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0 Chapter List 4753 Mo Luo Luo Shen Fist
    Chinese Name: 龙纹战神  Author: 苏月夕(Sū yuè xī, Su Yuexi)
    Original: | Translation:

The Black King was like a big enemy, and the surrounding flowers and trees seemed to have become suffocated.

     the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease.


     The Black King said in a deep voice, but he didn't dare to disturb his master.

     "Who? Dare to step into the house, kill without mercy!"

     The Black King shouted angrily, staring coldly, observing every move around him, because he felt the oppression, very terrifying, and made him extremely uncomfortable.

     But the master was in the process of cultivating, he would rather die than block this person.

     "I didn't expect it? We met again so soon."

     A gloomy and cold smile resounded in the courtyard, and the whole person was shrouded in blue robe, only two eyes leaked out, staring at Jiang Chen severely.

     Jiang Chen opened his eyes slowly, with no distractions. At that moment, he also felt a great sense of crisis. Now he can't move at all. He can't fight at all without breaking through Star King 8-layer days, and even if it is a breakthrough Star King 8 -layer God, he also needs a lot of source stones to recover. This person is obviously here prepared, and it seems that he has already focused on himself.

     "Who am I? It turned out to be your stray dog. Do you dare to come and die?"Jiang Chen said indifferently, this person is naturally the blue-robed man who brought them out of Snow Territory. At this moment, he no longer has the posture of struggle on whilst at death's door. He has become extremely aggressive and follows Compared to the ancient Snow Territory, they are totally different from two people.

     The powerful aura, shrouded in the house, is majestic and majestic, the star emperor has nine peaks, and the strength is above the black king!

     "Try to take advantage of your tongue. Now you are just a dead dog with a deathbed struggle. Even if someone helps you Protector, you can't save your dog's life."

     The blue-robed man said with a smile, in his opinion, Jiang Chen is already like a turtle in a jar, there is simply nowhere to escape.

     At the beginning, his strength was damaged and he didn't dare to collide head-on with Jiang Chen. After leaving the ancient Snow Territory, he hurriedly hid. He has been plotting actively for 20 years, just for the jade token, but Jiang Chen did not expect this The uninvited guest of the ancient Snow Territory was taken away. How could he not be angry, and he could not wait to dig his heart and lungs and thwart Jiang Chen.

     I thought it would be difficult to find him. If this guy concealing directly, the blue-robed man would be very troublesome, but he didn't expect that he would dare to participate in the Battle of the Beasts with great fanfare, so that he would directly save himself the effort to find him.

     Maybe because he didn't know the use of jade token at all, otherwise he would have found a place to hide it, but that was good, he finally felt relieved."Yelang thinks highly of itself, I can defeat you the first time, and I can defeat you the second time. The last time I let you run away, this time, you can't escape with your wings."

     Jiang Chen indifferently said.

     "Really? Just rely on your current methods? Do you think this is in the ancient Snow Territory? Do you think I am a fool? Hahaha."

     The blue-robed man said with a wild smile, his eyes like torches and murderous aura like rainbows.

     "Hugh is rampant, let me pass the test first!"

     The Black King snorted coldly, facing the blue-robed man, with swords drawn and bows bent between the two, it was already about to fight.

     Jiang Chen didn't dare to stop at the slightest, constantly devouring the source stone, and constantly accelerating the recovery of his own strength. The blue-robed man brought him too much pressure. This person is the constant star Jiang Chen has encountered so far The strongest person underneath, in the ancient Snow Territory, he couldn't let it go. Now it seems that the seal has been completely lifted. It is impossible to defeat him without breaking through the Star Emperor 8-layer.

     The more you get to the realm of the Star Emperor Peak, the more difficult it is. Every step is like reaching the sky, and the truly stable Star Emperor peak expert has stronger strength.

     This blue-robed man is indeed such an expert.The Black King did not hesitate to charge forward, and short-weaponed soldiery fight one another with the blue-robed man, together, terrifying collisions, intertwined time and time again, the strength of the Black King is also extremely powerful, but facing this strength, he has recovered and returned. The blue-robed man in the elbow seems to be pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     Even the Black King didn't expect this guy to be so strong. He wanted to seize the opportunity to kill the opponent with a single blow. It seemed that it was far more simple than he thought. However, even if it is body dies and Dao disappears, he will definitely guard his master firmly. From the moment he surrenders to Jiang Chen's, his life will no longer belong to him.

     Even in the mountains of daggers and seas of flames ahead, the black king has to make a way out for Jiang Chen.


     A heaven-shaking roar of the weeping ghosts and gods resounded across the earth, the sky spins, the earth goes round, the black king's claws were torn into the air, and the momentum was undiminished, like a tiger descending from the mountain, and the blue-robed man confronted one after another. The feeling of punching to the flesh was very exciting, but the situation of the black king became more and more difficult. The blue-robed man also fisted with heavy punches, roaring like thunder, and violently impacted, directly overturning the black king.

     Jiang Chen sees everything in his eyes, but now he has no way at all, he can only complete recovery and breakthrough as soon as possible.

     "You can't stop me."

     The blue robe man corner of the mouth gentle and reserved, robe like flag flapping in the wind, approaching the black king step by step, saying not to accept as correct."Even if you die, you never want to take a step forward."

     The black king stood in front of the blue-robed man without fear of death, view death as a return home.

     "A mantis trying to stop a chariot."

     The blue-robed man moves fiercely, with a fierce fist. Every punch hits the black king’s claws, causing the black king’s hands to tremble constantly. The simplest and direct confrontation between the two, the collision, the crisp sound of fractures repeated. , The Black King's injuries intensified.

     The blue-robed man became more fierce, and the black king was desperate, the more he wanted to exterminate this guy to combat his arrogance.

     The Indestructible Black King will never meet Jiang Chen. This guy is like a dogskin plaster, sticking to him, and the blue-robed man becomes more and more angry.

     "Get out of here!"

     The black king blocked with his arms, honor does not allow one to glance back, and rushed forward, and once again fought against the blue-robed man, the whole person was swept away, the injury was already very Yan Jun (severe), the blue-robed man He patted the dust on his body and frowned. This guy is really hateful.


     "Mo Luo Shenquan!"

     Heavily demon shadow, come thick and fast, the fist and shadow intertwined, leaving the Black King invisible. He was already seriously injured and dying. Now it is add hail to snow. The Black King’s body flutters away, breathing constantly, even He spit out three mouthfuls of blood.

     "Dog thing beyond your own control, humph humph."The blue-robed man approached again, the Black King's body, still unmoved, stood in front of Jiang Chen's and guarded him to the death.

     "If you want me to die, don't think about it!"

     The black king's corner of the mouth showed a gloomy and cold smile, the tiger roared like a dragon roar, and the wind rushed out. The blue-robed man frowned and had a single mind. He didn't dare to neglect. The king passed by, and the black tiger digs out his heart, with a fierce momentum, but the strength of the blue-robed man is obviously stronger than that of the black king.