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0 Chapter List 791 Extraordinary 2: Zon Chino Is Missing
    Chinese Name: 海贼王之最高悬赏金  Author: 蚂蚁下山(Mǎyǐ xiàshān, Ants Coming Down)
    Original: | Translator:

【Haiyuan Calendar October 31, 1529】

     Chino is missing!

     Something went wrong while he was practicing, the extreme explosion opened the black hole, and then Kino swallowed it in, completely vanish from sight. The daughters of Hancock led the Chino family, and they had not been able to find him for a long time.

     Finally, to no avail, they can only announce that Chino is missing!

     On this day, the world is shaking!

     【Haiyuan Calendar January 13, 1531】

     A thunderbolt in the sky, Lao Tzu made his debut!


     Chino Lightning is here!

     The black hole reappeared, and Chino appeared again, but... Behind him there are several beautiful beauties, who are not inferior to the Empress and others in terms of appearance and temperament.

     The armored woman at the head is even more comparable to Empress Hancock.

     Her inborn beauty!

     She wore a small silver-gray armor, a set of armor with a red guild's'heraldry' printed on her left chest, and her upper body was not one drop of water can leak out for defense from below her neck, and she was paired with a blue short skirt and long length. Boots.

     A beautiful wine long red hair!

     There was a breath of boldness in those resolute and brave eyes.

     Her name seems to be... By the way, it's-Elisa Shukarto.

     Behind her is a girl with long white hair, bangs combed to the top of her head, brown-blue pupils, wearing a purple-black dress, with a gentle and sunny smile.

     She seems to be called-Miraj Straus.

     Also, there are others...
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