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0 Chapter List 2818 The World Of The Dead (I Wish The 2019 College Entrance Examination Good Luck)
    Chinese Name: 哈利波特与秘密宝藏  Author: 喵星人家的汪(Miāo xīng rénjiā de wāng, Dog of Cat Family)
    Original: | Translation:

Gathered with extremely powerful magic power, Ivan followed the evil god statue and rushed into the gate of death.

     Please believe that this is definitely not his intention!

     Inside the death gate is the magical realm created by Herpo the Foul, which belongs to another space.

     Ivan really didn't want to go in at all, he didn't want to leave the earth.

     But driven by the super magic beam, he couldn't control himself at all.

     He chases behind Herpo and devouring evil god(s), and rushes into the death gate.

     After a violent tearing feeling, the scene in front of him changed, and Ivan crossed the space barrier.

     The Ravenclaw family territory and lake disappeared, replaced by a gray world.

     The air was very turbid, and there was thick fog everywhere in sight.

     "Is this the world of the dead? It's really bad enough!"

     Ivan felt that he was having difficulty breathing now, and in the thick fog, he vaguely saw the outline of the death gate.

     The death gate on this side is located at a relatively high place. In front of the stone door is a huge square built of black rock. Hundreds of strong stone pillars are erected above the square, arranged in a certain pattern.

     These stone pillars are so thick that it takes at least three to four adults hand in hand to close and hug them.On the edge of the square, the ancient steps descend step by step, and the whole building has a strong ancient Greek architectural style.

     Just like ancient Greek temples, each stone pillar is carved with intricate stone carvings.

     With the magic beam moving forward, Ivan lowered his head and glanced roughly at the stone pillars in the square below.

     The stone sculpture above seems to be describing the story of the gods and the wizard.

     He saw Herpo in it, the god of death!

     Compared with other gods, the huge eyeball is really conspicuous. Ivan found it right away. On the stone pillar closest to the gate of death, the evil god(s) transformed by Herpo floated in the air, with countless wizards. (s) Prostrate oneself in worship underneath.

     On the carving of the next stone pillar, the wizard(s) contributed their souls.

     Herpo seemed pleased, the dense lines radiating outward from the eye of death.


     It's really interesting!

     Ivan can now be sure that Salazar Slytherin has been here, because he saw stone pillars and carvings of exactly the same style in the ruins found deep in the Acromantula lair in the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest a few years ago.

     He didn't understand anything at the time, and he hadn't studied the sculptures and ruins.At the beginning, Ivan's main energy was concentrated on the Slytherin left behind mural, which seemed to be transformed into evil god(s) magic.

     Of course, under the thousands of years of weathering and the destruction of Acromantula, those murals did not leave much useful information.

     At the very least, it seemed that way to Ivan.

     At that time, he only scanned it briefly, and did not find any useful information.

     Fortunately, Dumbledore went there later, and he found information that Ivan had overlooked. Salazar Slytherin left the stone carvings and murals in that place with deep meaning, and there are important clues hidden in it.

     Now, all mysteries are about to be revealed!

     The magic beam continued to move forward, quickly passing over hundreds of stone pillars.

     Ivan raised his head and looked forward. He vaguely saw the shadow of a tall building.

     The shape of that building is the eye of death!

     Absolutely, Ivan is so familiar with this building.

     This is the building on the stone slab he obtained from the remains of Acromantula's nest.

     It is absolutely impossible for him to misread the huge eye-shaped building.You know, that stone slab is the most direct clue to the Slytherin’s secret treasure. Ivan and Hermione have studied countless times over the years, and they have long been familiar with it. The map marked on the slab has been searched for for a long time by the two of them. Not on.

     Inspired by the title deed of Slytherin left behind, they even planned to go to Greece to find this building.

     There will naturally be nothing in Greece, and Herpo has moved its nest into this world.

     "The corresponding building on the slab is here. Is the Slytherin's secret treasure key in that building?"

     Ivan's attention is concentrated, he thinks he is about to be the key to Slytherin's Secret Treasure!

     He carefully observed the outline of the building in front of him. The two evil god(s) were fleeing in that direction, but before he could see clearly, everything around was immediately obscured by the surrounding dense fog, like perennial. The thick fog permeating Azkaban Prison, they conceal everything.

     Visibility dropped rapidly, and even the light of the magic beam was quickly compressed, Ivan couldn't see anything clearly!

     "Death is approaching!"

     At the same time, a deep voice rang in his mind.

     The sound was fleeting, and there was dead silence all around.

     "Dress up as God, play the devil!" Ivan snorted disdainfully.The atmosphere is still there, but the guy Herpo is now powerless to defend oneself, which is really scary.

     If you want to say it, it's only right now when it's dead.

     It only has soul energy left, and it is entangled by the devouring evil god(s), and I don't know how long it can last.

     That bit of soul energy, I am afraid it is really not enough to swallow evil god(s).

     Had it not been for Ivan, it would have been over now.

     Judging from the situation just now, devouring evil god(s) seems to have a strong restraint effect on it.

     Driven by the magic beam, Ivan moved forward quickly, and the distance between him and the evil god statue was getting closer and closer.

     It seemed that he felt threatened, and the fog gathered around him became thicker and thicker, covering everything.

     At this moment, everything in front of Ivan's eyes is blank.

     An unprecedented sense of depression struck from all directions.

     He keeps moving forward, in the chaos, it seems that there is no end forever!

     The sky and the earth seemed to be completely turned upside down, and all the sights were the same, making it difficult to distinguish the direction.

     He was not sure whether he was still heading towards that building. The evil god statue that was close at hand also disappeared. If it wasn't for the red light that was still flickering, Ivan wasn't even sure if he had been lost.This feeling is like being in the deep sea, and his anxiety is getting stronger and stronger.

     "These thick fogs are magical, they are the magic that devours evil god(s)!"

     Ivan reacted immediately, devouring evil god(s) can already control the world!

     "Lost Lamb"

     "In the eternal darkness and loneliness, all resistance is meaningless."

     "Reaper is dead, and your journey has reached the end!"

     "Give up weak resistance, everything will slowly fall asleep in this land!"

     The murmur of evil god(s) that had disappeared appeared in Ivan's mind again, and the power to swallow evil god(s) rapidly increased.

     "It's really annoying!"

     Without hesitation, Ivan immediately increased the magic power output of Philosopher's Stone ()
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