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0 Chapter List 82 Fanwai-8 Fishing
    Chinese Name: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜  Author: 电线(Diànxiàn, Electric Wire)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Nowadays, although Phoenix still occasionally has to be subject to changing moods, but he is more and more begging for me. No matter how much spiritual power I need in Lion's big mouth, he doesn’t say anything further and he gives it to me. Sometimes I take a lot of it. Spiritual power, can’t help thinking, do I really such like spiritual power? What do I need all these spiritual powers for? I won't kill the enemy, and won't be in power. It's really a waste of spiritual power.

     Later, I slept until midnight, but suddenly when good fortune comes the mind works well, I figured it out.

     In fact, I just want to prove through the spiritual power of these lion's big mouth that the phoenix loves me and loves as much as these spiritual powers are boundless.

     Later, there was something that overturned my conclusion.

     That day, I took my little baby Phoenix and I fished on the edge of Wangchuan. Uh~ Quan, it’s counted as fishing. I once heard from the Devil’s Yama said that there are many beautiful souls under Wangchuan. I think, if we can It's actually not bad to catch a mermaid and give it to my son to be a child bride-in-law, so I took him to go fishing.

     No, after keeping it for a long time, the mermaid didn't catch half of the tail, but saw another fish.

     I first smelled a very strong fairy air, and when I looked up, I saw a group of Great Principle Celestial Immortal soar into the clouds and mount the mists grandiose flying over the Wangchuan Ferry, the first one was fluttering in white, out of the dust. World, which is not the emperor of heaven.

     I was hesitant to pretend that I didn’t see anything, but I didn’t prevent him from lowering his head and meeting my eyes. He seemed to be stunned. When he turned his head and confessed something to the immortal behind him, he descended. The cloud head flew beside our mother and son.

     He looked at me, I looked at him. He didn't seem to know how to speak, a little embarrassed.In the end, he opened his mouth first, but he didn't tell me. He bent down and gently rubbed Tangyue's fleshy face with his fingertips, smiled kindly, and asked, "What are you doing here? "

     Tangyue blinked his bright eyes, looked at him and looked at me again, childish voice saying: "Fishing daughter-in-law."

     After a meal, the emperor burst into laughter, "Is it your mother's idea?" Then he asked: "What's your name?"

     Tangyue sometimes has the style of his father. At a young age, he is a little arrogant. He often disdains to answer people’s questions. However, one thing better than his father is that he will not explicitly regard people as nothing, making people unable to get down. He will move away from the station. For example, if he is now, he will lower his long eyelashes, use his small hand to dial the hook, and say, "Why don't you fish together."

     I was afraid that his hand was poked by a hook, so I hurriedly removed the fishing rod and said to him: "It's called Uncle."

     "Bu Bu?" Tangyue opened her pinkish little mouth, raised her head to look at the Emperor of Heaven, clutching his nose, obviously very doubtful, I only then realized that when Lao Hu came to see him in the past, he was still very young and didn't speak very neatly. I was afraid that it would be inconvenient for him to call him "Lao Hu", because Lao Hu is a carrot, so I simply taught Tangyue to call him "Bu Bu". Obviously, he confuses this "Uncle" with his "Bu Bu" now.

     Xiaoyu Xianyu probably didn't know that Tangyue compared him to Lao Hu in his heart, but gently reached out and touched Tangyue's heart, and looked up at me and said lightly, "Are you happy?" He smiled, as if laughing at himself, half-dropped his eyelashes, and asked and replied: "Of course you are happy."

     I opened the mouth and don't know what to say.Finally, we stood silently by Wangchuan for a while, watching the clouds and the water... watching the clouds, the clouds are far away, and the water, the water is clear. When I was leaving, I said to him: "You must be happy too!"

      He smiled didn't answer, and went away.

     I think he is also happy. What he has been pursuing is the position of the emperor of Supreme Existence. Now that the emperor is in his grasp, the two realms will never fight again to strengthen his position of the emperor. There is no fears of trouble in the rear.

     I took the fishing rod and took Tangyue's hand, "Little Lu, go home!"

     Tangyue pouted, and said in doubt, "But, didn't you catch a wife?"

     I squeezed his face and said: "We are Jiang Ziya is fishing, pay attention to if you want it then take the hook."

     Tangyue half-understands looked at me, I leaned over in his ear and told him a secret that I had hidden for many years: "Your dad had to climb up with a straight hook."

     Before I took two steps, I saw the phoenix coming in the dark clouds from a distance. It seemed to be a bit hurried and panicked, lest something might happen at a later stage. When I saw me holding Tangyue in his eyes, it was actually Have a meal.

     The fragility at that moment made my heart warm and sour.

     At night, he seemed to sleep unsteadily. When I heard him turn around twice, he seemed to sit up, and when he opened his eyes, he met his staring at me. After a while, he closed his eyes and coughed in disguise. Asked: "Jin Mi, there's nothing about it you want to tell me?"

     I rubbed my distressed eyes and said inexplicably, "No."

     Phoenix raised his eyebrows for a while, and I immediately drove the sleepy bug away unflinching, really thought about it, and replied, "Really not."He was annoyed, extremely evil leaned over and asked me: "Why don't you ask me for spiritual power?"

     I was stunned for a while. I didn't want him to sleep well all night because I didn't ask him to get spiritual power, but I didn't ask him for spiritual power every day?

     However, looking at the appearance of his fiends, it is not the best policy to touch him against the scales. I thought about it and asked him for five hundred years of spiritual power. He pressed the corners of his lips and gave me awkwardness before lying down to bed.

     I lay down for half a day, sudden enlightenment, in fact, both of us are a little bit short-sighted. I asked him for spiritual power to prove that he loves me, and he expected me to blackmail spiritual power to test my love for him. One is to rob with a pocket full of silver coins, and the other is to voluntarily open up his purse to rob.

     Sometimes love can be so simple. A common saying of mortals can reveal the mystery--

     One is willing to fight, the other is willing to suffer.

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