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0 Chapter List 2817 End And New Beginning (Happy Zongzi Festival)
    Chinese Name: 哈利波特与秘密宝藏  Author: 喵星人家的汪(Miāo xīng rénjiā de wāng, Dog of Cat Family)
    Original: | Translation:

On the Dark Mark behind Ron's neck, a bright black light flashed by, and his eyes dimmed again.

     Almost at the same time, the red magic light hit Harry.

     Harry flew backwards and landed heavily on the ground. The huge impact made his whole frame almost fall apart. He widened his eyes and saw Ron clenching wand(s) live high and look down and pointing at himself, the The wand's tip flashed a green magic light.

     "Quickly wake up, Ron, I'm Harry, Harry Potter..." Harry gasped.

     Before he could finish, Harry heard Ron's cruel voice.

     The voice was icy, without any emotion, as if it wasn't Ron's voice, but Voldemort's.

     "Avada Kedavra!" He chanted the mantra without hesitation.

     "No!" Harry shouted loudly, completely unable to believe it.

     His brain was blank, and the scar on his forehead and the sharp pain on his body made him almost faint.

     Harry was in a daze, Ron in front of him and Voldemort had a double image at this moment.

     This is not Ron Weasley, but Voldemort.

     This is Voldemort! ! !

     Harry had this feeling before, he knew it well, Voldemort was inside Ron's.

     He is looking at himself through Ron's eyes!Harry gasped, and he saw Voldemort in the eyes of his friend.

     His heart was beating fast, and terrible thoughts appeared in his mind. He seemed to think of what it meant, but before this terrible thought appeared in its entirety, his eyes were occupied by green light.

     Harry felt that he was hit by Killing Curse, and everything, life or soul in him was moving away from him.

     For a moment, Harry almost stopped breathing.

     But immediately, piercing and piercing sounds sounded around one after another, and many Apparitions appeared in this ruin.

     Flying towards Harry's Killing Curse and being defeated, he heard the roar of Sirius and Mad-Eye.

     It’s from the Order of the Phoenix!

     The temperature returned to the body, the focus was focused again, and in the dark and distorted light, Harry saw the wizard(s) of the Order of the Phoenix. They appeared around the Apparition one after another, converging towards him, Sirius rushed to the end. front.

     And Ron, he is running to the burning dark witch at a very fast speed!

     "Stop him, stop Ron!" Harry shouted to Sirius, "He is Voldemort!"

     He shouted at least three times before letting the voice escape his throat.Sirius didn't hesitate. Before Harry could make a sound, he quickly swung wand(s) to cast a spell on Ron.

     In fact, not only him, but also many wizard(s) of the Order of the Phoenix have shot magic spells on Ron. Dozens of red spells hit Ron from all directions. He fell down and surrounded him again. Fall into deathly silence.

     The death gate's apparition has not dissipated, but the shaking is getting smaller and smaller.

     "What the hell is going on here?"

     "Harry is there, I saw him, thank goodness, he is still alive."

     "Good heavens, this door, this terrible dark magic breath, I'm about to suffocate!"

     "I swear, I have never seen such a terrible dark magic in my life..."

     After a few seconds, the wizard(s)'s exclamation and discussion sounded again.

     "Harry, are you okay?" Sirius asked loudly.

     He came over, his body was also scarred.

     Just now, they were still fighting the evil god(s) creations that suddenly appeared. In the magic power field of evil god(s), many magic including Apparition have no effect. The Order of the Phoenix's wizard( s) Although we want to come here, they have been unable to defeat those terrible evil god(s) creations for a long time.

     Instead, five of them died in the battle just now.It wasn't until the powerful magic beam crossed the sky that the terrifying evil god(s) creations instantly dissipated.

     Just as they suddenly appeared, what disappeared was also abrupt and intangible.

     Sirius didn't know what was going on here, but he could feel the aura of dark magic.

     He looked around and looked at the apparition of the death gate in front of him nervously.

     "What's the matter with this door? Ivan, he came before us!" He had too many questions.

     For example, why did Ron use Killing Curse to attack Harry just now?

     Is he controlled by Imperius Curse again?

     Also, what happened to the dark witch burning with blue flames? She looked like she had been hit by a very powerful dark magic, Mad-Eye was leading a few people closer to her, trying to extinguish the flame.

     "Sirius..." Harry said hard.

     "I'm here, Harry, it's all over!" Sirius said calmly.

     No, no!

     There is no end, and the strong sense of crisis has not disappeared.

     On the contrary, the scar on Harry's forehead became more and more painful, more and more painful.

     Voldemort was very angry, he knew what was happening here, he was inside Ron's just now.

     He is about to rush over, he is getting closer and closer to here."Sirius, we must get out of here right now, oh..." Harry said with difficulty, covering the aching scar with his hand, "Voldemort is coming. He is coming soon. We must leave right away."

     "What, Voldemort?! Damn it!" Sirius was taken aback for a moment, and reacted immediately.

     He picked Harry up, shouted loudly, and told others about the news.

     "With Harry and Ron, and there is a place where this guy is, we will leave here immediately before Voldemort appears." Mad-Eye shouted afterwards, the magic eye in the eye sockets turning wildly, "You two don't touch your hands. It, don’t you see those blue magic flames?! Kingsley, don’t study the door, it’s just a magic illusion, the body is still in the Ministry of Magic! Be vigilant, we must go immediately, Sirius, you take it with you Harry go first, immediately!"

     "What about Ivan, we haven't found him yet? That little elf / pixie(s) said he is here..."

     "That kid might be in the ruins of the castle. I'll go over and take a look. You go first. No, Bill, don't follow me..."

     Harry couldn't hear the back voice anymore, Sirius took his Apparition with him!

     The scene changed, and in a blink of an eye, a black painted door with scratches appeared in front of him.Above the door, the silver handle in the shape of a winding snake is so conspicuous.

     It was 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry saw that the door was opened immediately. Hermione screamed and jumped out, followed by Elaine, Dobby the House Elf, and K Ritchie. Seeing them, he was slightly relieved, but immediately tightened. .

     Where is Ivan? !

     They said earlier that Ivan went there too, but Harry didn't see him.

     No, he seems to have seen it, in the beam of that powerful magic.

     Harry had a feeling that the magic beam was released by Ivan.

     Ivan rushed into the death gate with the magic beam...

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