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Chapter Directory 1751 Finally, I Uploaded It Once And Finished The Testimonial.
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

From February 28, 2011 to April 28, 2014, three years and two months, I finished the story of "Full-time Expert".

    I can't admit it. In the last chapter of update, my heart beat faster. I don’t know if it’s nervous or excited, but I know it’s something I’ve never written in this story for three years and two months. Whether it's when we fight for monthly tickets, when we rush into the annual works, or when we write any plot in the book.

    I have always felt that I was a particularly cool professional writer. As a result, when I clicked on the last chapter to post, there was an unexpected panic. I was hit by a huge sense of loss brought by the three words "end of full text" , I knelt and panicked that I forgot to put the hashtag #全职expert # when I posted on Weibo, which kept me awake all night.


    Their story will continue, but the life I wrote for them is over. Although there will be some fandom afterwards, it will only supplement their past. Their future will only be in their own hands. Persistence and faith, brilliance and Glory, good luck and meeting you are the most precious experience in my life.

    But everyone has their own way.

    Here, I can only serve you for the last time, as a full-time expert.

    Seeking to click.

    Seeking recommendation.

    Seeking to subscribe.

    Ask for monthly tickets.

    Ask for everything you can ask for.

    Then thank everyone for their support and expectations for three years and two months.I'm sorry that I didn't pay back the debt I paid in June last year. It's really limited. I can only guarantee that in the future, I will never do an update for a monthly pass, which is not self-confident to me.

    I will start the new book on May 1st and prepare it in about a month or two. There have been many ideas and thoughts before, but they have not been carefully sorted out, so I will not disclose any specific information for the time being. You can follow my Sina Weibo, or prestige platform, you can directly search for "Butterfly Blue", I will be there to publish some information about the new book, and the starting point here will be changed to "complete" at the end of the work. After the status, there is no way to release the update.

    Well, finally.

    Goodbye, full-time expert.

    Goodbye, Ye Xiu.

    Goodbye, everyone.

    thank you all. (...)
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