uh?" I startled, so I heard those voices, was it because I was hypnotized? I frowned, the one hypnotizing me, is... Feng Ge? But why? Why did he let me hear such a conversation? Could it be...My eyes widened suddenly, did he know that An Yuanxi was...Chu Shang? But how could he know, because An Yuanxi made him feel the breath of déjà vu? If only this makes him recognize Chu Shang, then how much does Feng Ge... love him? My thoughts are chaotic, and my heart is like a mess. If Feng Ge knows that An Yuanxi is Chu Shang, why not expose him? Why not recognize him? Why do you want to let me know this way? He is What does it mean? Did you see An Yuanxi getting drunk in Huanyue Pavilion and want to help him end this pain? Still want me to forgive him? I can't guess Feng Ge's thoughts at all, Feng Ge, he is a mystery, I have never understood him, or I will never understand him.

     "Yuan Xi..." I raised my eyes to look at him, and said softly, "Do you know...Feng Ge loves you?"

     An Yuanxi's eyes flashed slightly, her eyelids lowered, and he made a faint "huh". I faintly sighed and whispered: "We all owe him."

     An Yuanxi did not respond to me, turned his face in silence, looked towards the sea, and said nothing. I walked to him, looked at the warm sun in the distance with him, and said softly: "I think, I have to work harder. At least, I can't do worse than Feng Ge."

     "Ye'er..." An Yuanxi turned to look at me, with a tone of hundred tastes mixed. I lightly smiled and said softly: "I'll sing a song for you, OK?""Un." He was lightly nodded, I looked at the sun that had already risen more than half of the sea level, and sang softly:

     If you want to discern your face, it's like wanting to discern my destiny.

     Easy to pick and hard to pick, the sky is just as easy to approach and difficult to reach.

     In the long journey of adversity, each unable to move a single step, if this is love, what is more true than hugging.

     It is possible to ask difficult questions, just as easy to find hard to find passersby.

     If the road is long or short, it is destined to continue walking. It is rare for you to share me, looking for eternity from the transition.

     When there is only you in front of me, when there is always me behind you, a pair on the road, but the difference between the back is not too much.

     It is possible to ask difficult questions, just as easy to find hard to find passersby.

     If the road is long or short, it is destined to continue walking. It is rare for you to share me, looking for eternity from the transition.

     When there is only you in front of me, when there is always me behind you.

     The sound of the wind intertwined on the long journey, like singing songs that have not been sung by each other.

     When there is only you in front of me, when there is always me behind you, a pair on the road, but the difference between the back is not too much.

     The sound of the wind intertwined on the long journey, like singing songs that have not been sung by each other.The sun completely jumped out of the sea, giving out ten thousand rays of light in an instant, the golden sunlight shining on us warmly, the last twilight was forced back, the sky was burning with bright red sunrise, the sea was also dyed red, seabirds were flying happily, The sea breeze gently stroked my cheek. I turned my head to meet An Yuan's so passionate eyes that I raised my lips slightly. I stretched out my hand and held his hand with my fingers interlaced and clasped. I looked deeply at the man in front of me, knowing my future path, has been determined already to walk with him, or we will encounter difficulties or setbacks , Or we have to go through hardships and hardships, but as long as there is only me in front of him, there is always him behind me, what else is there terrible? No matter how long the road is, no matter how short it is, he will accompany me to write the legend of life. I have traveled through a thousand years of time and a world away. Isn’t it the most beautiful dream in my heart?

     Tossed about by the wind and rain, life is not afraid.

     A dream of a floating life is drunk, the sea is like waves, the heart is like a bright moon, and the snow is like a gift from heaven.

     You are enchanting and I am with you.

     Never give up!

     ——2007, 10, 2, 18: 27 finale, the end of the whole volume. "When I'm Only You" Lyricist: Lin Xi/Singing: Lin Yilian "The Green Silk" is finally finished, and there will be no text from tomorrow, but there's some left book friends' thoughts and comments will be posted in the public area, thank you friends Support and love for more than years. First answer a few questions that readers are more concerned about:1. Fanwai. Regarding Fanwai, many friends asked me to write about Yu's Fanwai. At the beginning of this book, I was not prepared to write about Fanwai, because I felt that a story was written too full, leaving too little room for readers to imagine, just like ink painting without leaving. Like Bai, stories that are too full will feel uncomfortable. Recently, however, there has been a little bit of the idea of writing extras. There are also other people's extras that are not detailed in the book. But in the short term, they may not have the time and energy, because Bobo has to work and update new holes. "Singing in the Night of the Tang Dynasty", there's another book publisher's contract in hand must be rushed at the same time, time is very tight, so Fanwai can't give the paper time for the time being.

     2. Publishing a book. Now there are friends asking if the book has been published, Khan. The book has been published, and the physical book of Juesheng will be on the market in January, 45 words, two volumes, the first volume is orange, and the second volume is green. It is available in Xinhua Bookstore, Bookstore, Dangdang.com, Joyo.com, Taobao.com, friends If you like, you can take a copy back.

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     She traveled to the Tang Dynasty where history was changed by the traversal. The lover of the past life became the father of the present life. The lover of green plums and hobby-horse gave her the most rigorous betrayal, the shameless forbidden love, and became exploited. Tools, she just wanted to drift with the waves and go with the flow, but was forced to the top of power by step by step, Flourishing Blossoms Falling in Entirety, where to go, all in "Song of the Tang Dynasty"!

     ———————————————————————————————- "Singing of the Night of the Tang Dynasty" wedge said, flourishing flowers like a brocade.

     Many years later, the people of Chang'an City still remember the wedding banquet that shocked the city. In the solemn bells of the royal temple, the bride’s wedding wives were transported out of the Daming Palace endlessly, without seeing the head or the end. Ten miles of red makeup, the honor guard cleared the way, and greeted with joy cannons, attracting the people of the city to race around and see. There is a song of love in Yangchun, and the catkins flying all over the city are fascinated. They can't stop the scenery and the splendid sacred family. While admiring, I caught a glimpse of the grand specifications of the Luan driving book, which reminds me of the rumors in Beijing. Suddenly, I knew who was celebrating. At that time, the match made in heaven of the most prestigious and distinguished gifted scholar and beautiful lady in Beijing attracted thousands of people to congratulate me.The high gate compound where happy events are held is even more dazzling, happy laughter and cheerful voices, and the eyes are covered with red and colorful colors. On the golden plaque of the “100 Years Prosper Union” gifted by the imperial court, the bright red lanterns are also unconsciously slightly drunk. This prosperous peaceful night is decorated with extra bright and festive decoration. The red carpet in front of the mansion stretched out for two miles, and there were noisy carriages and horses. In the main hall of the upcoming ceremony, there is a group of relatives and friends waiting to watch the ceremony, have old and have young, have males and have females, all with high crowns and brocade robes, among which two are the most to attract attention. A man and a woman, both are about thirty years old, and they are also beautiful crowns, but their extravagance is even more beautiful. The two sat on the sides of the lobby. Obviously, they are very close to the newlyweds who are married today. The strange thing is that there is not much joy on their faces. The woman in Chinese clothes glanced at the lobby, frowned and put it away. Tea cup in his hand. The maid serving on the side met, knowing that the master was already a little impatient, and summoned the butler who was in the hall to greet the distinguished guests, and asked in a low voice, "The auspicious hour is almost here, why haven't you seen the newcomer?"

     Without waiting for the housekeeper to speak, the man on the opposite side drowsily said: "My sister's last name is getting more and more impatient, and I can't wait for a while."

     The woman in Chinese clothes glanced at him lightly and sneered: "The third brother's words are really funny. I'm just afraid that the newcomer will miss Auspicious time. I kindly mention it. Why is it related to my last name?"

     The housekeeper was afraid that the two would continue to quarrel, so he hurriedly said with a smile: "The prince, the princess, my family's lady said that there is something to confess to the uncle, let us not disturb, the lady has always done things well and will not miss the auspicious time.""Your lady is letting the bridegroom's child come into the wedding room this time?" The prince gave the butler a surprised look and joked, "What's the big deal with your lady? Can't you wait now?"

     There was someone laughing beside the prince, but it was a glamorous young woman with a full head covering her lips and smiling softly: "Master, let this girl play cards at what time according to common sense? That is to advance the bridal room and The ornamented candles are not new..."

     The butler’s smiling face became embarrassed, in the eye flickers a trace of unhappiness. The Huafu princess lowered his face and hummed softly: "Sansao, these frivolous remarks are just a matter of talking in your Liuhou mansion. Here babbling nonsense will only make people laugh at you for not knowing the rules!"

     The prince's face stiffened, and the glamorous young woman's complexion suddenly became extremely ugly. It seemed that she was stabbed in some sore spot by the words of Princess Huafu, and there was a look of hatred in her eyes, waiting to be answered back sarcastically: "Sister, you... "But I heard someone shouting outside the hall: "Princess Xuanyi and her horse are here—"Seeing that these two pampers were about to argue, they were relieved by the new arrival. The old butler let out a relaxed breath hurriedly rushed to meet each other. The prince and the princess both stood up from their seats when they heard the words. The glamorous young woman had to endure the bad breath in her heart, got up bitterly, and looked up to see a group of people stepping outside the door, the first elegant and poised young woman in costume. , It was Princess Xuanyi who came to congratulate the newcomer together with her husband. The prince and the princess met the princess Xuanyi first, and said: "Second sister." All the people in the hall saluted the princess in unison, and the princess smiled and asked everyone to get up, gently said: "Now, we are the new couple. Talent is the protagonist, everyone doesn't need to be polite." After seeing the bridegroom, Princess Xuanyi gave a "Huh" and laughed: "Where did it go?"

     The glamorous young woman who had just been stabbed by the county lord of the Chinese clothes hurriedly said: "Second sister, our bride and groom were called into the wedding room by the bride. No, let's leave such a large group of guests..."

      "Oh?" Princess Xuanyi frowned, "Is there such a thing?"

     The old butler hurriedly said: "Return to Your Highness Princess, the lady said something is going on with my uncle..."

     "It won't be bad for a while." Princess Xuanyi interrupted the old housekeeper faintly, "Auspicious hour is almost here, go and invite the newcomer out to salute."

     The old housekeeper Timid promised, just about to turn around, a woman suddenly heard the scream of lose one's head out of fear: "Come on...Help..."

     Everyone in the auditorium was shocked, and there was a "weng-weng" whisper to each other, the princess complexion sank, sternly said: "Who is here to make a big fuss?"But the call was approaching, a little maid with a frightened expression on her face, staggered to the entrance of the auditorium, screaming: "It's a murder... It's a death..."

     The old butler saw that the complexions of the noble masters in the room had changed, and rushed forward and gave the little maid a shave: "Irregular things, messy why do you shout? What are you talking about?"

     The little maid was slapped by this slap, and recovered his wits. She was so scared that she knelt to the ground, and cried out: "The housekeeper...happy room, happy room..."

     Could it be that Xifang has changed? Princess Xuanyi said sharply, "What happened to Xifang?"

     The little maid shrank and cried tremblingly: "Hi room...kill, kill..."

     Everyone was shocked and their expressions changed drastically. Princess Xuanyi didn't care to teach the little maid's misconduct, so she lifted her leg and went out to the outside. The other two royal family members and other guests were also bewildered and uncertain, and they hurriedly followed through. In the courtyard, I went straight to the newcomer's room, and saw that the courtyard door was wide open, and all the servants and servants knelt on the ground shiver coldly without expression. Princess Xuanyi was heart trembled and hurried to the Xifang. The door of the Xifang was also open. On the floor of the door there was a broken porcelain plate and scattered delicate cakes. Princess Xuanyi raised her eyes and looked into the Xifang, she breathed abruptly, her pupils suddenly widened.The night was dark, and big red candles with thick arms were burning in the wedding room, reflecting the warm red light of the whole room. In the middle of the wedding room, a woman in a red wedding dress is holding a man in the same red wedding dress and kneeling on the ground. The woman is wearing a smooth bun on the back of her head. She lowers her eyebrows and closes her eyes. The closed, pale-faced man, this pair of men and women are indeed newcomers who want to make the best of Qin and Jin. At this moment, the beaded crown that should have been worn on the bride's head was thrown on the ground, and the bright jewels on the crown were scattered on the ground, and the bride's face was as pale as fluorescent beads on the ground. On the floor, there was a dark red blood stain, silently winding out from under the couple, converging into a pool of blood shocks the eye, astonishes the heart.

     "Ah—" The people coming one after another outside the door were stunned by the sight in front of them, and they stopped in shock. The glamorous young woman leaning on the lord's side glanced at and screamed lose consciousness. The bride was indifferent to the noise outside the door, and only silently looked at the bridegroom in her arms, deadpan, with the candlelight trembling slightly on her face. When she took a closer look, she saw that there was not a trace of expression in her calm eyes, just falling empty. The face of the groom. The candle flower burst slightly, and Xi Zhu silently shed a big drop of blood and tears. The room was quiet and silent. Everyone felt that the bride holding the bridegroom seemed to have become a dead person, with a deadly breath on her body. There is no general in this world.A fame's Grand Wedding ended with such a horrible ending, and there was chaos in the tall mansion. Outside the mansion, the people who wanted to join in the fun didn't know that the tragedy had happened in the mansion where the wedding was held. They were puzzled by the sudden closing of the door of the house. After a while, they also dispersed. The noisy long street fell silent, and the night wind blew the red lanterns under the eaves of the door, making the paper lanterns "crushing". Suddenly, the long silent street regularly sounded "Da, Da...", the sound of appearing out of thin air seemed to come from hell, knocking people's hearts out, wait for that sound to get closer and closer , A skinny old man walked out tremblingly from the dark alley, his eyes closed, his eye sockets and eyelids were scarred, and he was holding a bamboo stick in his bare hands. The sound of "Da" was made by the bamboo sticks hitting the ground.

     Turned out to be a blind man. The blind old man walked at a moderate pace by the door of the house with the big red lantern, muttering something softly in his mouth, reading it fuzzy, and listening carefully, but he seemed to be singing a song: "... I don’t know the joy of life, and I’m willing to take it off without a cause...I’m in peace...I’m born...in the wind...the dust, life and sorrow are both abandoned, right and wrong pay the idler..."The lyrics were indistinct and intermittent at first, but then became clearer, and the singing voice was extremely bleak, faintly echoing in this dark and silent Chang'an night, unable to hover. The cold wind suddenly started, and a fallen leaf that I didn't know where it came from was picked up by the wind and hit the closed Zhumen. The big red lanterns under the eaves of the house were constantly swayed by the wind, and the candlelight in one of the lanterns twitched twice and went out suddenly. The moment the candle light was extinguished, the leaf that hit the door of the house fell lightly and lay lifelessly on the stone steps with the red carpet at the door.

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