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0 Chapter List 41 Chapter Ten
    Chinese Name: 东宫  Author: 匪我思存(Fěi wǒ sī cún, Fei Wo Si Cun)
    Original: Unknown | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I said, "I will never tell you what is good about Gu Xiaowu." Li Chengyin suddenly smiled, "Unfortunately he is already dead."

     Yes, it is a pity that he is already dead.

     He said: "You go back with me, I forget and not bear recriminations, and I will still treat you well. No matter

     Are you still thinking about that Gu Xiaowu, as long as you are willing to go back with me, I will never

     Bring up the matter. "

     I smiled to he, I said: "As long as you promise me one thing, I will fall in love

     Go back with you earthly. "

     He didn't seem to have any expression on his face, he just asked, "What's the matter?"

     I said, "I want you to catch a hundred fireflies for me."

     He gave a slight shock and looked at me seemingly incomprehensible. My vision gradually blurred,

     But I still smiled: "The water of Forgotten River lies in forgetting emotion?? The Shenshui of Forgotten River makes me

     I forgot for three years, but it didn't make me forget for a lifetime. "

     Tears ran down my cheeks, and I smiled and said to him: "Like you have always forgotten, more

     Okay. "

     He stared at me blankly, as if he didn't understand what I was saying, I don't know either

     With my own expression, I was smiling at him, but I was crying again. I say:

     "This time, I really want to forget."

     I turned around, like a bird leaping towards the sky, like a butterfly leaping towards the flower

     Duo, I resolutely jumped down. I clearly knows, here is no forgetting, below

     It is countless sharp gravel, once it falls, it is torn body and crushed bones.I heard countless people screaming, Li Chengyin was anxious, grabbed it and pulled out his belt.

     Raise your hand around me. Everything's everything is almost like a repeat of three years ago. I am hard

     Shengsheng was held up in the air by him, and he was also plunged to the edge of the city by the inertia of me. he

     He held the castellated brick with one hand, and leaned over to hold me with the other.

     The wound in his neck began to ooze blood and it was about to burst, but he by no means

     Let go, but yelled: "Come here!"

     I knew that once the Yulin army came to help him, there would be no chance. I raised my hand, and the cold light flashed before his eyes, and he shouted, "No!"

     I cut his belt, the flimsy silk broke in the air, I tried to treat him

     The last smile opened: "I will forget you, Gu Xiaowu."

     I saw the stunned look in his eyes and the blood slowly flowing out of his neck. He

     It seems that the whole person was suddenly hit hard, and he leaned back slightly. I see blood

     It splashed out of his wound and landed on my face. I smiled and looked at him, he was in vain

     It seems to want to hold me, but only a little bit, his fingertips can only hold

     Feng, his stern voice echoed in my ears: "It's me?? Xiaofeng?? I'm Gu Xiao


     I know he finally think of it, this is my biggest revenge against him. three years ago

     The slaughter he presided over wiped out the emotions between us; three years later, I used it to kill

     Cut everything between us.I saw him fit and jump, maybe he wanted to jump down with me like three years ago,

     But this is not Wangchuan, only torn body and crushed bones fell. I saw Pei Zhao stopped

     He, I saw him hit Pei Zhao’s chest with a backhand, he must be spared no effort, I

     Seeing that the palm hit Pei Zhao vomiting blood, but Pei Zhao did not let go, and more people poured in

     Go, drag him hard.

     Innocent blue?? The wind whispers from my ears, everything is gradually in front of my eyes


     I seem to see myself sitting on a sand dune, watching the sun go down, myself

     His heart gradually sinks, and in the end, the sun finally disappeared and was far away

     The sand dunes there are blocked and can no longer be seen. The sky and the earth were shrouded in darkness, even

     The last bit of light is bright, and it is gone.

     I seem to see the people onlookers laughing. Many Turkic people don’t believe in rolling their eyes.

     The Wolf King really killed Gu Xiaowu, so they still had a trace of contempt. Gu Xiao

     Wu held the bow, as if playing the piano, plucking the bowstring with his fingers. Bowstring clank

     The onlookers laughed louder, but he shot down arrows amidst the laughter

     A hundred bats.

     I seem to see countless fireflies flying in the air, like thousands of meteors passing by our fingers. When the gods release the meteors, it is like this. by the thousands and tens of thousands

     Fireflies surround us, they fly by lightly, a little bit of fluorescent light scattered all around,It's like shooting stars Golden light rays through the night. I think of singing in the song, God and his family

     Lovers, standing in the galaxy, are as gorgeous as this.

     I seem to see myself standing on Wangchuan, my heels are already suspended, under the cliff

     The wind blows me so I can’t stand still, I’ll fall down whenever I shake, the wind blows my clothes

     The shirt was hunting, and my sleeves were like a thin blade, slapping my arm constantly.

     He did not dare to come forward and persecute, I said to him: "I saw you by mistake.

     It was the gods who punished me to suffer this tribulation. "I said every word, "life after life

     World, I will always forget you! "

     I seem to see him lift my hijab on the night of my wedding. Hijab lift

     When I got up, I just felt a bright light in front of my eyes. The candlelight was shining on all sides, shining on his face, he

     People. He was wearing a black robe with many delicate patterns embroidered on it. I was before

     For a few months, under the supervision of Yong Niang, I memorized a book of "ritual" ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine, knowing that it is

     Xuan Yi, Chang, Nine Chapters. Five chapters in clothing, dragon, mountain, Chinese insect, fire, Zongyi; four chapters

     In clothing, algae, rice flour, millet and millet. Weaving becomes it. White yarn mid-single, black collar, green collar,

     Embarrassment, outfit. Leather belt, golden hook Riwei, big belt, plain belt without cinnabar, also with vermilion, New York

     Use groups. Fu is with clothes, fire and mountain are also chapters.

     He wears the dungeon crown of the ceremony, with nine beaded white beads, with the group as the ribbon, the color is like its ribbon, and the green ribbon

     It is ear-filled, rhino hairpin guides, and the face is like a crown, and the appearance is grand.At that time, I thought it was the first time I saw him. But don’t know, we’ve already

     I have seen it, under the vast moonlight of Xiliang.

     The last thing I think of is the moment I cut off the belt, tears in his eyes


     But it was too late. We struggled for three years and still fell in love with each other. This is from the gods

     The punishment given, everyone who has drunk the water of the Forgotten River should have stayed away forever, never

     Think of each other again.

     I safely closes the eyes, waiting for torn body and crushed bones in the rapid fall. The force of the fall finally stopped, the imaginary pain still did not come, I opened

     Opening her eyes, Adu’s cool arms embraced me. Although she leaped as hard as she could, the world

     But no one can withstand such a huge setback, I can almost hear her clearly

     The sound of broken bones, she used her own body abruptly to prevent me from hitting

     Put on the meat pad of the earth. I saw blood flowing from her ears, nose, and eyes.

      screamed: "Adu!" My legs are sore, I stand up without any means, I earn

     I get up, at a loss to know what to do, I want to pick her up, but a little touch seems to be a drama

     Pain, her expression is painful, but her dark eyes look at me, her eyes are as peaceful as before.

     Detailed, not the slightest meaning of blame. Like seeing something naughty I did, or

     Just like before, I want to take her out to the streets. I hugged her and mumbled her name

     word.I clearly know that Xiliang has long been unable to go back. I obviously want her to go first, but

     I let her down, I clearly knows, she won’t leave me alone in this lonely world

     on. And I also know that I will not leave her alone in this lonely world. Adu has

     Jing closed her eyes, no matter how I called, she didn't know.

     I heard the sound of the city gate opening, magnificent army with thousands of men and horses rushing towards us

     Come, I know everyone still wants to pull me back to the painful life

     That deserted East Palace. But I never want to suffer like that anymore.

     I said to Adu: "Let's go back to Xiliang together."

     I picked up Adu’s golden knife. Just now, Adu took it to chop the huge iron bolt.

     There were so many small gaps on it, I inserted it deep into my chest, but

     It doesn't hurt at all. Perhaps the most painful thing in this world I have experienced, death,

     What is it?

     The blood gurgled out, I held Adu’s hand with my blood-stained hands, and slowly

     Fell down beside her. I know that we can go home after all.

     All the temperature and perception gradually left me, and darkness gradually shrouded. I seem to see

     Gu Xiaowu, he was riding his horse towards me. I knew he by no means died, but he just went to catch me a hundred fireflies.

     Now, I want him to fasten his belt so that he will never leave

     Open me.

     With a little smile, I swallowed one last breath.The earth is desolate, and someone seems to be singing that song:

     "A fox sits on a sand dune, sits on a sand dune, and looks at the moon. Hey,

     It turns out that he is not looking at the moon, but the girl waiting for the return of the sheep?? A fox sits

     On the sand dune, sitting on the sand dune, basking in the sun?? Hey?? It turns out it’s not basking too much

     Yang, is she waiting for a girl passing by on horseback??"

     It turned out that the fox hadn't been able to wait for the girl he was waiting for.