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    Chinese Name: ɣ  Author: ׮׮(Zhung zhung)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The distant sanctuary has been surrounded by black death. The order in the city did not seem to be disturbed at all. The Red City monks saw each other, ignoring the black mist on each other's face.

     In the holy palace, the distracting body of the prison god suddenly let out a roar. His body seemed to be suddenly split in two and reunited again. He Jiejie laughed loudly, opened the door of the hall, and flew straight out.

     Nie Youyou, who was waiting outside the hall, was shocked, and went out without even thinking about it.

     The avatar of the prison god stopped on the platform outside the holy palace. He looked down at the Red City below, pinching out complicated legal decisions with both hands.

     There was a horror in the city. Nie Youyou had full eyesight, and his divine consciousness swept over. The Red City monks walking on the street suddenly fell to the ground and died, wisps of blood wafting out of their bodies and flew straight to the platform of the Holy Palace. All melted into the clone of the prison god.

     Nie Youyou was extremely frightened, and blurted out: "Master Hell, they are all my people! They are also your god soldiers. You have to rely on them to conquer the entire boundless continent. You can't treat the monks of the Red City Sanctuary as yours. Sacrifice!"

     The prison god sucked the last ray of blood and turned around. His body is solid, his face is as flawless as white jade. He reached out to pinch

     After Nie Youyou's throat, he said casually: "Your people? You are just blood animals in the eyes of this seat. Your essence, blood and soul belong to this seat. You are included."

     Fear and resentment appeared in Nie Youyou's eyes.

     The prison god released his hand. I don't care about her look at all: "This seat promises you not to die. You are above the Under One Person beings. Leave your self-esteem and face behind. You are the king of this square ghost prison."Seeing Nie Youyou struggling, he only felt interesting: "Is it possible that with your talent, you still want to become a god? There is no one who becomes a god in this land."

     "Where's Fentian?" Nie Youyou subconsciously compared with Fentian.

     "She?" The prison god shook the head with a smile, "Since she was born, she has only one way to go. The Phantom Chilian was melted with a stewed body. The enchantment of the four ghost prisons was melted. Feiyan. Or, she is like every person here, imprisoned forever in this land. Now, the Phantom Red Lotus has been taken away by Qin Yousang. Even if Burning Tian is a body of Chaos, how can he be an enemy of this seat? Since you care for your people. This seat allows you to choose 10,000 monks as sacrifices. The other two runes will soon be broken by Qin Yousang. This seat is just a distraction incarnation, not enough divine power. So it is necessary Promptly draw the essence and blood to replenish the soul."

     He said that he flew back into the holy palace.

     Nie Youyou clenched his fists and his eyes were like burning flames: "Qin Yousang, you have learned the sword technique of asking the sky. You can hurt his clone. This honor must have you."

     Foxzong looked up at the sky. She thought, probably because she has been watching for a long time, her eyes are tired. The sky above his head was shaking. Like a piece of water, ripples appeared. A brighter star suddenly appeared in sight. The sky at the extreme west supporting the sky cloud pillar is as clear as ever.

     Qin Yousang flew down from the top of the mountain and stopped quietly in front of the Fox Sect: "The green dragon seal has been broken."

     When Fox Zong closed his eyes, two lines of old tears came out. She muttered: "Ask the Heavenly Sword to break the Sifang Talisman. The Sifang Talisman has broken the Xuanwu Qinglong. Next is the White Tiger Suzaku. What's next?"Qin Yousang uttered the following few songs: "The red lotus fire burns the night ghost road. The chaos is scattered, the flowers are drinking and the blood is blooming, and the blue waves meet each other in hatred."

     He was puzzled: "Yeguilu what is?"

     Foxzong shook his head: "I don't know."

     Qin Yousang thought a bit then said: "If you break it, let's look at it. I will set off for the Southern Demon Realm. When Fen Tian returns from the east. I probably have broken the Vermilion Bird Seal. Goodbye."

     His figure disappeared in a flash. Foxzong held his chest and stood on top of the ice rock and gave a big gift to Qin Yousang: "Sorry, Burning the sky in the end still child."


     Returning to the forest of the demon world, the Burning Sky Konoha spirit bird flew towards the palace.

     She fell tiredly at the gate of the palace.

     The sudden appearance at the gate of the palace alarmed the guarding demon soldiers and blocked her at the gate.

     "Yi Zhiyu! Come out!" Burning sky exhausted his divine consciousness and shouted at the palace with a white face.

     The palace gate was wide open. A group of enchanting maids came out, and a group of guards in armor came out. In the end, it was the old red worm in full dress.

     Seeing him, Fen Weather smiled: "What's the matter? The Lord Demon Sovereign poses this battle Xuancaomin to go to the palace to see him? Do you want to kneel three times and kowtowing nine times to him? Has he eaten the ice fruit for ten thousand years? Give it back to me. Spit it out when you eat it!"

     The old red bug was taken aback, trying to cover her mouth and realizing that it was too late, said with bitter expression: "Fentian girl, my lord does not let others know."

     Fen Tian sneered and said, "It seems that he is already well."

     After that, walk into the palace.In the tall and spacious palace, Yi Zhiyu sits on the throne in deadly earnest. Perhaps Burning the sky came too quickly, and he was the only one in the palace. Partially dressed as neatly as above. Purple suit and golden crown, his face is extremely majestic.

     Seeing Fen Tian enter the hall, he pointed his finger at her and shouted: "Bold! How dare you make a noise in front of this king's palace! Come on, drag it down and blame the fifty vine whips to talk back and forth."

     Fen Tian looked around, and with a casual move, he dragged Zhang An over. Facing Yi Zhiyu, he sat down: "Old Red Worm, I advise you to avoid it first. I want to chat with your King for a while. You will regret hearing it."

     The old bloodworm glanced at the throne. Yi Zhiyu waved his hand. He whizzed out of the hall. Close the door carefully. A Gu worm appeared in his hand. He touched the worm, and a ball of light appeared in his palm. The light and shadow revealed the scene in the temple. The old red worm happily moved the gu worm and moved to sit under the wall, basking in the sun to watch: "How can I miss this good show?"

     Because of the closing of the hall door, the hall appears abnormally quiet.

     Fen Tian was three feet away from Yi Zhiyu. She was not in a hurry, so she looked at him.

     Yi Zhiyu was becoming more and more uncomfortable by her, and finally said: "Fen Tian, this king has endured you for a long time."

     Fen Tian moved his neck and rubbed his wrist lightly.

     "You dare to go wordless and silent to the sanctuary? You are so passionate about this king, why don't you marry? Are you happy to hang this king?" Yi Zhiyu said more and more angry, and stopped/stood.

     Fen Tian hooked his finger at him: "Come here!"

     Yi Zhiyu glanced left and right: "Why?"

     Fen Tian asked again: "Did Bingguo eat it? Is the injury healed?"Yi Zhiyu didn't squeeze, but smiled pouting, walked to her and held her hand: "Okay. You fly back all the way with the Konoha spirit bird, are you tired..."

      Before they finished speaking, a strong vitality spread quickly from his palm to his whole body. It was as if a net entangled him tightly.

     Yi Zhiyu hated it: "Xuanwu Forbidden Yuan Talisman?"

     Fen Tian chuckled: "Yes. You don't want to use Vermilion's Forbidden Yuan Talisman on me too. It's just that I start a little faster than you."

     She raised her hand, and Yi Zhiyu lay down on the long case table. He was unable to move a single step and was extremely angry: "What are you going to do?"

     Fen Tian already has an extra cane in his hand: "I want to beat you. I want to think about it. It's boring to try with you. So playing like this will make you more uncomfortable!"


     Outside the palace, the old bloodworm trembled, and the Gu worm in his hand was directly shaken to death by him. He shot a look at inside the hall and flew away: "I'm so lost!"


     The cane waved and there was a gust of wind. Yi Zhiyu's body froze, and a generation of Demon King was pumped by her? He was very angry loudly shouted: "I have something to say!"

     Fen Tian stepped on the case table with one foot, and the thick-armed rattan whip hung in front of Yi Zhiyu: "It's easy to say. Then let's talk about how you colluded with Qin Yousang and how can you give him the Wentian sword?"

     Yi Zhiyu's body flashed red, and he jumped up: "Before he went to the sanctuary! Pingshan ancestor and this king agreed. Your basalt forbidden element is powerful. This king has Lieyan real fire protection, so he is not afraid. you."Fen Tian raised his hand to strike across, and said blankly: "You gave him the sword. You also taught him how to steal my Phantom Chilian! Today I will pluck out your bird hair and string you together. roast chicken."

     "He got it! Ah bah!" Yi Zhiyu was overjoyed and furious again, "You two have been together a long time ago yes or no?"

     Fen Tian suddenly threw the vine whip, and Chong Yi Zhi Yu shouted, "You shameless!"

     How could Yi Zhiyu let go of this opportunity, his palm flashed red, and he slapped Fen Tian.

     "He will die. Do you know or not?" Burning sky motionless like a statue, his tears brushed the ground and landed.

     Of course he knows. Qin Yousang also knew. Everyone knows it, keeping her secret. The red light in Yi Zhiyu's palm disappeared. He watched Fen Tian cry and couldn't help but stepped forward and hugged her: "Fen Tian, the Wentian sword is a branch of the God Realm Fusang tree inhabited by the golden crow. Qin Yousang used it to suck away the rune and break the square rune. . His vitality is cut off. So he wants to try it, wants to get Phantom Chilian to burn that night ghost road. He wants you to live. We all want you to live well."

     Fen Tian pushed him away forcefully: "Since Jialian left the ballad, he would definitely hope that one day he can break the four ghost prisons. There will be no useless words in the ballad. Chaos blooms, and the flowers drink blood. Without me, how could it be broken? ?"

     Yi Zhiyu's spiritual consciousness moved slightly.

     A figure flew in from the window: "Yi Zhiyu, get some wine. I'm dying of exhaustion."

     Qin Yousang fell in the hall. As soon as he looked up, he saw Burning Heaven.

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