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0 Chapter List 6582 Chapter 4 Shooting 052
    Chinese Name: 帝霸  Author: 厌笔萧生(Yàn bǐ xiāo shēng, Yan Bi Xiao Sheng)
| Translator:

The eight-armed prince took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, stabilized his emotions, looked at Li Qiye coldly, and said in a cold voice: "The surnamed Li, you are too arrogant, as the saying goes Well, there are days outside, there are people outside..."

     "Don't talk about these preaching words." Li Qiye waved his hand, interrupted the eight-armed prince, and said with a smile: "I'm out of heaven, I'm out of heaven, is there anyone who is richer than me?" "

     This sounds really unpredictable, arrogant and arrogant. It can be said that no one likes to listen to such arrogant words, but Li Qiye said the truth.

     Many monks and strong men couldn't help but glance at each other. I would like to ask about Jianzhou today. No, even looking at the entire Eight Wastelands, who can be richer than Li Qiye? I'm afraid that I won't be able to find any other people. On top of wealth, perhaps Li Qiye is the sky.

     Although such words make many people feel uncomfortable, they have no way to refute. As the world's richest person, Li Qiye is indeed qualified to say such things, even if it is uncomfortable, it is the same as the truth.

     "Buy, buy, buy, it's my ordinary life." Li Qiye shook his head with a smile, said: "In your eyes, it is arrogant, this is not my arrogant, it is because you are too poor, as A poor man, I am afraid that you are looking at who buys and buys, it also feels that people are arrogant. Children, don’t be too inferior, you must establish your own life value, and establish your own worldview. Don’t see that others are richer than you , Better than you, I feel that others are arrogant..."Li Qiye's words were really speechless, especially in the following speech, a meaningful look, as if a kind-hearted elder was teaching the younger generation.

     "Of course, I have always been arrogant and arrogant, do you have any opinions?" But, at the end, Li Qiye spread his hands and the words changed, the expression was a arrogant and arrogant look.

     "You—" The eight-armed prince couldn't help but get traumatized, almost vomiting blood and died.

     The strong monks present couldn't help but smile bitterly. Many strong monks looked at each other, and there was a feeling that they were all laughter.

     However, Li Qiye's words also attracted many people to think about it. If he is rich like Li Qiye and becomes the world's richest man, what will happen? Maybe I am also arrogant and arrogant, maybe even more arrogant and arrogant, compared to Li Qiye's, it is more excessive buying than buying.

     If this is really the case, do other people look at themselves as if they were watching Li Qiye now?

     Therefore, with such an idea, some people think about it.

     As Li Qiye said, you think that others are high-profile and arrogant, that is just the ordinary life of others.

     "Huh, surnamed Li, don't think you can do whatever you want with a few bad money." At this time, the star-shooting prince came out and said coldly, he is the countertop that supports the eight-armed prince, not to mention, he and Li Qiye's grudges and hatreds have long been settled. How could he let go of Li Qiye?The star-shooting prince said coldly: "Even if you are rich, you can't do whatever you want. You can't imagine the power of this world. Don't think that you have a few bad money, you can balance everything. Huh, be careful. One day, he brought the scourge of extermination for himself..." Said that the star-shooting prince stared at Li Qiye in a cold way, the expression could not be more obvious.

     Everyone also looked at the star-shooting prince. Those who had been to the Holy City that day knew that the star-shooting prince had a hatred with Li Qiye. Today, the star-shooting prince and Li Qiye cannot pass, which is also a matter of reason.

     "No, I have money, I can do whatever I want." Li Qiye looked at the star-shooting prince with a smile and said leisurely: "Why, don't you want to teach me something?"

     "Yes—" The star-shooting prince did not hide his cold killing intentions, and said sensibly: "One day, this prince will let you understand that it is not something that can be settled with money..."

     "No, it doesn't need one day or the future, just today." Li Qiye said with a smile: "Then I will tell you if I can do whatever I want."

     Speaking of which, Li Qiye smiled, patted Princess Ningzhu's incense shoulder, and said with command: "Teach him well and let him know the end of offending the grandfather."

     Everyone looked at the scene in front of him. Li Qiye didn't shoot, but she sent Princess Ningzhu to shoot.

     "The surnamed Li, you have the ability to come and try a few tricks with me." The star-shooting prince sneered and said aloud: "Hiding behind a woman, what is the skill...""Okay, don't be stupid enough to yell there, you are a poor man, and you want to challenge the world's richest man, you don't piss and take photos of yourself like a bear." Li Qiye shook his head with a smile. Said: "Do you think you will challenge Daojun, will people look at you more?"

     "You--" The star-shooting prince couldn't help getting angry and flushed.

     The strong monks present couldn't help but smile bitterly, although Li Qiye's words were very harsh and unpleasant, but they also made sense. Anyway, Li Qiye is the richest man in the world anyway. With his wealth, Mo said that he is a star-shooting country, even the entire Haidi sword country can't match it.

     With such a huge wealth of existence, there are so many things that he does not need to do it by himself. He can stand above the ground. Provocations like the star-shooting prince, he can completely ignore it and have human effects.

     At this time, Princess Ningzhu stood out, calm and indifferent, and said slowly, "His Royal Highness, please enlighten me."

     "Princess Ningzhu, are you willing to be an eagle?" At this moment, the star-shooting prince looked uncomfortable and said coldly.

     Everyone looked at such a scene, and many people looked weird. Such a scene really has a strangeness that can't be said.

     Everyone knows that Princess Ningzhu was married to Dan Haijian and is the future queen of Haidi Sword Kingdom. It is for this reason that the star-shooting prince was very respectful to Princess Ningzhu.

     However, the identity of Princess Ningzhu is now the maid of Li Qiye. The identity gap among them can be described as a world apart.

     When the identity inside changed, the attitude of the star-shooting prince also changed accordingly.However, everyone in the world also knows that Princess Ningzhu did not become famous by relying on her identity as the fiancee of Dan Haijianhuang and the future queen of Haidijianguo.

     As the princess of the wooden sword holy kingdom, one of the ten swords of Junyan, no matter whether she is born or talented or powerful, Princess Ningzhu is not necessarily worse than the star-prince.

     Therefore, at this time, even if the star-shooting prince is entrusted, and really fights with Princess Ningzhu, then you have to be cautious.

     Faced with the question of the star-shooting prince, Princess Ningzhu was calm and unmoved, and said slowly: "My personal affairs do not require the care of your prince. The star-shooting kendo of the prince is a must in the world, but Ning Zhu does not Self-restraint, take a good look at one or two."

     Upon hearing this from Princess Ningzhu, many of the monks and strongmen present could not help expecting it.

     "Junyan Ten Swords, how are they divided?" At this moment, the strong can't help coaxing.

     Toshihiko Ten Swords are the ten young kendo geniuses of today's young generation. Their talents are extremely high. However, Toshihiko Ten Swords did not come to a thorough discussion and rank in strength.

     Today, Princess Ningzhu and the star-shooting prince are all listed as the ten swords of Junyanyan. If they can decide a victory and lose their strengths, for many people, how happy is it.

     Everyone has heard about the strength of the star-shooting prince, although he is not qualified to practice the supreme Great Abyss Kendo or Haohai Kendo of the Haidi Sword Kingdom.

     However, he practiced the star-shooting kendo passed down by the star-shooting Daojun. As the sword-run created by Daojun, it is also an invincible kendo.

     So, how many people want to watch the stars and shoot Kendo?"Star shooting kendo, against the invincible swordsmanship of the wooden sword holy country, that is also very promising." Other monks and strong men can not help but coax.

     A young strong asked curiously: "Princess Ningzhu, what is He Jiandao practicing?"

     "I heard that Princess Ningzhu is likely to practice not the invincible swordsmanship created by Cuizhu Daojun, but the invincible swordsmanship left by their ancestor wood sword holy demon." Said.

     "Comparing with each other, let's see if the star-shot kendo is invincible, or the sword of the wood sword saint is invincible." At this moment, many monks and strong men couldn't help it anymore, they all shouted out loudly, and encouraged Ningzhu and The star shooter started.

     At this time, the star-shooting prince only stood up, sneered, and said: "Since Princess Ningzhu has to decide against me, then I am waiting for it!"

     Encouraged by so many people, the star-shooting prince is also riding a tiger, and he has to fight against Princess Ningzhu. After all, he is also one of the ten swords of Toshihiko. If he shrinks in battle, this will leave him nowhere to rest. .

     With a clang of "clang--", the star-shooting prince stood up and the sword was out of the sheath.

     When his sword came out of the sheath, the starlight was brilliant, like the starry sky full of stars scattered on the ground, very beautiful.

     At this moment, with the loud noise of "Boom", the star-shooting prince's blood flew into the sky, the palace of life was wide open, and the kendo surrounded. At this moment, everyone saw with his own eyes that the sky was like an infinite starry sky in this instant It was replaced by the same, only to see the stars above the sky, still diamonds dotted on the black velvet cloth, very dazzling.Such stars scattered the stars from the sky, and they looked particularly beautiful, but in this beauty, there was a terrible murder.

     Every wisp of starlight falling down is a wisp of sword bristles, and every wisp of bristlegrass can pierce a person's body in an instant, which is extremely powerful and terrible.