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0 Chapter List 81 -Extra---
    Chinese Name: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜  Author: 电线(Diànxiàn, Electric Wire)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Since the last attempt of the pill was unsuccessful, Phoenix has completely forbidden me. It has been half a month now, no! It should be said that it has been fifteen days, a full fifteen days, spectacle too horrible to endure, and those who are sad and hear tears.

     I was helping him in the study until he almost fell into the inkstone with a dozed look. Then I heard a little demon report outside the door: "The fairy under the moon asks to see the lady, please show me."

     One sentence angered me. Why did Fox Fairy look for "Madam Zun", but the little demon said that he would like "Zunshang" to show me this. This was a real ignorance! Of course, I just got angry in my heart, and forget it when I'm done, what a terrible beast ‘habit’ is.

     "No." Phoenix threw two words neatly, and continued to write head does not raise.

      "Yes." The little demon retreated, and returned after a short while, "Zun Zun Shang, Yue Xia Xian Ren said... said... said that if you didn't see, there must be a reason for not seeing..."

     Phoenix paused calmly, still did not look up, only said: "Madam is happy and needs to rest."

     The little demon outside the door led away.

     Suddenly, I lost a pocket of sleepy bugs and stood up in surprise, "I am pregnant with a baby at what time?"

     Phoenix looked up, glanced at me lightly, and said lightly, "It's almost there."

     I suddenly felt that some of the Yintang was dark.

     Before long, Phoenix finally finished the writing, and he personally pasted it in detail, and hung it in the wing room, facing the head of the bed.

     I took a look and found that flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy was written in four large characters-Heaven rewards the diligent.!

     As a result, not only did the Yintang become black, but also my face.Sure enough, the number of times we practiced since then became more frequent. I don't know the true meaning of dual cultivation, but I know that the consequence of dual cultivation must be a scared milk doll.

     However, I am sad, sad day and night, sad when I practice, and sad when I don't.

     After that, Phoenix began to become increasingly sad because of what the matter, but finally became sad and lonely. He also ate less, and felt that he could not sleep well. When I saw him, I became more worried. When is the worry, ah~

     Finally one day, he did not practice me, but sat on the bedside and looked at me solemnly. After watching for a long time, he saw that my back was standing upside down one by one. He just said: "Jin Mi, I'll ask you one. You answer me honestly."

     I immediately obediently agreed, wishing to swear to the day as long as you don’t keep doing this to be subject to changing moods, I’m sure not hiding anything I know not stopping before I have said it through.

     Unexpectedly, I haven't seen him speak for a long time... I've never seen him hesitation and indecision restless like this before, I was somewhat surprised for a while, I don't know if he was planning to take me off or prepare to take a concubine room, this idea A flash of life frightened me, but at this moment, he said, "Jin Mi, don't you want to give me a baby?"


     It turned out that it was not about accepting concubines. I as if relieved from a burden said: "No."

     As soon as Phoenix heard the words, his complexion improved a lot, and his tight body was slightly loosened, and he asked, "Then why are you depressed since that day when I said you were about to be happy?"

     It turned out to be for this, so I speak frankly and replied: "I was depressed before pregnancy."At this time, it was Phoenix's turn to turn black, "How melancholy is a fruit of you?"

     Why can't it be melancholy? I'm angry again.

     After this accustomed "wrathful lord" in my heart walked around and said goodbye, "I'm really sad. I don't know I will give birth to a what thing."

     After the word "thing" popped out, I seemed to see a group of Red Lotus Karma Fire leaping up from the top of Phoenix's head, and hurriedly said: "Look, my father is water, my mother is a flower, and I was born. It's a frost flower. The former emperor is a dragon, and the queen is a phoenix. You are a phoenix who gave birth to you. The daughter of Xiaoyuxianlou is a koi, but she is a tail dragon. But it’s a fox... So, I’m very unsure. I am a frosty flower, and you are a phoenix. What fruit will bear in the end. It really makes me sad, very sad!"

     Phoenix laughed, and the dimples at the corners of her mouth appeared and disappearing. He stretched out his hand and flicked my forehead, "man of Qǐ fears the sky falling! Naturally, I will know when that happens." So far, Phoenix completely to dispel the clouds and see the sun, All worries are gone.

     So, my hard days came back, my poor waist...

      Heavenly Dao really is rewarding for work. After half a month, I really feel happy. So I turned from pre-pregnancy depression to pre-natal depression, every day to be very scared and on edge, lest there be something weird, such as the like of fox fairy, like the like of puja king, these are all strange One of the best.

      Five Years Later, I finally changed from prenatal depression to postpartum depression, not for anything else, because I gave birth to a milk doll that is really an egret.An egret, an egret wailing. What is an egret? An egret is a kind of water bird, water bird! What an imposing bird, how good it would be for an extraordinary bird like the Goshawk Flying Falcon! Even a phoenix is better than a water bird! I wish I could shove him back into it again.

     Phoenix was very happy. He had never seen him smile spread across the face like this. Even on the day of marriage, he only rejoiced implicitly. Where is such a face light up with delight?

     He has always known my mind, so he comforted me and said: "Younger generations will do all right on their own."

     children and grandchildren? I can't worry about a son, how dare I miss my grandson!

     However, every time I saw this little man’s face like glutinous rice cakes, every time he used his whole little hand to encircle one of my index fingers, and every time I heard him giggling innocently, I was relieved and felt that in fact The egret is the most beautiful and pure bird in the world. Even thousands of eagles can't reach the tip of a feather on his white wings.

     What's more, in this dark and bloody Nether Realm, such a white and holy egret can be born, it can be considered as mud and not stained!

     Phoenix named him "Tangyue." I heard something familiar, but later I suddenly remembered that it was the name of someone who was reborn when I was a mortal in reincarnation.

     At this point, I discovered that Phoenix is lazier than me.